For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 15


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He usually trudged, but today he was in severe condition.

It was purely thanks to Poing that I was able to arrive at the company safely, having difficulty distinguishing whether I had my eyes open or closed.

‘Nim, left. No, that’s the right side. Fan ID said, Hand that you don’t use when you eat!”


“Stop. If you don’t want to go to a car accident for the second time in your life.”

I heard such creepy things in-between, but I was able to arrive safely.

And I don’t know how this strange behavior affected it, but Minchub has risen by 1 and is now 36.

Does it make you fall less? I’m so thankful for that..

Company studio where I barely arrived with my tired body.

It was a computer that could be used by all kinds of people because it was a public studio, but I couldn’t touch it because I didn’t have an ID.

To me, who was disappointed, So Hyun came up to me yesterday and gave me an ID and password to log in. Since this is my account, he said I can use the computer freely when I work in the future.

In fact, I was happy to have this interest, but I felt burdened. It’s not actually the result I made.

“You have so many useless thoughts.”’

“Why are you being mean again?.”’

“There is no guarantee that things must happen in this world anyway. There’s a high probability of waking up.

‘I’ve already been through a few times, so I’m careful. And the bad things that are likely to happen, hurry up and clean up and walk on the flowery path for our RAVL..’

“Yeah, so work, slave.’

Where does this fairy keep learning these words?

You have to stop me from using the internet.

I remembered last night, bickering with Poing.

I felt this while studying, but composing was more fun than I thought.

Of course, I didn’t compose it myself, but the pleasure was stronger than I thought when I thought of the graduation note, took a note that would be a base, put an effect, and designated an instrument to be played one by one.

So, the first graduation ceremony, which was completed yesterday, became a slightly different song from the melody of the graduation ceremony I heard before.

So I was a little curious.

Which one will sound better to people, the original song or the modified song, when both are played?

Poing laughed at the dreams and hopes of the fresh sprout composer, but the moment I completed this song with the help of Poing, I felt that I took a step forward as a new me.

On days off, the company often played with free distribution programs at PC rooms, and I was going to explain that this song was made.

I learned how to use the program several times last night by searching for weCam videos. After that, it was a real game.

I don’t know what structure it is, but Poing had data on the original song. It is impossible to tell me directly, but he said he could give me advice, so I was able to complete the song by listening to tremendous bruises under the guise of advice.

Isn’t it fascinating that a song is made by pressing it down?’

“It’s amazing. It’s not a good sound to hear by pressing anything.”’

‘Right? But I think the most amazing thing is that I did it.’

“It was okay considering that it was made out of yam.”

“You really have to learn Korean again…”If my sister heard it, you would have been hit.”

“If you hit me, it’s animal abuse.”

“You said you were a fairy.”

The stat window reacted as soon as I turned on the program, fumbling through memories one by one, and making a melody while relaxing with a lame conversation.

[This is the first time a system user succeeds in composing a song]

Poing, is this system supposed to have this many perks?’

‘…I didn’t make it, so don’t ask me. Just think positively.’

“Okay… Let’s say it’s because I picked it randomly.’

“I don’t think that’s right.”

Poing is too realistic, perhaps because I’m worried that I’ll forget my sense of reality.

You can fall in love with it for a little bit or move on to it in a soft way. Phew.

When I carefully checked the system message, it was said that I could raise one bonus stat and one skill level.

Since I couldn’t adapt to this system and couldn’t understand it yet, I read it carefully several times whenever the message was confirmed.

After checking everything, he did not hesitate to raise the skill level of the Generous Tree.”

It was because I was convinced that it would be useful someday if I could quickly raise this skill and take care of all the members.

And the remaining stats were divided little by little into all stats except acting and luck.

Just because the stat went up, it didn’t suddenly happen, Ta-da, I became a genius, but it brought superior efficiency when doing something related.

Just like now.

‘Wow, it’s worth living right away because I’ve improved my physical strength.’

Until now, the body that seemed to close its eyes with its head stuck in the monitor is now stiff and tired, but it was not likely to die.

“What? JI HWAN?”

“Hello, Ms. Ahn.”

“What are you doing here at this hour? You won’t be able to sleep either.”

He was a famous deputy for being close to everyone because of his melancholy personality.

As expected, it was good to look through all the memories in advance.

“Oh, I was studying how to compose and the director told me to bring a result.”

“Oh, are you studying composition now? Do you want me to cut you some slack?”

“Oh, really? I’d appreciate it if you did.”

Poing’s evaluation was unbelievable, so I was glad to hear it to someone who was not a member. It was not even my song, so I was embarrassed to tell the members.

That’s why I said hello to Ha Jun this morning and left without telling him what was going on.

The songs tentatively titled Graduation Ceremony were played one after another, and Ahn Si Young, who was listening to the melody while nodding her head, tilted her head after the song was over.

“You made this?”

“What do you think?”

I wondered if he knew something, so I sweated a lot behind his back.

Deputy Ahn was silent as if he was thinking about something alone. When I was afraid of this silence and thought of saying something, someone called Ahn Si Young.

“Hey, Ms. Ahn. Where are you not coming from?”

“Oh, team leader. Here you go.”

Manager Ahn Si Young was close to him because he greeted and talked to him several times, but the A&R team leader was different.

“Ji Hwan wrote a song. Do you want to listen to it?”

“Really? Play it. Let’s listen to it.”

They listened to the songs one by one to find out where my doctor went, and the two of them began to whine about me standing like a stone statue.

“JI HWAN, did you make this?”

“Team leader, I did that first.”

“Hey, dude, that’s not what’s important.”

“What’s wrong?”

Having no longer endured this tense situation, I first asked them a question, and the two, who were looking at me with subtle expressions, sat me on an old sofa on one side of the studio.

“Ji Hwan, did you learn how to compose songs?”

“No, I just watch WeCam videos and blogs…”I want to learn it properly, but I’m in a situation right now. Haha.”

Then, when the team leader heard the answer, he stroked his sharp chin, perhaps because he worked overtime at work, and threw a word at me.

“Do you want to learn how to make songs if you quit being an idol”?


“I’m not asking you to start, you said it was your first time, but I don’t know if it’s the luck of a beginner or not, but something pretty good came out. Do you have lyrics for this?”

“Oh, yes. There is.”

“Let’s add a guide to this and report it to Chief Jung.”

Before I answered something, I and Poing were embarrassed by the way I already began to touch the equipment, so I looked at them foolishly. Manager Ahn Si Young approached and tapped his shoulder.

“Ji Hwan, you did a great job. You shouldn’t be discouraged, you should like it.”

“Well, I have a question.”

“Yes, ask me. What are you curious about?”

“There are versions 1 and 2. Which one is better?

“I think 2 is better. The melody is more fresh. It’s like a youth drama.

“Number 1 was more sophisticated, but let’s listen to the lyrics first and decide.”

This strange feeling of dividing the song I hummed dozens of times into the original song and the song I edited and singing it again accordingly. The most frustrating thing was that there was no way to explain it.

However, this heart will continue to be a story that no one can know except for forever Poing.

From some point on, Poing settled in one corner to see if everything was going well and closed his eyes. Poing must have been tired from staying up all night with me, so I laughed.

“It’s number 2 that matches the lyrics more.”

“Right? I think No. 2 is better because it’s more like a kid’s song and fresh.”

“Thank you…”

“No thank you. You made it well.”

The A&R team of ON Entertainment I saw in my previous life was like Doraemon’s four-dimensional pocket.

Previously, I knew that the first idol created by ON Entertainment, which was mainly composed of actors and ballad singers, was Unravel, but it was amazing how they came up with such perfect concepts. There were rumors that he changed the A&R team until the Unravel was so successful.

Looking back on the memories of the previous me, I could see that I had quite trusted and followed the people of the A&R team. They were so versatile, but more than that, they listened seriously to and agonized over the words of trainees like us.

They were people who gave me the feeling of being reliable and dependable adults in the company.

Some people had a specific position, but basically everyone said they knew how to handle a lot of programs, and they had a very good listening ear.

It was only edited at my disposal to those people, but when I heard the compliment of the song I touched, I felt like I was rewarded for the hard time I wandered around without sleeping.

“First of all, the manager said he would come early today, so let’s go.”

“What? Suddenly?”

“No, you should come here because you have to listen to it.”

“I have to go back to the practice room…”

“Yes, director. I’m Kim Jooyoung. Yes, I’m with Ji Hwan. This is nice. You’ll be back soon? Yes, yes. This is the fifth studio. Yes.”

Team leader Lee is going too straight.

I couldn’t help but worry about how playing this song to people at this time would affect the future. Honestly, even now, my heart was pounding and I couldn’t tell which one was right. But I wanted to do well if I had already done it.

“Ji Hwan, are you done?”

“Oh, first of all, I got the guide because the team leader and assistant manager helped me, but I still have a long way to go.”

“Manager, Ji Hwan made two versions. You’re going to listen to both, right?”

And the shameful appreciation time began again. Director Jeong Yoon, who had a subtle expression, chose song No. 2 and asked to send the file separately.

“It’s a good song for kids to write about. Let’s keep this for now.”


“What are you surprised about? When you debut, you will sing your own song, and when you fall, I will put you in as a composer. Why? Don’t you like it?

The words he said casually were not ordinary, so my heart thumped. It feels like the manager is making a plan B that I didn’t think of.

“No, that’s not it. I was surprised. It’s a song that I’m not good at, but you like it..”

“Eom-sal. Composing is good, but don’t you have to prepare for a contest?”

“Oh, yes. I’ll go back to the practice room.”

“Okay, good luck.”

I’m the only one who feels sick, and the head of the department, the head of the team, the assistant manager, and even the Poing are relaxed.

In fact, I knew the reason why I was thirsty.

It’s not my entire song, but they said it was good to hear the arrangement that contained my heart as a fan.

In addition, I thought it was impossible to become a new member of the Unravel, but I don’t think that’s as unlikely as I thought. As I realized it day by day, I kept getting more greedy.

Having spent a longer night than ever, the deepest thought in my head was that I wanted to be on the same stage as the Unravel.

All of these things were fun to compose the stage, think about the choreography, and think about how to sing.

Even when I lived as an unemployed Gong Ji Hwan before, I felt like I had barely found the light of my life by meeting the Unravel after all that time because I couldn’t find the joy, but now Gong Ji Hwan eventually chose to be with the Unravel.

Now, not only for my idol, but also for me, I wanted to be an unlock and go on stage.

I wanted to dream of not just looking at them like that, but hoping with them.

The members warming up in the practice room got so used to it in a short time. Whenever they looked at me with trust, I came to believe that these dreams were close enough to reach.

More than I thought, I seemed to like my seat much more now.

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