God of Blackfield 012

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I’m back in a good mood.

“My son!”

It was also good for Yoo Hye-sook to greet brightly.

“What did you do today?”

“I went to Gapyeong stream. We talked about this and that while eating baeksuk.”

“You’re such a grateful teacher. How could you have washed and sent your school uniform so neatly.

What kind of teacher should I call him when I see him smoking together?

When I came into the room, I found several text messages from Snow White.

I went to Gapyeong with Mr. Seok Kang-ho. I’m going to sleep.]

Kang Chan also answered through text messages and fell asleep in real life.

When Kang Chan, who woke up early, came out to the living room, breakfast was already ready.

Didn’t you say you were having brunch today?

“What if my son is hungry? So hurry up and eat. My mom needs to put on makeup.”

“Can’t you see me at all?”

“He’s like a baby. If you’re hungry, you can eat quickly!”

When Yoo Hye-sook shed her eyes, Kang Dae-kyung sat down at the table with a calm face.

Soybean paste soup. Cabbage kimchi. Oisobaki. Bean sprout seasoned. an indistinct stir-fried.

Yoo Hye-sook and Kang Dae-kyung were a lot better, but they were still awkward. Especially when I was alone like this.

Let’s try. 45 days.

With the intention of paying back even a little bit of what I received.

“How’s your car import going?”

“Well, I’m doing my best, so I’m going to see the results, aren’t

It was when Kang Chan picked up a chop of seasoned bean sprouts.

“Oh! You talked to me on the phone last time. It was my first time showing off my son.”

“If you need it, feel free to let me.

“Shall we?”


This time, Kang Dae-kyung picked up seasoned bean sprouts.

Kang Chan decided to try harder.

“Who’s going to translate for people coming in from France this time?”

“Why is that?”

“Maybe it’s because of what happened last time, but I think you should use the translator well.”

“Yes, I’ll be careful.”

The conversation was cut off and the meal was over.

“Honey! Put the empty bowl in the sink and some side dishes in the fridge.”

“Yes! Yes!”

Yoo Hye-sook found out that the meal was over like a ghost, but this was a purely sensory area, so she was also surprised.

I washed up and wore decent cotton pants and a T-shirt.

“Oh, my. I’m late. Oh, honey. How about my clothes?”

Yoo Hye-sook was able to leave the house only after hearing the answer, “It’s fantastic” because she mastered Daeganggyeong.

When the car came out of the underground parking lot, Yoo Hye-sook looked excited and even nervous.

“Oh, by the way, do you want to come to the meeting with the French people? To brag about you, to see if the interpreter is doing anything wrong.”

“This is hard for him! Why do you want to take him?”

“Really? Really?”

I don’t want a tyrant, but I still wanted Kang Dae-kyung to be a little powerful.

Kang Chan wanted to give at least one memory to Kang Dae-kyung.

“I’m coming.”

“Oh, my son is having a hard time. But if you go, my dad’s shoulders will be much wider. Right, honey?

“Then just thinking about it makes my shoulders tight.”

It was Sunday morning, so I arrived at the appointment right away because the road was free. If you’re going to do this, take a taxi instead. Kang Daekyung would want to take a rest.

“Eat a lot of delicious food. Bragging about your son.”

“Yes, honey. Bye.”

The chicken flesh crept up, and Kang Chan quickly greeted Kang Dae-kyung.

The restaurant was right in front of the car.

Leutteh, the dark earth.

The street in France is named as a sign.

In Korean, maybe Masan or Jeonju?

How about it’t matter. It’s a restaurant that will be over after a meal.

When Kang Chan followed Yoo Hye-sook, the restaurant was quite crowded. Half Korean, half French.

“Here you go.

I saw a middle-aged woman raising her hand from the inside.

‘You don’t want to lose.’

Yoo Hye-sook’s friend, Sung-hee, was dressed stylishly at a glance, and most of all, had a confident look of confidence.


How are you?

“Yes, it’s Chan. Long time no see. You said you were sick. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’ve gotten a lot better.”

“Oh, my God! Is your hand still okay?”


I was determined to do my best to do it.

It is a four-person table in front of a long chair on the wall.

Kang Chan made Yoo Hye-sook sit inside and she sat outside.

There were three girls who seemed to be French and Korean mixed-race, one of whom was so attractive that even Kang Chan was eye-catching. A sexy Barbie doll? Exactly.

Kim Sung Hee. Yoo Hye Sook’s 20-year friend. My husband is a financier.

His son’s grand opening. A male student who is thin, wears glasses, and is nervous about his height. Third grade in Daesan Foreign Language High School.

Kang Chan quickly grasped the characteristics of his opponent.

“So, hey! These days, I’ve been tutoring pig moms for tweezers. I’ll give you a seat, so make sure you put Chan in there.”

Like his parents pointing out his inferiority complex, Kim Sung-hee showed off when he stirred his index finger.

“How’s your English grade?”

“Just a little bit.”

“A little? Wake up, boy! If you’re not a foreign language high school, you’re going to have to quit the top of the whole school. Whew. I feel so stuffy when I see you.”

Bang Dae-sik gave a strong compliment like Heo Eun-sil.

I’ll show you what happened to her.

Kang Chan tried to calm himself down by watching Yoo Hye-sook.

I felt sorry for the way he stretched his shoulders out in despair, and even felt sorry for him.

To my disappointment, brunch was a buffet style.

Moreover, the serving employees are sin Koreans.

Even if Yoo Hye-sook tries to show off her French skills somehow, the opportunity seems to have been blocked. I’d rather call the manager over for dinner and order something nice.


Kim Sung-hee showed off her pride when she called a Korean employee.

“Give me some more water.”

You’re going to order a glass of water in Korean.

“My kid’s already got a simple French because he’s memorizing. It’s only been a month and you can introduce yourself. Do you know why I’m looking for a restaurant like this? They do as much as they try. This is very important to you-Ah!”

“My son speaks French, too.”

It was only when Yoo Hye-sook said a word.

“Oh, what academy did you go to? Daechi-dong? Cheongdam-dong? Did you have a private lesson? Oh my! Oh my! We learned it from a French student who was introduced at the French Embassy in Ann. Where did you learn Chan?”

“It’s all alone on the Internet…….”


Kim Sung-hee and Bang Dae-sik smiled openly and smirked.

Yoo Hye-sook glanced at the lecture.

My eyes are dead.

His eyes were angry, depressed, and despondent.

I waited a long time for today, but the situation has been solved like this.

Should we order something special?’

That’s too childish.

And I think I’ll have a huge meal like that.

As Kang Chan was thinking about it for a while, the conversation next to him, which drew attention for the first time, came to his ears. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to listen to Kim Sung-hee’s show off.

Even if they are of the same mixed race, the two are French and the other is Korean.

The problem was their conversation.

The French don’t know the Korean language, and the Koreans are not familiar with the French.

The girls continued to talk about the work, cleverly mixing Korean and French.

The one I met the night before yesterday was only twice, and I felt weak and mushy, and when I met a black kid over 30 centimeters, I felt like something was sticking out my mouth through my stomach, and there was no hesitation in saying, “Where is that black man now?” and “You’re really going to come out of your mouth.”

Three girls are a total trance.

Charming blonde, blue deep eyes, clear features, and a sharp body like a mannequin. But the conversation is like a white paper on the night life of a degenerate Barbie doll.

Although France is open enough to have sex partners even during their marriage, it is still not easy to see these gutters.

It was when Kang Chan looked back with such an amazing face.

“You don’t understand, do you?”


It’s what Barbie dolls said while looking straight at Kang Chan.

Kang Chan, who was full of energy, smirked.

“Do you understand?”

“I didn’t hear it on purpose, but I was bored with this conversation, so it caught my ears. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Three girls were surprised at the proficient French language and saw a rave.

Is that all?

Kim Sung-hee and Bang Dae-sik alternately looked at Kang Chan and Barbie dolls with blank faces as if they were lost.

The Barbie doll seemed to be fascinated by Kang Chan.

“You’re good at French, aren’t you?” Do you live here?”

“Not like that, brunch and family gathering?”

The Barbie doll glanced at Yoo Hye-sook.

“There’s only one moron around here saying hello, and the other two women can’t speak French at all. So you don’t have to say hello.”

This is the French that Yoo Hye-sook wished for.

It’s also a fluent exchange of French women with dazzling beauty. She immediately said, “My son, I learned French on the Internet. He must be a genius.” and his father bragged with a proud face, saying, “I got a call from France.”

Barbie dolls understand Korean.

I saw a strong compliment with a meaningful smile at Yoo Hye-sook’s pride.

“Just think of it as saving a lady’s spirits. I’ll pay you back when I get a chance.”

“Okay, I’m Michelle. This is Cecil, Cindy.”

“Strong compliment.”

Kang Chan briefly named the Barbie doll’s introduction.

“Don’t do that. We’ll help. I think you’re going to be in a good position. What do you think? Would it be fun to tease a jerk?”

“It’s troublesome.”

The Barbie doll sucked in my lips and opened my mouth.

“You’re quite attractive. Do you want to do it tonight?”

Two friends beside him exclaimed, “Wow!”

Yoo Hye-sook, who would have cursed France for the rest of her life if she understood the content, seemed more excited.

“That’s enough.

“Let’s do it. Huh? I think it’d be fun if it were you. Three of us can do it together if you want. We do that often. What do you think?


It’s this. It’s not like Smithden was reincarnated.

The funny thing is that the two girls next to him are also watching the rave while swallowing dry saliva.

“Let’s do this. The three of us will save face in front of our family, so you can do it at night. It’s good, right?

These are…

Without time for Kang Chan to get angry or stop, the Barbie doll jumped up and moved behind Kang Chan’s chair. In addition, when two friends stood on the left and right sides of Kang Chan, the eyes of the restaurant rushed to Kang Chan’s table at once.

“You must be very proud of your wonderful son. He is fluent in French as if he lived in France. Let’s say bye. I’m Michelle. This is Cecil. And this is Cindy.”

It’s an intentional, fast-talking sound.

Meanwhile, Michelle rubbed her chest against Kang Chan’s head.

Kim Sung-hee looked embarrassed and watched the grand ceremony.

“It looks like you’re saying hello……?”

Bang Dae-sik also looked embarrassed.

As if she had no response, the sneaky and evil Michelle alternately looked at the three except Kang Chan and even blinked her eyes as if she were naive. He rubbed his chest against the back of Kang Chan’s

“Son, what are you saying?”

Yoo Hye-sook answered Michelle with an innocent smile and asked Kang Chan.

“I just want to say hi to you because I’m so happy to talk to you.Yes. From this side, Michelle.

The Barbie doll shook its head and greeted Yoo Hye-sook.

“This is Cecil. And this is Cindy.”

“Oh, I see. Can you say hello?”

Kang Chan looked back and took his upper body away from the chair. The bare chest in the silk brow was right in front of his face.

“Thank you. I think this is enough, so go now.”

“Hey, that’s a breach of contract. Give me your phone number. Otherwise, I will humiliate you by speaking in Korean from now on.”

Kang Chan bit his teeth tightly but forced a smile.

“Stop it.”

“This is the last time. I’m burning up. Hurry up and decide. Otherwise, you’ll regret it.”

He almost dragged him out, but Kang Chan endured with superhuman will. Today is a losing battle. Yoo Hye-sook is held hostage, so there is no way.

Kang Chan gave her phone number while maintaining a forced smile.

Michelle put the number on her smartphone and pushed her head.

“What’s wrong with you? We’re saying hello. “Cutie.”

Side. Side.

When Michelle finished her loud greetings on both cheeks, the remaining two girls greeted with a pleased and insidious smile.

“You’re not going to get the number wrong, are you?”

“Tz. I won’t do that.”

“Okay, I’m coming. We’re looking forward to it!”

When the three girls left, the other table’s gaze also returned to its place.

“Hye Sook, what’s the internet lecture that Chan gave you?”

“Well, my son found it himself, so I don’t know.”

Kim Sung-hee saw a rave with envious and jealous eyes.

“I just bought a French grammar book and read it, and I looked for French websites and chat rooms.”

Kim Sung-hee stared at the grand ceremony as if she was going to eat it, but the fire was burning in her eyes, so it seemed like it would soon be transferred to her bangs.

“Daesik, you! I need to make my French class stronger.”

Bang Dae-sik rolled up his lips like he was about to cry.

After the brunch, Kim Sung-hee pushed for the grand opening ceremony and left first.

“Son! Mom, you’re so happy. Hhhhhhh.”

Yoo Hye-sook made a smile reminiscent of Snow White, but Kang Chan couldn’t even respond. Because she crossed Kang Chan’s arms.

It feels like the mother is relying on her right arm.

As she glanced back, she was looking up at Kang Chan with the happiest face in the world.

“How was your day?”

“Sure! I think she’ll walk home from here.”

Yoo Hye-sook was actually a bumpy walk.

It must have been a good memory, right?

I wish I had.

However, Kang Chan vowed to forget what happened today. This is not a memory of Kang Chan, but of the owner of the body.

Memories about Kang Chan’s family?

‘I don’t know that.’

Yes, this suits Kang Chan who is leaving for France.

Kang Chan saw Yoo Hye Sook who was happy.

‘Thank you. And I’m sorry.’

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