God of Blackfield 011

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This chapter is an unedited MTL, and will be updated with proper translation gradually.
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“You have to do it with me! Kiss-oh!”
Kang Chan, who had to run all night to avoid Kim Mi-young, who turned into a five-story building, sighed loudly after opening his eyes.
“It’s a dream.”
I had a sharp throat.
Snow White is not ugly. No, she is rather pretty and has attractive eyes and fantastic chest.
If you’re a precocious and thoughtful child, you never know.
But she is just a childish level of mackerel than her peers.
He/she fell into a moment’s emotion as if he/she were following a teacher or a celebrity.
So even if it was hard to control the power enough to drill a hole in the cement, I didn’t want to do anything that would hurt Snow White for the rest of my life.
And above all, dealing with mackerel is a crime. Crime
I felt uncomfortable because I started a refreshing morning with a lively start.
Kang Chan went into the bathroom and took a shower.
It is a shower with a right hand holding the bandaged left hand high.
The longest confrontation in the desert region of Africa is water. Three bottles of 1.5 liter bottled water are given a day, usually half used to drink and half used to shower. So, the big Dayeru did it every other day.
When I came out of the shower, Kang Dae-kyung and Yoo Hye-sook were sitting in the living room.
“Did you take a shower?”
“Yeah. How was your night?”
“Yes! Where are you going?”
Yoo Hye-sook looked like she was just wondering.
“This is my week off. Didn’t you know?”
“It’s Saturday.”
“Yes, it’s the second Saturday.”
Kang Chan rolled his head fast.
I don’t know what it is, but it seemed clear that school was off today.
“Really? I thought it was another day.”
“Right? You’re mistaken, aren’t you?”
Yoo Hye-sook and Kang Chan each smiled with a relieved face.
I thought there was no afternoon class, so I guess they take a full day off every other week.
After breakfast, Kang Dae-kyung went to work.
Kang Chan turned on the computer to search the Internet in his room.
I got a text message then.
[What are you doing?]
Seokgangho must be clear.
Strangely, Kang Chan was uncomfortable with text messages.
“What are you going to do today?”
“I don’t know. I’m a little embarrassed that you’re suddenly taking a break.”
[“Come out if you don’t mind.” I have to give him clothes. We’ll be in front of the apartment in about half an hour.”
What’s wrong with him?
Even when I was on vacation, I was on vacation.
“Okay, get some cigarettes when you come. “I feel uncomfortable because I don’t have an ID.”
I have 30 minutes to spare.
Kang Chan turned off the computer, changed his clothes, and went out to the living room.
Yoo Hye-sook was sitting on the sofa and watching TV.
Three rooms. Two bathrooms. And the kitchen. The veranda connected to the living room.
Yoo He-sook’s shoulder, which turns its head toward Kang Chan, looked lonely. And the moment I see him, the happiness that began to bloom on her face erases her loneliness.
Is this what a child means to a mother?
When I open the door, I wait lonely and feel happy just by looking at my face…….
“Why? Where are you going?”
“Seok Kang-ho…, I’m supposed to meet you.”
“Teacher? Why?”
“He wants to get close and talk about this. They want to have lunch together because there’s a way past the apartment.”
His surprise was relieved, but his face was still worried.
“Don’t worry. I need to get the school uniform that I took off last time.”
“Oh! That teacher!”
Yoo Hye-sook seems to be relieved now.
“Mom washed the clothes. And tell them to come up. Let’s say hi. No, you want to go out?”
The mere thought of it makes a stiff situation.
“No, I’ll make an opportunity next time.”
Yoo Hye-sook brought a paper bag from one side of the living room. And I took out five 10,000 won bills from my wallet.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
I’m a little used to it now. Moreover, I remembered the shoulder that looked lonely, so I didn’t get annoyed.
“Oh, my son.”
Yoo Hye-sook opened her arms wide and hugged Kang Chan’s neck.
Kang Chan just bowed his upper body because he thought he would be disappointed if he refused, in order to make an effort.
But the moment Yoo Hye Sook hugs him.
“Thank you, my son. I love you.”
The moment her hand patted him on the back, an unknown sadness burst into tears.
A woman who swallowed her heartbreak even though she was grumpy, and a woman who tried to die together in a hospital if something went wrong. And just a word of apology, a woman who looks out of the room and is happy at the same time.
Kang Chan burst into tears.
It is the first time in 20 years.
Even when I leave Seoul. Tears that didn’t burst when I saw my mother being beaten dirtyly the day before she left.
“It’s okay, it’s okay. My son. Mom likes my son the best in the world. Mom will protect you no matter what anyone says.”
The more I tried to hold it in, the more uncontrollable my tears poured out.
Like trying to shake off everything that’s been going on for the last 20 years.
Just once, just once, I wanted to hug you like now.
I desperately drew my mother’s arms more than anything else in the world.
Actually, you love me.
It’s not a hateful child, it’s a loving child.
“You must have had a hard time. My son.”
Even though her right shoulder was wet with tears, Yoo Hye-sook continued to pat her back.
My heart sank a little after I gave up my big breath.
Yoo Hye-sook can’t even wipe her tears and looks at him.
“My son, are you okay?”
I’m shy, and I’m a bit shy.
Kang Chan headed to the front door, wiping away tears with his sleeves.
“Good luck.”
The word “mom” came out only from the inside.
Kang Chan used the stairs because he didn’t want to bump into someone.
It was a wise choice.
The shaken heart was solidified by the time he left the front door.
Kang Chan sat on the bench and looked into the bandage.
Don’t get weak.
“Wake up, man. I don’t like you.”
That’s the truth.
If Kang Dae-kyung and Yoo Hye-sook find out who Kang Chan is, will they still show consistent love like now?
“You’re leaving anyway.”
We can’t just bury the soldiers who died unjustly.
In addition, the answer was France for Kang Dae-kyung and Yoo Hye-sook, who were protecting unknown people as sons, as well as simple Snow White, who waited only for vacation.
Kang Chan was suddenly annoyed because he seemed to be greedy for other people’s parents.
Jump, jump.
Then the car clackson sounded.
With the sound.
When Kang Chan got on, the car started right away.
“Have you been waiting long? “Huh? You must have an eye disease.”
“I guess that’s why the wind blew by.”
“It’s a big deal. The man who used to endure the sandstorm. I’ll be eliminated from France, let alone Africa.”
Seok Kang-ho must not have thought that Kang Chan would have cried. In the past, the two of them definitely lived like that.
If Dayeru’s eyes were red, Kang Chan would have thought it was an eye disease.
“Where are you going?”
Maybe it’s just after work, but the car fell pretty well.
“What’s the point of staying home? Let’s just go out and boil a chicken and take a nap.”
“You’re boiling a chicken?”
“Phew. What’s wrong with you? If it’s 30,000 won, I boil it for you.”
I didn’t expect to hear that Dayeru is rustic in his life. When I looked back, he seemed to have adapted to what he is now.
When Kang Chan sang it in his previous voice, Seok Kang-ho erased his laughter and looked at him.
“Are you satisfied with what you are now?”
Seok Kang-ho smirked.
“We’ve got something to come.”
“Will you come?”
“I did. I feel like I’m going crazy living in someone else’s shell. It doesn’t like me, and I can’t say no. There’s no way to go back to nonsense, and you can’t believe I’m telling you.”
Kang Chan nodded his head.
Seok Kang-ho must have been confused at school and at home while he was in the hospital.
“My wife and daughter caught it. This body is old enough to go to mercenaries, and I wonder what the rest of us will do if I walk away.”
That’s possible.
“I’m a little lonely.”
“I’m freaking out.”
“Anyway, if the universe was crazy and you gave me a chance, let’s just take it easy and live a good life. I was thinking, “What?”
“Not because of your wife?”
“Let’s be honest. It’s better in France.”
“That’s true.”
It was time for Kang Chan to nod.
“He looks normal, but he’s getting prettier when I run to try my best. That’s why the captain popped up when I was trying to figure it out.”
Kang Chan smirked.
“Why do you get a cutter? I was wondering if the captain had borrowed a body.”
“So what about repeated training?”
Phew! I’m glad I’m not lonely. It’s nice to have someone who can talk to you. I have nothing to say about going to France, but I’m sorry to hear that.”
The car had already left the city and was driving fast.
The two opened the window and breathed in fresh air.
“It’s really peaceful here, isn’t it?”
“Puhhhhhhhhh. You’ve been stabbed two days after school, and you’re saying that’s what?
Kang Chan also burst into laughter.
“Oh! I’m meeting the gangsters on Monday.”
“Where? Let’s go together.”
“Hurrah, it’s a hassle. Oh! Did you skip class?”
“I’m getting approval on Monday morning, so I’ll be out in the afternoon.”
“Is it that hard?”
“That’s enough.
What should I say?
Kang Chan stared out the window blankly.
It’s not bad to live like this.
If these are all mine.
If there are no soldiers who died unjustly.
The Seokgangho Lake, which ran for about an hour along the open road, stopped at a valley near Gapyeong.
Dak-baek-sook. Makgeolli with soda. Naps. Up to your knees.
Everything was really good.
It felt like I was given a break that I imagined during a fierce battle.
Sitting on the table given away by the restaurant, the two gave out a long puff of cigarette smoke.
“How many times do you think you’ve killed a captain so far?”
It’s a random question.
Seok Kang-ho was smiling bitterly when Kang Chan glanced back.
“We both killed over a hundred people, right?”
“Isn’t that about it? In this good atmosphere, why not?”
“Don’t go.”
“Hoo! Don’t you know my personality? Give back as much as you get.….”
“Take care of the crew.”
“You know that.”
“Sad. I’m sorry.”
“This is good. It’s better if I come back alive. Let’s come here one more time.”
“Sigh! Let’s do it.”
“Get over this, man!”
They were laughing at the same time. Seok Kang-ho drooled and was cursed with “Hey, dirty punk.”

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