God of Blackfield 010

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As he came down from the rooftop, Kim Mi-young, who was dead on one side, met him with an angry face. I was told to wait in the classroom and I was nervous. But what was anxious about?

While coming down, Kang Chan thought about what to do on the weekend.

He thought to make Yoo Hye-sook as comfortable as possible. So the appointment was also put off until Monday.

After a month and a half, her son is only her skin, but it is because she considered it the least of the way to leave her good memories to Yoo Hye-suk, who must be separated forever.

It hurts so much that I couldn’t share with her previous mother, so I didn’t want to hurt anyone else.

“Chan. Can’t we walk?”

After leaving the school gate, Kim Mi-young made it difficult. The words to walk make it more difficult than Heo Eun-sil asks for time today.

okay. Is there anything different if you walk a little longer?

As Kang Chan nodded her head, Miyoung Kim took the path with a happy face.

“You know, is that good for boys?”

What are you talking about?

“You watch pornography too. I heard that the girl who does that is the best thing. Is that really?”

Even though I didn’t know about the pornography, I thought I knew what Kim Mi-young meant, so Kang Chan sighed.

“Eunsil is… … .”


Mi-young Kim was frightened and she saw him. It was a red reminder that someone would misunderstand.

“Do not sound useless and study hard. You are good at studying.”

Kim Mi-young was walking with her grass completely dead.

“I am not as attractive as Eun-Shil.”

This is what high school 3 will do.

Have middle school students skipped?

“It’s so old and big enough for kids to make fun of.”

Kang Chan forcibly held the gaze toward melon.

“The more you do them, the better you do.”

‘Damn it!’

Kang Chan bite his teeth firmly. He thought he was Snow White, but he was childish, and it was a wall window with tight front and back. In a word, it’s only big without experience. I don’t know why my mental age is so low.

Heo Eun-sil is too close, and Snow White is like a kindergarten student.

Even if the school goes wrong, it is firmly wrong.

By the way, it’s really scary if an ignorant guy is determined to be.

‘Why do you go so far?’

Kang Chan recalled the appearance of Huh Eun-sil.

She didn’t lower her skirt when she was going to get a cigarette, so she seemed to see it.

She seems to have become Smidon without fail.

“Do you like me?”

When I spit out her words, it felt like chicken meat was growing up to the penis.

But I’m crazy. When her question fell, Mi-young Kim nodded her head because her cheeks and eyes were open.

Is this Doltang now… … ?

“Am I my first love?”

“Huh! It’s the first time I was born. When I think about you, my heart gets hot and I can’t urinate.”

Kang Chan laughed with her lungs.

Snow White is a childish child that is insufficient.

Kang Chan sighed so that Snow White could not notice.

“So I don’t want you to meet Eun-sil. If it is because of that, I too… … . I’ll try it too.”


It was after an unintended sigh came out loud.

“If it’s because I don’t know that, then with another child… … .”

If she refused to be buried, she would die two years. Or wouldn’t it be a rag? He said he couldn’t do that and pushed him away, and he resents Kang Chan all his life.


However, by the way, Kang Chan ended up calling the wrong name.

When Kim Mi-young looked back at him, her tears had already risen.

“I’m sorry. Not like that… … .”

I wanted to beat it all out, but Kang Chan held up with his teeth.

‘Let’s not kill or die.’

He pledged enormously inside.

But why are all the kids so extreme?

More than those kids living in hellish Africa.

“I have nothing to do with Eunsil. It’s just because the thugs wanted to call because of the fight yesterday.”

Snow White’s head was not lifted.

Snow White was crying in his gaze.

Damn it!

Really, this is not a major or aptitude.

Rather than Yoo Hye-suk or Kim Mi-young, the enemies who ran with swords felt much more comfortable.

“What are you going to do tomorrow?”

“OK. You don’t have to force it. I know I’m not attractive.”

It was a word mixed with crying.

Is it okay to leave it like this?

However, the eyes facing the floor and the coolness in the voice kept stimulating Kang Chan.

“You do mine.”

Miyoung Kim stopped walking.

Then I looked back at him with her suspicious eyes.

It is in front of people looking at it.

A schoolgirl in her school uniform sheds tears and faces a boy with a bandage on her left hand.

Even with the gaze of the elderly passing by with his tongue, Kang Chan did not care.

“Then are you doing it with me?”

How old is this kid?

However, if you refuse here, all of the previous words will be false. Why does Heo Eun-sil’s name pop out and come out? Years of no use to the world.

Snow White was waiting for an answer with eager eyes.



Something seemed to have changed, but Kang Chan nodded.

“Then will I be yours?”

Kang Chan laughed at the end. And he hurriedly opened his mouth.

“It’s because it’s good. I really like it. From today you are mine. You should never like other boys, you should only look at me.”

“I will only do it with you.”


Let’s talk without that!

Kang Chan thought that he should change Snow White’s nickname to “Simple”.

It took a little over 30 minutes to walk home.

Until now, Miyoung Kim talked a lot, but among them there was a question, “Why am I Snow White?”

Kang Chan received words from time to time and said, “That’s a secret.” Went over. He couldn’t say yes because his bangs were sloppy, no matter how unnoticed he was.

It was when he reached the entrance to the apartment.


A skinny ajumma sharply sang Kim Mi-young.

Snow White ran and Kang Chan walked slowly.

“Mom, Chan. Chan knows?”

In the introduction, not only did he aim at it, but Kang Chan bowed his head briefly and said minimally.

“Aren’t you going to academy?”

It was a pointed question.

When Kang Chan looked back at her, it was clear that Kim Mi-young had to go to the academy, but she had lied and walked.

“Something happened.”

“What is the student’s situation? Don’t you know you can’t be a person if you don’t go to college? At least I should go to a university in Seoul. You haven’t even liked the rumors these days.”

In front of her embarrassing Kim Mi-young, her mother pushed Kang Chan as if rebuking her husband, who lost her salary while gambling.

It was the moment her gaze fell on Kang Chan’s left hand.

“I’ll stop going in.”

She said, Kang Chan headed to her house.

It was because it seemed that it would be uncomfortable to each other if we stood still and woke up.

“Go in carefully!”

In response to Kim Mi-young’s greeting, Kang Chan raised her hand without even looking behind her. She said behind the scenes, “You know what happens if you go with a kid like that? Mom couldn’t see it!” but she didn’t care. No, she rather said, “Please do that,” she hoped. Hopefully, her mind was lightened, hoping that one of them could be solved with me.

It’s easy to run into her when she sneaks off the bench.

Kang Chan took the elevator and headed home.

“Did you come?”


Yoo Hye-sook was greeted with a careful expression.

That’s what she decided to try. That’s what she vowed to do, even if she couldn’t. It takes at least a month and a half.

“What do you have to eat?”

“Huh? Are you going to eat?”

I am not hungry. It was just an excuse to speak to her.

“What should I do? Nothing? What do you do?”

But then she didn’t like the question. Yoo Hye-sook opened the refrigerator, but there was only one side of her cheese left besides her side dishes.

“wait. Her mother will go quickly and she will buy fruit.”

Yoo Hye-suk was really happy, happy, and grateful.

Finding something to eat would have been a good thing for her.

“Shall we go together?”

Hee-suk Yu, who hastily came out with her wallet, stopped.

She was confused.

And the moment her eyes were short, she was red and red.

“let’s go together. It’s heavy to bring in.”

“Is that okay?”


Kang Chan left her bag and put on her shoes again.

Kang Chan didn’t get into it anymore, thinking that the words she swallowed would be ‘Don’t you hate me?’ or ‘Can I really go together?’

It is in front of the elevator.

I wanted to erase the awkwardness contained in the silence.

“I’m sorry.”

Yoo Hye-sook was pouting his mouth while looking straight at the elevator door.

“I knew you were doing well, but I behaved badly. I guess she was shocked by this incident. I will try in the future. And thank you.”

Because it was a small space, Kang Chan’s voice rang little by little.

Kang Chan spoke with sincerity because he was sorry to the owner of the body, and because he was sorry and thankful to Yoo Hye-suk, who was good at the wrong person.

Yoo Hye-sook swept his nose and stole tears from the inside of his long finger.

When the elevator opened, Kang Chan grabbed the door.

And he clicked the first floor on his own.

Yoo Hye-suk’s emotions were filled in the narrow elevator, so Kang Chan couldn’t open her mouth. Along with her fluttering sound, the sadness that had made Yoo Hye-sook so difficult was the feeling of melting through her tears.

Fortunately, there was nothing in the middle.

As she left the front door and took a different air from the room, Yoo Hye-suk took her breath in a big way.

“Mom is so happy today that she has nothing in the world to envy.”

Wouldn’t it be better to think, grunt and behave like this?

“Chan! Shall I ask my dad to buy dinner?”

As she spoke, she showed a sad expression. It seemed like it was too far out.




Yoo Hye-suk, who opened her eyes wide, looked beautiful.

This is because it was a mother who truly loves her children. I thought there would never be a moment to see these eyes in my life.

“I’ll call you.”

In front of the apartment complex, Yoo Hye-sook poured out childish words such as “Chan said thank you to me” and “How much does my son love me!”

“Dad’s company is long before.”

After ending her phone call, Yoo Hye-suk realized that she was the one she was wearing at her house, and she was very disappointed. However, too much time has already passed, so the two caught a taxi.

“The Yeongdong Bridge intersection.”

After Yoo Hye-sook told her direction, her hidden awkwardness raised her head.

“What do we eat?”

Kang Chan decided to try.

45 days.

It was because of the idea that it might be too short a time for a person to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Yoo Hye-suk seems to have talked a lot. I don’t know if she’s or she’s excited for a while, but she doesn’t rest anyway.

Among them, she said, “When she was in the hospital, if the results weren’t good, I was going to die together.” Was.

How hard was it?

“Oh yeah! Didn’t you say where you had an appointment on Sunday?”

“Huh? Do you want to go there? Can you go?”

“of course. Where is it?”

“You know Aunt Seonghee? She said that her aunt boasted of her son and her son so she was going to a French restaurant. Don’t you attract her mother?”

There are mothers like this in the world.

Kang Chan was cute, Yoo Hye-sook, and she laughed.

“I’m not childish at all.”

“Thank you, my son. Are you really going together?”

“Ok. Go.”

Yoo Hye-suk blew her eyes even at her words that weren’t too much.

Kang Dae-kyung’s company was in the direction from Yeongdong Bridge to Nonhyeon-dong.

After waiting for a while, Kang Dae-kyung came out of the building with a happy face.


Kang Chan also laughed at the voice filled with aegyo.

“It’s done?”

“okay! Let’s see Hey! My son has brought her mother back to her old days.”

Kang Dae-kyung alternately looked at Yoo Hye-suk and Kang Chan with her cheerful smile.

It was nice to see. She really looked good.

“Pee. What do you say I do?”

“okay. okay. Let’s go quickly.”

The three headed to a famous restaurant that is famous for seafood soup.

It was a Friday evening, so there were quite a lot of people, but Kang Dae-kyung was a regular and the owner looked pretty happy. After coming out, Kang Chan greeted me quietly.

The owner guided the three people to the floor made of floors, and Kang Dae-kyung made the order.

“Can I have a glass of soju? You can drive.”

Kang Dae-gyeong also smiled at the end of Yoo Hye-suk’s changed appearance and Kang Chan’s efforts.

This is something I couldn’t imagine.

The appearance of Kang Dae-kyung seeking consent for drinking a drink was both strange and good.

In front of her, Yoo Hye-suk was proud of her that Kang Chan had decided to go with her on Sunday.


After eating happily, I came in really pleasantly.

Kang Chan washed roughly and came into the room and lie down in bed.

“I wish I could see it. I do my best too. So, don’t feel too sad about having your body stolen. Try more for the rest of my time.”

Kang chan muttered alone toward the ceiling.


But then the phone rang.

It seems that the power hasn’t been turned off yet when I didn’t take it because it was annoying.

[I am over now. Can I take a look at the bench?]

It was a text from Miyoung Kim.

What do we do?

The time stamped on the phone was 9:50.


Texting is cumbersome.

I want to smoke a cigarette.

Kang Chan pressed the call button.


“Huh. how long does it take?”

[“I’m on the bench.”]

Kang Chan laughed and told him to wait, then turned off the phone.

“I’ll come after a walk!”

Kang Chan left the front door when he heard an urgent “Yeah!”

It seems that it interfered with a good time, but I didn’t know anything.

Upon leaving the front door, Snow White was still kicking the floor.


It was the first time that Miyoung Kim smiled brightly.

Kim Mi-young jumped in front of him as if she would be hugged at any moment.

‘Ehhyo! This is bad.’

“Aren’t you supposed to go in? Will your mother be worried?”

“The school ended early. Originally, I had to take the school bus after studying myself, but I just came. I have about 30 minutes time.”

It looked like he was going to die.

“I’m sorry my mom did that.”

“OK. Adults might do that. Did you eat?”

“Sandwich. You can go home later and eat something. And I’m going to lose weight.”

“Where is it to be removed? It just looks good.”

“Really? Heh heh heh.”

Kim Mi-young laughed like her fool.

“If you’re hungry, let’s go. I’ll buy you pork cutlet.”

It seemed to me that he was seeing his youngest brother, whose age difference was a lot, so Kang Chan gradually became more comfortable with Kim Mi-young.

“no. I will lose weight. So I’ll be thinner than Eunsil.”

“I hate that type. It’s good to be suitable like you.”

“okay? Is that really right?”

No place to smoke?

It was when Kang Chan turned his head to look for grotesque places here and there.

“Us… … Should I go to the basement?”

At the words of Kim Mi-young, Kang Chan was full of spirits.

“Snow White.”


“I will do it with you in a clean and nice place. If you’re on vacation, let’s go on a trip with 2 days and 1 night. By the sea. Let’s do that.”

In the scarlet light, I could see Miyoung Kim’s eyes moist and recalled that her cheeks were red.

“Instead of… … .”

What else is there?

“Before you kiss me to make sure it’s yours. All the other kids say.”

You shouldn’t hit it like this.

‘Let’s not hit it. Let’s not hit it.’

When Kim Mi-young’s eyes shone sharply, she looked terrified.

“If you kiss, I will do it if you get first place in the final exam.”

Kang Chan laughed happily while looking at Kim Mi-young’s surprised face. I plan to disappear to France on vacation, so I found a wonderful excuse.

He frankly even admired his improvisation.

“I’ve always been number one. I will definitely do that again!”

Until Kim Mi-young’s answer comes out.

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