God of Blackfield 009

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Upon entering the school gate, Seok Kang-ho stood holding a discipline stick.

I wonder if there is something in trouble with each other by pretending to know.

Kang Chan went straight to the classroom.

He received great attention on the stairs and in the corridors, and he made silence wherever he passed, as if shouting “the sound eater”.

It was the same in the classroom.

The scene unfolds as the sloppy children come to their seats with their mouths shut like a surprised frog.

His bag was on the desk chair as if Seok Kang-ho had brought it.

It was when Kang took away his bag and sat down.

The nerds rumbled through the front door and stood in three rows in front of him.

“Did you come out?”

It’s not even a one-time greeting.

He bowed his head in order from the front row and was pretending to be a gangster.

I did it because I didn’t know about the first day, but I didn’t want to see this kind of thing anymore.

“What are you?”

“These are the second and first graders.”

“Who ordered it?”


The boy on the far left of the line answered firmly.

“Don’t do this again.”

“that… … .”

As Kang-chan stood up from his seat, he flinched, and the children sitting at the desk hurriedly shook their heads.

“end. And don’t do this in the future.”

It’s disgusting to be crowded and show off your strength.

Kang Chan seemed to be raising his hand anytime soon, so he tried to grasp his heart, but his eyes became bloody.

High school 2 is ridiculously young to deal with Kang Chan’s eyes. They greeted strangely again and left the classroom.

The homeroom teacher who entered the inquiry simply ended up talking with a more tense face than yesterday and disappeared.

And class.

The teachers usually came in while looking at Kang’s left hand on the desk, and then bounced out terribly to ring the bell.

It was a time of patience.

‘This is something we can’t do with each other.’

Like a monk, students who had to go to the toilet reverently, or Kang Chan, who was sitting as if being held captive and tortured, was something that couldn’t be done.

Finally, the morning class was over and it was lunch time.

Although he was hungry, Kang Chan pondered for a moment because he hated the gaze and stiff atmosphere he had to receive at the restaurant.

“Gang Chan.”

But then I heard a voice saving him.

Seok Kang-ho came to him.

“Come out.”


Kang Chan left the classroom with joy.

Seok Kang-ho opened his mouth only after exiting the building through the corridors and stairs that opened like Moses’ miracle.

“I wasn’t good at you?”

“Thank you very much for this one.”

“Fuch. I thought it would be stiff, so I’m glad I went there. What do you like for lunch?”

“Pork cutlets.”

Seok Kang-ho gave only one gaze, but he did not say anything else.

Because it was lunch time, there were quite a lot of customers at the snack shop with office workers nearby. The two of them were placed in a suitable place and ordered two pork cutlets.

Pork cutlet came out.

When I saw Kang-chan chop everything and eat it with chopsticks, Seok Kang-ho followed it.

“There is a way like this. Chopsticks, this is really great.”

There are so many other people that the two rarely talked except for Seok Kang-ho’s self-talk.

The meal ended without saying a word.

Of course, Seok Kang-ho did the calculation.

The two who came out went back to the school and headed to the rooftop of the building, receiving a lot of attention.


There were quite a few children on the rooftop, but when I saw Seokgangho, I flinched, and when I found out that Kang was behind, I quickly exited the rooftop.

The two leaned against the rooftop entrance and smoked each cigarette that Seok Kang-ho brought.

“Can’t we lock this place?”

“The student even dropped out, but why won’t you lock it? However, no matter how much you lock it, it opens and comes out like a ghost.”

Seok Kang-ho emitted a long smoke.

“And if you lock this place, from that day on, all the toilets in the school are clogged, so I’ll try to take care of it.

Maybe so.

“I have a request.”


Seok Kang-ho, who rubbed his finished cigarette on the floor, opened his mouth hard.

“There are four kids who are bullied at school and they are in serious condition. Take care of them.”

As Kang-chan reached out his hand, Seok Kang-ho handed him another cigarette.

“Woo. Then, after a month and a half, if I disappear, they really have a hard time living. Let’s be modest.”

“I’ll drop the class.”

It was an attractive proposition that was enough to read the inside out, too.

“I’m thinking of raising it as a sports student. If you say you’re going to college, the teachers will also greet each other.

Why does this kid go so far?

“I need to do some exercise. You can’t survive in Africa anyway if you cut your hand with a nasty knife.”

Kang Chan’s suspicious eyes gave way to Seok Kang-ho.

“The first person I relied on while living alone was the captain. As he watched the blood pour out of the captain’s throat, he could have wanted to fuck off, the world abandoned me. But he was born again. While the captain is in the hospital, I keep thinking like this.”

“What? Seeking bullying?”

“Is there any reason why I am alive again? My wife, who is satisfied with small things, is still

I’m thinking that it might not have given me such an absurd opportunity to just get paid and just live with a daughter who doesn’t care.

Kang Chan smiled.

“How much do you think the owner of the body has left?”

“I think so. When I see you come to school and think of something to do.”

“I am not. I don’t remember at all. I don’t know why I was born like this. Most of all, I’m taking classes and I don’t know anything.”

Kang Chan struck the remaining embers in the cigarette with his index finger and blew it away.

“Isn’t it because the student who was bullied wanted revenge so earnestly?”

“Don’t watch too much drama.”

Seok Kang-ho sighed and laughed. In this case, it is versatility without fail.

“Let’s say you live again like this. On that day, a huge number of people were killed in other units besides us. It was a fight to kill and die anyway, but if someone put it into a trap, it’s different. I must check it out.”

Kang Chan looked at the sky full of white clouds.

It was a landscape that looked familiar even though it wasn’t long before.

“let’s go. I will start class.”



“How many people did you say were bullied?”

“It’s four.”

Seok Kang-ho was satisfied in front of Kang Chan’s sighing loudly.


Leaving Seok’s promise to drop classes starting next week, Kang Chan headed to the classroom.

The lunch break was not over yet, so there were vacant seats in several places.

Kang Chan entered the classroom and looked at Lee Ho-jun with a strange gaze. He was a face that was rightly beaten. It turns out he wasn’t there in the morning.

The guy who saw Kang Chan flinched and bowed his head.

‘Era, this pathetic child.’

Kang Chan went to his place.

“what did you eat?”

“Pork cutlets.”

Snow White nodded her head with a sad face.

As a child, I will be able to fall for a moment in Kang Chan’s rough appearance. Kang Chan thought that she should separate Kim Mi-young at the right opportunity.

All afternoon classes with advisors were over.

The climax was also over.

Kang Chan wanted to go home as soon as possible.

It was when he left the classroom door.

“Go together.”

Kim Mi-young called him.

It is in front of all other children watching. If you treat it hard here, Kim Mi-young won’t be able to approach you again.

But Kang Chan did not do that.

It was because of the eyes of the children.

As much as Miyoung Kim treats it comfortably, the distance feels narrower.

Of course, that’s not terribly important.

But I don’t want to reign in front of those kids.

“Come out quickly.”

When he accepted it, Miyoung Kim had a bright face, and the atmosphere in the classroom was clearly changing.

I won’t be in class from next week anyway.

I thought it would be good to do this.

However, Kang Chan, who left the back door, got a sense of it.

Eunsil and three folding screens.

Kang Chan subsided his eyes and looked at Eunshil.

There were bruises on his face, neck, arms, and under his skirt.

“Please take a moment.”

It was clear that he was scared. It is certain to see that her gaze is consistently in Kang’s right hand. But what makes you overcome fear?

Kang Chan first saw Snow White.

“Shall we wait in the classroom?”

“Can I not go to the academy?”


It is a child who has no notice or speed.

‘Does he really like me?’

It was after Kim Mi-young entered the classroom with a face mixed with anxiety and a little jealousy.

“Go to the rooftop.”

It was the moment Kang Chan smiled.

“no. It really isn’t like that.”

“It doesn’t matter anything, but if it’s crap, just do that.”

Kang Chan, who saw her Eun-Sil shake her head violently, followed her up her stairs.

The three folding screens stopped in front of the stairs like a faithful dog.

The rooftop was still crowded.

Students who had been smoking here and there rushed away.

“It’s Eunsil Heo.”

Standing on the railing overlooking the playground, the first thing Heo Eun-sil revealed was my name. But why doesn’t this child wear a name tag?

“Do not be angry and listen. I’m not doing this to really upset.”

“Okay, so I just say the main point.”

After Huh Eun-sil took her breath in a big, she opened her mouth with difficulty.

“Yesterday my brothers… … , Bring you.”

Heo Eun-sil quickly looked at his right hand.

“Otherwise, Hojun and I will not let go… … .”

Her tears slumped over Huo Eun-sil’s thick makeup.

“He said he sold me. Those brothers remain after that.”

It was the face of a man who felt scared, fear.

“Report it to the police.”

Huh Eun-sil was confused.

“Don’t you believe in bully gangsters when bullying Hojun or you or other kids? Have you thought about the feelings of the kids at that time? Have you ever thought about the feelings of the kids jumping off the roof? Don’t shout, and whether you’re selling your body or being a fucking hit, you do it yourself.”

Heo Eun-sil was a desperate face.

Her men often have faces like this when she is completely surrounded. A face filled with earnest desire for him to do something and create an answer.

“If I can’t take you today… … . I have to deal with thirty of her brothers.”

Kang Chan grinned.

In a word, it’s like breaking something.

The girls who fall wrong with Sunni deal with fifty people, have their noses and ears cut off, and finally get stuck in a tree. It was a tremendous charge for arousing sexual desire in men.

“help me. please. Then I will do everything you ask.”

Huh was actually praying for her hands.

“I do it whenever I want to, and I will do it with the child you ask. Please don’t let it sell out. When I go to the island, I have to die. Zebaal.”

This happens when you feel fear of violence. The desire to escape that moment by doing anything is exploding. Without knowing that a more terrible trap lurks behind it.

Heo Eun-eun actually looked at Kang Chan’s cool eyes, and she sat down as if crumbling on the railing wall. At this rate, she has a 70% chance of jumping off the roof.

Like a lie, there is a man who commits suicide among recruits.

If you lose, you die, and if you win, you live.

Nevertheless, while there is a man like Dayeru who uses evil to tackle, the recruit, who sees enemies stabbing and killing allies countless times with eerie knives, pulls the trigger against my head in a desire to reduce pain.

So the battle in the Black Land was cruel.

If you are an allied, enemy, and hand-to-hand combat, it is to create a scene as brutal as possible.

When he saw the pink underwear through the thighs of Eun-sil Heo squatted, Kang placed his gaze away on the playground.

What do you really want from the owner of the body or someone who gave you this new life?

Do you want to get rid of bullying, as Daeru said?

Was he sending the man who died in Africa to this far away place just for that?

Kang Chan suddenly thought of cigarettes.

“Can you do what I tell you to do?”

Heo Eun-sil’s eyes were struggling not to let go of Kang Chan.


“Would you like to do it now?”

However, Heo Eun actually did not know her answer well. She rolled up her skirt to reveal her pink panties.

“Okay! Don’t waste it, go get a cigarette.”

Heo Eun-sil lifted her skirt and blankly looked at Kang Chan.

“Can’t you get a cigarette?”

“Save it! The kids have it! I’ll get it quickly.”

Get her skirt down and run.

“Hey. It was dirty.”

When he looked at the sky, Kang Chan suddenly recalled Yoo Hye-suk’s face. Her words are her crying words in her living room and her face trying to be careful while looking at herself. And after that, one more face was drawn, devoted to poverty and misery.


Clapper duck.

Her skirt was narrow, so Eun-sil Heo, who had come up in a hurry, fell on the rooftop.

I do different things.

“Brother, here.”

Her knees and palms were open and blood was oozing out, but in fact, Huh took out her cigarette with a happy face and turned on her lighter. It wasn’t something I had done once or twice, it was a skillful workmanship.



What kind of school is as tight as Africa?

Heo Eun-sil was watching him smoking a cigarette.

“You smoke?”

In fact, Huh hung her head up.

“If you want to give me one more, smoke it.”

“Really? Thank you, brother.”

Heo Eun-sil skillfully bites a cigarette and then spit out smoke.

“Where can I go?”

“Huh? Whoo.”

This is Eun-sil Hur, who quickly spit out smoke.

“If your brother says he will come out, he will tell you the place.”

“Don’t shout, brother.”

No, it was creepy.

“Then what do you call it?”

“Just call your name. Don’t be disgusting, brother, brother.”

Heo Eun-sil hesitated, but that doesn’t matter.

“I’m busy until the weekend, can I meet on Monday?”

Heo Eun-sil’s expression quickly became dark.

Where do those cubs listen to and eat?

“My brother… … . No, Chan… , Maybe you can call me.”

It is also cumbersome.

When Kang-chan shook his head, Heo Eun-sil ran back in a hurry.

This time he came back without falling, holding the phone in his hand.

Heo Eun-sil dialed the number with a nervous expression, and after a while, he started talking with a trembling voice.

“Hello? brother? I’m told, Kang Chan is busy today… … .”

A harsh curse broke out of the phone.

Kang Chan took the phone and put it on his ear.

[“This fucking bitch is going to fall… … .”]

“I am Kang Chan.”

Suddenly, there was silence over the handset.

“I’m busy. So you decide to meet me on Monday and tell me where you want to go.”

[“Must be the Monday appointment? Otherwise, the kids get hurt a lot.”]

On the other side of the phone, it came out smoothly. It was a murky voice peculiar to thugs.

“Tsu. Don’t be stupid and tell me where to go.”

[“Then Eun-sil will give it to you before Monday, so let him know the place.”]

When Kang-chan glanced, Eun-sil Heo swallowed her saliva.

Erra, you poor bitch.

“I will do that, and let me do a favor.”

The silence continued again as if it was embarrassing.

“From today, Eun-sil will be holding me. So, text me about the meeting place and don’t call him. It makes me feel.”

Laughing from my lungs came from over the phone.

[“okay. Eun-sil changed her years.”]

Kang Chan handed over the handset.

“Yes, brother. Yes. Yes. I’ll do it myself. Yes, brother. No. That’s really strong. Yes. Come in, oppa.”

It’s very fucking fucking.

Heo Eun-sil, who turned off the phone, was a comfortable face.


Then he stumbled to see if he was relieved.

Of course, Kang Chan did not hold him.

“Tell me your phone number.”

In fact, Huh was ready to print her number.

“I’ll put my number on it. Call me if you have anything to do or think of it.”

If the mischievous Smidon was alive, it would be a natural relationship.

“Don’t be too busy, when you come to school on Monday, you and those poor-looking bitches, come with your makeup.”

Huh Eun-sil’s expression was complex enough to make it difficult for Kim Mi-young to take off her underwear.

Kang Chan said that and came down the rooftop.

Aren’t these transgender people?

There were three folding screens, and then flinched and stepped back.

I had no way of knowing what the hell would be gaining from doing that.

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