God of Blackfield 008

1-4. Have you been alright?

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Kang Chan suddenly thought of something he was curious about and turned his head.

“Am I dead?”

“You got a nice throat piercing. One of the blood spews out cheerfully.”

“The plague! you are?”

Seok Kang-ho burst into a bitter smile.

“I think one shot was right in Mapak, but I’m not sure. I just felt that my forehead was hot, and when I woke up, my wife asked me if I had a nightmare.”

“Would you like it?”

“As a commemoration of my resurrection, I made a cool version.”

Kang Chan smirked and turned her gaze forward again.

The car was passing through an alliance that looked pretty old.

“What about the other kids?”

“It was right after the boss.”

Seokgangho, who entered the innermost row of the row, pulled over in front of the innermost row.

“Are you here?”

“With the teacher’s salary, it’s no longer unreliable. This is also quite expensive because this is Gangnam.”

That’s not all that matters. Kang chan tasted his appetite again and got out of the car.

Seok Kang-ho’s house was on the third floor.

It was Room 302, the house on the right, walking up stairs slightly different from the old corridor.

“Is your wife not at home?”

Chuck Chuck Chuck.

He is locked.

Seok Kang-ho turned one of the keys of his car key ring into his handle.

Even though it was noon, the house was dark.

The room on the right at the entrance, the kitchen on the right wall, and the room, room, room inside the living room with a sofa and TV.

Seok Kang-ho opened the innermost room without telling him to sit down, and immediately came out with shabby sweat pants and cotton tee.

“This is the bathroom. Wipe your blood roughly and change your clothes before coming out.”

Kang Chan took off her school uniform and threw it off and headed to the bathroom wearing panties.

The washbasin, the bathtub, and the toilet were also faded yellow.

Kang Chan, who turned the faucet on the sink, wiped his hands first, then carefully wiped the blood off his waist.

Fortunately, the open area was not a deep wound, and the place where the blood was solidified was moderately healed.

“You can just go over here.”

Then Kang shook his bloody right hand in the water, then unwrapped his handkerchief and carefully wiped his left hand.


Suddenly, annoyance came up. There is a guy swinging a sword in front of the school.


Did he spare what he would kill?


Seok Kang-ho asked out loud if he had heard the curse.

“Not you!”


“I beg your pardon?”

Seok Kang-ho’s head, relying on the doorknob, popped in.

“It’s because my temper is stretched when I look at my hand.”

“I thought I was fighting the sink again.”

Kang Chan made a momentary impression.

I didn’t fight because I wanted, nor did I call a thug.

Before he died, it was, and it is now.

By the way, does it mean that I am a person who only fights?

Suddenly, my anger grew out of control.

Seok Kang-ho swallowed with nervous eyes.



“I do it because I cover my words.”

“I knew.”

Even though the words were over, Kang Chan’s eyes couldn’t go away, so Seok Kang-ho looked down.

“Close the door.”

Quick profit.

The sound of the door was drooping as long as it moved slowly when closing it carefully.


Kang Chan raised his head and looked in the mirror.

It is not my fault to have a father who is beaten by alcohol and a mother who is always beaten.

“I was born because I wanted it?”

Kang Chan bit her teeth toward the mirror.

Now it’s your eyes, and your impressions are perfectly relish of the past.

The same goes for reborn.

He is the one who jumped off the roof.

What more do you mean by letting him be born in such a guy’s body?

Just buy me bread, bring me money, smoke and kill or die on errands?

“Fuck! Tell me what to do!”

In the mirror, Kang Chan, who closed his lips with a greasy eye, was staring at him.


I do not know.

I was always hungry.

I wanted to eat a pork cutlet that way, but I didn’t want to ask for it or get it even if I died.

I swear I haven’t even stolen anything from others.

He had never left the ignoring one instead.

It was because it was enough to have lived under the fucking parents and ignored by his father.


Kang Chan shook his heart as he sucked in the wind through the teeth. He had a habit of coming out when there was something he didn’t like, but this would make him feel a little off.

When he came out, Seok Kang-ho was waiting for coffee. Kang Chan, dressed in Juseom Juseom clothes, sat down at a table with four chairs and drank a sip of coffee in a dirty mug.


The bag of coffee is really sweet.

“Is not bleeding?”

“Sit down without rolling your eyes. Let’s have coffee and go. Oh yeah! Soak your school uniform in water.”


“Soak in cold water.”

“Oh, go! I also bleed a lot.”

When immersed in hot water, the blood hardens and does not fall out. In a word, throw away clothes.

Kang Chan looked into his white stiff left hand.

“Do you have needles and threads in your house?”

“Let’s go to the hospital without being ignorant.”


“Because let’s go to the hospital! Great!”

Seok Kang-ho poured hot coffee in a single breath and struggled, pretending to be a crocodile, whether it was hot inside.

A heartless laughter burst out.

Maybe that’s the same as in Africa?

Kang Chan left Seok Kang-ho’s alliance with half-drinking coffee.


When Seok Kang-ho, admiring that the house kills him, passed, Kang-chan sat on a bench in the side of the apartment.

His left hand was unevenly bandaged and invisible, but a long piece of gauze was attached to his back wound.

Seok Kang-ho, who was calculated as a general patient, showed the meticulousness and frugality of getting a receipt asking for a refund if he brought Kang Chan’s medical insurance card number tomorrow.

Dayeru looked happy.

He was the same person who grew up lonely, so he was more attached.

Is it because you like your wife?

It was when Kang was wearing his arm around his thigh and looking at the bandage on his left hand.

“Are you Chan?”

When I turned his head, Miyoung Kim was standing with her bag.

“Oh! what can I do!”


 “Hand! Hand? What should I do? He said he was injured a lot? What about surgery?

Mi-young Kim, who couldn’t breathe and poured out her words, looked at her eyes and lowered her head toward her bandage. She was annoying.

“Go in.”

I feel like talking to a child… … .

The upper part of Kim Mi-young’s breasts, painted with her upper body, caught in Kang Chan’s eyes. She poured out there to her bra and gave her a clear view.

Kang Chan erected his waist and had an annoying face.

What is not a child is recognition. At least her breasts.

“I have a moment before tutoring.”

Kim Mi-young was slightly separated from him and wore only her ass.

After going to the academy, I looked at tutoring.

Does this guy also hide a lot?

“Sorry. She knew she didn’t take the picture, but couldn’t tell. But the more I say that, the more I can do for the kids to focus on my heart! I hated it so much. Sorry.”

Kang Chan forcibly grabbed his gaze and turned his head.

“I don’t know who it is. When I changed my gym uniform, there was definitely no one. You fall off the roof and go to the hospital. I haven’t done anything in a while.”


Kim Mi-young put her hands between her thighs, and she wasn’t moving.

“I was really scared to see Eun-Sil right.”

That is, with her head down.

Please, I wanted to not be prone to the upper body.

“If you think that will relieve your anger, hit me too.”

Miyoung Kim turned her body toward Kang Chan.

She put her hands on her thighs, her head down, and her eyes closed.

She bites her teeth and her eyes tremble.

My gaze keeps… … .

“Tsu. I’m not angry, so stop and go.”


“I see.”

“Then, do you want to go to school together from tomorrow?”

Was it like that before?


“Yes, then. See you here tomorrow.”

As Kang Chan nodded her head, Kim Mi-young quickly got up and ran. Even if only her hairstyle was less tacky, she would have looked much better.

Kang Chan sat for a while, but he raised her body because he did not want to reconnect the thoughts that had already been cut off.

When she pressed her number key and listened, she was amazed when Yoo Hye-sook came out happily.

From her shabby sweatpants to a cotton tee and a hand bandage.

“I got hurt while exercising. I went to the school teacher’s house, changed her clothes, and stopped by the hospital.”

“Where? how much? Is it okay? No problem?”

I mean it.

However, it was annoying and irritating.

As Kang Chan frowned on her, Yoo Hye-sook couldn’t speak any more.

“It’s okay.”

Yoo Hye-suk is also a victim.

A victim who is deprived of her intact son and has to be nice to a tough guy.

Kang Chan was irritated with the mind that he would pay the debt to the owner of his body.


Yoo Hye-sook was sad or her eyes were red.

“I didn’t eat it.”

“Then I’m taking a break. I’ll call it when the rice is done.”


Kang Chan, who entered the room, lie down on the bed.


When I woke up, the room was already full of darkness.

I slept deeper than I thought, whether it was the effect of the injection that was hit when stitching his palm, but I felt better.

“So you couldn’t even talk about it?”

I heard Kang Dae-kyung’s voice from outside.

“I guess Chan-i hates me.”

“What are you talking about? I think it’s because I was in an accident and my nerves got a little sharp.”

“no. The eyes that see me are so different from before. I guess this is because of me.”

Yoo Hye-suk was crying.

“Sound useless! I’ll give it to you later.”

“no. do not do that.”

The sound of Yoo Hye-suk breathing her nose was loud.

“I’ll be satisfied with your return alive. Even if you open your eyes to me… … , Resent me, but I am satisfied with it. T_T.”

I heard Yoo Hye-suk’s voice again as if it had calmed down a little.

“Honey. I wouldn’t have lived if Chan hadn’t woke up then. So I’m trying to get rid of greed like you said. No matter how well Sung-hee’s son is, he is not as good as his toes.”

Kang Dae-kyung said, “No matter how much better than his toes.” He thoroughly read Yoo Hye-suk.

“I’ll talk to Chani tomorrow.”

“Don’t do it. It’s because if you hate me more, it will be harder.”

“okay. Okay.”

I was hungry, but I couldn’t go outside.

Kang Chan stared at the ceiling blankly while lying in bed.

They are completely different from their parents in the past.

He is vowing not to be greedy anymore, even though he suddenly got a fucking son.

What if you were born as the sons of those two from the beginning? They wanted to give birth to children, but they didn’t want a son like this, right?

“What do you want me to do?”

It was a question to the owner of the body.

“What do you want me to do?”

The ceiling was unanswered.

Kang Chan was very confused about his new life.


It was morning.

Perhaps because of the injection, Kang Chan did not sleep much.

He had a habit of sleeping on the battlefield, so he honestly never suffered from insomnia.

He also had a habit of getting up early.

He’s smart.

“Chan. Did you wake up?”


As Kang-chan opened the door and went out, Yoo Hye-sook looked at him. Like a guilty person.

“Let’s eat.”

Yoo Hye-suk hurried to her kitchen with the message “I will be careful” pasted on her body.

“Good morning?”

“uh! okay. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes. I slept well.”

“The hand? I heard it from my mother, wasn’t it hurt a lot?

Kang Dae-kyung was trying to hide her worried eyes.

“She ran out of exercise. It takes about a month.”

“It was almost a big deal. Let’s eat quickly.”


The three started to eat.

“You said that the teacher gave you the clothes?”


“Shall we say hello?”

“Let it go. It will be okay.”

Kang Dae-kyung, who said he was punishing him, seemed to try not to bother Kang Chan’s nerves.

Breakfast was over.

“Go. I’ll drive you.”

“I decided to go with a kid named Mi-young.”

At the moment, Yoo Hye-sook listened to her gaze, and she tried to pretend to be calm.

“You have no plans for the weekend, right?”

Whatever he said, Kang Chan remembered that today is Friday.

“On a Sunday morning, my mother… … .”

“This is! I told you not to!”

Unlike Kang Chan, when Yoo Hye-sook shot her sharply, Kang Dae-gyeong took her appetite again and picked up the top.


When Kang Dae-kyung nodded his head out, Kang-chan entered the room and took out his school uniform and put on it.

He remembered leaving his bag.

‘Suk Kang-ho will take it for you.’

“I’ll come.”

“okay. Be careful.”

He tried to treat him lightly.

However, it was more difficult than fighting with ten people with swordsmen, so Kang Chan decided to try it after practicing a little more.

When she left the entrance on the first floor of the apartment, Mi-young Kim was kicking the floor and she smiled wide.

‘A stupid year.’

That bitch must have had her chest empty.

As Kang-chan shook his head, Kim Mi-young ran.

“How about your hand?”

When Kang raised his left hand, he just walked silently.

When I left the apartment complex, the stop was right in front of me.

Because of the time, there were quite a lot of students.

But at the moment Kang-chan arrives, isn’t he carefully stepping back one by one?

He had no one to avoid, no one to meet.

As soon as Kang regained his appetite, a bus approached and the students rumbled.

Sneak. Chii.

When the door opened, the students got on the bus.

If students from the same school ride and Miyoung Kim rides, it would be a bus to go to school.

Kang Chan got on the bus confidently, but he wanted to miss it.

He has no money.

“Aren’t students taking cards?”

Card? What card?

At the moment Kang-chan had a snowball fight with the knight, Kim Mi-young quickly ran.


She looked at Kang’s expression and said, “Mister, I’ll take another picture.” She put the little wallet she had in her hand in front of her.


The world is true. If I rode alone, I would almost be embarrassed.

Kang Chan followed Kim Mi-young and moved behind her.

There were a lot of students on it, but strangely, the passage was open.

It was when Kang Chan stood in the middle of the back.

The unpleasant-looking guys who occupied the most back seat woke up from their seats in anger.

“brother. Please sit here.”

What is he saying now?

The students pretend they aren’t looking and glanced ahead.

Kim Mi-young was also looking at Kang Chan with surprised eyes.

“Don’t say bullshit, just sit down.”

“no. I’m standing and going because my legs are numb.”

Six men stood around Kang Chan.

When the six guys got off the bus that was already crowded with students, the rest of the students rolled up sadly and struggled not to touch them.

Do these cubs like this?

So what do you go to school for?

Wouldn’t it be much better to just quit and go to France or be a gangster?

At the next stop, the students rode more.

“Ah! What? students! Go inside!”

Even though the driver screamed as if it was stuffy, the children couldn’t cross the middle door.

It was because the six guys around Kang Chan were struggling with dirty impressions.

Even without Kim Mi-young’s embarrassing gaze, Kang Chan was very uncomfortable.

It was then.

“Ah! Fuck this. Can’t you go inside?”

Rough swear words came out from the front, and three male students who looked as if they had grabbed and released their faces appeared as they crossed the children.

But that was it.

When Kang-chan and his eyes met, they struck their heads out of the window, like men on a train.

Hopefully, he will wave his hand.

It is not the same school as the uniforms are different.

Kang Chan grinned.

It was because I saw a feeling of satisfaction emerged from the expressions of the six guys standing behind him.

The road to school was very eventful.

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