God of Blackfield 047

3-4. Business?

The four women’s expressions coming toward the lecture were all different.

Michelle was happy and sorry, Eun SoYeon was surprised and happy, Lee HaYeon was suspicious and rude, and lastly, Sung SoMi who imitated Lee HaYeon as it was.

“Chani. I’m done with the contract.”

“Good job. And I’m sorry.”

He didn’t expect that the gazes that followed the four women would turn back.

“Chani. The trainees and the staff are coming here. What should we do?”

“Let’s have lunch together.”

It wasn’t because he liked it, but because he didn’t want to tell them to go back after coming all the way here.

“I’m looking forward to our cooperation.”1잘 부탁드려요. Can also mean “please look after us”.

When Eun SoYeon greeted him with a nod, the remaining two bitches looked sardonic. They’re disdainful, but they couldn’t show it openly because of his strength and the fact that Joo CheolBeom bowed to him.

He didn’t like Eun SoYeon either, but he didn’t want to be greeted by those bitches even more. He felt annoyed because it felt like facing two older Heo EunSil.

Michelle finished the call while the staff came and ordered drinks.

“They’re almost here.”

“What to eat for lunch?”

“I like the Japanese restaurant in here.”

He hated an ugly bitch no matter what.

“Will it be okay without a reservation?”

When Lee HaYeon popped out and said her preference, Michelle tilted her head.

“You can check with the staff here.”

Eun SoYeon seemed to hide her displeasure. Besides, Michelle seemed didn’t even want to notice.

“What’s going on? Is it uncomfortable to go to a Japanese restaurant?”

When Kang Chan asked in French, Michelle answered with a happy face.

“She’s doing that on purpose. There are a lot of employees and trainees coming. These three are the best out of them and as Chani is still young so they coming out harder? Something like that.”

The two bad bitches looked at Kang Chan with curious eyes.

“So, what does it have to do with going to a Japanese restaurant with a lot of people?”

“Chani. It’s really expensive there. It could be about 5 times more than going to a buffet or the usual restaurant together. Then it would cost more than 5 million won to eat.”

Kang Chan finally knew why Lee HaYeon wanted to go to a fucking Japanese restaurant.

“By the way, is that thing’s contract still long? Just let her out.”

“Then it’ll be hard to maintain the company right away, Chani. You have to think that what keeps the company and the trainees is her. But her contract will be over in a year. That’s why she’s like that. Her ransom went up a lot.”

When Kang Chan smirked and looked at her, Lee HaYeon smiled like Heo EunSil. He really wanted to take her to the school’s rooftop or Tron Square for once.

“Is there any problem with terminating the contract?”

“That’s a dangerous idea, Chani. This is business. You have to consider the nosy things to make money.”

“I know, so is there any problems terminating the contract or not?”

“None. Instead, you’ll need about 30 million won a month or more for the company’s expenses, Chani.”


After the conversation, Kang Chan took a sip of coffee and looked up. The manager, who was standing with his hands in front, came politely at the moment of eye contact.

“Can you find out if there are seats in the Japanese restaurant?”

“How many seats should we prepare, sir?”

Kang Chan looked at Michelle.

“There are about 20 employees and trainees in total.”

“I will find out and tell you, sir.”

It was after the manager headed for the entrance.

Lee HaYeon wiped the lip marks on the cup she used with her thumb and looked at Kang chan.

“You must have a lot of money?”

“Did you ask to go to the Japanese restaurant without knowing that?”

Lee HaYeon’s eyes twitched.

“I heard you’re a high school student.”

“So what?”

The atmosphere became cold, but it didn’t matter.

If she came out like Heo EunSil, he would treat her like that bitch and it’ll end.

Lee HaYeon frowned and turned her head to the corner.

“The office is in Cheongdam-dong.”2Cheongdam-dong, a famous elite area in Gangnam, Seoul. Many luxurious brands and entertainment companies are based in this area.


When he answered briefly, about 15 people came in. It was certain they were the staff and trainees even at a glance.

When Michelle stood up and beckoned, some people came to the lounge and greeted them.

It was crowded and there were no seats.

“We’ve prepared the seats. If you decide whether to go there or have drinks first, we will prepare it.”

The manager approached and talked to Kang Chan.

Of course, he chose to go to the restaurant.

Starting with Kang Chan, everyone went down to the Japanese restaurant on the other side of the conference room.

Employees and trainees looked at Kang Chan with different expressions and exchanged glances at what was going on.

As he stepped down the stairs, a stone ornament spat out water from its mouth like it greeted Kang Chan.

“Welcome. It is an honor to have you here, sir.”

An older female manager received Kang Chan politely.

When he entered the innermost part, several tables were set in a partitioned space.

Kang Chan sat in the middle, Michelle and Eun SoYeon sat next to each other, and there were three older men and three big young men on the other side. Lee HaYeon and Sung SoMi sat diagonally, and young children in jeans and T-shirts sat down in the remaining empty seats. Surprisingly, it was only girls.

While the towels3Oshibori. The wet hand towel that’s offered to customers in restaurants or bars, and used to clean hands. and drinks were set out, Michelle pointed to the person sitting in front of her.

“This is Chief Lim SooSung.”

A man large enough to fit the expression of a giant bowed his head.

“Head Manager Kim JaeTae. And on the side are the road managers.”

He sat comfortably and greeted with bowing his head.

“That’s the coordi4Stylist. Usually handle the clothes and make-up or sometimes also an errand shuttle for the artist. Tho in this case I think just a fashion stylist., make-up, and the rest of the friends are the trainees.”

“Nice to meet you.”

When the greeting from the still young voices ended, the manager approached Kang Chan.

“What you would like to have for your meal?”

Kang Chan saw Michelle.

“Let’s we eat sashimi.”

An ugly bitch sat diagonally from him said something like sashimi.

“Give us hwe5Hwe or hoe usually refers to many varieties of raw food in Korean cuisine. In here probably refers to raw fish and Kang Chan just using a more local version of sashimi. The main differences between both are the thickness, accompaniment, and fish used., please.”

Kang Chan ordered hwe without saying much.

“I heard you are a friend of KwangTaek hyungnim, sir.”

When the order was over, Lim SooSung asked with a ringing voice unique to giants.

“Are you a gangster?”

“It’s not like that, but I know some people.”

He looked awkward, but it wasn’t a challenging look.

It was an uncomfortable position.

He wanted to finish quickly and smoke, but they only had done ordering.

Kang Chan threw French at Michelle.

“Michelle, I want to smoke. Do you have any?”6Kang Chan(young ver.) never really showed smoking in the webtoon, meanwhile in this novel, he’s depicted smoking+drinking instant coffee A LOT. At least once every few chapters.

“Uh. I also thought of it. Shall we go out for a while?

“Let’s do that.”

As he spoke a foreign language, the trainees looked at Kang Chan with respectful faces.

“We’ll go out and be right back.”

Michelle asked for permission and the two went up the stairs to the smoking area outside the front door.




Finally feel alive. As his heart became more generous, he suddenly felt like it would yield if his fist didn’t fly.7Can’t figure out this sentence. I’ll edit it later.

“I’ll send about 300 million won to your account tomorrow. Run the company with that.”

“Chani. That’s too much money.”

“And find one drama production. People might come from France.”

“From France?”

“Since it’s a drama production, find out something related to France if possible.”

Michelle shook her head briefly.

“You need two billion to produce a drama, Chani.”

What kind of deposit-eating ghost nonsense is that?

“Famous actors have to be paid in advance, and so do writers and directors. That’s why I’m trying to keep Lee HaYeon. If she comes forward, we’ll have some trust. And CEO Kim SungGil didn’t get the investment because DI didn’t have a record of producing a drama yet.”

“So how much do you earn?”

“If it burst, it’s a jackpot. If it crashes, the principal is blown.”

Kang Chan suddenly felt the cigarette was bitter.

But why did Lanork said this is an excellent choice?

“Alright. I’ll call you separately for the drama production. So the girl called Eun SoYeon doesn’t have much to see?”

“I’m putting it in to take Lee HaYeon. That’s how you raise trainees. When we produce a drama, we decide on the roles we want. That’s a chance for Eun SoYeon, Chani.”

Kang Chan shut his mouth because he didn’t want to know more.

“By the way, Chani was really sexy when fighting earlier.”

That’s not what a bitch who was shivering and sticking to the wall would say.

“Let’s go eat.”

“Uh. Chani.”

Michelle walked happily, and her ample breast shook between her black jacket. She’s such a nice kid to look at.

When they returned to the restaurant, the table was full of neat forms of food. Chief Lim SooSung asked for alcohol, but many of the trainee kids just poured the usual drinks.8sul or alcohol sometimes translated as drinks in English. Meanwhile, 음료수eumryosu is the one directly translated as drinks which refer to non-alcoholic beverages like soda or juice.

“Please, say something.”9To open a company gathering, the leader/one with highest position will say something first before letting the group eat/drink.

“Michelle will be in charge of the business in the future. Please help her a lot.”

At Lim SooSung’s recommendation, Kang Chan spoke briefly and everyone emptied their glass together.

They started to eat food in earnest.

Kang Chan talked with Michelle about the physiology of drama production and broadcasting stations in French, and occasionally answered Lim SooSung’s questions.

But the trainees felt like they lacked food. Kang Chan ordered a little more.

“Can we really feel free to eat anything?”

This was a question carefully asked by a girl who was unlikely to succeed even in the eyes of Kang Chan, who didn’t know her.

“That’s right. We’re already eating, so feel free to eat.”

As Kang Chan accepted it comfortably, the kids were making a fuss choosing the menu.

“How much do they get?”

Michelle, who was picking up a hwe, shook her head firstly.

“It’s just transportation fare. They all live in a dorm together, but there is little money to give.”

“Instead, the company pays for the gym and other expenses.”

Lim SooSung added.

If that’s the case on this floor, then that would be it.

He didn’t like it, but Kang Chan didn’t say anything else right away.

It was a meal that took almost two hours.

Although the cost would be quite high, it was good to see the hungry trainees eating as much as they wanted. And on the contrary, there was a pleasure in not having to see the two bitches sitting with uncomfortable faces.

At first glance, it was the law of jungle.

Lee HaYeon treated the trainees like peasants, and she seemed to make fun of the manager, coordi, and makeup staff.

She never poured a glass of water or alcohol with her own hands, instead ordered trainees and employees around for everything, including soy sauce and tissue to wipe her mouth.

Anyway, they ate all the fruits that came out as dessert, so the long meal is over.

“Where is Chani going now?”

“I have another appointment here at 5 o’clock.”

“Then do you mind having a beer with me?”

“Let’s do that.”

There were more stories to share with Michelle, so even Kang Chan didn’t reject her.

“Come on! Everyone get up.”

Said Lim SooSun, who noticed, and everyone got up from their seat.

“Thank you for the meal today.”

After he said thank first, the trainees shouted “Thank you for the meal.” in chorus.

The manager at the counter held out the bill with a puzzled look.

“We’ve applied an executive discount.”

Sicko. If it’s 5.3 million won, just how much is it with a discount.

He couldn’t say that he ate well, but the fee that would make Yoo HyeSook happy for a year had gone into one meal.

The trainees turned their heads and left without looking.

Kang Chan held out his card.

After a while.

“It keeps hitting the limit, sir.”

I just heard all kinds of bullshit.

“I guess there’s no balance in your card, Mr. CEO. You don’t have another card?”

Lee HaYeon and Sung SoMi were watching interestingly and laughed, meanwhile Michelle took out her card saying “Chani. I’ll take this one first.”.

Oops! This card has a limit of 5 million won per payment.

“Please split the bill by 5 million won.”


When the manager handled the card with sophistication, it was immediately processed.

“Thank you. I’ll see you next time, sir.”

He didn’t want to see him again, but Kang Chan just smiled and came out.

“We’re going first.”

After the caked two bitches, Lim SooSung said, “I’ll see you next time.” and then a chorus of “Goodbye, Chairman.”. Eun SoYeon greeted the last.

Finally, everyone went away.

He felt relieved because he didn’t have to look at the old Heo EunSil.

Michelle took out a cigarette with a keen eye.

“I’ll get you a corporate card. The limit is quite high, so use it next time. You can exclude the personal expenses from the operating expenses, so don’t feel pressured.”

“Let’s do it later.”

He didn’t think he would spend money like this again.

Kang Chan enjoyed the cigarette leisurely.

They came back to the lobby lounge and ordered a bottle of beer and talked about work properly.

Drama production was what Lanork wanted.

Although Kang Chan could not speak out, he ordered a plan to be made for now.

“Chani. I didn’t mean to do this to put pressure on you.”

Michelle seemed to think that she was raising his work too much.

“And Eun SoYeon is definitely a good kid. If you support her a little bit like this, she’ll be big enough.”

“I just had something in mind. And I don’t care what happens to Eun SoYeon. So you can produce the drama, and Michelle will take care of the rest.”

Michelle tilted her head and smiled strangely.


“Are you doing this because of me, Chani?”

I’m doing this for Lanork! But he couldn’t answer like that.

“I’m asking you to make money.”

“Don’t be like that. Why don’t we go to my room and talk?”

Michelle blinked, flapping her blonde hair.

“Drink the beer.”

As he bumped the glass, Kang Chan smirked.

It’s definitely a face and body that exactly like a doll. But why isn’t there any sexual urge? In other words, if I have to sleep with either Michelle or Snow White…?

Bzzz bzzz bzzz.

He stopped thinking.


[“Chani. Smithen.”]

“Why? What’s going on?”

[“I signed the documents at the headquarters, and now I’m on the phone with the headquarters of Gongt, but Schiff is so popular that Korean supplies will not be available until three months later.”]

“So you can’t take out even 200?”

[“There are so many options for Korean orders that it’s hard to separate those quantities.”]

To think they have to wait for the turn to sell that expensive car.


[“I put the bill in. It’s barely marked.”]10Not sure with this~

“Good job.”

[“I’m going out for dinner, Chani.”]

“Whatever. Don’t go around in the wrong place for nothing and go home early.”

[“Okay, Chani.”]

It’s not like he’s raising a child.

It’s only 2 o’clock when he hung up the phone.

He felt Michelle’s warm eyes when he was thinking about what to do for three hours.

He realized it’s a problem to think about after sending her out.

“I’m running out of time, so I have to go.”

“It’s unfair, Chani.”

Michelle seemed genuinely disappointed.

“You’re going to see me often now.”

Okay. Let’s see each other often, Chani.”

When Michelle left after a loud cheek greeting, she was genuinely relieved.

Kang Chan called Kim TaeJin first.


“This is Kang Chan. Is it okay to call?”

[“Of course. What’s up?”]

Even though he just saw him a few times, he felt friendly as if they had served in the military together.

“Do you happen to have staff who do hand-to-hand combat11Not really sure about this. The direct translation of 격투술gyeoktusul is hand-to-hand combat arts. The word무술musul in the next dialogue refers to proper martial arts like judo, taekwondo, and karate. properly?”

[“There’re a lot of other martial arts, but there’s no one who does hand-to-hand combat. Even if any, it’s because they had experiences as a special soldier. Yet they’ll look terrible for your level. Why? Have you thought about teaching?”]

It was a very joyful voice to take to heart, but he knew it was the continuously improving skill.

“Then just send a few people to school first. Let’s try to teach while exercising together.”

[“Ha! Did you have a good dream yesterday? All of this happening. Alright. I’m sending about four of my best employees.”]

“Please do that. And is there any other news?”

[“I think I’ll catch the tail soon.”]

“Alright, sir. Thank you for your hard work.”

Kang Chan, who hung up the phone, smiled satisfyingly.

He found Seok KangHo’s sparring opponents.

Kang Chan needed a place to sit comfortably and smoke.

Wouldn’t it be better to go to the room that Lanork reserved and take a nap than to sit unsettled?

When he called and said he would be in the room first, Lanork told him the reservation’s name.

Kang Chan, who went to the front desk, received a key under the reservation’s name. He took the elevator to go up to the room, inserted the card, and pressed the 19th-floor button.

But come to think of it, there was no cigarette.

Just before the door closed, Kang Chan fell as someone burst in and bumped his shoulder.

“I am sorry.”

Kang Chan, who step aside at the apology, turned his eyes away with a creepy feeling.

The man was staring straight at Kang Chan.

It was a glistening look that only those who had killed several people through special training had.

The door closed without him avoiding the gaze.

The special guest elevator cannot press the top button without a card key. That’s why he waited until Kang Chan pressed the button and got on at the end.

The elevators on the left side and back of the first floor were far from each other.


It wasn’t just a simple gangster organization, but a guy with professional training. It was the first time he saw such intense eyes since he was reborn.

Kang Chan made a phone call across the lobby.

He looked around while ringing the bell.

[“Have you arrived in the room, Monsieur Kang?”]

“Ambassador. I saw some people that seem to have been specially trained in the hotel. Let’s move to another place.”

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