God of Blackfield 046

3-4. Business?

Thursday dawn.

The apartment vacant lot looked peaceful.

However, Kang Chan was at war with a cunning enemy who hides like a rat and seeks opportunities.

First, he took a deep breath and strengthened his resolution.

Then, he relaxed and ran out of the apartment.

‘Come! You’re welcome anytime.’

Sniping? Surprise attack?

The guy who targets Lanork1The French Ambassador. and has to pull himself out in 10 days will shoot a gun in the middle of South Korea?

Instead of Kang Chan dying, broadcasts and prosecutors would take a major step forward.

It’s really nice without guns in South Korea.

Damn it!

At the moment he finished his thoughts, a thrilling pain came to his side, waist, and back as if he had been shot. This was the limit that came when you face a crisis with knives.

Kang Chan naturally ignored the pain. It was difficult to protect a precious person with stamina only enough to tie a knife with a wire.2Not sure what this refers to.

“Huff huff.”

He also had rapid breath.

It felt very strange to run. Just a few days off would clearly tell where his previous limits were.


It will stop when he ignores the pain and disinfect if it festered.

After 5 kilometers, he burst out of breath.

“Huff huff. Huff huff.”

Kang Chan, who returned to the apartment park, sweated like rain.

Kang Chan relaxed for about 5 minutes and then went up the stairs. He didn’t want to smell sweat in the elevator and needed to gradually cool off his body.

When he opened the door and entered, Yoo HyeSook, who was preparing breakfast, and Kang DaeKyung, who seemed to have just woken up, welcomed Kang Chan.

“Oh my! Look at those sweat.”

Yoo HyeSook seemed to think that Kang Chan was running for the P.E college entrance exam.

“How far are you running?”

“It is about 10 km.”

Kang DaeKyung had surprised eyes.

“I’ll just collapse if I run along.”

“No way. Instead, you need to start with walking exercises first.”

“I see.”

The few words of conversation significantly reduced the risk of Kang DaeKyung following his dawn exercise.

“I will go to wash up.”

“Okay, son. Mom will make you a delicious breakfast.”

“Yes. I look forward to it.”

That was Yoo HyeSook whose every word he appreciated. After he found out about that3Refer to the time when KC cried in YHS’s arms, I think., he answered her all the time. She was a person who delivers happiness, gratitude, and love to others.

Kang Chan headed to the bathroom with the thought of solving Shahran as soon as possible. The burning pain subsided a little as he was poured in cold water that was spurting strongly.

‘Is it unreasonable?’

Kang Chan shook his head right away.

If it were in Africa, he would never have thought of this.

He dried his hair and looked in the mirror.

Before he knew it, he got used to his current face and the previous one was blurry. Instead, his gaze did not look like a high school student at all.

Kang Chan put his arm on the sink and looked into the mirror.

“If you hear this, you know everything so far, right? I’m doing my best. Don’t think I’ve taken your mom and father away, but understand it as we’re all looking for a way to be happy together.”

Unlike the beginning, it was unfamiliar and awkward, but at least he wanted to convey his feelings. If he understood what he said, he would know well what kind of thoughts he had been thinking so far.

After he finished shower, breakfast preparations were over.

“What are you going to do today?”

“I have some appointments until evening, so I’m going out. Why is it?”

He sat down by the table and started to eat with Kang DaeKyung.

“I want to meet the branch manager Smithen. Our number of orders is increasing, but this man strangely doesn’t move. I was wondering if he didn’t like the interpreter, so I thought I’d go meet him with you.”

“So that is it? But does the branch manager Smithen need to do something for you to meet him directly?”

“The signature of the branch manager must be on the vehicle order form. It’s beyond my imagination that orders are rushing in, so I need some help from the head office.”

“Is it that much?”

“Your dad is capable, son.”

It’s nice to see Yoo HyeSook’s proud face.

“Gosh? Why are ‘you’ complimenting me?”


“No. It’s nothing. Come on, let’s eat.”

Kang DaeKyung made eye contact with Kang Chan with mischievous eyes.

“I will try to give him a call.”


“Yes. I got his business card last time and I thanked him for letting us finish the contract well. It won’t be that hard to make a separate appointment at least once.”

“Then that’s good.”

Kang DaeKyung had eaten all the kimchi soup so Yoo HyeSook brought more soup.

“But how many more cars do you need right away?”

“Well. All the cars we brought in last time were used for exhibition or test-drive, so I think we need 200 cars right away.”


When Kang Chan and Yoo HyeSook looked surprised, Kang DaeKyung shook his head as if it was not that great.

“It’s not that so admirable.”

“Is that so? Isn’t that a big deal, though?”

“Is everyone looking forward to it? It must be that much.”

He finished the meal in a good mood.

He was supposed to sign an acquisition contract at 11 o’clock in a hotel, but out of all places it was Namsan Hotel.

After Kang DaeKyung went to work, Kang Chan picked up his phone.

[“Hi! Chani.”]


[“At home. I haven’t been out since that day.”]

This bastard would surely live long.

“I heard Kangyoo Motors need your signature on the vehicle order sheet. Just give them a few more. And from today, you can go to places with a lot of people. ‘Cause I don’t think you’re the target right now.’

[“Is it really okay?”]

“I think it will be over in two weeks. Be careful until then. Oh, right! Call Gongt headquarters and ask them to send the order here quickly.”

[“Okay, Chani. I’ll call right away.”]

“Don’t forget to sign first.”

[“Call Kangyu Motors right away and ask them to get the documents. And I’ll call HQ as soon as I signed.”]

“Alright. Are your injured eyes okay?”

[“If I can go out, I’ll go to the hospital today and put an eye. Then my figure will come back to life.”]

Was he saying that to say sorry?



He was about to hang up, but Smithen called Kang Chan.

[“Can I apply for a Korean language school?”]

No. This bastard originally didn’t have any sincerity.

“Wait two weeks. It’ll be all right after that.”

[“Okay, Chani.”]

A deep sigh came out after hanging up the phone. In the meantime, he must have been tired of the woman he was with or thought of a new woman.

He spent some time talking to Seok KangHo on the phone and then left home a little less than 10 o’clock. He also wore a jacket that looked as comfortable as the day.

He stopped by the bank to grab a check for 500 million won and headed straight to the hotel.

The meeting room of the business center in Namsan Hotel’s basement.

The lawyer’s or DI’s office would be much more comfortable and better, so it seemed not Michelle’s doing.

When Kang Chan got off at the hotel and entered the promised place, many people were already there.


Michelle hugged Kang Chan and give a loud kiss on both cheeks.4The manhwa cut this usual scene… Huh…

“Let me introduce to you, Chani. CEO Kim SungGil of DI. He booked this hotel on purpose for today.”

Kim SungGil stood up and reached out his hand with an intrusive motion.

His big head, beaked eyes, thick neck, and body seemed to prove that he was a former gangster.

“This person is Vice President Kim Sun-Il.”

“It’s Kim Sun-Il.”

The guy reached out his hand without hiding the harsh gaze.

“Lawyer Choi Young of Taeyang Law Firm who will be in charge of the contract.”

After greeting the three, Michelle turned to the three women.

“Here are three actresses of the company. You saw SoYeon before. This is Lee HaYeon and Sung SoMi. Also, there are other trainees and staff we will meet as soon as the contract is over.”

Lee HaYeon and Sung SoMi, who had thick makeup, nodded their heads and sat down.

After a complicated greeting, Kang Chan sat in the middle. Michelle and Eun SoYeon were all who stood until then.5Both were showing respect to Kang Chan as he’s their boss.

To the left of Kang Chan sat Lawyer Choi Young and on the right was Michelle.

“I have reviewed the contract with Lawyer Choi.”

Lawyer Choi Young handed out a contract to Kang Chan and Kim SungGil.

It’s not going to change even if he read it now.

Kang Chan silently handed a 500 million won check to Michelle.

“The young man has a lot of money.”

Kim SungGil threw provoking words.

His tone was so frustrating that he would think that he was arguing if he had seen him somewhere else.


When Kang Chan made his peculiar smile, the atmosphere became cold in an instant.

“Where should I sign?”

Kang Chan wanted to finish it quickly.

“Did you not bring your seal?”

The young lawyer Choi Young asked embarrassingly.

“No. I thought I could just sign it.”

“Huh. My gosh.”

This time, vice president Kim Sun-Il gave Kang Chan a disgusting look.

Are these bastards crazy?

People would think he just robbed the company of these guys.

“Michelle. Do they know French?”

“No, why?”

When Kang Chan spoke in French, everyone looked surprised.

“I think they’re dissatisfied with something. So if it’s an uncomfortable contract, don’t do this.”

Unlike Kang Chan, Michelle did not lose her smile.

“These people are very frustrated right now. They’re ruined while producing a drama. They judged wrongly because they want to benefit as much as they input but struggled to get an investment, so they’re selling it. As you can see, they’re tough people. Even if they decided to sell it, in fact, they would be greedy for Chani to invest in it.”

Kang Chan nodded and then saw lawyer Choi Young.

“Can’t I just sign this?”

“It doesn’t matter as the acquisitor. You have to give me your ID and seal separately for notarization later.”

“Let’s do that.”

Kang Chan signed where Choi Young pointed with his hand. It was when he handed the pen to Michelle while exhaling to shake off his discomfort.

“Hey, Mr. Acquisitor.”

Kim SungGil called Kang Chan in a thick voice.

“If you can, don’t cut the remaining employees.”

This too, what’s the matter?

Kang Chan saw Michelle first.

“The succession of employees is not on the terms of the contract, though?”

“So, am I not asking for a favor.”

It wasn’t honorifics nor was it informal language. It was a strange way of speaking.6It’s hard to fulfill this, so just enjoy the plot.

“That’s alright. We’ll do it as much as I can.”

When Michelle replied, Kim SungGil pointed to the contract with his index finger.

“If it’s okay, write it down on the contract.”

Kang Chan smirked and saw Kim SungGil.

That’s it.

It would be uncomfortable to take over a company that these thug bastards insisted they were losing money, and he didn’t want to take over if it went this far.

“Let’s stop it.”

Kang Chan picked up the check he had left on the table and put it in his jacket.

Then he grabbed the signed contract and tore it apart horizontally and vertically.

“Just now? What are you doing?”


When Kang Chan laughed, Kim SungGil tilted his upper body to the chair and twisted his head.

“Little kid. Even for someone young with some money, you haven’t seen everything. But now you have to buy this company for 1 billion.”

Eun SoYeon looked at Michelle with a tearful face.

This was the woman Michelle used to feel sorry for.

Kang Chan shook his head inwardly.

Michelle wasn’t a fool to spend 500 million won to save that woman, but it was clear something went wrong.

Not like this.

It was when Kang Chan was about to get up.

“I guess you don’t know me very well, but it’s hard to ignore me on this floor. Look, reporter Michelle. You know well, don’t you? So when I still saying good things, take over for a billion. Or leave 500 million for playing with us. Then we’ll make a drama and give some to you.”

It was no use crying over spilled milk.

Michelle also stared at Kim SungGil with an unpleasant face.

So she was really pretty when angry.

Kang Chan smirked at the wrong thought and got up from his seat.

However, two other girls with bold makeup were seen smiling strangely.

Heo EunSil.

It was the same smile as when that bitch said ‘dickhead’ in front of the school.7Refer to the time Heo EunSil called gangsters to the front of the school to beat up Kang Chan.

“Would you like to stay? Or go out with me?”

It was after Kang Chan asked Michelle a question.

“Sit down!”

Kim SungGil growled with his left arm hanging on the chair.

A head popped out from the conference room next door and an employee of the entrance counter came in urgently.

“Oh! I’m sorry. We’ll be quiet, so that’s enough and go get your work done.”

He did this for nothing.

Regardless of Kim SungGil’s lure and slap8This is a bit too literal, but anyway it refers to lure someone into an obvious trap., Kang Chan still moved on. It was while Michelle was packing her bag.

Kim Sun-Il hurriedly blocked the entrance.


Why do this keep happening?

“Our CEO hasn’t finished talking yet, this fu…”



Kim Sun-Il bent his upper body when Kang Chan hit his side with a pointed fist.9A fist, but the thumb is straight on the knuckle(?) not folded like usual.

Kang Chan grabbed the guy’s head and pulled it to block the space where Kim SungGil would come out.

Puuck. Puuck. Puuck.

He bent his hands moderately and hit the face with his palm and blood splattered everywhere after he did it two times.

“Hey, son of a bitch!”

It was when Kim SungGil got on the table.

Kang Chan threw Kim Sun-Il, twisted his body, and kicked the guy’s in the leg with his right foot.

Clatter. Crack!

Kim SungGil fell from the thick table to the floor and smashed a chair.

Michelle was fed up and stuck to the wall, and lawyer Choi Young was standing against the innermost wall of the conference room with the three girls.


Kang Chan vigorously stomped on the shoulder of Kim SungGil, who tried to raise his body, with his right foot.



People who came out of the conference room next door rushed to avoid the place with bloody scenery where blood splattered on the carpet.

He had to take over a company that these bastards run?

Kang Chan glared at Michelle then grabbed Kim Sun-Il’s bloody head.

It was then.

“Please don’t do that.”

Eun SoYeon stopped Kang Chan with a trembling voice.

The other two bitches had their heads stuck in the wall to cover their faces.

Crazy bitch.

Pretended to be nice while under these fucking bastards.

Puuck! Puuck! Puuck!

The body had recovered to its former mercenary level and the medium was properly strengthened.

“Sir!”10Actually Mr. Customer, but for simplicity.

When he just hit three times, two burly men who seemed to be security guards rushed to Kang Chan.

After the guy’s eyes had been turned over.

Kang Chan glared at them.

“Good day to you. Hyungnim!”

However, the two men fucking stepped back in hurry and bowed deeply to greet him.

It was an embarrassing scene.

Hyungnim. I’m someone under DoSeok hyungnim, Joo CheolBeom.”

Damn it.

It felt awkward like he was busted for another thing rather than doing business at the business center.

Fa thud.

Kang Chan pushed Kim Sun-Il’s head against the wall.

“You take all the guests here to the conference room upstairs. Tell them that the company will pay for the cost and give them each two VIP accommodation vouchers.”

“Alright, sir.”

After completing the instructions, Joo CheolBeom blocked the entrance.

There was no one looking inside because the partition was completely blocked.

All the underground business centers were emptied while Kang Chan was angry.

“Have these bastards turned back on you, hyungnim?”

“Don’t say useless things and go.”

“That’s not it, hyungnim. It’s because these bastards asked me to give a meeting room, hyungnim. They’re guys who had backed down from the job but we know each other, so I let them down, hyungnim. I’ll take care of it myself if there’s anything upsetting, hyungnim.”11So many hyungnim in one dialogue…

After finishing his speech, Joo CheolBeom kicked Kim Sun-Il’s bloody head with his feet.

“Hurry up and greet him. You punk. He is friend of KwangTaek hyungnim.”

Kim Sun-Il, who was wiping blood inside his palm, flinched and saw Kang Chan.

“You sicko bastards. Won’t I told you if you let me know that this hyungnim is the one coming. This is not why I’m taking care of those who backed off. I’ll see you in a little while.”

The two guys stood up and bowed deeply to Kang Chan.

Hyungnim. I’ll take care of it myself so that KwangTaek hyungnim won’t know. And please move over there first, hyungnim.”

“That’s enough. I’m going, so send me the bill for these bastards’ hospital fees and the money used to empty this place. I’ll go directly to KwangTaek if you don’t contact me by the end of the day, so do it well.”

Joo CheolBeom took a step back with an awkward expression.

Hyungnim. Please spare me once, hyungnim. If the kids12People under him. see this and KwangTaek hyungnim know, I’ll be kicked out of here, hyungnim.

He felt sick hearing the fast and repeated ‘hyungnim’ that came out.

It was then.

Hyungnim. I didn’t recognize you so this happened. Please close your eyes once and I’d appreciate it if you could take over the company. Hyungnim.”

Kim SungGil sat down and bowed deeply with slumped shoulders.


Kang Chan didn’t even want to look at him.

“We will be out of favor with KwangTaek hyungnim if it goes like this and no one will buy the company, hyungnim.”

Kim Sun-Il hurriedly clung to Kang Chan as he wiped his bloody nose with his palm.

This was always the case with gangster bastards.

It’s only after they’re beaten for them to act like a bunch of people.

Kang Chan looked at Michelle because he couldn’t judge.

But when he saw Michelle dropping her head, he felt bad. There was also the mistake in telling her to take over without even looking into it.

It’s not supposed to be like this.

He felt cowardly when he asked for it at best and got angry when things got messed up.

“Lawyer Choi. I’ll take over the company. Is it okay for Michelle instead to sign the acquisitor’s signature?”

“Yes. I’ll take care of it without any problems.”

Choi Young answered quickly.

Kang Chan saw Kim SungGil again.

“This is the last time. Tell me now if you have any conditions left. If I hear any cowardly words from behind…”

He talked too much.

There’s nothing to do but to hit him if he pulled back his words.

“Thank you, hyungnim.”

It was fortunate that Kim SungGil accepted quickly.

Kang Chan took out the check and handed it to Michelle.

“I’m sorry I got mad.”

“No, Chani. I’m sorry for making you work like this.”

“I’ll be drinking coffee in the lounge, so come over when you’re done.”


Michelle nodded and smiled awkwardly.

She’s definitely a hundred times prettier when she’s angry than when she smiled.

When Kang Chan came out at the entrance of the conference room, he could hear the sound of a slap and Joo CheolBeom’s voice saying, “See you later, you son of bitch.”

When Kang Chan entered the lounge, the manager hurriedly led him to his seat.

This was why he hated this hotel.

He thought for a moment about why he was so angry after ordering coffee.

Fucking shit.

Seok KangHo quit smoking, so he put up with it. He once quit smoking in Africa, and it was similar back then.

Dayeru and some of the crew brought cigarettes and begged him to smoke since he was so angry even at small things.

He just took a sip after the coffee arrived and the phone rang.

Who’s it!

He suddenly got annoyed and picked up the phone.

“Yes, Mr. Ambassador.”

[“Monsieur Kang, I made a reservation for Namsan Hotel at 5 p.m. this evening. Is the time okay?”]


He swears there is something that made this hotel cursed.

“Alright, Mr. Ambassador.”

[“Then I’ll see you at five.”]

Kang Chan hung up the phone and thought he should smoke until he caught Shahran.

It was when Kang Chan picked up the coffee cup.

Michelle and three women were seen heading to the lounge.

All the people’s eyes were on the four women.

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