God of Blackfield 007

1-4. Haven’t been beaten properly, right?

Unedited Chapter
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The students were crowded and the chick named Eun Sil was in front with her arms folded, looking at what he would do.

It seemed that she was getting annoyed.

“Hurry up, you bastard. I’ll let you eat that bitch once.”

Kang Chan briefly looked at the kid named Eun Sil.

‘What are you going to do?’

Eun Sil’s lowered eyes were exactly like that. But right after he sent a gaze, the girl’s mouth moved, saying ‘fuck you’.

Kang Chan smirked.

This was always the case seen in front of the school, with a gang, and a chick. The same was true of the French gang. In the first place, he shakes his head as if letting go, but when he reacts absurdly, they continue to rush, and eventually there were cases where it was irreversible.

These guys are pros.

They are also ugly guys who get involved in the work of students.

If so, it is correct for this side to treat them properly as well.

A real fight, not a joke with children in school uniforms.

“Do whatever you want.”

He lowered the bag on his right shoulder and approached the bulky man.


It was when the bulky man flinch.


A headbutt that even stunned the 130kg Dayeru.

Kang Chan grabbed the bulky man’s chin and back of the head then hit with his knee vigorously.


It was when the knees of male students tingled at the uncanny sound of the bulky man’s groin.


Kang Chan twisted the bulky man’s neck as it was.

At this point, he should put a cast on the neck for about 6 months.

They must have been wondering if the student would run away.

“Come to play?”

The guy who was watching with bewildered eyes seemed to have come to his senses when his gaze met Kang Chan.

Kang Chan pushed the fist blown by the guy on the left as if chasing out a fly.

Smack. Pupupuck.

Then he took a thumbs up at the larynx, gut, and armpits.


Kang Chan immediately struck the inside of the guy’s chin with a fist with a pointed middle finger.


It’s in a blink of eyes.

Kang Chan grabbed the guy’s hair and chin then of course twisted it.


“This son of a bitch!”

Still, sashimi knife rushed as time passed.

Kang Chan hurriedly twisted his upper body.


Pro was definitely different.

The knife sharply cut Kang Chan’s waist.

The girls’ tearing screams echoed.

“This bastard, I’ll kill you!”

Regardless of the opponent’s yell, Kang Chan looked at his side.

His clothes were ripped and blood was seeping from inside. Maybe because of the change of body, the speed and power couldn’t be as good as before.


Kang Chan shook his head to shake off his annoyance.

However, even after holding the winning chance at best, the guys didn’t rush.

‘They never thought of this.’

They didn’t know it would be like this when just thinking about going to grab a student.

They were looking around in bewilderment at the situation they had to wield their knife.

It’s good to rush in, but they’re in big trouble when the police come.

“You haven’t been beaten properly, right?”

“What, this fucker bastard?”

Kang Chan rushed in, aiming for the gap when the other person was relaxed.

It’s the guy who used a knife.

It was a short swing to the right without stabbing.

Avoiding this created a gap again.

Kang Chan reached out his left hand as close to the handle as possible.

Thwack. Puck.

It sounds almost at the same time.

Instead of cutting his left palm, he bent the right index and middle finger and accurately pierced into the guy’s eyes.



It was when the knife fall.

Kang Chan quickly grabbed the guy’s hair with his left hand and took two steps back.

The only guy left fluttered and couldn’t rush.

Those who had seen the two guys with twisted necks didn’t turn their necks no matter how hard they try. The body knows to protects the neck by itself. The reason why the neck hurts even in a minor car accident.

If forcefully twist the head of such a guy, they will die or become half paralyzed.

Kang Chan squeezed the guy’s head with his left hand and struck the face with his right palm.

Puuck. Puuck. Puuck. Puuck.

Struggle struggle.

“Fungiing! Ga! Le gaa!”

The guy, whose nose and snout were clogged by blood, struggled. But Kang Chan, grabbing his hair, continued to smack his face.

The sound was gruesome.

It was even more as Kang Chan continued to smack the face while staring at the last remaining opponent as if to eat him.

The blood that fell on the floor in lumps splattered in all directions whenever Kang Chan hit him.

Puuck. Puuck. Puuck. Puuck.

The guy beaten lost his consciousness and the guy who was watching had a completely terrified face.

Finally, when Kang stopped beating, he grabbed the guy’s jaw and head then twisted it.


Fa thud.

Blood was dripping from Kang Chan’s left hand and his other hand seemed to be wearing a red glove with the blood of the fallen guy.

Unfortunately, too much time had passed.

It was when Kang Chan stepped forward suddenly and the guy stepped back.

Kang Chan picked up the knife with his bloody hand.

Then he grabbed the right hand of the guy whose neck he twisted just before.

“Hey, this son of a bitch!”

The last remaining guy screamed.



Kang Chan grabbed the innermost finger of the unconscious guy.


Like a chorus, screams burst out from all directions.

No need for a thumb.

Even if only the roots of the four fingers are cut off, this guy will barely hold chopsticks.

“Fuck off.”

“You crazy bastard!”

Even if he felt weak, a gang is a gang. He glanced at the fallen guys and Kang Chan moved the knife again.

“Fuck off before the police come, you sicko. And remember it clearly. I’ll make sure to twist your head.”

Kang Chan was sincere.

He didn’t want the police to come and make a noise. But on the contrary, he didn’t want to let go of the guy with a knife.

“Hey! Move quickly!”

The guy also seemed to wake up at the word police.

When the guy screamed, the students with no good impression looked at Kang Chan’s gaze and moved the fallen ones to the car.

“You must have a hole in your stomach.”

“Don’t tremble and take good care of the head.”

Those who had scattered in the meantime were loaded into the car.

“Sicko. If you want to exercise, do it right.”

Kang Chan grumbled as he turned over his left palm, which flesh was wide open. It’s a mistake that could never have happened before.

When Dayeru, no, Seok Kang Ho saw him, he would be giggling and laughing.

Still, there was still some work to be done.

Kang Chan saw the bulky guys get into the car then approached Eun Sil.

The sight of knife, blood, and endless beating of the stunned guys, along with shiny eyes.

Unsurprisingly, Eun Sil was shaking with her lips turned blue.

“I’ve warned though.”


The chick kept shortening words even with a trembling voice.

Kang Chan kept telling himself not to twist her neck.

“If you make a fuss in front of me one more time.”

“I am wro…”


It’s a full swing.

It didn’t matter whether she was scared or trembling.

Rather, it’s best to make sure it’s finished like this to avoid him twisting her neck, breaking the arm, or killing her.

Fa thud.

The skirt of the chick who fell on the side was opened, revealing the grayish panties. It was wet.

“Get rid of this.”

Kang Chan spoke to the three folding screens that were hiding on one side.

Trudge trudge.

“Aren’t you get rid of it quickly?”

The three folding screens flinched then stood up supporting Eun Sil’s armpit.

“Snow White.”


Kim Mi Young had a face wondering what he was talking about.

Naturally, she did not understand.

“Pick up my bag.”

“Uh? Uh!”

Kim Mi Young came up and quickly picked up his bag.

Kang Chan first went back to school.

If he went outside, there would be many talks.

Even if I left the follow-up to Seok Kang Ho, it was urgent to treat his hand first.


Kang Chan, who wrapped his hand with a handkerchief handed by Kim Mi Young, headed to the infirmary first.

The about forty school nurse was bewildered when she saw Kang’s wounds.

“It should be sterilized first.”

She spitted out a voice that’s unknown who she was talking to then brought a vial of disinfectant and tweezers.

“Do you have a needle and thread?”


“You don’t even sew it, but if you just disinfect it, the wound will open and it will take a long time to heal. So do you have needles and threads?”

“I’ll just disinfect it. You have to go to the hospital to sew it.”

To the hospital? Won’t it be annoying?

At first glance, it had to be sewn because it was about a 10cm wide deep wound. It was such a big wound that he almost couldn’t use the gripping power properly.


However, Seok Kang Ho rushed into the infirmary at that time.

“What happened?”

Kang Chan looked at his palm once and then looked back at Seok Kang-ho.

“Let’s go to the hospital.”

Unlike in Africa, the very savvy Seok Kang Ho quickly called Kang Chan.

“Then let’s disinfect then go. My back is also bleeding.”

Kang Chan lifted Kim Mi Young’s handkerchief and wrapped his left hand again.

“Don’t be like that but disinfect then bandage it.”

“What do you use that on a no-good guy? I will take him to the hospital like this.”

When Seok Kang Ho came out and Kang Chan followed, the school nurse couldn’t do anything anymore.

“Are you going… To the hospital?”

As Kim Mi Young was catching up with his bag, Kang Chan was careful with his words.

“I should be.”

Kang Chan followed Seok Kang Ho without saying anything.

Seok Kang Ho pointed to an old semi-medium passenger car parked on one side of the school.

“You go home now.”

“I’ll follow to the hospital.”

“Go, because it’s okay. You said you have to go to the academy?”

“That’s right. Teacher will take care of it, so you should go home. 3rd grade should save time. Hurry up. Give back the bag.”

Kim Mi Young couldn’t leave with a face that seemed about to cry.

Kang Chan silently pulled the bag and threw it into the back of the car.

“Let’s go.”


Seok Kang Ho nodded his head to Kim Mi Young and put his body in the driver’s seat.

“How did it happen?”

“The thugs were waiting.”

Seok Kang Ho’s driving skills weren’t very reliable.

His skill was clumsy in passing through the school gate.

They could see a patrol car standing on one side of the road and two full uniformed policemen in the store.

“Aren’t we having problems anyway?”

It was when Seok Kang Ho muttered while looking around the police.



One student looked back startled and looked even more surprised when he saw Seok Kang Ho and Kang Chan.


They may not have heard the words, but Seok Kang Ho’s gestures and Kang Chan’s face were seen intact, so the student quickly made a gentle expression and stepped aside.

“Hwak! Can’t you do it right?”

“I was watching the police, so it’s like that.”

Kang Chan wanted to take the steering wheel, but because of his situation, he ended up tying the handkerchief around his hand a little tighter to calm his anger.

“It will be okay, ‘ight?”

“What else?”

“The police.”

Is this really the reckless Dayeru?

“The police came, so they took care of it and ran away. Probably nothing to report from their side and I have no intention of reporting, so it won’t be a problem.”

“As I heard, it is.”

“And how they would say that a student twisted the necks of three guys at a time?”

“Did you twist their necks, sir?”

It was a startling reaction.


“How long?”

“About six months?”

Seok Kang Ho seemed reassured by then.

“Hospital is a no go. First, let’s go to my house and change the bloody clothes.”

When Kang Chan bowed his head, sure enough, there were hideous dark bloodstains from the stomach to below it.

“Tch. Do whatever you want.”

Kang Chan leaned his head on the passenger seat and looked out of the window blankly.

It is a peaceful world.

A world far from battle or death.

I didn’t think I was not very happy.

What if I were in Africa now?

AmaliaJ’s Note

The ‘high-schooler’ Kang Chan here is much more savage than the manhwa. So bloody.

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