God of Blackfield 005

1-3. Bullies?

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Until the next morning, Kang Chan tried to find out how to get on public transport to school and spent time finding out what class he should enter in the third grade.

Honestly, it was a reborn life.

The wealthy house that he hoped so much.

Kang Chan, who wanted to study properly once, gave up his mind in less than an hour. What should he know right now? The most amazing things were English and math. It’s not just sentences that won’t be used in real life at all, but what did it mean by “major” or “experienced” mathematics?

‘This guy doesn’t even have a book?’

The schedule was on the desk, but he couldn’t understand why there were only a few books. He started scouring what he thought was a tutorial at first, but he found out later that it was a textbook.

With that, the morning came.

After having finished eating early, Kang Chan nodded immediately when Kang Dae Kyung said “Shall I give you a ride?”. It was more inconvenient to adapt public transportation in the morning than to go together.

The car was in an underground parking lot.

Amidst awkwardness, Kang Dae Kyung exited the parking lot and joined the road with dexterity.

It was when Kang Chan looked at the morning scenery through the front passenger window.

“You are my son, right?”

An unexpected question came up.

“It’s okay whatever you look like. Because at least you came back alive. Looking at the diary and text message I saw yesterday, I understand that you have changed like this. But I hope you can come back soon. Sometimes I want to see you smile.”

‘Can I play the role of this man’s son?’

Kang Chan could not answer.

“I have never been so proud when you answered the phone yesterday and got my work done. I never really like when people bragging about their children, but I’m going to do that today.”

Kang Chan smiled comfortably for the first time. It would have been great if he had been born as the son of these people.

“It’s here, right?”

Kang Dae Kyung dropped him off in front of the school regardless of him not answering.

“I’ll see you in the evening.”

“Alright. Please don’t get hurt.”

Before Kang Chan closed the door, he looked in and saw that Kang Dae Kyung’s eyes turned red with raising emotion.


That was all.

Kang Chan had nothing to say, and Kang Dae Kyung said what he wanted to say.

After getting out of the car, the front gate was ahead.

Students were crowding to the gate with their big mouths open, but the reaction was different when Kang Chan appeared.

The kids who quickly avoided, the kids who glanced, the kids who were openly looking, etc.

There was also something in common, it was that they couldn’t meet his eyes.


Kang Chan entered the school gate with the bag on his right shoulder.

He first saw the teacher who was oozing a familiar smell yesterday. The teacher, who was staring at the students with a long discipline stick, also immediately stared at Kang Chan when he entered.

“Come in with your bag straight.”


The students who watched the two were rolling their eyes.

However, Kang Chan just passed by the teacher.

Without avoiding his gaze until his head passed the shoulder.

“I let you go once.”

“Thanks, sir.”

The teacher smiled similarly.

‘Gotta know the name or something?’

He fancied him.

Even though there were some age gaps.


3rd grade, 2nd class.

When Kang Chan entered the classroom, the reaction was not very different from that of the hallway. The kids, who were making a fuss, quickly shut their mouths and carefully moved to their seats, looked at Kang Chan without making eye contact.

Kang Chan looked around the classroom and noticed that the number of students was surprisingly small. That didn’t mean he could tell where his seat was, so he sighed loudly.

‘I can’t.’

“Hey. Where’s my seat?”

“Uh? Uh! There. There it is.”

Kang Chan went to the place indicated by the boy sitting by the door and sat down. He was in the second row from the front and the second column from the left.

‘It’s a perfect place to be shot. There is nowhere to hide from a sniper.’

A strange tension drown the classroom when he complained with a ‘Tsk’. Kang Chan instinctively looked back and made eye contact with Lee Ho Jun, who had entered.

Although surprised, Lee Ho Jun clearly showed a gesture that he would not bend, and he sat in the middle of the back.

‘That’s what happens when you hit the pride.’

Kang Chan saw the feeling in Lee Ho Jun’s eyes that he would always seek an opportunity.

He would have wanted to show it.

He wanted other children to know that ‘I wasn’t losing to you’.

It was a ridiculous idea.

‘Maybe he might hit me during the class to save his face.’

Didn’t he do that more than anyone else in the past?

But Kang Chan shook his head and erased his bad thoughts.

They’re kids.

What made him get tired of dealing with a kid who was still young…

“Hey! Kang Chan!”

Kang Chan let out a short sigh and turned his head back.

“Come up to the rooftop at lunch.”

It was Lee Ho Jun.

Lee Ho Jun, who did not avoid his gaze by gritting his teeth.

There was a bruise on his left cheek, and there were wounds on his lips and eyes.

“Alright. It’s bothersome to bring them myself, so bring them to me at once.”

On the other hand, the guy who couldn’t even answer was cute.


Classes were indeed a time of patience.

The unfamiliar teacher’s ordinance and the following four hours of class, the atmosphere was so cold that even the sound of breathing was cautious but the teachers were the same.

Kang Chan was not stupid. However, he was just ignorant.

As he listened to words he didn’t even understand, it felt like a bug crawling out of his ears.

Why was the atmosphere of the break time so solemn?

Ding dong deng.

It was finally lunchtime.


Lee Ho jun got up from his seat roughly, opened the door of the classroom, and disappeared.

‘I’m hungry tho?’

The smell of soup, curry, and other side dishes enticed Kang Chan, but he should keep the promise first.

It was when Kang Chan got up.


A female student, who sat in the fourth row of the first column from the left, called him.

Big eyes, forehead covered with bangs as if imitated Snow White, the hair that touching the shoulders, a pretty tall nose, and wow! Were the chest melons? Did it stand up too?1No comment for this.

“I heard it in the morning. Shimdeok bully kids also came. Scary uncles are also waiting outside.”

Kang Chan quickly looked up and saw the girl.

It looks like she plucked up courage. That’s exactly what the expression of a little sense of righteousness and regret was properly mixed.

‘Grow well.’

If only the style was better…

“You’re not going, right?”

“What happens next then?”

Kang Chan just saw the name tag attached to the end of the melon.

Kim Mi Young.

Was this the kid of the picture thing?

“You can avoid it.”

All the other kids were watching.

“If they still come after me?”

“Then, tell the homeroom teacher.”

Kang Chan took a long breath.

“You knew I didn’t take the pictures, didn’t you?”

At that moment, Kang Chan noticed that the other kids were very nervous.

“When I was quiet and stupid, no single kid helped at all, and because it’s like this you’re pretending to be nice?”

Kim Mi Young’s eyes were starting to swell with tears.

Kang Chan turned slowly and left the classroom.

They were children.

But some of them were so cruel.

‘That’s right. It’s because I couldn’t finish it up.’

Kang Chan decided to quit school today.


He was thinking to stop by the rooftop quickly and go to eat pork cutlets.

‘Let’s go to France. Go there and start over.’

It was cumbersome to feel attached to someone else’s parents little by little, and when he thought of his subordinates who died without knowing why they had to die, he felt uncomfortable as if he hadn’t patted their backs after working.

‘If you’re going to send me back, send me back to the past.’

Of course under the prerequisite that Kang Dae Kyung and Yoo Hye Sook were the parents.

As Kang Chan climbed the rooftop, a few sleazy male students and female students with makeup as if they had left the bar were following.

Kang Chan stopped climbing the stairs.

Then he looked back.

The girl in front of him wore a very shortened skirt, enough to see her underwear when climbing the stairs.

“Go down.”

It’s the first time Kang Chan saw a girl who ate words.2Not sure about this, I gave up.

“Ah, fuck! What are you?”

Before the words ‘go down’ even settled, the girl fed him with another sentence. There were also many girls like that in France. They had the guts and wore a metal ring on their fist.

Kang Chan went down two stairs to the front of the girl.

The black lines around her eyes were applied so much it looked like her eyes were inserted separately.

“Why? Wanna try me?”


The boys at the bottom of the stairs supported the girl. She passed out as intended.

“Fuck off. Before I kill you.”

Looking at the girl’s appearance, Kang Chan decided to finish with the mind of dealing with enemies rather than with students or kids today.

These guys weren’t kids.

They were monsters in child’s masks.

When he grew up, he had minimum discernment, but he didn’t give that to these guys.

As his eyes gleamed, the kids on the stairs stumbled and descended.

It’s the same treatment as when Kang Chan was in France. She was treated internationally without discrimination just because she had the same nationality.

Kang Chan watched until the kids went down and then walked back to the rooftop.

‘I’ll give it all.’3I can’t figure out this sentence.

He would quit school anyway.

He decided that it would be better to wipe out these guys.

He grabbed the handle of the roof door and pushed it hard forward. He didn’t want to be blinded by the sudden brightness, then caught off guard by a surprise attack.

‘Stupid bastards.’

About ten people were squatting and smoking with arms on their legs.

Perhaps because they’re confident, they didn’t even make a surprise attack.

Kang Chan went out to the roof and closed the door tightly.

“You understand, so you’re doing it right!”

‘So that bastard is the head.’

The bastard, who had the impression of being over 30 years old, talked insidiously when he saw Kang Chan. When the guy threw the cigarette he had been smoking, all the kids got up and were approaching him.

Kang Chan’s heart went cold when he saw three guys with weapons.

A sashimi knife, iron pipe, and nailed wooden stick.

It was hard to believe that these bastards were in school.

“You’ve got some guts now after you fell off once. So try falling to the parking lot today. Let your head burst.”

Kang Chan took a breath.

“Last time I fell because of you guys, that’s it?”

“Sicko. Didn’t you run off after screaming for life? Fucker, I didn’t hit you at all. Isn’t this bastard have gone completely insane?”

Kang Chan glanced at Lee Ho Jun.

It was an expectant face.

“It’s good. I’ve been so annoyed that I haven’t been able to collect money lately.”

The guy thought to be the head walked toward Kang Chan at a slow pace.

He’s a guy with good sense. It was right he got such a posture from birth. Except for the clumsy ones.

Walking with his drooping shoulders and keeping distance meant looking at the opportunity and calculating whether he should stretch out his feet or throw his fist.

“This fucker still has his eyes open!”

The head immediately threw his fists away.

Kang Chan turned his body as if wrapping the flying right arm and hit the guy hard on the neck with his left elbow.


The rest of the guys rushed.

Kang Chan first twisted the arm in his embrace then struck the guy’s elbow hard with his right palm.


“Aah! Ahhh!”

Kang Chan didn’t let go even though the guy’s arm was perfectly bent outward. He grabbed the back of the guy’s neck and pushed the iron pipe into the air.


The guy who got hit was surprised.

Blood spurted out of the head of the guy who held his head to check if it had burst.

He threw the broken right arm and quickly grabbed the guy’s left arm and twisted it.

Puck. Pubuck. Pububuck.

There was a moment’s gap when he hit the other three guys’ throats while holding the bastard’s left wrist with his left hand.

Kang Chan lifted himself, kicked the faces of the two next to him, then put the left arm in the bastard’s crotch then got off.



The bastard shook his arms strangely and struggled, but Kang Chan didn’t let him go.


As he pulled his left arm straight, the bastard’s arm stretched bizarrely.

“Kkeak. Kkeaahh.”

“Son of a bitch. That’s dirty and noisy.”


Kang Chan kicked down the back of the slouching bastard’s nape as if he pushed his body down. The man stuck on the floor didn’t move as if he were dead.

The rest of the guys were staggering around him.

Kang Chan flashed his eyes toward them.


It was the moment when the guy with the sashimi knife flinched.

Kang Chan rushed at the guy with the iron pipe like lightning.

Puck. Puck. Puck.

Kang Chan, who poked his thumb in the neck, the guts, and side, used his speed to strike the guy’s thigh with his knee.


The iron pipe was already in Kang Chan’s hand.

“If you carry something like this.”

Woosh. Paack.

He struck the middle of the guy’s bent knees with the iron pipe.


Next was the shoulders of the guy who wrapped around his knee and rolled over.

Woosh. Puuck.


Woosh. Puck.

Fa thud.

This time he adjusted his power.

It was because he didn’t want to break the neck.

He didn’t want to break his promise of not dying nor kill someone.

The guy who was struck by the iron pipe also fell to the floor as if he were dead.

“You flock of chicks.”

Kang Chan threw away the iron pipe and stared at the guy with the sashimi knife.

“At least if you carry a knife.”

“You’re dead!”

It was when the guy screamed and stretched his knife forward.


Kang Chan grabbed the guy’s wrist like lightning and pulled it straight towards his body. Then slammed his right elbow hard on the face of the guy.


When he wrapped the left hand at once, the knife was lifted, and Kang Chan took the knife with his right hand. It was held upside down with the blade facing the little finger.

Puk. Puk. Puk. Puk.

Both of the shoulders and two places on both sides of his waist.

Idiots always poke on the thighs.

Even though it was a place where the aorta could rupture even if just stabbed 10cm.


His tops and bottoms were all stained with blood and struggling, but Kang Chan did not let him go.


He struck the back of the guy’s neck with the handle of the knife.

Fa thud.

The next fallen guy was also as quiet as if he were dead.

The guy, holding the nailed wooden stick, took a step back.

Kang Chan tilted his head and looked at him.

“You’re incredibly advantageous. Didn’t you hear I’m the one at disadvantage?”

“This fucker!”

The moment the guy swore, Kang Chan bent his index and middle fingers and hit him in the eyes.

Puk. Puk. Puk.

It was in a flash.

He stabbed the guy’s right elbow and both shoulders. If it left like that, he would lose his combat capability for at least two months.

After that, it’ll progress fast.

They were depressed kids.

He could let them go.

However, Kang Chan stabbed everyone in three places with a knife, leaving Lee Ho Jun and the guy carrying a wooden stick.


It was not a scream, but a sound that comes out of terrified.

If you just poke the muscles shallow, they would actually feel prickly and then throbbing, not as painful as they would die.

“Lee Ho Jun.”

Lee Ho Jun took a step back.

Unfortunately, Kang Chan continued to stand in front of the rooftop door from the moment the fight began, so there was no place to escape.

“You’re the last one. I’m going to dig your eyes out. So decide which one is better before I make a hole in your body. Or I’ll dig both.”

Lee Ho Jun was completely fed up.

He couldn’t even run away if it’s in that state.

It would have been better if he made it like this that day.

Kang Chan realized that finishing was important, but there was still work left.

Kang Chan walked straight toward the guy holding the stick.

“Eii! Fuck!”


Kang Chan rushed toward the flying stick, putting the bastard’s right arm on his left shoulder, and then deflected his elbow backward.


“Keaak! Keaahh!”

“Shut up, you fucker.”

This would happen again if he let it slide.

And bullied other kids.

He twisted the bastard’s broken arm and put it between his crotch.


The moment he roughly grabbed the bastard’s arm, the sound of a broken bone echoed from his shoulder.


After releasing the guy’s arm, Kang Chan picked up the stick that fell on the floor.

There were more than ten 10-inch nails embedded in them.

“Bicycle chains were fashionable at my time.”

Kang Chan stood up to the drooling and weeping bastard.

Wooosh. Puuck.

Then he smashed the guy in the neck.

Thought not to kill, he only used the part underneath the nails.

The stick was broken and the guy was stuck on the floor, and he did not move as if he were dead as the previous guys.

“Lee Ho Jun. Have you decided?”

Those who did not lose consciousness were more surprised than Lee Ho Jun. At the same time, they did not forget the cowardly expression of glad that they were not Lee Ho Jun.

Kang Chan pondered for a moment.

Lee Ho Jun couldn’t attack again.

This was because he was already completely discouraged.

Should he show it off when he saw him like that?

“First, bring me a cigarette.”

Lee Ho Jun couldn’t even move.

“This fucker! Don’t let me say it twice because it’s annoying.”

Moving in a hurry, Lee Ho Jun handed a cigarette and a lighter from his pants pocket.



Kang Chan handed back the cigarettes and lighter to Lee Ho Jun. The guy couldn’t even make eye contact.

“You just got hit yesterday, so I’ll let you go for once.”

Lee Ho Jun did not open his mouth even though he was suspicious.



At that time, the rooftop door burst open and a scream burst out as it hit the guy who was stabbed.

The person who came up was the teacher he met in the morning.

The teacher, looking around with confused eyes, exhaled loudly.


Then he quickly closed the rooftop door.

“Won’t you turn off that?”

“Please check the atmosphere. Cannot you overlook it for once in a moment like this, sir?”

The teacher looked unbelievable and immediately resigned.

“Give me one too.”

When Kang Chan moved his head, Lee Ho Jun handed a cigarette.

“Give me one more.”

Lee Ho Jun followed his words like a sincere student.


The two of them sat on the floor and smoked.

“No one in hurry for the hospital, right?”

“It won’t be possible to fight for three or four months.”

The teacher nodded his head.

“Uh? They aren’t our school’s kids?”

He was pushing his head and twisting it in the same direction as the face of a fallen guy.

“I heard they’re Shimdeok bullies, is that right?”

In response to Kang Chan’s question, Lee Ho Jun nodded quickly.

“You don’t come to school.”

“I do this with the intention of that, sir.”

“Why? Are you going to be a gangster?”

“I will be going to France.”

The teacher’s face hardened at Kang Chan’s answer. But he soon shook his head and woke up from his dream.

“You look so much like someone I know.”


Kang Chan laughed with fluttering sound as if laughing with his lungs.

“You will be very surprised if you know who I am, sir.”

When Kang Chan replied, the teacher just snickered and did not even respond.

“Let’s go. I have to send those sickos to the hospital.”

“I will go home, sir.”

“Don’t be afraid, go to the classroom. You’ll have to wrap up before leaving the country. This will be big if you get caught by the detectives. Just go to school because we’re going to push it as self-defense or counter-violence anyway. Wearing a school uniform is also helpful for consideration.”

The teacher stood up, patted his pants, and stared at Lee HoJun.

“Can you do anything to get that bastard to make an advantageous statement?”

Kang Chan got up slowly and gave Lee Ho Jun a stare.

“They were trying to retaliate against the case a few days ago, and let’s assume that you were dragged and confronted today. You didn’t bring any weapons, right?”

“Why would I have to carry such things?”

“That’s right.”

It was when the teacher turned around.

“But why are you taking care of me, sir?”

At Kang Chan’s question, he turned his head and smiled meaningfully.

“It’s because I appreciate what I can’t do.”

When the teacher, who looked into Kang Chan’s eyes, opened the rooftop door, the kids were packed in front of him.

“Won’t you go down!?”

His thick yelling rumbled down the corridor, then he popped out to the roof.

“Hyuu. If I want to deal with the report and the police, I think it’s nokay today?”

Right when the teacher uttered the words to himself, Kang Chan felt as if the whole world had stopped.

“Wait there.”4Previously, Kang Chan used formal/polite speech. Here it’s plain informal speech.

The teacher first sighed loudly enough to shake his upper body.

“You brat! Did you just let down the honorifics after sharing cigarettes? No matter what I am still a teacher, you’ll regret something if you went too far.”

Kang Chan stared suspiciously at the teacher who turned away.

“What’s your identity?”

“I tell this guy good work, good work, so he throws the courtesy to the trash now.”

The teacher was approaching Kang Chan as if it was harder to endure.

The tension Kang Chan felt for the first time after he was born again, wrapped around him.

It wasn’t just a fight, but it was a sharp tension felt on the battlefield with life at risk.

“I’ve barely made up my mind, but don’t rush it too much, kiddo. I was already thinking about quitting and going to France.”

“Aren’t you too old?”

“Still, you bastard! Use honorifics from now on.”

It seemed he had hurt the teacher’s pride. It seemed that the matter of age was more upsetting than the informal speech.

As if the two would eat each other, they were staring into the other’s eyes without giving up a single inch.

“Do you know who I am?”

“You brat! Kang Chan!”

“So you know my name, right?”

The teacher twisted his head slightly without avoiding his gaze.

It was in front of Lee Ho Jun and those who had been stabbed by the knife.

“You knew the name, right?”

At the second similar question, the teacher nodded his head.

“That’s right that it’s a name I knew.”

No way…?

The two were thinking the same thing.

Kang Chan stared straight into the teacher’s eyes and opened his mouth.

Who am I?”

And Kang Chan saw his eyes shaking.

“Then you try to answer that too.”

It was an answer spit out by the teacher’s fed-up voice.

God. Of.”

Kang Chan’s words, which said very slowly, were cut off by the teacher.


It was a truly incredible moment.

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One of the most iconic scene!

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