God of Blackfield 004

1-2. School Zone

Unedited Chapter
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The three people stood in front of Kang Chan and watched him and the kids alternately.

“What’s that?”

“This, they’re the one who brought it.”


Kang Chan smirked. Was that so important.

“Answer it. Who had it?”

Kang Chan turned his head and saw the kid with blood on his back.

“If it’s that guy, he deserves it. You didn’t do it in moderation? It’s hard for us to wrap around if it this much.”

What was it?

“They’re bullies1Iljin, the Korean word for school bully or delinquent. It’s more than just bullies tho. They’re a kind of gangster group on the school level. who went around tormenting the kids, so their image is not good. But currently, you are the problem. Anyway, the six guys rushed first and there is also a weapon. We’ll take care of it when the SVC 2School Violence Committee. The raw shortened it so here it is. opens, so give that knife and go home first.”

The teacher, whose angular chin suited him well, stretched out his thick hand.

Kang Chan handed over the knife without a word.

“In this case, shouldn’t you fix yourself first?”

The teacher thoroughly looked at Kang Chan as if he felt bitter.

“Go home and tell them well. You must come to school from tomorrow. Also, you said you have evidence? Why? None? But Teacher Seo told me before?”

Kang Chan understood what he was talking about.

“Bring it tomorrow to submit it to the SVC.”

“I know, sir.”

The teacher kept looking over Kang Chan.

The attitude and gaze that gave off a familiar smell seemed to grab his attention.

The two other teachers were calling the students to support the fallen children.

“Where you learned it?”

Kang Chan smirked and looked at the teacher.

“Guts like that only come out from repeated training.”

“It just worked though, sir?”

“Let’s talk later.”

The teacher turned his body as if he thought he would not open his mouth easily.

He wanted to smoke.

However, no matter how overboard he was, he couldn’t smoke on the school playground. So Kang Chan took slow steps.

He was watching the children came down to the playground like a herd of dogs being sent off.

Kang Chan entered a snack restaurant3분식점 or 분식집 is a small restaurant/food place to eat cheap food with large portions. Eg ramyeon, tteokbokki, kimbap. that lined at the front door of the school.


A greeting that did not contain any emotions like a machine sound greeted Kang Chan.

“Give me one pork cutlet, please.”


Kang Chan, who sat down, looked at the TV.

There were about ten tables with two men on the other side and a young lady dressed as an office worker in front of him, who pretended to be neat, was eating tteokbokki and kimbap.

“Here you go.”

Meanwhile, the ahjumma4A way to call middle-aged woman. Often used to call the boss owner/employee of a store/restaurant. wearing her apron with her name on it put the pork cutlet in front of Kang Chan.

The thin flesh, the cheap smell of the sauce, and the smell of old oil.

Kang Chan looked at the pork cutlet without a word.

It was the last food he ate when he left Seoul.

It was a food he really wanted to eat back then, but he had nothing and his pride did not allow it.

Even when he ate steak countless times, he always remembered.

Kang Chan cut the pork cutlet long with a fork and knife, and then cut it again into squares. Made it like this and eat it with chopsticks so true taste came out.

It wasn’t that tasty.

He ate it anyway.

It was about the time Kang Chan finished eating the pork cutlet.

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.

The phone rang.


[“Is it Chani? Where are you? What had just happened?”]

Yoo Hye Sook poured out questions with an urgent voice.

“I am eating pork cutlet in front of the school.”

[“The school is in a riot right now. They said the police went too. What’s the matter?”]

“I will go and tell you about it.”

[“Chan. Where are you now? I’ll go there!”]

“I said I will go and tell you, right?”

As Kang Chan’s voice fell low, there was a moment of silence.

Kang Chan hung up the phone.

He was annoyed at the thought that the fuss might have played a part in the reason why the kid owner of the body was weak.

“It’s better than killing someone or committing suicide anyway.”

Kang Chan, who made an excuse by talking to himself, ate all the pieces of the cabbage and got up from the seat.

After finishing the checkout, Kang Chan walked a little more before sitting in a chair in front of the convenience store and had a cigarette.


This was the taste.

Unscrupulous clothes, short skirts, and slim bodies. A world without flying dust and bullets that who knew when to run from. Watching the world full of luxury cars, Kang Chan spouted long cigarette smoke.

‘You got what you want.’

It was like that before. He thought he would do really well in a world where there were no worries about living and only been told to study.

‘Should I just go to France when I graduate or quit school?’

There were times when he did study too, like when he became a 3rd grader there was no other choice. It was also a terrible study back then.


After a relaxing time, Kang Chan returned to the apartment by taxi.

‘The password?’

It’s the password key. Kang Chan rang the bell because he hadn’t remembered it as he was fresh from the hospital.

It was Yoo Hye Sook who opened the door after the sound of a rush from the inside, but there was also the confused face of Kang Dae Kyung behind her.

Kang Chan stepped inside confidently.

“Please sit down. I have something to show you for a moment.”

Still, Kang Dae Kyung, who was a man, squeezed his cheeks and then moved his steps to the table in the kitchen.

Kang Chan thought to relieve the resentment and frustration that the owner of his body had. He pulled out the math formula book where the kid had released his inside and moved to the table.

“Please try to read this.”

Kang Chan gave the math formula to Yoo Hye Sook and the phone messages to Kang Dae Kyung.

The two raised their heads to Kang Chan with a look of ‘where’s everything you want to say’ when receiving the math formula and smartphone. As time passed, their face began to harden.

When Kang Dae Kyung put the smartphone down, Yoo Hye Sook couldn’t even read half of it. Nevertheless, she closed her mouth and poured out tears.

A long time has passed.

“Please flip and look it once again.”

“That’s enough.”

“Please look.”

Kang Dae Kyung’s cheek wriggled again. However, he unfolded the math formula given by Yoo Hye Sook.

He looked at the last page for a while, then raised his head.

“I went to school. They told me to pay for the cigarettes and bread that had been pushed back.”


“I decided to go away. Another six people came, holding a cutter knife…”

“Oh my gosh…!”

“I could not help it. The knife was handed over to the teacher, and the SVC5Student Violence Comitee… was opened.”

“Why haven’t you said this before?”

“I do not know that either. I just thought this would be better than suicide or killing other children as written there.”

The two of them seemed to have subsided a lot of agitation as Kang Chan told the story so coldly and businesslike.

“Too many students saw that and it will be difficult to attend school if it’s like this. What would you like your father do?”


Kang Chan looked at Kang Dae Kyung in a new light.

Was there anyone who sided with me like this when I did something? Rather than drinking and hitting, he was trying to help me fix the accident I caused?

“I’m sorry for the injured children, but it’s enough if you’re safe. I don’t like you dying, and I’m glad you didn’t kill anyone else.”

Kang Dae Kyung was already ignoring Yoo Hye Sook’s surprised gaze with a determined expression.

“I thought the same thing when you were in the hospital. I wanted you to live at least.”


Kang Dae Kyung pressed Yoo Hye Sook with a short gaze.

“But promise me one thing.”

What’s it? These feelings? The sincerity transmitted from Kang Dae Kyung was making Kang Chan’s heart hot.

“If anything like this happens in the future, promise to tell your father first than anyone else. Father is satisfied with that.”

“There may be more fights.”

“You’re not going to kill others or yourself?”

“I promise about that.”

“Then that’s it.”

Kang Dae Kyung’s meaning to thank Kang Chan for being alive was put in his heart. It was a feeling he couldn’t feel even when he met the platoon leader or the squadron leader after a dire battle.

“I was told to come to school from tomorrow.”

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous?”

As Kang Chan laughed, Kang Dae Kyung had a ‘that’s ridiculous’ face, and Yoo Hye Sook had a tired expression.

“Hmm. That matter, you do it yourself.”


“Let’s stop. You have read that diary and still don’t know your son’s feelings? Boys truly want to die if they are pressed like that. Do you want the child to die? Or would you like him to go into prison for murder? Don’t compare Chani with your friends’ child. It’s just our son is a little different.”

“What did I say? Still, he has to go to high school!”

In front of Kang Chan, Yoo Hye Sook responded as if not wanting to let go of her last string.

When an awkward silence flowed.

– Piriririi. Piriririi. Piriririi. –

Kang Dae Kyung’s phone bravely announced that he had a mission.


Kang Dae Kyung, who received the phone call, was very flustered.

When Yoo Hye Sook opened her eyes that were terrified, and he shook his head briefly, meaning not to be surprised.

Urgent voices poured out from the phone continuously, but Kang Dae Kyung only spoke “eobobo” and couldn’t connect.

Kang Chan’s ear was sharp.

It was Arabic. It also had a bit soft tone of Arabic used by French speakers. Most likely, they were Algerians living in France.

“Can you give it to me?”


Kang Chan pulled the phone from the embarrassed Kang Dae Kyung.

“Hello. Mr. Kang Dae Kyung was busy, so I answered this instead. Please speak slowly again.”

Fluent French?

Kang Dae Kyung and Yoo Hye Sook opened their eyes round and looked at each other. After spending on an expensive English academy, he was fluent in French.6 Can I be fluent in Korean after going to English academy…? I’m sorry. That’s not funny.

[“This side is in a hurry. The cars I shipped and sent are not able to pass customs now because the quantity and price didn’t match.”]

The opponent was powerful that he was ignoring this side.

“Please wait for a minute.”


He had a habit of pouring out everything once he got angry when his mood was very good, so it was better to go out strong in this case.

“Oi. Don’t just spit out, I tell you to wait.”

He grabbed the atmosphere with very fluent pronunciation that only breath was heard as if the other person flinched.

“What does it mean that the cars he sent can’t clear customs because the quantity and price are not correct? What should I answer to this?”


“He said they were in hurry and in mess.”

It was after Kang Dae Kyung rolled his eyes a few times.

“There are 50 cars arriving today. Probably, the documents and the goods sent from our side don’t match, so check right away and tell the customs office there.”

Kang Chan delivered the words as he heard them to the phone.

[“It’s frantic here. What are you gonna do. If we don’t move at noon, the loss of shipping and labor costs is not a joke.”]

“Wait a moment.”

The other didn’t rebel despite his openly harsh tone.

Kang Dae Kyung, who heard of Kang Chan’s words, said that if the documents were incorrect and suffered damage, they would ask instead of them.

“We’ll ask about it. So check what the damage is. If necessary, we will call the customs over there directly, so tell the person in charge and his phone number.”


“Tell the person in charge and give me the phone number.”

Kang Chan suddenly became suspicious.

It was a hunch.

In this case, he shouldn’t take too much time.

“Or I’ll send my friend who works as a mercenary over there, so do it first.”

Did these brats just a shallow water?

“I’ll blow up the customs badly if needed, so check what’s wrong and let me know. Where? Your place. I’ll send three Algerian kids.”

[“What’s the need to go that far? Ah! Done. I found the right documents.”]

Kang Chan smirked loudly, enough to be heard by the other.

“Oi. Next time, take care of the paperwork properly. Okay?”

[“I will.”]

When the other party hung up the phone, Kang Chan placed the phone in front of Kang Dae Kyung.

“They found the correct paperwork now and it has been resolved.”

A strange tension floated on the table.

“I learned it on the internet every night. Nowadays, the chat site is good, and the French site can be accessed directly, so it was not difficult.”

Believed it like that?

Kang Dae Kyung’s eyes were expressing his suspicion strongly, but what should be done. He spoke French like a local even at first listen7Is there any hearing equivalent of “at a glance”??? which he has never been taught or sent to an academy before.

“I didn’t know that, and I was so nervous to think that you were doing something bad at night.”

Yoo Hye Sook, whose tear marks hadn’t dry, had shining eyes. So Kang Chan was kind of terrified but he just remained silent.

“Please find out another party instead of the one you are trading with now. I think they seemed to be shifting the blame because the language didn’t go through.”

Kang Dae Kyung nodded then smacked his lips.

“Next month, three people are coming from France. That party decided to sell the car. The conditions are very good, but we’ll change it right away when that work is over.”

“Please do that. I will be in my room.”


Kang Dae Kyung who was bewildered gave permission, and Kang Chan headed to his room.

“Honey! Is our son actually a genius?”

“If that’s about it, but it’s a language skill that you can get after living there for at least 10 years. Are children these days really that fast?”

“Otherwise, where would he have learned it? Should we change the computer? Oh right! When I have brunch with Seong Hee from high school, we should go to the restaurant where French people come. I hate to watch her showing off her child, but that’s great!”

Watching Yoo Hye Sook clapped her hands, Kang Dae Kyung swallowed the words ‘I wish I was as simple as you’.

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