God of Blackfield 003

1-2. School Zone

Unedited Chapter
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Kang Chan, who had been wearing shabby elastic pants and a T-shirt, opened his wardrobe then took out jeans and a black round T-shirt to put them on.

All he needed now was money.

But then, Kang Chan was reminded of the money he had saved before.

He would not be able to find it, but he needed to confirm.

When he left the room, Yoo Hye Sook stood up in surprise and handed him ten 10,000 won bills110000 won = 9 usd.

“Can I get a haircut with this?”

“Sure. That’s enough. It’s a long-awaited outing, so meet your friends and buy them pizza.”

Kang Chan looked at Yoo Hye Sook.

It was a sincere look filled with love and worries for her son.

But why didn’t she know the truth that her previous son was being bullied?


“It is nothing. I will be back.”

“Huh. Okay. Be careful. Don’t be too late. When crossing the street…”

When Kang Chan, who was going to the front door, turned around, Yoo Hye Sook’s head pulled back suddenly.

“I will call when I am late.”

“Oh. Huh.”

Kang Chan left the apartment, leaving Yoo Hye Sook nodding her head twice.

The feeling was strange.

That someone was worried about him, and that of the newly recognized existence of a mother.

When he went outside, Kang Chan wanted to buy and smoke a cigarette first. He had tolerated it for about two weeks, so a strong desire to smoke grew.

“Cut the hair first.”

However, he grumbled to himself and entered a prominent salon.

“Gosh! Isn’t it Chani! I heard you’re hurt, are you all right now? I heard it from your mom. You want to cut your hair?”

A woman in her early 30s welcomed him by pouring out breathtaking words at once like it was memorized.

“Sit here. How should I cut it?”

“Keep it cool like a soldier’s hair.”

“Really? But Chani has kept it grow like this…”

“Why not just cut it?”

“Oh? Oh! Okay.”

The owner woman answered with a surprised face and began to trim his hair coolly with a machine on the shelf in the front.

Little by little as his hair was cut, Kang Chan started to like his present impression little by little.

“Cut a little more closely.”

“Really? Should I?”

The gaze was different.

By looking for the old hairstyle, at least his eyes were resembling Kang Chan of the past.

When he finally found the style he wanted, Kang Chan washed and dried his hair.

“Do you have a gel?”

“I have! What are you going to do?”

“Just give me some.”

Kang Chan flipped his short bangs back using the gel she had handed over.

‘Okay! This is Kang Chan!’

He smiled satisfactorily after a long time.

It was because he found himself in the mirror with the eyes of a recruit who had been assigned to the unit for the first time.

After leaving the beauty salon, Kang Chan went straight into the convenience store in the same building.

“A pack of Marlboro and a lighter.”

The young man who seemed to be a college student glanced at Kang Chan.

“Show me your ID card.”


“You need ID to buy cigarettes.”

“Since when?”

It was clear that the student, who clearly just a part-time worker, was hesitating.

“It’s been a while since I feel good, okay? You’ll show it next time, so don’t go overboard and I’ll sell the cigarettes and lighter.”

‘This is it.’

Little by little, Kang Chan felt like he was regaining himself. How about the voice timbre? He found the tone that fits his personality, so that was enough.

The student, who hesitated for a moment, looked around and quickly handed him a cigarette and a lighter.

After paying the bill, Kang Chan came out of the building and went out to the entrance of the apartment. He sat down on the stone in the flower bed on one side of the entrance and took out a cigarette and bit it.



He finally felt alive.

Although he was not dead, Kang Chan even felt that the past and the present held hands properly while watching the spreading smoke.

He needed to take a bus to school.

After smoking a cigarette, Kang Chan caught a taxi passing by in front of the apartment and headed to Shinmuk High School. He didn’t know the bus and subway lines yet, and he thought it was more troublesome than anything else.

‘It feels like I’m on vacation?’

As he leaned on the back seat, his mood got even better.

When a taxi that ran for about 10 minutes dropped him off in front of the school, Kang Chan walked slowly and entered the school.

‘But what class am I in?’

It was useless.

Even when he entered the front gate, he had no idea where to go.

Kang Chan looked around and walked toward the building aimlessly.

“What kind of someone’s school has three buildings each? It seems like a place to work no matter what. Is this the place where the students are?”

Kang Chan walked forward to the building facing the playground. The playground was covered with artificial turf and looked blue, but the line was drawn and goal posts were placed at both ends so that they could play soccer.

“What to do now?”

It was when Kang Chan was worried in front of the building.

Ding dong deng.

The bell rang as if his worries were the correct answer2On quiz shows, the sign for correct answer (usually with xylophone) is like above., then the sound of speech and rough desk movements sounded as if the building had woke up suddenly.

The children were wearing school uniforms.

‘There are girls too?’3Probably Chan went to boys school before? Or vocational school? Why so surprised?

The children who left the building glanced past at Kang Chan with the look to check if they knew him or not.

It was when he was blankly looking at the children.

“Yoow! Kang Chaan!”

Someone came up with a long call to him.

It was evident that the stance with his hand in his pocket was not good.

What was surprising was the other children’s reaction.

They were carefully avoiding the approaching guy.


“Oju? Didn’t wear a uniform and even put his hair up. Your mind became like this?”

Finally, the guy standing in front of Kang Chan put his right index finger on his head and turned it around.

The children from far away, even from the classroom on the second floor with their heads protruding, looked to this side and were watching Kang Chan and the guy standing in front of him.

Kang Chan heard the voice and knew it.

Still, he should at least identify the enemy before the engagement.

“Lee Ho Jun?”

“That’s right, you bastard! Lee Ho Jun, who had to deal with cigarettes and lunch with my own hands because of your thorough ignorance. Now can you keep your mind straight?”


At that moment, everywhere was quiet as if someone had swallowed the uproar.

Kang Chan did not want to drag long. He didn’t want to be cursed by the decent guys, but he didn’t want to exterminate this kind of guy even more.

Smaack. Puuck. Puck. Puck. Puck. Puck. Puck.

Kang Chan, who just slapped the other side, beaten Lee HoJun’s neck, chest, and guts openly.

“Cough. Cou-.”

As if he couldn’t breathe, Lee Ho Jun bent his waist and widened his mouth unsightly. Nevertheless, since he was quite tall, Lee Ho Jun’s head was at the height of Kang Chan’s waist.

Kang Chan grabbed Lee Ho Jun’s hair.

‘See this? I don’t know where it is, but now let go of your mind.’

Smaack. Smaack. Smaack. Smaack. Smaack.

Blood was already gathering under Lee Ho Jun’s face, but Kang Chan’s hand did not stop.


Kang Chan, who easily hit the last slap, grabbed Lee Ho Jun’s hair.

Kang Chan tilted his head as he looked at his swollen left eye, cheek, and mouth.

‘Is it because it’s not my body? If it just this, there will still be the rebellion phase4This meant that the deterrent force wasn’t enough, and there’s a high probability he would act the same.?’

Kang Chan pressed Lee Ho Jun’s head again and smacked him vigorously. It was after he hit him five more times.

“Hey, this damn guy!”

As he heard someone screaming and went through the gap between the students, a middle-aged man appeared in front of Kang Chan.

“You this guy! What the heck are you doing?”

Kang Chan looked at the man and guessed he was a teacher.

“This bastard until now ordered to buy cigarette and extorted money around, you said to stop because it’s opposite of that?”

“What? You guys! Dare to go somewhere!”

Kang Chan’s unknown anger broke out.

“Don’t just ‘this guy that guy’! Why? You want a taste too? Are you confident?”

As he shook his left hand, Lee Ho Jun was scattered on the ground. Kang Chan took a step as it was and approached the teacher closely.


The teacher couldn’t even look into his eyes as the viciousness he had in his usual fights rose to the full.

“Let’s do it right. I have all the evidence of how much that bastard has been harassing to pay for money, so don’t just be on one side.”

“You, this… guy. Do you want to quit school?”

“That’s up to you. I still have work to see, so please avoid this place.”

Kang Chan grabbed Lee Ho Jun’s hair again, who just wiped the blood flowing under his nose with the back of his hand.

Girls all over the place made a sound of surprise, but Kang Chan did not hesitate.

“Lee Ho Jun. It’s not over yet, let’s talk with me?”

“Uh? Uh?”

“You said you were bothered with cigarettes and lunch because of me? If I told you to come, would you still have something to say?”

It was when the terrified Lee Ho Jun grabbed Kang Chan’s wrist and struggled. The teacher hugged his waist.

“Why are you like this? If you do this, you really can’t go to school! Stop it now!”

When Kang Chan looked away, the teacher’s eyes were sincere. He wasn’t afraid of not being able to attend school, but he didn’t like to treat a teacher who showed sincerity.

Kang Chan released Lee Ho Jun’s hair and breathed loudly.

“I understand so let go of this.”

After seeing Kang Chan with wriggling cheeks, the teacher approached Lee Ho Jun. And after a while, the teacher assisted Lee Ho Jun and disappeared into the building.

The children were surrounding him far away as if there was still spectacle left. But every time he turned his head, they looked away.

Kang Chan slowly left the building and sat on the topmost stands5Bleachers. Those stair-like seatings you see in a stadium. facing the playground.

‘Why it’s lunchtime? Tsk. If I knew it would be like this, I would come after school.’

It was distressing.

And the subordinates who he couldn’t take care of back then came to mind.

As he was staring blankly at the playground, several shadows appeared around him.

“Oi? Doesn’t the fucker bastard look crazy?”

Kang Chan turned his head and smirked.

The eye-tails and impressions looked like they wanted to devour him but seemingly couldn’t erase the flimsy feeling.

Six. In one bastard’s pocket? Cutter knife?


“Is this bastard an idiot that he laughed when we about to take care of him?”

Kang Chan stood up little by little. He was sitting on topmost of the stand, so he stood one stair below the guys who just appeared.

When holding a fist with the open thumb stuck tightly to the index finger then stab it, these weak guys couldn’t stand up in that one hit.


Kang Chan stabbed the guy standing in the most front on the middle of the thigh with the thumb of his right hand at once.


And before the guy even reacted, he stabbed his side, guts, and finally his uvula in the blink of an eye.


When the bastard fell while screaming like a howling dog, the rest rushed in.

Puuck. Puck. Puck. Puuck. Taak. Puck.

He was about to yawn when he dealt with the spare fist.

Kang Chan struck the fists outstretched by the guys with his palm and knocked them down to the floor one by one by hitting their guts, uvula, or something else.


That all happened in the blink of an eye.

When the children on the playground just said “Huh?”, the six were already rolling on the floor.

Kang Chan reached out to the one with a cutter knife.

When he got his hand in the pants pocket, a thick knife really appeared.


“Sicko. What you do carrying around this stuff?”

He grabbed the end of the cutter guy’s pants and lifted it. Then he went down the stand in that state.

“Ah! Aack! Ack!”

A terrible scream from the guy who struck his head on the cement stairs echoed through the playground.


Kang Chan, who got off to the playground, finally kicked the guy’s abdomen with all his strength.

As he walked up the stand, the fallen guys who sat on the ground stepped back.

“Which bastard that cursed earlier?”

There was no way he would miss the enemy’s impression.

He grabbed the hair of the swaying guy, pulled it face down, then ran down the stand.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

“Aack! Aaack!”

Blood was oozing out of the rips in his school uniform.

“Oi? That four bastards there. Come quickly!”

“Fuck you!”

Kang Chan let out a chuckle.

First of all, it was annoying if this one guy runs away.


With his bent hand knife, he smacked the guy with cuts all over his front on the nape without any reason.

Fa thud.


And it was really quick.

As he stepped on two stairs at a time, Kang Chan’s body seemed to rise like a warrior in the wind in a movie.

“Why left?”6The original words more like “What do you want to do by running away?”. But I think it’s too long…

They didn’t know he would come up this quickly for sure.

Kang Chan grabbed a guy’s hair.

“Ah! Ah!”

Without worrying about the screams of the guy, Kang Chan pointed under the stand to the remaining three with a gesture of his head.

As the fierce guy struggling and screamed, the three went down with a desperate expression.

Originally, grabbing the hair couldn’t be done without pulling it to one side. Because it would be disadvantageous. If pulled them upwards, they could stand up. And if pressed the hair, they wouldn’t feel pain.7This tip… Don’t do it please!

How would the immature kids get out of Kang Chan’s grip, who used such a vicious and fucking high-level technique.

Smaaack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

The playground wall spewed out the sound of smacks.

It was lunchtime, so the children came out in flocks and surrounded him in a large area, but only the sound of slapping was loud like a lie.

Kang Chan lifted high the head he was holding.


As if the bastard tried to wake up, his blood-mixed saliva flowed down his lips.

Smaack. Smaack. Smaack. Smaack.

It was fear.

If there was a match, someone shouldn’t let the opponent to stand up even if he’s tired, so there would be no regrets. At this level, the beaten person could not feel anything aside pain. Instead, the will was broken from then on.

Kang Chan noticed that the bastard’s leg was relieved through his hand that grabbed the guy’s hair.

“Shall we stop now?”


He knew it didn’t come out consciously. However, it was clear that he didn’t answer because he was surprised8the word surprised in here is stronger like you’re so surprised that you could jump..


Kang Chan kicked the bastard’s stomach, his front faced below, then went down the stand.

Some of the girls screamed shrieks, but they couldn’t stop the sound of flesh hitting the cement.

Fa thud.

Kang Chan, who got down to the ground, threw the guy’s head like throwing a dirty object.

‘Phew. I’m kind of sorry for the parents?’

Looking around, it was too late to take care of it.

Still, looking at the diary-like writings, Kang Chan felt like paying the debt to the owner of the body. He was a guy who planned either murder or suicide, so wouldn’t he be better to quit the school.

“I’ll be expelled from the school if it’s like this, so shouldn’t I finish it properly?”

Wasn’t the ending important for people.

When Kang Chan took a slow look at the bloody three bastards and the three bastards who were standing in fear.

Three middle-aged men were walking in haste as if waiting for the situation to calm down.

They must be the teachers.

Kang Chan glanced at the teacher standing in the middle.

The scent that only those who had undergone special military training could exude was conveyed in his gait.

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