God of Blackfield 002

1-1. Blackfield

Unedited Chapter
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The second time Kang Chan was conscious, his nose was also sore besides his head and neck.



‘Please don’t call, but bring water.’


After a brief fuss, his mouth finally felt wet. They didn’t give water, but a damp cloth.1By squeezing drops of water from damp cloth or gauze.

But who cares?

Anything was good if it could calm the sore throat that felt would burn right away.

“It’s fast, definitely because of the worked-out body.”

It was a body that would not fell behind anywhere he goes, but it was the first time he heard it was a worked-out body.

But why did he speak Korean?

After drank a little water, he felt much more conscious. Kang Chan tried to open his eyes forcibly, and soon after, he was able to roll his pupils in half-opened eyes.

It was a hospital.

Intricately connected machines were attached to the bed.

He also knew why his nose hurt. A large nozzle was connected through the nose to the throat.

“Can you see me?”

Kang Chan nodded his head briefly.

There were one, two, three women.

Green outfit. Short hair. Bob hair. And ponytail.

The height was a little short from 160cm. Bowl chest. Kiwi. Apple.2This guy… Huh. Just imagine it yourself.

He instinctively grasped the characteristics of his opponents.

“Water, please.”

A woman skillfully put a new piece of gauze in his mouth.

“Ptuh! Bring water.”

These guys, who trained them?

“For now, you’re not allowed.”

She once again handed wet gauze to his mouth, maybe the spit worked so it was wetter. After replenishing water twice, Kang Chan came to his sense.

For the first time, he moved his eyeballs and turned to his left and right. However, it was difficult to properly turn his head because of his locked up neck.

“Where is this?”

“Have you come to your senses?”

Kang Chan nodded briefly.

“Do you remember what happened?”

These guys, who they thought stupid?

“I know. So just loosen this neck.”

“It’s not permitted.”

A woman with a kiwi chest and short hair answered with a firm voice. Since there was no such facility in Africa, he must have been moved by plane. If so, it would have been quite a while.

“After how many days I woke up?”

“It was after three days.”

“Where is this?”

“This is Samsung Hospital.”

“Samsung, Korea?”

The short hair looked at Kang Chan with strange eyes. She looked around 27 and had small eyes and a high nose, so it was a very sharp impression.

Then, a doctor in scrubs approached him.

“How do you feel? Is there any pain?”

Drooping eyes behind compression lens glasses, a plump impression with badly disheveled feeling like he couldn’t sleep for about two days, and in his early thirties.

“Please loosen this.”

Kang Chan tried to move his neck.

“We still have to see the progress. For the time being, it’s good to be in a cast.”

When the doctor answered, a buzzing bell rang.

“Have a good visit, your parents will be happy.”

Parents? What parents?

A while after the doctor went, people rushed in.

“Chan! Our3Can be translated as my/mine too. From what I understand, the use of “our” even when the speaker is alone have a familial tone. It’s not weird for a single living alone asked to come to “our home”, because it’s a one-person household. If someone without blood relation called a person with “our” like this, then they’re pretty close. Chani!”

Perm hair. Late forty. Large eyes, slightly raised nose, and short height. She looked very gaunt with a softer impression. An aunty?

“Can you see mom? Do you recognize mom?”

Kang Chan blinked his eyes and tried to identify the woman.

A woman he did not know rushed in as his mother, so how he should take this? He even thought if it was a dream.


After the visit, two days passed and Kang Chan was confused about everything.

Putting together all he got after kept asking and listened until now, it was 2010. The name was right, Kang Chan, but he was a 3rd grader at Shinmuk High School. He fell from the roof of the school building on the 5th floor. He got caught in a tree and fell upside down on the ground, so he was sent to the hospital. Fortunately, the big bones were not broken but there was a kind of amnesia and symptoms of delusions, roughly this much.

His father was Kang Dae Kyung, and his mother was Yoo Hye Sook.

An only child, studied somehow, fucking listened well, and loved sports so he did it continuously.


“Doctor. Our son, can he be healed?”

Yoo Hye Sook wiped tears with her handkerchief. Next to her, the tall Kang Dae Kyung sat without pretense and had the same sad expression.

“It is good that the injuries of the cervical spine that I was concerned about were minor enough to be called a miracle…”

Kang Chan’s doctor, Heo Ji Hwan, raised his head again after looking at the computer.

“But there is no way right now, even by the words of the psychiatry. I understand his loss of memory, however the severe delusions… I am sorry, but for the time being, it’s best to just wrap it up and watch it thoroughly.”

Kang Dae Kyung tried to pacify Yoo Hye Sook who dropped her head on his shoulder.


Kang Chan followed carefully as Yoo Hye Sook led and entered the green apartment in Nonhyeon, Gangnam. From the luxury cars and the surroundings of the apartment, it was clear that it was a fairly comfortable living.

Number 701.

After getting off the elevator, Kang Dae Kyung opened the door, and Yoo Hye Sook walked through the front door and guided him to the room on the left.

Kang Chan entered the room and looked around.

“Do you remember? Isn’t it your room?”

Yoo Hye Sook showed tears again.

“You’re like that again. After having a little rest, it’ll be fine. Take a rest.”

Kang Dae Kyung soothed Yoo Hye Sook and went out.

A bed with its head by the window. A bookcase and a wardrobe on the opposite wall. Along with a desk where he could sit right at the entrance and a computer on top of it, those were all his living appliances.

Kang Chan looked at himself in a mirror on the wall.

‘Is it a dream? Didn’t I die? What in the world is this?’

Came to think of it, he didn’t like anything that happened.

Sitting at his desk, he put his head on both arms.

‘Did the dead guys put a curse because it was unfair?’


It was funny. If there was such magic, which guy would be backing off when facing death. Besides, Kang Chan had the experience of seeing many shamans who died from being cut off their necks.

“Awhoo! I don’t know. Let’s going through it first. Then there will be an answer.”

Kang Chan sat at his desk and looked through the drawers.

“This bastard didn’t even smoke?”

All he needed right now was a cigarette. Before he started digging, Kang Chan wanted to know what kind of person the owner of the body was, so he started searching the desk and bookshelf.

He was about 179cm tall and had quite a few muscles so he was not a weakling, but he didn’t like the impression. The slightly kind-looking eye-tails and nose with a rounded tip resembling Kang Dae Kyung were not his taste.

While he was probing the bookshelf, Kang Chan opened the books one by one. By the time he sighed as the reference books, tutorial books4자습서, a book that you can study alone without the help of a teacher or other person. I think this is part of Korean study culture. Like, you can study by yourself using reference book too right?, and problem books were repeated, Kang Chan pushed his head down and looked into a book.

It was because except for the first and the last 10 pages along with the cover, titled Math Formulas, the rest was full of miscellaneous memos.

– Kill. I will kill all those who bother me. –

‘This bastard, duh. If you’re going to kill them, you just have to go and kill them. What to do if you leave evidence like this?’

Kang Chan decided to sit down on the bed and read it slowly.

– I brought money today too. I have exercised like that, but my heart trembled and breathless. In the end, I couldn’t. Why it’s like that? Am I really an idiot? Why does my heart trembled and breathless like that when I go in front of those guys? –

‘What the? Is this really ostracized, something like that?’

– Everyone knew that I didn’t take a picture of Mi Young, but the other guys also swore at me. Cowards. Knew but like that. I’ll kill them all. –


Kang Chan covered the book and threw it to the side of the bed.

Suddenly his cigarette craving became more eager.


After a week, Kang Chan was able to adapt to the life and culture of an apartment.

He aced bidet and water purifier like shit, but it took quite a while to know how to use the cell phone he had in his hand. Of course, it was television that helped him the most. In the meantime, Kang Chan refrained from speaking as much as possible, ate meals, sat in the living room, and learned world circumstances by switching the remote control from one to another.

Kang Dae Kyung and Yoo Hye Sook looked at him determinedly, but couldn’t hide their worried expressions.

Only after a week passed that Kang Chan learned how to use a cell phone called a smartphone.

Of course, there were many other things he was curious about.

‘Let’s leave it. You just need to know it one by one.’

But he never asked. It was because ‘mom’ or ‘mother’ did not come out of his mouth.


It wasn’t until 2 weeks after Kang Chan came home that he was able to adjust to some extent. Unlike the first week, he spent the second week mainly searching through computers and the internet. But this was clearly like a new world for Kang Chan, so he did not know that time was passing.

However, Yoo Hye Sook, who managed to understand the reason for watching TV, was keenly worried about how Kang Chan using the computer.

That said, Kang Chan did not care about it. He reduced his sleep and explored the new world to his heart’s content.


Before going to bed after dinner, Kang Dae Kyung sat face to face with Yoo Hye Sook while drinking a cup of tea.

“Is he still digging computers?”

“I’m very worried to death.”

Kang Dae Kyung carefully swept over his head, apparently preliminary symptoms of his baldness.

“Let it go for now. He just came back alive, where he’ll go?”

“I’m trying to think so, but it doesn’t work. And as the days go by, Chani’s eyes get scary. So I’m worried about that. How do ‘you’5당신, a formal form of “you”. But in this case, it’s equal to “honey” and “darling”. think?”


Kang Dae Kyung pouted his mouth and exhaled a long breath.

“I thought about it too. Sometimes when he glanced, my heart thrilled, tch! It would be because the accident was so big that the shock didn’t go away. He’s the son who came back alive. Just be grateful for that now. You said it when you were in the ICU. If he is alive, you won’t care about studying or anything again. So lets we be grateful for now. Huh?”

Yoo Hye Sook nodded her head with a resigned expression.

“Shall we sleep?”

Kang Dae Kyung put down the teacup and looked at Yoo Hye Sook’s gestures6눈치can be mean as “sense”, “attention” or in this sentence mean as “to read someone’s mind by looks or gestures”..

“Suddenly? Isn’t there a big kid?”

“He came alive. To commemorate our son’s return, huh?”

Kang Dae Kyung stood up and grabbed Yoo Hye Sook’s hand and pulled it.

“Why are you like this?”

“Didn’t you said that all men are either a kid or a dog? I am a dog tonight.”

Yoo Hye Sook laughed as if it were absurd.

“Let’s go to bed.”

“You thought that in this state?”

“I think about that since the day Chani came.”


However, Yoo Hye Sook did not shake off Kang Dae Kyung’s hand that leading her to bed.


Kang Chan was in front of the computer.

The subject was African engagement from 2005 to 2007.

However, Kang Chan could not get any special information. He couldn’t find any French mercenary records, other than that there was nothing to gain if he searched the trivial directory.

“Let’s find out slowly one by one.”

He didn’t expect to get something at once anyway, so Kang Chan took his breath and slowly entered the next keyword.


But then his smartphone cried briefly. It makes sense because the sound was turned off, but it was the first ringing after two days of turning it on, so Kang Chan hurriedly picked up the phone. It was a text message from someone named ‘Lee Ho Jun’.

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.

It was when he tried to check the text. Three more messages flew in succession.

[Sicko. It said you came home? But you don’t report? Want to die? Call me quickly.] [You know what happens if you ignore my words, right? Stop acting up, call me quickly. Also, bring the money backed by the past month.] [Hey! I said to call! Or I’ll kill you!] [Hey! You won’t call?]

Kang Chan smirked while checking the text. Anyone who wanted the call should do it first. He absolutely did not understand why he went this far by swearing spitefully just to ask for a call. On the other hand, the content was ridiculous.

‘Are you saying this person has father and mother, but they didn’t know at all that their son was suppressed like this?’


[This fucker bastard. Why are you fucking erased the katalk? Won’t you install katalk fast? First, call me.]

“I’m busy.”

Kang Chan decided to call first. As he touched the blue picture in the shape of a phone, it played fast music similar to what he had heard on television. But the music stopped immediately and a curse came out of nowhere.

[“Hey! Kang Chan! This son of a bitch, you wanna die?”]

Smirk.7The original onomatopoeia was “pisik”. You’ll see this A LOT in future chapters.

Kang Chan laughed briefly. It was the first curse he heard in about seven years. If the squad members had heard it, they would not believe it at all.

[“Did you laugh? This bastard broke its head and became completely nut! Hey! Hey! You won’t answer?”]

“Lee Ho Jun?”

[“That’s right. This bastard. Did you snap out of it now? A sicko bastard should answer quickly. Hey! You prepared the money?”]

“What money?”

[“Ha! Is this dickhead crazy? Did you get a swollen liver8Get a lot of guts. I left it as it is for pun sake. after going to the hospital? Did your liver swell after taking medicine and getting an injection? This fucker bastard!”]

“Hhhhh.”9A quiet(?) laugh. Laughing without really opening mouth and just letting out some wind(?). Not sure how to describe this… [“But did this bastard’s head really become a nut? You come out!”]

“Kid. It’s night, so see you tomorrow. Where to meet?”

[“Hey, this fucker bastard!”]


Kang Chan thought that was so cute and laughed. He wanted to go out at once and see what kind of guy it was, but he didn’t want to explain to Kang Dae Kyung and Yoo Hye Sook that he was going out at night.

As Kang Chan laughed at the phone, Lee Ho Jun poured out swear words insanely.

“Let’s stop and I’ll call tomorrow.”

Kang Chan hung up the phone and immediately turned off the power.

“Pheew. How on earth did you live?”

He shook his head as he looked in the mirror on one side of the room.


The next morning.

While eating, Kang Chan looked at the opportunity and opened his mouth.

“I will go out for a while today.”

“Uh? Where?”

Kang Dae Kyung opened his mouth at once and suddenly asked a question as if he was surprised. Yoo Hye Sook stopped doing anything including chewing and looked at him.

“I just want to meet some friends and look around here and there.”

“Alright! That is also good. It should be.”

Kang Dae Kyung, who tried to have a natural face, looked at Yoo Hye Sook and shook his head.

“Because father will go to work, get some pocket money from mom and come out to get some air.”


That was the end of the conversation, but the excitement and worries in the faces of Kang Dae Kyung and Yoo Hye Sook did not disappear until the meal was over.

When Kang Chan returned to the room, he turned on the phone, and fifty texts were poured out with truly disrespectful contents.


This time he was stunned and laughed.

After the handphone vibrating as many as the number of the texts, Kang Chan made a call. But he didn’t answer the call strangely.

“What are these?”

It was when he looked at the phone and muttered to himself.


[Come to school by the end of class.]

A short text appeared on the phone.

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