Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v3c12

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It was not incomprehensible that he felt bad when he compared and mentioned the name of Odin, whom he hates so much.

“My words were too harsh. Sorry!”

Do those who ascended to Godship always hear the voice of the Hunter they are watching?

Although he didn’t know the answer, Choi Yu Seong gave a short, sincere apology.

Of course, it wasn’t just a feeling that came out without thinking.

Through the message, Choi Yu Seong could immediately realize that he was missing something.

‘Fusion possible.’

Inheritance Skills are generally often not possible to fusion as was the case with Magic Spearmanship and Twin Snakes Biting Tail.

It was because of the strong personality of the God who gave it is that much, but Disturbing Dance Moves didn’t seem to be that kind of thing.

‘It looks similar to Gorgeous Dance that I acquired and discarded in the very early days…’

The difference is the emission type.

Emission type, the most preferred among flair-related offensive Skills.

‘Where to use it… Well, the answer is already set.’

At that time, Choi Yu Seong, who smiled brightly, immediately activated his Fusion Skill.

And among the Skills Choi Yu Seong currently possesses, a Skill that can be called ‘the strongest’ in terms of the general-purpose offensive was born.


Choi Yu Seong’s Dungeon Racing is over.

The two reporters, who checked the records and finally reviewed them once again, packed their bags and left Dungeon Square, heading to their respective media outlets.

Then, they scrambled the article like crazy throughout the dawn, attached a video, and pressed the update button early in the morning when employees were just about to go to work.

A reporter for the Minguk Daily, Park Jin Hwan, immediately checked the main screen of the Daeguk Daily, one of the rival media outlets.

Then, he breathed a short sigh with a fairly relieved look.

“It hasn’t come up yet.”

“What is it? No way, Senior. Did you stay up all night to write an article?”

Seo Ye Rim, a junior of Minguk Daily in her third year, approached and asked him, who was as ugly as a bum.

“Of course. It doesn’t feel good to be pushed to second place in an opportunity to report such a big issue.”

It was the moment when Park Jin Hwan, who had a deep winner’s smile as if he didn’t care, once again pressed the refresh button on the main homepage of Daeguk Daily.

Unbelievable! Goblin Fortress DBB Overwhelming New Record Break! Who’s The Main Character? -Reporter Kim Jin Young.

“I would’ve been a minute faster. The article title of mine is also better. It’s my victory. Kim Jin Young. Huhu.”

“So, you competed with Reporter Kim of Daeguk Daily. But, is Goblin Fortress Dungeon Racing’s record broken? Uh… Who was the first place?”

“Kim Do Jin.”

“Is that broken? By whom?”

It was the moment when Seo Ye Rim, unable to contain her curiosity, grabbed Park Jin Hwan’s mouse and headed over the article posted by Kim Jin Young.


“Oho, not that one. Don’t increase the views of the report by a competitor.”

Park Jin Hwan, who slapped the back of her hand, naturally took the mouse away and clicked on his report posted on the main homepage of Minguk Daily.

“I made a mistake. Anyway, the article content is… Oh my gosh, is this real?”

Opening her eyes roundly even though only checked the title before reading the main text, Seo Ye Rim covered her mouth and asked.

※Fool of Conglomerate Group? No, Talented Conglomerate! Choi Yu Seong Beats Kim Do Jin and Breaks ‘Overwhelming’ New Record

“Do you think I put this on the main page as a joke? Everything is filmed with drones.”

“Awesome. Choi Yu Seong, that person I think of, right?”

“If you’re talking about the most incompetent, good-for-nothing, and drunken man in the Korean business community until not long ago, that friend is right.”

Opening her mouth wide as if she still couldn’t believe it, Seo Ye Rim clicked on the video at the top of the article.

Then she checked the time the most first.

‘1 hour 59 minutes 26 seconds.’

Reading her gaze, Park Jin Hwan showed a sharp smile.

“For reference, this is the full version. No editing. There’s no time for that.”

“…What was Do Jin’s record?”

“2 hours 28 minutes 33 seconds.”

“Then the difference is… Almost 30 minutes?”

“Crazy, right?”

What can he say.


Unconsciously screaming as if can’t believe it, she pressed the video play button. As if attracted by that, just arriving reporters of the Minguk Daily began to flock behind Park Jin Hwan’s monitor.

“What, something’s going on?”

“Reporter Park, did you get another big one?”

“A hundred words won’t be enough. Everyone, watch the video.”

Leisurely tilting his chair back and opening the monitor screen for employees to see comfortably, Park Jin Hwan looked at the back with his arms crossed.

Those who came a little late and couldn’t make it in between urgently turned on their computers and checked the video by clicking an article from their newspaper company that is already securing the main spot on the portal site.

A long silence passed.

A time that was certainly long but never felt that way, eliminating the rather sluggish morning work.

“Woah, awesome!”

“Is that really Choi Yu Seong?”

“His level when entering was E-Rank 91? Isn’t this a situation where you have to go buy Hyesung Group stocks?”

“Hey, Reporter Park. Did you distribute this to foreign press?!”

The editor-in-chief of the Minguk Daily, who was watching the video silently among the employees, urgently asked.

“Of course, I did.”

Raising two fingers and drawing a V-shape, Park Jin Hwan smirked.

“Well done. It’s really awesome. Awesome. Really great job, Reporter Park!”

“Woah… It would be no joke if this was distributed to the foreign press.”

“Won’t Choi Yu Seong get a nickname right away?”

“Now, how about we follow him?”

The atmosphere was boiling like seeing Kim Do Jin’s Dungeon Clear for the first time.

Enduring the office atmosphere full of enthusiasm after a long time, Park Jin Hwan also jumped in.

“The progress itself is quite intelligent and it is also very surprising that he found a hidden secret passage.”

“That second Skill, right? At first glance, it looks like a tracking type, but maybe isn’t it some kind of sensory Skill? I don’t think he found the secret passage with it.”

“It’s hard to see him as a normal Hunter if he has a super-sensory Skill.”

“But the strange thing is… Choi Yu Seong’s behavior was natural as if he knew there is a secret passage.”

“Was there any information?”

“If it’s information that hasn’t been revealed yet, it should be regarded as personal ability.”

Park Jin Hwan pulled his chair back slightly and smiled as he saw reporters who were proud to be Hunter experts express their opinions randomly once he opened his mouth.

Without realizing that Park Jin Hwan was missing, conversations between reporters continue.

“In the end, it’s one of the two. It was Choi Yu Seong’s plan from beginning to end. Or his super sense instinctively led him to the optimal path.”

“It is crazy either one, but I feel it is the former for now.”

“Were there any Hunters in Korea who could plan and do all those things during E-Rank?”

For a moment, the silenced reporters looked at each other and shook their heads firmly.

“Kim Do Jin also does not feel like he does such an intelligent play since the force itself was just overwhelming.”

“Actually, Kim Do Jin looks a bit like a beast. It should be said as instinctive and wild. Nevertheless, his swordsmanship is artistically elegant. That’s why he’s so popular.”

“Then let’s see. In our opinion, it is safe to say that Choi Yu Seong is one of the top, no, the best strategist-type among the current domestic rookies. Kim Do Jin is… the definite pinnacle of instinctive-type with no one to follow, perhaps.”

“Do we really need to classify? Looking at the results right away, Choi Yu Seong won in Goblin Fortress for now, right?”

A record of 1 hour 59 minutes.

Quietly listening to the words of a reporter who once again confirmed the short time of less than 2 hours, the editor-in-chief stroked his chin and said.

“It’s not just about having a plan. There must have been some bone grinding effort. If you look at it, the movement of using the Skills is quite natural and the mana application is also incredibly great. He must be repeating practice every day.”

“They called him the lazy grasshopper1Referring to the fable ‘The Ant and The Grasshopper’. Choi Yu Seong…”

“Completely deceived all this time.”

Pushing his chair between reporters who laughed bitterly, Park Jin Hwan asked.

“Everyone must have been very surprised, but everyone must think that one is the highlight, right?”

“Ah, I think I know what that is, Senior. You’re talking about ‘that!’, right?”

Seo Ye Rim raised her hand with sparkling eyes and pulled the scroll bar of the already finished video slightly forward to replay.

The point is just past 1 hour 41 minutes.

The moment when Choi Yu Seong escaped from the secret passage and encountered a group of Elite Goblins.

Flying into the sky, Choi Yu Seong spread his palm and used a Skill that left a strong impression in the mind of everyone who watched the video.


Rewind time again to dawn.

Flying over a flock of fierce-eyed Goblins, Choi Yu Seong spread his palm and emitted a surge of dazzling lights.

Never thought the surge of lights would be a disaster for them, the Goblin flock screamed and swung their weapons at the surge of lights.

And at that moment, the surge of lights that seemed to have split on the weapons began to dance like crazy and released electric shock in all directions.

『Special, Inheritance Fusion Skill Dancing Electric Doll (E)

Fusion is possible.

Spread your palm to emit Dancing Electric Doll within 100 meters in front.

Electric Doll releases Electric Spark 12 times per second around while dancing.

Duration 5 seconds.

No waiting time for reuse.

It is a Skill that consumes quite a bit of mana.』

A combination of Spark, Choi Yu Seong’s one and only flair-type offensive Skill just before, and Disturbing Dance Moves, Loki’s Inheritance Skill, has become Choi Yu Seong’s best existing offensive Skill.

Choi Yu Seong used that Skill three times in a row in the air.

‘This is the limit. If I try to trigger the next, I will get a mana overload.’

In the last chamber of Goblin Fortress, elite Monsters are clustered in groups.

Already knowing the information, Choi Yu Seong had saved a powerful Skill that consumes a lot of mana, Dancing Electric Doll, for this moment.

The Goblin Elite flock, who gathered inside the chamber and prepared to attack Choi Yu Seong at once, also twisted as if dancing along and burned in pain thanks to that.

Looking at that with a somewhat haggard face, Choi Yu Seong drew a smile.

When fighting with a spear directly without Electric Doll, he had to barely catch two to three Goblins over five minutes or so.

However, dozens of Elite Goblins die at the same time within 3 seconds when Dancing Electric Doll starts to run.

He really liked the force even considering the excessive mana consumption rate, which is difficult to use once a day if it wasn’t for Choi Yu Seong who drinks mana juice every day like a tycoon.

At the same time, he was somewhat unsatisfied.

‘If bushes were spread out like other terrains, they would have been annihilated with this.’