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During Part 1 of the original novel, The Master Who Returned To Modern Times, Kim Do Jin is on a roll almost every time as a character in the position of the returnee protagonist.

However, when you ask if such Kim Do Jin had never lost, that was not the case either.

‘About three times? Once to the Demon King, once in the Tower, and…’

Once for the last time to a person who can be said to be the final weapon of mankind, who could not even exceed the protagonist Kim Do Jin until the completion of Part 1.

In fact, the last defeat was not a crisis but an opportunity for growth.

‘Anyway, she also played the role of Kim Do Jin’s teacher.’

Choi Yu Seong also may have to meet ‘her’ someday.

But at least not now.

Things to think about only after being ready in the distant future.

‘Since she’s not a good person to stimulate thoughtlessly. ‘

In any case, it is rare to stimulate Kim Do Jin’s mood after excluding these few defeats.

One of them was an episode that suddenly passed through the mind of Choi Yu Seong, who was agonizing at the Crossroads of Choice.

Three years later, a super rookie named Arnold appears like a comet in the United States.

In the not too far future, he will be so successful to earn the nickname ‘Dungeon Master’ that it is said that there is no rival in Dungeon Racing in the entire United States. That was thanks to one great Skill that only Arnold had in the world.

‘Specialization Skill, Map Master.’

This ability is often simply described in the form of a map window floating in one corner of the screen when playing simulation games on the computer.

The difference is that you have to move at least once directly to grasp the terrain to check the complete shape of the map in common simulation games, but Arnold’s Map Master Skill did not have the above penalty.

If he unfolds the Skill as soon as he enters, a map of the entire Dungeon opens immediately letting him see the way even in a maze-like labyrinth at once, and he can also find secret spaces or hidden paths.

Simply put, Arnold’s Map Master is the ability to grasp all-terrain as soon as he enters the Dungeon.

Needless to say, it was natural his Dungeon Clear speed increased significantly through this.

There are even times when he comes out finding Ancient Relics or another world’s treasures hidden in the secret room of the Dungeon that no one could find when he is lucky.

Although the location of the traps or monsters is not known unfortunately, no one could deny the fact that it was a fairly unique and excellent ability.

At this moment at the Crossroads of Choice, it was of course no coincidence that Arnold’s name and his ability passed through Choi Yu Seong’s mind.

‘When Arnold was an E-Rank, he boarded a plane to Korea himself to show off.’

Then he comes all the way to Sinwol-dong, requests an exclusive attack during the Boss Respawn Season, and brags that he will break Kim Do Jin’s record, which has never been officially broken.

As a result, Arnold cannot break Kim Do Jin’s record of 2 hours 28 minutes 33 seconds.

‘Arnold’s record stated in the original novel is 2 hours 28 minutes 38 seconds.’

Only 5 seconds difference.

Afterward, Arnold admits his shortcomings and leaves Korea lonesomely.

Looking closely, it’s a rather meaningless episode to express the pride of the country through Kim Do Jin.

It was a bit boring content without much expectation, so Choi Yu Seong also forgot about it, but the content suddenly passed through his mind at this moment.

‘I’m glad I made a habit of remembering the contents of The Master Who Returned To Modern Times every night before going to bed and writing them down on my phone notepad.’

The contents of the original novel, which were clear as he initially thought, were surely becoming blurred day by day.

‘Now, these kinds of trivial episodes don’t come to mind without stimulation.’

As expected, it was a good thing to start documentation.

Thanks to that, the time when memory is blurred is delayed and it is possible to recall immediately at a time like this.

‘In the original novel, Arnold told in an interview that he eventually failed even though he used the trump card at the Crossroads of Choice.’

Arnold’s trump card? There is no reason to think about what it is.

Map Master’s ability must be that great for Arnold, who is overwhelmingly disadvantageous compared to Kim Do Jin in terms of combat power, to set such a remarkable record.

‘If it’s not in the left passage, then in the right passage.’

Either way, the shortest way to encounter the Boss is somewhere.

In other words, there is a third route.

The only problem is that the original novel did not express detailed location as it was such a trivial episode.

Nevertheless, the reason why Choi Yu Seong came to the left passage first was simple.

‘If there’s a secret passage, wouldn’t it be more likely that it exists in the long one?’

Even for Choi Yu Seong now, this issue was not a big concern.

‘If not, I can quickly go back to the other side and check. Thanks to Scathi. Without this Skill, I would have to give up here.’

The second Skill that Choi Yu Seong recently inherited from the three Gods.

『Inheritance Skill, Twin Snakes Biting Tail (E)

Fusion is not possible.

‘The Oldest Hunter’ Scathi has never missed a single target when it comes to opponents.

Summons translucent twin snakes that are not easily visible to the eyes to track the opponent. Try to think of the name and appearance of the target as accurately as possible in your head.

Additional effects are sealed due to low Rank.

The ability is limited.

It cannot pass through walls or obstacles.

If the tracking distance is outside a 2km radius, the twin snakes automatically disappear.

Reuse waiting time exists. 3 minutes.』

In fact, it was a Skill that he thought would just be left sealed for a while because he thought it would be of no use right away.

‘But it’s different now.’

Choi Yu Seong does not have Map Master ability like Arnold.

However, the unleashed twin snakes will somehow find the Boss Monster Hobgoblin that Choi Yu Seong thought of in his mind, even by finding a hidden path.

‘It’d be nice if I could find it at once…’

Hopeful Choi Yu Seong looked at the two snakes like a haze that had left his hand.

And, one of them pushed its head toward a gap somewhere in the wall where Choi Yu Seong was looking around.


Afterward, Choi Yu Seong, who confirmed the appearance of the snakes disappearing like mollusks, jumped into the wall and began to grope around.

‘If there’s a secret space, somewhere around here…’

Just as expected?


Part of the wall where Choi Yu Seong’s right palm touched went deep.

It was the moment when the third path opened with the sound of the engine operating.


Secret passage.

Choi Yu Seong ran through a path that no one had thought of.

A wide dome-shaped cavity that stretches through a secret path with no monsters in the way.

Standing at the end of the path which is like a cliff located somewhat high, Choi Yu Seong looked down.

Elite Goblins that flock together sometimes and Hobgoblin leaning on a chair like a king at the end of it, find Choi Yu Seong and scream violently.

Goblins with poisoned needles or bows pose a threat by aiming with each weapon.

A threatening attack poured right in front of his eyes.

A noise following that spread randomly and reflected that makes your head dizzy just by hearing.

Choi Yu Seong laughed in the scene full of commotion and murder intent.

‘At least the time has been reduced by two times!’

The actual time spent is 25 minutes.

Finally reaching the real Boss Room with the best record ever, faster than anyone else in a total of 1 hour and 41 minutes, Choi Yu Seong grabbed the spear.

Arrived on a rather high hill?

There was no need to worry about the gap caused by the landing.

‘It’s rather good. The Dungeon Racing record is set the moment the Boss Monster dies.’

Just hit the Boss’ head from the beginning.

Choi Yu Seong jumped high without hesitation and used Wind Stance.

After hitting arrows flying toward him with the spear, he spread his palm.

The gazes of the Boss Monster Hobgoblin and Elite flock bodyguards, who were raising their heads with angry eyes, looked at Choi Yu Seong slowly like slow motion.

‘Loki, I’ll use the Skill you gave with a bit of grunt well~’

The last Skill that the three Gods handed down through inheritance.

The completed Skill handed down from Loki, who wasn’t lacking to be counted as one of the strongest in Norse myths, unfolded through Choi Yu Seong’s palm.


Choi Yu Seong also felt tremendous excitement, just as Jin Do Yun did when the three Gods first handed over their Skills at the same time.

After his consciousness returned, he felt thrilled when checking the Skills with his own eyes.

‘Magic Spearmanship! Cu Chulainn was very generous!’

Was it because he was aware of his lack of Status compared to the other two Gods?

Cu Chulainn passed on one of his representative Skills from the beginning.

He did not even raise the standard with greed and refined the Skill into a perfect form for the still low-ranked Choi Yu Seong to use.

‘Ireland’s Prince of Light indeed! Like his nickname, he’s just shining.’

Expressing admiration from the bottom of his heart, he tilted his head when he saw the second Skill ‘Twin Snakes Biting Tail’.

‘Likewise, it’s a growth-type Skill, but it’s ambiguous where to use it right now.’

It’s not bad, but somehow the practical use didn’t come to mind right away.

As it felt good it could be used faster and remarkably than expected as he ran for Dungeon Racing.

And lastly, the third one.

Choi Yu Seong had no choice but to click his tongue at the first moment of confirming Loki’s highly anticipated Skill as he was the most famous of the three Gods.

‘Woah, this cheap God, seriously. Did he give me this Skill because I called him last?’

『Inheritance Skill, Disturbing Dance Moves F(MAX)

Fusion is possible.

It’s a Skill passed down by Prankster Who Likes Jokes to test you.

Spread out your palm to emit a flashing light about 100m in front.

The light dances and disturbs the opponent’s vision.』

The title is Inheritance Skill, but it actually had the same effect as a Normal Skill.

There is even a label that the F Rank is at the Max Level to tell that there is not even any possibility of growth.

“Loki, you one-eyed1밴댕이 소갈딱지. The mind of a big-eyed herring. A metaphor for narrow-minded.  jerk. As narrow-minded as Odin.”

-Prankster Who Likes Jokes finds the abusive language very unpleasant. Sends a direct message toward Awakener Choi Yu Seong, ‘It’s just that your vision is narrow. You idiot!’.

Loki’s message was sent in a way that was several times more flashy than usual when he spitted out the self-talk without realizing it.

A direct message that he never experienced before.

The letters in the part that appeared to be Loki’s own words were burning as if they were on fire.