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He imitated ‘Flame Emperor’ Lin Xiao Nuo’s attack strategy, which was briefly mentioned in the original novel.

Perhaps because of that, he didn’t think this method would fail although he had never experimented before.

And since he was in the position running the Dungeon, he could not measure the exact time. But he was confident that the basic record would be definitely faster than the flair type Lin Xiao Nuo.

‘Because Lin Xiao Nuo isn’t like Rachel who put all his Skills to physical abilities despite being a flair-type.’

On the other hand, Choi Yu Seong is an all-rounder Awakener and his entire body naturally strengthened whenever the level rose even if he did not have related Skills.

He’s bound to be faster than Lin Xiao Nuo even if it’s the same method.

However, above all, there was a separate fact that made Choi Yu Seong excited.

‘At least at this moment, I’m ahead of Kim Do Jin.’

It didn’t matter that the record so far was better than Lin Xiao Nuo.

The important thing is that even Lin Xiao Nuo will kneel after being overwhelmingly defeated by Kim Do Jin in the national competition that will be held in about six years.

In the end, the one who was originally decided as the protagonist of this world is Kim Do Jin.

And for a while, he was ahead of such Kim Do Jin.

It’s nothing much, but Choi Yu Seong also knew the source of this strange feeling.

‘For some reason, I’m feeling a little competitive…’

Obviously, he thought it would be okay even if it wasn’t a good record.

But if it’s already like this, it’s good if he does well.

No. He doesn’t know what’s next after coming this far, but he wants to set a better record than Kim Do Jin at least in Goblin Fortress where he has gained an advantage.

Perhaps thanks to the Stylish Skill that he activated on the way after burning the entire Dungeon, his condition felt exceptionally good.

‘I want to win at least once.’

Thoughts soon lead to action.

Entering the Boss Room, the basement of Goblin Fortress, Choi Yu Seong began to run forward and cut through the green grass that rose above the stone floor for some reason.

In this world, the Dungeon’s Boss Rooms are usually divided into two forms.

The first is the fundamental basic form of the Boss Room where the Boss appears in front as soon as you enter.

And the second is in the form of a passage that requires running to the place where the Boss is even after entering.

As can be seen from the appearance that Choi Yu Seong had to run, Goblin Fortress belonged to the latter.

It was another reason why Goblin Fortress’ Clear Time is much longer than that of normal Second Grade Dungeons.

‘You can’t even set fire here.’

A one-way narrow passage that keeps going down underground.

Of course, if you set fire carelessly, you will have no choice but to die in this dark and narrow place with no place to escape.

‘Did it take an hour for Flame Emperor to enter the Boss Room and then more than two and a half hours until the final clear?’

So, the final Clear Time goes well over 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The fact that flame type is his main offensive ability somewhat hindered him after entering the Boss Room.

Of course, it didn’t matter to Choi Yu Seong.

He is an all-rounder-type Hunter.

He can also demonstrate his ability through Skills such as Magic Spearmanship, but fundamentally, his physical abilities are not inferior anywhere.

Well, he prided himself that he has a much better physical ability compared to his Rank and Level, perhaps because of the constant training and the characteristics of an Irregular.

‘Currently Rank E Level 93.’

The Level has risen by two so far right after entering with the Experience gained from burning the entire field of Goblin Fortress.

The growth gained in a short time is overflowing excellent.

So, Choi Yu Seong thought his physical combat ability was not lacking compared to Rank D Level 20.

After dealing with the Elite Monsters ‘Goblin Assault Crew’ and three Goblin archers alone in less than five minutes on the passage, Choi Yu Seong ran forward without calming his breath.

‘Kim Do Jin would have taken less than 3 minutes.’

It wasn’t just a guess.

In the narrative attached to the original novel, there was a part where Kim Do Jin lightly slaughtered a group of Goblin Fortress’ Elite Monsters in 2-3 minutes.

Starting with this event that shows his overwhelming fighting power, Kim Do Jin begins to make his name known in South Korea and the world.

The time difference between Choi Yu Seong’s and Kim Do Jin’s arrival at the Boss Room entrance is about 30 minutes.

It was safe to say that if the time is delayed more than 10 times in this state, he will be effectively overtaken.

Choi Yu Seong’s senses were also sending similar signals.

‘In general, the group of Elite Monsters encountered on the way down the passage is around five times. If I meet Elite Monsters more than six times before even seeing the Boss, it would be unreasonable to break Kim Do Jin’s record.’

No, maybe the time is running out to not even get close to the record.

In other words, there is enough room to break the record if he meets below that.

‘Certainly only within this Goblin Fortress…’

An opportunity that may never come again.

Choi Yu Seong, who went down the underground passage at a high speed and faced a total of five battles, felt the rather steep ground getting flat.

He was approaching the end of the underground passage, which felt quite long.

It’s a very short distance, but there’s still no information about encountering a group of Elite Goblins from now on.

Although he knows future information, Choi Yu Seong did not enter this room without any investigation.

Like everyone who challenged Dungeon Racing did, Choi Yu Seong also conducted a thorough preliminary investigation that he could do, so it was known information.

‘In the end, the average number of battles was filled. Still, is it comforting to Leveled Up at the end and speed up a little.’

A little further, he will be able to meet Goblin Fortress’s Boss Monster, Hobgoblin.

There was only one hurdle to overcome before that.

‘Crossroads of Choice.’

Choi Yu Seong stopped for a while, looking at the two forked paths in front of him.

‘It’s okay to say that I’m still about 20 minutes ahead so far.’

It’s an estimated figure, but Choi Yu Seong’s thoughts are almost right.

The time elapsed until Choi Yu Seong arrived at the Crossroads of Choice now was 1 hour and 15 minutes, and when Kim Do Jin stood in this position was 1 hour and 36 minutes.

‘Two roads. And both sides are bound to reach the Boss Room.’

He has already found out through preliminary investigation, but there are no other pitfalls.

But there was one peculiarity.

‘The left passage is extremely far away. It is said that it takes at least 50 minutes for a D-Rank physical-type Hunter to run with all his might.’

Truly a long journey around the Boss Room.

It’s a direction he doesn’t really want to choose from a position to set a record like Dungeon Racing.

However, it was not without any advantages.

‘There are no Elite Monsters, all you have to do is run.’

In other words, there are no variables.

‘On the other hand, the right passage is short but there are a lot of Elite Monster groups.’

If anyone wants to set a record and is confident in fighting power, most choose the right path.

Choi Yu Seong was also confident that he would make a pretty good record if he chose the right path.

‘However, I won’t be able to break Kim Do Jin’s record.’

If he chooses the right passage, he will meet the Elite Goblin group about 10 times on average.

The match against Kim Do Jin should have been seen as a game over effectively.

‘What should I do?’

The troubled Choi Yu Seong’s eyes quickly turned to the two passages.

After a short silence of less than 10 seconds passed.

Having concluded, Choi Yu Seong took a step.


Park Jin Hwan and Kim Jin Young, the two reporters continued to check the stopwatch rather instinctively while filming Choi Yu Seong made his way through the Boss Room from various angles.

The moment when 1 hour and 15 minutes have passed and heading towards 16 minutes.

Seeing Choi Yu Seong stop in front of the Crossroads of Choice, Kim Jin Young had a strangely relaxed smile.

“I guess it’s up to here. Even if he was definitely superior to Flame Emperor, it was too much for Kim Do Jin.”


Nevertheless, Park Jin Hwan, who he thought would answer it couldn’t be helped alike, kept his mouth shut and looked at the monitor.

“Reporter Park?”

“We don’t know yet.”


Thinking about Park Jin Hwan’s words for a while, Kim Jin Young had a bitter smile.

“I admit that Choi Yu Seong is amazing. If you hunt Goblin Elite Monsters at the same speed as E-Rank, not even D-Rank, there are only about 10 names in my head. Still, Kim Do Jin is overwhelming in battle. Whichever way he goes, he’s bound to catch up.”


Kim Jin Young suddenly wondered at Park Jin Hwan, who responded somewhat indifferent while watching the monitor showing video inside the Dungeon filmed with drones.

‘Is there something on the monitor?’

The question is for a moment.

The stopped Choi Yu Seong took steps forward.

Kim Jin Young, who had somewhat lowered his expectations, had no choice but to draw attention back to the monitor at that moment.

‘Where are you going? Choi Yu Seong.’

Far but stable left or short but full of variable right.

Kim Jin Young inwardly hoped Choi Yu Seong would choose the right passage.

He definitely thought that Choi Yu Seong would do that if he was greedy for the record.

‘If he still has more hidden abilities, he’ll probably show it this time.’

Park Jin Hwan’s expectations were not incomprehensible.

Choi Yu Seong is still hiding something.

Kim Jin Young was also feeling this way.


However, the moment Choi Yu Seong stepped forward and checked his chosen passage, Kim Jin Young had no choice but to sigh of regret without realizing it.

‘He’s going to the left passage.’

A long but stable road.

In the end, Choi Yu Seong gave up breaking Kim Do Jin’s record.

‘Tch, unfortunately, but it can’t be helped.’

By the time Kim Jin Young smacked his lips with regret, the eyes of Park Jin Hwan, who was still staring through the monitor while controlling the drone, sparkled.

Something hazy flowed out of Choi Yu Seong’s hand and began to crawl on the wall.

“Reporter Kim. That, can you see that?”

“Huh. But what Skill is that?”

A form of Skill never seen before.

At first glance, it was not intended for combat.

Above all, Choi Yu Seong is not running even though he just entered the left passage.

Naturally, questions turned into curiosity and then expectations.

‘What if Choi Yu Seong hasn’t given up yet?’

If that action has any meaning they haven’t predicted until now!

Holding the drone’s controller tightly from one point, Kim Jin Young was also looking at Choi Yu Seong as if falling in love with his appearance.

And to the amazing scenery that soon unfolded, the two reporters had no choice but to open their eyes the most for the first time in their lives.

Kim Jin Young, who declared Choi Yu Seong’s game over before, shouted loudly once again.

Holy, god damn! What the heck is Choi Yu Seong!”

Kim Jin Young was planning to designate today as his most surprising day of the year.