Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v3c09

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“Any guesses about the Skill just before? Elemental type?”

“It looks like firelight came out of the spear, but…”

Questions arose for a moment at the activation of a splendid Skill.

With their mouths closed, the two reporters had to focus on the drone’s controller which they clenched with both hands.

‘Faster than I thought!’

‘I’ll miss it if I’m careless.’

Chasing Choi Yu Seong, who was moving in a blurry way in the splendid large flame, the talkative reporters couldn’t even open their mouths for a while.

But that moment wasn’t very long.

Park Jin Hwan and Kim Jin Young. Both were pro even among reporters who could handle magic tech drones and had more experience chasing Hunters who were much more agile than Choi Yu Seong.

As the carelessness and fluster went away, the movements became calm, and thoughts were organized at a rapid pace.

“Reporter Park. Choi Yu Seong, wasn’t there a rumor he is an Irregular?”

“He has never acknowledged it himself, that’s it.”

“Then he’s not an Irregular officially.”

They said so, but the two reporters had similar smiles as if they had already concluded.

‘Choi Yu Seong is definitely an Irregular.’

‘Can this be used as an article?’

At first, the two thought that Choi Yu Seong was not very interested in the record as he was seen looking around for a short time after entering the Dungeon.

Common Hunters turned into record crazy at once since they were impatient to reduce it by even a second.

However, their thoughts completely changed as soon as Choi Yu Seong rushed forward and set the fire.

“If it’s like this, he has no choice but to run fast. Since he’ll be roasted if slow.”

At Kim Jin Young’s words, Park Jin Hwan’s lips twitched.

“Choi Yu Seong. Such a very crazy guy.”

The two started this job for money, but in a situation where there is no listener, a king also gets cursed.

Above all, the silent Kim Jin Young also did not differ greatly from Park Jin Hwan.

Rough winds blow every day in the Goblin Fortress Dungeon.

This windy sound was also a nuisance that made Hunters who went into the Dungeon unable to read the movements of Goblin.

And the wind was now spreading the fire sparks that Choi Yu Seong had lit up throughout the Dungeon.

Flaming fire does not discriminate between sides.

It could even swallow the fire starter himself, so Choi Yu Seong had no choice but to look ahead and run.

The advantages of this are two things. That there are only a few disturbers because Goblins, who should have originally jumped out of the bushes and interfered, are scattered and fleeing in all directions. And Choi Yu Seong accumulated Experience every time Goblin dies swallowed up by fire anyway.

‘I’m sure he’s Leveling Up by eating Experience even while running right now. Choi Yu Seong.’

Park Jin Hwan once again thought Choi Yu Seong was quite smart.

“Reporter Park. There’s a situation I just assumed, want to hear it?”

“It seems I’m thinking about something similar, but tell me.”

“So Choi Yu Seong is Leveling Up by killing Goblins with fire he lit up right now, and thanks to that, minor injuries suffered while running are treated quickly. It looks somewhat dangerous, but in fact, he could maintain the best condition until he enters the Boss Room.”

“Same thought.”

“…Reporter Park, has Choi Yu Seong ever been on something like a talent tv show when he was young perhaps?”

“It can’t be. Silly. Kekek.”

“Of course, I’m joking.”

The two reporters shook their heads exchanging useless jokes, but they were feeling similar inwardly.

‘At Rank E Level 90, it’s just right. Since it’s a time when you can try to raise Level even with normal Monsters. Choi Yu Seong started Dungeon Racing by calculating Experience from the beginning.’

In general, there are three benefits from rising Levels.

First, strengthening physical ability.

It’s a simple matter.

Faster, stronger, and sharper eyes.

Second, the increase in the amount of mana.

It is not expressed in exact figures, but it is clear that each Awakener possesses different mana.

In addition, this figure steadily increases every time the Level rises.

And lastly, the recovery effect occurs immediately after the Level rises.

In general, stamina and mana are filled up whenever you Leveled Up in games and it has a similar effect.

‘The difference is that it’s not at the level of full blood immediately in the instant death state.’

When the Level rises, most of the small things are healed except for major injuries such as a body part being cut off, bursting internal organs, and bones bending in reverse.

“That must be a very expensive battle suit. It’ll probably filter out serious burns.”

In reality, it was the transformed Pharaoh’s Caprice, an ancient relic that cannot be obtained even with money, but the two reporters could not even know that far.

However, one thing was certain.

Unlike other Hunters, Choi Yu Seong can reach the Boss Room in almost the best condition.

“This is a trick that supposedly can’t be done…”

Park Jin Hwan nodded at Kim Jin Young’s self-talk.

“Of course, it’s a trick. Unless already applied for a DBB exclusive attack like now, how do you set fire to the entire Dungeon when there are a lot of people? “

“You’ll be reported right away. If someone gets caught and couldn’t afford the fine, it’ll even be a prison sentence.”

Dungeons made of forest areas including Goblin Fortress were one of the most reluctant places for Hunters with flame-type flair abilities due to this problem.

‘The most important thing is that even the people who set the fire can’t handle it.’

Most flair-type Awakeners are naturally quite poor in physical ability.

So, no one in Korea has practiced the idea of setting fire in Goblin Fortress and running until now.

‘By the way, can’t he reach the Boss Room entrance before Dungeon Restoration at this speed?’

The principle of Dungeon Restoration.

All Dungeons return to their original form after an hour no matter what natural disasters occur.

Anyway, considering that Choi Yu Seong’s movement is incredibly fast, chances are high that he would arrive at the Boss Room entrance before that no matter how wide the Field of Goblin Fortress was.

“Insanely clever and daring. Choi Yu Seong. How did he come up with this idea and put it into action? No matter how much calculation was made, you’ll kick the bucket if you make a mistake. Is he not afraid of death? That can’t be. A conglomerate is also a person, no, he shouldn’t want to die even more because he has a lot. Damn. But he burnt his bridge like that and ran? Is it possible? Crazy, you’re crazy. Choi Yu Seong!”

Park Jin Hwan talks a lot when his emotions are greatly agitated. Kim Jin Young looked sideways and said with a strange smile.

“Didn’t someone write an article around a half year ago about Choi Yu Seong, the worst idiot in the history of the conglomerate family?”

“That jerk is dead.”


“He died just now. Stupid jerk. I can’t help it since I don’t have enough eyes to see people.”

Insulting himself, Park Jin Hwan’s lips wriggled in a way that was unknown whether he was angry or pleasant.

Of course, Kim Jin Young, who has seen Park Jin Hwan from the side for a long time, knew exactly what that feeling was.

‘Reporter Park. He must be so excited enough to die.’

When something really interesting and exciting happens, Park Jin Hwan makes that expression so as not to show his feelings.

“Leave the dead alone. Hey, Reporter Kim. How long did it take for Kim Do Jin to reach the Boss Room?”

“Let’s see the record… I think it was close to an hour and 20 minutes…”

The two reporters predicted that Choi Yu Seong, who just has to run forward recklessly, can take up to an hour until reaching the Boss Room.

“Won’t Choi Yu Seong be at least 20 minutes faster? Isn’t that the best record in Korea?”

Kim Do Jin holds the best record in Korea for reaching the entrance of Goblin Fortress Boss Room.

And Goblin Fortress Dungeon also exists abroad in a very slightly different form.

Representatively, five in China, three in the entirety of North America, and two in Europe.

Come to think of it, it did exist overseas.

A figure who used a similar strategy to Choi Yu Seong.

It was so long ago that they forgot, but they suddenly remembered at this moment.

Park Jin Hwan and Kim Jin Young looked at each other and shouted.

“Flame Emperor1Yeomhwang. Since this novel features both Korean and English names or titles, I put the English(raw version) title in italic. Other ways it’s translated. !”

“Exactly an hour!”

The two reporters recited the name and records of one of the Chinese heroes, who are considered one of the top five flair type Awakeners, and looked at Choi Yu-sung.

‘Flame Emperor’ Lin Xiao Nuo is a person who is granted the title of Emperor as a nickname, which is rare in China.

No one can bring titles such as Emperor and King in China recklessly without the permission of the President, which can be regarded as the country’s absolute power.

Naturally, those with the title of Emperor rather than King are treated more highly and they enjoy more respect and awe.

It was not a lie to say that the benefits and power that ‘Flame Emperor’ Lin Xiao Nuo enjoys in China is second only to the absolute President.

Now, Choi Yu Seong was moving toward a record that could be comparable, no, perhaps a better record than Flame Emperor during E-Rank.

“Choi Yu Seong is an all-rounder type Hunter.”

“It will definitely be faster than Flame Emperor.”

Paying attention to the monitor again, the two were convinced.

“Although it’s unknown until Boss Clear…”

“For now, isn’t it definitely breaking the world record until reaching the Boss Room entrance?”

Kim Jin Young received Park Jin Hwan’s words.

The eyes of the two reporters looking at the monitors to the extent that their eyes turn red are full of interest and expectations.

The moment Choi Yu Seong reached the Boss Room entrance heading underground, the two reporters checked the stopwatch that was turned on as soon as Choi Yu Seong entered the Dungeon and opened their mouths without saying a word.

After such a brief silence.

“Hey, get a grip!”

Kim Jin Young was so surprised that he almost dropped the drone controller he was holding to the floor. He shook his head at Park Jin Hwan’s shout to awaken his mind and covered his mouth with one hand.

What else needs to be said?

Holy shit! Crazy man. Choi Yu Seong!”

For reference, Kim Jin Young studied abroad.


49 minutes 38 seconds.

The one-hour record of ‘Flame Emperor’ Lin Xiao Nuo, which was chosen as the best record for reaching Boss Room entrance among the past world records related to Goblin Fortress, literally collapsed overwhelmingly.

It was no wonder that the two reporters, who rushed after Choi Yu Seong who entered the Boss Room through drones, cheered for a moment as if watching a goal in a Korea-Japan soccer match.

And Choi Yu Seong, who entered the Boss Room, also felt excited at one side of his heart.

‘I don’t know the exact time, but I’m sure I’ll be the fastest so far.’

Set fire throughout the Dungeon Field and run without looking back.