Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v3c08

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‘What happened at that time was something that someone among my siblings did.’

As Choi Wu Jae confirmed, there is no doubt about it.

In such a situation, he has nothing to worry about his siblings as Choi Mi Na said that she would take responsibility and make it so that there would be no eyes on him for about a year.

Of course, unexpected threats can suddenly emerge somewhere.

Just like the Itaewon incident a while ago.

Then, should he move with all these situations in mind?

Of course, that’s right.

However, being cautious and hiding like a coward are completely different things.

‘Just because you have that in mind, you can’t just sit and crouch down inside the room.’

Anyway, Choi Yu Seong has to grow.

The further he goes and the stronger he becomes, the more naturally he will be free from these threats.

‘I can’t help it until then.’

Therefore, the path Choi Yu Seong chose was to catch more and more people’s eyes.

‘Star disease? Attention seeker? Anything’s good. I need it anyway because of Star Quality Skill.’

The more people pay attention, the more careful those who want to pose a threat are.

Since there will be a lot of eyes paying attention to Choi Yu Seong.

Conversely, the easier that work can be done the more he hides.

‘Now I’m showing myself completely.’

Of course, Choi Yu Seong is already famous.

However, it is the conglomerate Choi Yu Seong.

From now on, he planned to continue to inform about Hunter Choi Yu Seong separately.

As a result, more people pay attention and look at him wherever he is and whatever he does.

The gazes that follow to the inside of the Dungeon.

There will be no inconvenience caused by this.

Therefore, it wasn’t that he didn’t have any trouble choosing, but in conclusion, he thought this was the best.

Jin Yu Ri also supported Choi Yu Seong’s choice.

That’s why two reporters who can shoot with magic tech drones were called in today, just in time, on the day Goblin’s Boss Monster is respawned.

Although the money was pretty broken by mobilizing expensive manpower personally, it could have a very great effect on promoting Hunter Choi Yu Seong.

Because, as mentioned, Goblin Fortress has a particularly bad level of difficulty among Second Grade Dungeons.

Would it even be called a gateway, a credential for rookies who want to raise their ransom or enter a well-known guild?

If you can’t attack Goblin Fortress alone before Rank D Level 50, you can’t even be called Rookie.

Because of this name-value, Choi Yu Seong is solo attacking such a Goblin Fortress today.

For reference, the time when Kim Do Jin attacked Goblin Fortress was when he was Rank E Level 85.

‘Time Attack record is 2 hours 28 minutes… How many seconds was it?’

Choi Yu Seong, who recalled the world’s record at the time, smiled strangely.

He doesn’t need to be greedy.

‘Kim Do Jin is the protagonist of the novel in the first place. Even if I’m confident in this attack, it’s unreasonable to keep up with that level.’

Of course, even so, it did not mean that he was not interested in the record at all.

‘Anyway, the faster the running record, the better it would be to attract attention.’

Hunting the monthly respawned Boss Monster is an important task to prevent Dungeon Brake, which is equivalent to natural disasters on Earth, so many people are bound to pay attention.

The first focus of attention, needless to say, is security.

No matter how low level a Dungeon is, the casualties and property damage will inevitably be serious once Monsters are poured out due to Brake.

Therefore, hunting must be successful within a week before the Dungeon Brake occurs after Boss Monster respawn. Therefore, the country, which usually gives priority to the growth of Hunters, actively intervenes and attacks the boss before the fifth day passes when the attack period exceeds four days.

If it was only a fairly general perspective of thinking until the early days of Dungeon Creation, there was one more perspective added in modern times.

Commonly referred to as Dungeon Racing on the Internet.

The so-called record-setting.

A somewhat bizarre view has arisen toward some Dungeons which have become somewhat easier to attack and do not feel threatening because Brake has not occurred for nearly 10 years.

The public now began to pay attention to how quickly and cleverly excellent Hunters Clearing the Boss Monster was and used it to compare them with famous Hunters who have already passed it.

It’s like enjoying a sports event.

Naturally, the elderly who went through the early days of Dungeon Creation, scholars and politicians or Associations who still consider Dungeon a threat, hate this Dungeon Racing very much.

However, as the number of Hunters who use those gazes to make their names known has increased exponentially and even fans supporting them are emerging, there was no other way to rectify the situation.

‘Because a democratic country can’t forcibly prevent Dungeon Racing…’

It was also true that the culture of Dungeon Racing itself felt somewhat absurd from the perspective of Choi Yu Seong, who knew the future of this world.

‘Even in the novel, there are several accidents caused by Dungeon Brake…’

Thanks to that, other countries, where the situation occurred, suffer tremendous damage and struggle to overcome the crisis by asking for help from the Republic of Korea, to be exact, the protagonist Kim Do Jin.

As a result, it would have been a somewhat inevitable choice for the writer to use a lot of the so-called ‘jingoism’1국뽕(guk.bbong). Overwhelming patriotism. The reason why most web novels so mainly focus on their respective origin country like there are no other countries in the world and make them the best country inside the worldview. directing. But despite such a crisis, it was also strange that the culture of Dungeon Racing itself did not disappear until the completion of the first part of the original novel.

‘Are uncomfortable feelings and entertainment different matters.’

Anyway, Choi Yu Seong decided to fully utilize the culture of Dungeon Racing in such a situation.

‘This world is different from the original novel.’

As he has already experienced, any insufficient gap must be filled in some form.

When Choi Yu Seong tried to challenge Solo Play to set a record, he had to go through more procedures than expected.

‘Although Jin Yuri took care of most of it…’

In addition to her competence, the recommendation of ‘Iron Wall’ Park Cheol Ho, one of the decision-makers of Dungeon Racing or formally called DBB (Dungeon Brake Block), had a significant influence in allowing exclusive use from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. on the respawn day of the Goblin Fortress’ Boss Monster.

In other words, the country is already aware of the damage that may occur due to atmosphere overheating of Dungeon Racing and is fully prepared for it.

You can make your name known without harming others, ensure safety, and raise your Skill Level.

If this performance was pretty good that it surprised even overseas, the national prestige or the so-called ‘jingoism’ would have been filled too.

‘There’s no reason not to do it.’

It was not for nothing that skilled Hunters chose Dungeon Racing as a means of making their names known.

Under the feet of Choi Yu Seong, who lightly shakes off useless thoughts, a sharp dagger flew under the chin where the suit’s thickness is relatively thin.

Already feeling the movement, Choi Yu Seong took a light step back and swung his spear wide.

As the silver flash left a thin crescent-like shape and cut the sharp bushes, purple blood rose high into the air through the gap.


After confirming the number of corpses, Choi Yu Seong had a fishy smile.

‘As expected, their feet are quite fast.’

There was only one visible dagger that came up to stab under his chin, but there were also others who were aiming for his waist and ankles.

There were three Goblins who attacked Choi Yu Seong, but only two corpses remained.

In other words, there is still one left.



Beyond the wind that makes the tall bushes tremble roughly.




Goblin’s laughter, which seemed to laugh at Choi Yu Seong, was heard here and there.

‘The number who are hiding is at least 10.’

Maybe more than that.

Anyway, whatever.

They’re quick and clever, but still Goblins.

Not even elite Monsters.

‘It feels a little bad when these nothing-to-see guys see me as a hunting prey.’

And he has no intention of waiting for the Goblins who are looking for an opportunity.

Choi Yu Seong recently decided to use the Skill he inherited from three Gods, the first of which he liked the most.

『Inheritance Skill, Magic Spearmanship (E++)→(D-)

Fusion is not possible.

‘Culann’s Hound’ Cu Chulainn was a hero who excelled in both spearmanship and magic.

The basic Irish Royal Court style is melted into the user’s spearmanship.

Due to the low Rank, many additional effects are sealed.

〈〈Skill exceeds the limit grade due to Specialization Skill, Spearmanship Prodigy (E).〉〉

One of the sealed abilities is unlocked in an unstable form.

When using Magic Spearmanship inherited from Cu Chulainn, you can choose one of the four major elemental attributes (fire, water, wind, earth) to make it stay in the spear.

The usage time is limited. 3 seconds.

The number of uses is limited. 5 times a day.

Other abilities are sealed.

Please raise the Rank to unlock the sealed ability.』

Goblin Fortress is filled with green bushes.

As soon as he remembered the peculiarity of this Dungeon, it was the first Skill that Choi Yu Seong thought of.

‘Attribute, fire.’

Kicking off the ground at once and rushing, Choi Yu Seong swung the window widely and swept away the entire surrounding area. The transparent light that started from his fingertips flowed through the spear and soon became a flashy red light and sparked when it reached the blade tip.

‘Just try to escape to the end. Goblin guys.’

3 seconds.

The duration of the fire spark was very short, but the range of the spear was never narrow.

Centered on Choi Yu Seong, fire sparks began to dance splendidly on the bushes cut down by half-moon shape.

The green world is quickly dyed in red resembling the sunset.

The Flaming Fire, which was a disaster for Goblins who used these bushes as their best shield, spread wildly.


Without even glancing at the Goblins who were screaming and running away, Choi Yu Seong watched the gap in the rising Flaming Fire and ran forward using Wind Stance.

‘No need to pay attention to each normal Monsters. Only one goal.’

It was the Boss Monster, Hobgoblin.


“Reporter Kim! Get your mind straight and raise Unit 3’s altitude!”

Sitting right next to Park Jin Hwan and looking at the monitor together, Kim Jin Young hurriedly launched a drone that was lowering its altitude into the air at his urgent cry.

The drone, which was almost swallowed by the flaming fire that covered the surrounding area and exploded, rounded halfway through the air as if relieved and quickly chased Choi Yu Seong who ran like the wind.