Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v3c07

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‘I don’t know for sure, but at least there will be only a few even if I search the whole world. No, I’m sure it’ll be in the top 10!’

Choi Yu Seong complained that he seemed stagnant because his level didn’t rise, but it was not like that at all.

At least in the eyes of Jin Do Yun, Choi Yu Seong was growing faster and certainly than anyone he knew.

The heart of Jin Do Yun, who was thrilled, beat like crazy.

The eyes facing straight ahead turned red even though it was unintended.

“Such a sloppy mess. Get your mind together. Jin Do Yun.”

Fortunately, he didn’t shed any tears perhaps because he was focused on driving.


At 3 am, two days after Choi Yu Seong received the Skills of The Three Gods.

Two men wearing thick long padding jackets and even hats stood near the entrance of a Dungeon Square connected to the entrance of 2nd Grade Dungeon, Goblin Fortress, located in Sinwol-dong, Seoul.

What was unusual was that both men were clutching large titanium-based black bags with thick fur gloves on their right hands.

It is reasonable to draw attention to the somewhat suspicious appearance, but no one was passing by since it was a time when the floating population was so small.

A man among them with a rather small physique and a stubborn mouth located on the left, Reporter Park Jin Hwan, frowned slightly as he looked at the long road with his back against Dungeon Square.

“Reporter Kim. Do you know what time it is?”

At his self-talk, another reporter on his right, Kim Jin Young, put his hand without a bag in his pocket and took out a handphone before checking the time.

“Don’t you have hands or feet? Reporter Park. It’s currently 3:03. Was the appointment time 3:10?”


“Did we come 30 minutes earlier in vain? He said he might come 10 minutes earlier, so we got ready first, but.”

“You’re looking forward to it uselessly. Reporter Kim, did you forget who the opponent is?”

“It’s Choi Yu Seong.”

No matter how quiet he is without causing any accident recently, his good-for-nothing image does not come off easily.

“It’s already fortunate if he comes on time.”

Kim Jin Young scratched his cheek at the words of the smirking Park Jin Hwan.

‘As you said that, I think I’m also looking forward to it in case he comes early.’

He didn’t have to spit out what was inside his mind.

And it was when they naturally put aside any expectations.

Three human silhouettes appeared over Kim Jin Young’s foggy glasses filled with steam from his breath in the cold wave.

“He’s here!”

Sure enough, Park Jin Hwan rejoiced.

Then, he took out his cell phone, checked the clock, and drew a strange smile on his lips.

‘Arrived five minutes early. Faster than expected.’

Is it because they don’t have high expectations?

He felt better for no reason even with this trivial thing.

Meanwhile, Choi Yu Seong approached the two at a fast pace and greeted the two reporters first.

“You’ve been waiting. Nice to meet you. I’m Choi Yu Seong.”

“I’m Park Jin Hwan.”

“I’m Kim Jin Young.”

“I look forward to your cooperation today.”

Choi Yu Seong, who spoke politely, smiled.

Seeing Choi Yu Seong like that, Park Jin Hwan felt his reporter’s instinct wriggling.

‘Ah, I should’ve shot it now.’

He felt a bit regretful not taking out the camera since he thought the filming was a little later.

The cold wave was so severe that even the Awakener Choi Yu Seong had a red face, but as he already felt when taking pictures the other day, the person himself is so amazing.

‘Choi Yu Seong, even the dawn cold wave of January melts down with his smile. Straight to women’s hearts. Ugh, it’s a good picture just by imagining it.’

Is it because of thinking like that?

“Don’t you want to be a model? Aigo, I am sorry.”

He said half-empty words without realizing it.

For a moment, he thought Choi Yu Seong would be offended, so he apologized quickly. But Choi Yu Seong just shook his head calmly.

He then looked at Jin Do Yun and Jin Yu Ri who followed and said.

“Then I’ll go. Wait for a little. If it’s cold, go to the car and rest.”

“It is not cold at all.”

“Me too. Compared to the snowy Dungeon, it’s not cold at all.”

Jin Do Yun’s words are followed by Jin Yu Ri. Choi Yu Seong, who smiled at the two’s confident appearance, nodded and looked at Park Jin Hwan again.

“Let’s we go.”

He didn’t say anything else other than that.

That wasn’t a particularly unpleasant expression or action, but Park Jin Hwan sensed a strange difficulty in it and felt cold sweats running down his back.

Why? Isn’t there something like that? When that leisure itself makes people difficult and looks up to them.

That’s exactly how Park Jin Hwan felt right now.

Looking at the silent Choi Yu Seong, awe came at one side of his heart without realizing it.

“Reporter Park. Take good pictures. Got it?”

Jin Yu Ri, who called Park Jin Hwan from behind, said quietly.

Park Jin Hwan turned his head at her and agonized.

If it was the usual Park Jin Hwan, he has a saying he practices like a habit.

‘I’ll work as much as I get paid.’

But today was different.

“I will do my best.”

When he remembered Choi Yu Seong’s back, it felt like he had to say that.

‘Well, although it’ll be pointless effort if the results don’t come out…’

Park Jin Hwan grabbed a black bag containing a magic tech drone that can do filming inside the Dungeon.

The reason why Park Jin Hwan and Kim Jin Young came here today is because of Jin Yu Ri.

Of course, no matter how much money they give, if no incident could be an issue, they wouldn’t even try to wait for people from dawn in this cold wave.

‘Choi Yu Seong’s first Boss attack. The target is the most difficult 2nd Grade Dungeon, Goblin Fortress.’

As he followed Choi Yu Seong who first entered Dungeon Square after showing his Hunter Dungeon Pass, Park Jin Hwan felt his heart pounding for some reason even though the results have yet to come out.

‘Usually for Goblin Fortress, a Hunter will be recognized as a rookie the moment he succeeds Boss attack by Solo Playing before Rank D Level 50.’

The information shows that Choi Yu Seong is currently at Rank E Level 90.

This was undoubtedly expected as it had been less than 3 months since he obtained the Hunter License.

Rather, the speed of Level increase is quite surprisingly fast.

Even so, failure should be considered first of course, but somehow it seems that he will definitely succeed.

‘The important thing is the record, but…’

There are only five people in Korea who officially attacked Goblin Fortress before E-Rank Max Level at a similar period as him.

‘If narrowing them down to the person who made the most recent record… Kim Do Jin, there’s only him.’

Kim Do Jin and Choi Yu Seong.

Choi Yu Seong and Kim Do Jin.

Suddenly remembering his published article ‘The Good-For-Nothing Who Deceived The World, Lit The Super Rookie Kim Do Jin’s Desire To Win!’, Park Jin Hwan clenched his fist as soon as he entered Dungeon Square after showing a Special Access Pass.

‘If this went well, I might be able to post a proper series of stories.’

It was a situation where his heart was impossible to not race.


The scenery that Choi Yu Seong saw as he entered Goblin Fortress Dungeon could be described in one sentence.

It is green and full of a grassy smell.

There is nothing that is not green, from unidentified sharp leaves that rise to the height of a person’s waist like a pole, small hills covered with vines popped out all over the field, and even small flying insects passing by at high speed.

‘Even Goblins occupying this place are green.’

A world of one color unified enough to feel somewhat monotonous.

Even if Goblins do not try to hide their appearance here, they melt into the surrounding colors and become naturally hidden.

This is the reason this Dungeon was called ‘Goblin Fortress’ despite there being no building structure to be called an actual fortress.

‘I can see why this place is called 2nd Grade with the worst difficulty.’

Late hours, an unpreferred high-risk Dungeon, the sound of insects among bushes that would have cut the skin if not wearing suits transformed from Pharaoh’s Caprice, and the settled darkness because it was a world without sunlight. Due to various factors, Choi Yu Seong’s muscles tightened at the surrounding scenery without any other presence.

‘It’s okay. I already looked around once yesterday. It’s not that unfamiliar.’

Choi Yu Seong, who entered the Dungeon a day before in advance to grasp the environment and difficulty for today, let out a short breath and gave strength to his hand holding the spear.

Second Grade Monster Goblins were actually a rather weak entity to be called Monster in general.

To put it simply, it would be enough for an ordinary adult man, not an Awakener, to deal a 1:1 match under the premise he had his mind straight. A little more simply, they can be easily overwhelmed by any average man in terms of strength alone.

Nevertheless, the reason Goblins are classified as Second Grade, higher than the First Grade Monsters that Hunters can meet and hunt for the very first time, is that they have risks that can overshadow their weak physical abilities.

The first of them, needless to say, is aggression and ferocity toward humans.

Goblins had a more violent nature than most fierce wild beasts for subjects that are very small and weak in power.

In particular, the aggression reflected on humans is exceptionally strong among Monsters of similar Grade. It would be so rough that the brain would be dizzy if a general person encountered them for the first time. Then, they would be scared that could lead to serious injury or death in the short period they stiffened up if facing it without any defense.

‘I was also surprised to see them for the first time yesterday.’

When Choi Yu Seong was reading web novels on Earth of the original world, the description and depiction of Goblin came out so funny that he looked down on them, but his thoughts completely changed after meeting them for the first time yesterday.

‘If you are careless, it will lead to injury immediately.’

As he went through the bushes little by little, Choi Yu Seong recalled other dangers Goblins had in his head.

‘Secretive and moves fast.’

And unlike ordinary Monsters, Goblin knows how to handle small tools.

However, there was something else that was more dangerous than all the facts listed above.

‘They never move alone.’

Goblins are smart enough to handle tools, so they know well that it is dangerous to move alone.

They are socialized like humans and they gather together to hunt humans in their respective roles.

As these social factors made humans the top predators in the world without Dungeon, Goblin’s collective action was bound to be quite dangerous.

‘Goblins are hiding throughout this Dungeon.’

Between the grasses, between the vines of the rising hills, and even below the feet underground.

Amid such threats, Choi Yu Seong entered the Dungeon alone to attack the Boss Monster which is regenerated once a month.

He wasn’t very worried about threats within the Dungeon, such as the previous kidnapper incident.

He believes in Choi Mi Na.