Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c27

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‘Slaughterer Queen, Irregular Rachel.’

She is one of the few powerful Villains in the original content, practically starting an active role only in the second half of the original novel.

There is no need to talk long.

In the original, Rachel really kills one of the Demon Kings with her own power.

It was possible because Rachel, who was seeking a chance, launched a surprise attack when Kim Do Jin’s party killed all Demon King’s servants. But in terms of balance, it was an achievement that even the main character Kim Do Jin could not achieve at the time.

In return, of course, Rachel met her death.

Rachel is a Villain who appeared in the second half of the play and was quite popular in many ways in the original novel. It was the readers’ opinion that she had reached the level of Great Disaster not just Disaster after crossing the wall in a fierce battle with the Demon King.

And because of that, there were quite a few readers who were sad about Rachel’s death.

Those small numbers of perverts who want to see the overpowered main character Kim Do Jin struggle when meeting the proper opponent.

Very ironically, Choi Yu Seong also belonged to those perverted readers.

Of course, in this situation, he wanted to slap his cheek in a row at the time.

You’re a fan of Rachel as a reader?

It’s something you can say because you haven’t experienced it yourself.

‘Rachel is really dangerous.’

Perhaps even the author could not handle it and ended her death in such a way.

Her personality and characteristics themselves are too intense and intimidating.

The only downside is that she is a bit lazy in things that are not interesting for her, the somewhat excessive curiosity and that she is a little unlucky although she likes gambling a lot.

If Rachel had continued to be alive, it couldn’t even be imagined how much tougher the journey of the first part that Kim Do Jin finished would have been.

After recalling Rachel’s strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and personalities, Choi Yu Seong organized the weapons she could use.

“Oh my, the gaze is slowly coming back now.”


If you get caught up in her pace, you can’t find the answer.

Choi Yu Seong quickly opened his mouth first.

“Let’s talk. Baby who doesn’t want to die yet puts his head in the lion’s mouth.”

“I want to suggest a game.”


Interest glistened in Rachel’s eyes.

‘What is this cutie saying right now?’

He spoke quite well for someone who shook his shoulders in fear.

“If I win the game… Do me a favor.”

“What if I win on the contrary?”

Rachel’s face, which was already full of curiosity, now even added with excitement.

Choi Yu Seong thought.

As he told Choi Woo Jae, risking his life is meaningless.

Rachel had already held Choi Yu Seong’s life.

“Don’t you… Like money?”

She needs money to gamble exactly.

But she often lost due to bad luck.

Therefore, Rachel is surprisingly often found in a poor wallet situation.

“Pfft… Baby. I don’t know where you heard my rumors, but the scale is different. Do you know how much money I spend on gambling? If you think it is at the level that E or D-Rank Hunters can handle…”

“I’m Choi Yu Seong.”

“I know. Cute baby, Choi Yu Seong.”

“Do you know Hyesung Group?”

“How I couldn’t. The boss there is quite a scary geezer…”

After talking to herself for a while, Rachel’s lips twisted.

“So, you’re that Choi Yu Seong? Now that I see it, you’re not just a baby, but a cute gold nugget.”

Recognizing Choi Yu Seong’s identity, she slowly got up from her seat laughing.

Her cold gaze sweeps Choi Yu Seong from head to toe as if he were evaluating a pig.

“I don’t think that geezer will give money for threatening him with you, so there’s a way, right?”

Choi Yu Seong nodded silently.

“If you break your promise, I won’t just kill you. I will take out all the intestines alive and stuffed them.”

Not just words, but she actually could do such a terrible thing.

Necromancers who are afraid of Rachel are widespread all over the world.

Instead of answering, Choi Yu Seong gave strength to his trembling thighs and raised his body.


The rules of the game were suggested by Choi Yu Seong.

Rachel was confident she would win no matter what method he used.

“Let’s check it. Rule number one, our cute gold nugget wins if I get out of this circle.”

Rachel looked around at a small circle, which a person could barely stand, that she drew directly at Choi Yu Seong’s suggestion.

Surprisingly, she made a circle by piercing the thick concrete floor with a single index finger.

Seeing that, Choi Yu Seong felt his calming down body trembling again.

How the hell can she scoop a concrete floor like cream with a finger that mana can’t be even felt from?

He already knew that S-Rank Hunters were monsters, but it felt like Rachel was one step higher than that.

In terms of S-Rank, she feels like an unrivaled S+.

He was even able to feel how strong a surviving Irregular was by looking at her.

“Secondly, I’ll use only this finger.”

Rachel lifted her left index finger and waved it lightly.

“Not… Confident?”

Asking a quite impactful question, Choi Yu Seong’s voice was trembling.

“It’s cute. I won’t kill you. Don’t tremble too much. Our gold nugget. You wanted to live so much, but in the end, you got the right to survive, right? Whether you win or lose. Because you’ll survive in this place. How did you roll your brain so well in that short time? Huhu.”

Rachel was right.

In the game suggested by Choi Yu Seong, he can get out of this place whether he loses or wins.

Although it will not be able to stop her from beheading Choi Yu Seong after taking the money.

‘Anyway, I have to live.’

However, Rachel doesn’t know that Choi Yu Seong has a second goal.

He has to save Kim Do Jin.

Rachel is a strong player incomparable to Ghost, who is currently fighting Kim Do Jin.

Even if Kim Do Jin leads the fight against Ghost to victory as expected of the main character, everything is pointless when Rachel comes forward.

No matter how overpowered main character he is, how could he handle Rachel at this point?

Eventually, Kim Do Jin would be taken to the Demon King Worshiper.

Initially, Rachel’s early appearance was too big of a butterfly effect.

‘I don’t know what form and how the future I changed worked…’

But he didn’t want Kim Do Jin to get caught up in that typhoon.

That’s why this type of game was proposed.

He thought that Rachel, who likes gambling, had no reason to refuse.

The problem is the odds.

Rachel has a huge limitation on her movement and uses only one finger.

Nevertheless, the winning rate in Choi Yu Seong’s mind infinitely converges to zero.

Rachel’s thought probably wasn’t much different.

Choi Yu Seong had to take advantage of her confidence.

The gap in her mind that she believes she will not lose no matter what he does.

“And… Can I prepare a little?”


Rachel shrugged and answered lightly.

She looked quite relaxed.

To be more specific, she was enjoying the situation itself.

What interesting thing will Choi Yu Seong, who has already surprised her enough, do this time?

The beginning was the summoning of the Dimensional Merchant.

“This body has come-! Where’s the promised lollipop?”

Regardless of the Barrier space, Ping Pong popped out of a small pink door and asked Choi Yu Seong while looking at him.

“… I’m sorry, but I don’t have it now.”

“You traitor!”

“Our cute gold nugget even signed a contract with an adorable kid for the Dimensional Merchant.”

Rachel burst into laughter at the appearance of Ping Pong, which did not match the desolate atmosphere around. Then her gaze briefly turned to a distant place.

“But I don’t think you have time to relax. Is it Kim Do Jin? That cheeky brat also seems at a quite close call, you know.”

“I don’t think Kim Do Jin will lose.”

“Hm, wouldn’t it be a problem if Ghost dies?”

From the conversation with Rachel, Choi Yu Seong felt a part of his heart getting creepy.

‘She knows what I’m thinking.’

Rachel already knew clearly why Choi Yu Seong suggested the game.

While Choi Yu Seong was thinking, it was clear that she also thought about it in many ways.

‘It doesn’t matter.’

Nevertheless, it means that she accepted all of his suggestions.

“Ping Pong-nim. I promise. Next time you come, I’ll prepare 10, no, 50 free lollipops. So please get me some stuff quickly.”

“You’re not lying this time, right?”


The gaze of the smirking Ping Pong turned to Rachel, who was making an interesting expression.

“Human woman! My contractor made a sacred promise to me. If you kill him, this Ping Pong-nim won’t forgive you!”

“Oh my, it’s scary. But I can’t promise that I won’t kill him.”

The smiling Rachel waved her hand.

Ping Pong looked at her and snorted.

“I need spears. Whether it’s wood or iron, cheap ones. If it’s possible, a lot of it.”

“I don’t think it’s a good item to buy with Karma Point…”

“Because I urgently need to use it now.”

Choi Yu Seong smiled bitterly.

Wooden spears or ordinary iron spears can also be found easily on Earth.

Consuming Karma Points is a waste of waste.

But there was no other way because he needed it right away.

“How many do you need?”

“As many as possible.”

“Unfortunately, the Dimensional Store doesn’t have so many items of the reference point you want. Just trying to put out expensive items… About 30 will be the limit.”

“The price?”

“Even if it’s the minimum, 1 Karma Point is needed per unit.”

These are items that are not special just because they are purchased at the Dimensional Store.

What a waste.

It was such a waste that his insides hurt, but there was no other way.

“Give me all.”

That’s how he bought 30 spears.

Even 10 of them were wooden spears.


“Hmph, don’t die. You’re the first contractor of this body.”

Ping Pong opened the pink door with a rather strange expression and went back to its own world that no one knew.

“I saw it for the first time. What is it like when a Dimensional Merchant threatens someone. You really have a lot of interesting points.”

Rachel, who was watching that scene, spoke to Choi Yu Seong.

Choi Yu Seong did not answer anything while putting down 30 spears on the floor.

In fact, Choi Yu Seong himself was surprised as well.

‘In principle, Dimensional Merchants pay no attention to their relationship with contractors other than transactions.’

In other words, whether the contractor dies or lives, suffers or not, it is of no interest to the Dimensional Merchant.

Anyway, the role of Dimensional Merchants is to purchase and sell, nothing more.

It was a matter of course.

It is said that within The Master Who Return to Modern Times, those who use Dimensional Merchants are widespread throughout the universe.

It was a short and sloppy description, but that sentence alone showed that Dimensional Merchants did not have to be obsessed with one simple customer.

Even Choi Yu Seong has not known Ping Pong for quite a long time.

‘I’m also not a VIP buyer.’

As always, the point is he is still infinitely short of Karma points.

It is difficult to make a deal that can satisfy the Dimensional Merchant.

Perhaps the first contractor may be quite meaningful for Ping Pong, but even so, it was clear that it was something mysterious.

Anyway, thanks to Ping Pong, the pressure on his mind was relieved a little more.

His stability increased as the effect of the Cold-Headed Skill was activated the moment he held the spear although it was made of wood.

‘Maybe I can do it easier than I thought.’

Of course, that thought disappeared the moment he met Rachel in the eyes.