Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c25

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It just looked like a madman cutting the air because the opponent was not hit, but the movement itself is elegant and antique.

Taking advantage of the gap, Choi Yu Seong breathed out and swept up his messy hair due to the sudden movement.

‘I really thought I was going to die.’

To be honest, if he couldn’t recall the conversation Kim Do Jin had to secretly raid the enemy that appeared behind Baek Cheol from one of the original novel scenes, he would have flown to another place even before Kim Do Jin moved.

And the most dangerous thing was the fact that the opponent who appeared from behind definitely tried to kill Choi Yu Seong.

There was no hesitation in the enemy’s move wielding the hidden blade protruding from the tip of the shoe.

‘So, I’m even more upset.’

Choi Yu Seong had already guessed the invisible opponent’s identity through his ability and weapons.

‘Demon King Worshipper, Ghost.’

The Demon King Worshipper is the name for the evil organization that appears expectedly in the novel. Ghost is the nickname of Villain, who is probably currently listed as B-Rank Max Level.

What they are aiming for is none other than Kim Do Jin.

Strictly speaking, the goal is to convince Kim Do Jin.

Kim Do Jin had a natural talent and level-headed cold reason. One of the figures with everything that Demon King Worshipper wanted.

Finally, the reason why Ghost, one of Demon King Worshipper, came here now is to convince Kim Do Jin, and in the process tried to kill unnecessary Choi Yu Seong.

This wouldn’t have happened if Choi Yu Seong hadn’t met Kim Do Jin in the first place.

Although he survived, the fact that the situation itself felt unfair is inevitable.

What’s more absurd is that even in the meantime, admiration for Kim Do Jin arose.

‘Besides, how does he find and follow someone that can’t even be seen? Proving that he’s the main character. That’s too much.’

Ghost‘s invisibility ability will not be able to be penetrated even with Insight, the burning will-o’-wisp that Kim Do Jin has in his eyes.

The reason was simple.

‘Because Ghost is a B-Rank Hunter.’

With C-Rank Insight, it is impossible to identify the higher B-Rank invisibility ability.

That’s why one of the nicknames of flair type Villain Ghost, whose main talent is invisibility, is Yakjamujeok(弱者無敵)1Invisible to weak. I think I’ll leave some terms just romanized because sometimes I can’t get any good ideas. For some, I’ll put both translated and romanization. .

There is no way for a lower-rank Hunter to find Ghost, as even the main character’s skill, Insight, cannot see through it.

However, Kim Do Jin was fighting Ghost not through Skill’s ability but his sense as a returnee or some subtle changes and sounds around him.

Of course, Kim Do Jin was not fine either.

It was a close call to be exact.

He is avoiding fatal injuries, but it is visible that the number of injuries is increasing.

In a way, it was a matter of course.

Basically, Ghost is a B-Rank Max Level Hunter who is one step above Kim Do Jin and the invisible enemy is difficult to deal with no matter how good his senses and skills are.

Ghost, who was bewildered by Kim Do Jin’s first surprise and not able to show his skill, is looking for his own pace.

‘It’s dangerous over time.’

It is not the time to watch with admiration.

Choi Yu Seong bit his lower lip slightly.

In fact, the current situation was definitely a variable.

‘Originally, Demon King Worshipper should have appeared only after Kim Do Jin reached B-Rank Max Level.’

Therefore, Ghost that appeared in the original novel is much easier than now and more easily overpowered by Kim Do Jin.

In other words, it was Ghost‘s role as an extra to show the strength of the main character.

But now Kim Do Jin is C-Rank.

‘Variables created by me.’

Nothing more to say.

Choi Yu Seong has changed too many things since he possessed into this world.

And that change even affected Kim Do Jin.

This situation was not good in any form.

‘If Kim Do Jin is overpowered or killed by Ghost here…’

It could lead to a completely different story from the original novel.

It is very unlikely, but in the worst case, Kim Do Jin may be reborn as a Villain after being brainwashed by the Demon King Worshipper.

This is a very terrible case.

‘Heukhwa(黑靴)2Black Flower(?). The second hanja used means ‘shoes’, but since it’s kind of nonsense and the author could use the wrong hanja… Flower is the best choice. Kim Do Jin…’

How much faster would Kim Do Jin, the main character who has yet to burst his potential, grow if he gets stronger without feeling any moral and conscience by being mixed with Villains?

‘It would be better to make enemies with the Demon King.’

And as always mentioned, Kim Do Jin should not die in that sense.

‘If Kim Do Jin dies, who’s gonna stop those crazy cults and Demon King?’

Choi Yu Seong himself?

That’s nonsense.

The Demon King who will appear in this world in the coming future is a terrifying existence that even made Kim Do Jin, who has such deceptive abilities, has to fight desperately.

Those guys wield cruel and terrible power to ravage humans and destroy their minds.

It is something that should be avoided absolutely for Choi Yu Seong, whose goal is to eat well and live well moderately, live to the point where he won’t die, then enjoy life in peace and die as the ninth son of a conglomerate family.

There should be Kim Do Jin.

‘That damned guy. Is a hero who will save this world.’

Therefore, you have to think soberly.

It would be stupid to step in between and attack Ghost together.

Choi Yu Seong, who is still only an E-Rank from the beginning, has no help in the fight between Ghost and Kim Do Jin.

It is fortunate if he is not a burden to Kim Do Jin, who is already struggling.

‘Jin Do Yun is…’

Not coming yet.

It should have been said that there was a problem.

Weekend Itaewon street where people suddenly disappeared.

Jin Do Yun, who would have been the first to run if he had seen a crisis, was missing.

Choi Yu Seong quickly found the answer.

‘It’s a barrier.’

The question is how the barrier activated?

The first is to hire one of the flair-type users, Barrier Master, and the second is to use the Barrier Scroll produced by that Barrier Master.

Barrier Master is not common even among Awakeners throughout the world.

About 10 people at most.

Thanks to that, the price of Barrier Scroll is also at an enormous level.

‘There are 2 Barrier Masters among Demon King Worshipper.’

It’s still too early for those precious talents to move.

Even in the original novel, Barrier Master of Demon King Worshipper appeared only after the middle of the fifth volume.

Therefore, the possibility was inevitably tilted to Barrier Scroll.

‘If they used the Barrier Scroll, there must be a Gate of Life somewhere.’

Among the contents of The Master Who Return To Modern Times, there is a setting that says Barrier is a kind of Battle Formation and that it can be broken up if you find the Gate of Life.

Currently, it was clear what Choi Yu Seong had to do in a situation where external help was desperately needed.

‘I have to find the Gate of Life.’

Having decided what to do, Choi Yu Seong threw off his heavy coat and began to run.


There are several laws in the Barrier.

First, Barrier is a virtual space to begin with.

The entire building and objects that existed in Barrier seem to be moved, but they are all ‘fakes’.

In other words, it is a plausible form of illusion.

If you are aware of this fact and have the ability to see through the phenomenon, it is not difficult to find the Gate of Life.

Most of the fakes will be passed through like holograms and you will be able to find the actual force, the Gate of Life, at a rapid pace.

Unfortunately, Choi Yu Seong could not use this method.

If it is a Barrier Master that can produce Barrier Scroll, it means that he is an Awakener who is at least B-Rank.

‘It can’t be found even with Kim Do Jin’s Insight, so of course not with my duplicate Insight.’

Then you should focus on the second law.

There is a limited number of people and space that can be accommodated by the Barrier.

Also, it is impossible to pinpoint and lock-on only one person precisely.

This is also why the nearby Choi Yu Seong was involved when the target was Kim Do Jin.

It is a penalty that can be taken for granted as the Barrier itself has such a complicated structure, but some parts could be guessed through this.

‘There are at least three people, there may be more but that’s it for now. Then the size of the space itself is not that big either.’

If the scale of the Barrier was quite large, people other than Choi Yu Seong and Kim Do Jin would have been caught up.

However, there was no disturbance or miracle from the surroundings.

And Gate of Life is the starting point of the Barrier, it will be located in the center basically.

Therefore, what Choi Yu Seong had to do was decided.

‘First of all, I need to figure out the exact size and shape of the Barrier.’

Choi Yu Seong transformed Pharaoh’s Caprice into a form of a spear while running and left traces of different forms everywhere.

There is always a wall at the end of the Barrier.

An invisible wall that can’t be crossed!

And exactly 2 minutes later.

In front of the traces of his spear, Choi Yu Seong was sure.

‘This block is the end of Barrier.’

Any step forward will lead to another space inside the Barrier.

After repeating the process over and over again, Choi Yu Seong was able to roughly grasp the scale and shape of the Barrier.

‘Circular shape, the scale is within a 2km radius.’

It is just the right level when compared to the number of people.

This allows Choi Yu Seong to enter the work of finding the center, a process for the actual breaking of the Barrier.

It is not that difficult to draw a map and shape in your head.

‘Can I say it’s around that building.’

The error range of several buildings located on both sides and front-back may occur, but the perimeter is certain anyway.

Choi Yu Seong turned back Pharaoh’s Caprice into a ring and headed to the building he thought was the center at first.

‘It’s not like Subspace as there is no real thing, but it’s clear that Pharaoh’s Caprice is also a hard to notice variable.’

The maximum capacity of the circular space of 2km is about four people.

If there was one more person, there’s no reason not to show up at the battle of Ghost and Kim Do Jin, but isn’t it something unknown?

There may be someone who keeps the center of the Barrier.

In preparation for that, it is better to hide the weapons as much as possible.

‘It’s quiet.’

Entering a five-story building with a rather dark atmosphere, Choi Yu Seong felt a cold sweat running down his cheek.

‘This must be the center of the Barrier.’

It has a strangely heavy feeling pressing down on the shoulder.

Although it felt somewhat unrealistic, that made it more certain on the other hand.

It was because the air itself was different from other spaces inside Barrier where Choi Yu Seong was busy running around.

Stepping on the stairs with hasty steps, Choi Yu Seong’s movement paused for a moment.

‘Let’s be careful. As long as Kim Do Jin doesn’t overdo it, there’s still time.’

Of course, there isn’t much room for that.

There was also no guarantee that Kim Do Jin would not overdo it.

Kim Do Jin hates losing more than dying.

If the fight against Ghost began to flow in an overly unfavorable direction, there was a high probability that he would do kamikaze where you die I die.

There were many concerns, but Choi Yu Seong struggled to demand inner calm.

It’s an emotion he didn’t feel when holding the spear.

‘It’s this obvious again when the Skill effect disappeared. I still have a long way to go.’

Feeling pity for the lack of Cold Headed (E) which was an additional effect of Specialized Skill Spear Prodigy, Choi Yu Seong smiled bitterly.

The more urgent and difficult situations, the better you have to control your mind. But maintaining such a solid mental power is not as easy as it sounds.

‘It can’t be helped. Because I’m also an ordinary human.’

Whenever a life crisis comes like this, he feels it greatly.

The setting of a conglomerate family, Irregular with excellent possibilities, and others are only a background after all.

Human Choi Yu Seong does not have great mental power or a particularly strong heart like Kim Do Jin.

He felt unsatisfied as it was a shortcoming, but he felt that there was nothing he could do.

‘I’m still inexperienced. Rather, being good at it from the beginning is like a monster.’

The best thing Choi Yu Seong can do is to fight against such fear and anxiety to grow more and more mature.

After thinking this or that and a few deep breaths, Choi Yu Seong regained his composure on his own, not Skills, and quietly climbed the stairs even with his breathing hidden.