Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c24

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Lounge bar Luna is actually one of the most famous hot places in the entire Itaewon.

It has the disadvantage of having to climb a fairly steep hill road, but many advantages can be listed.

First of all, because it was built on the hillside with 8 stories high, you can see the scenery of downtown Itaewon at a glance when you stand by the window.

Desserts and snacks were made by a Patissier brought from a 5-star hotel in France, and the bartenders were also made up of handsome men and beautiful women.

Nevertheless, if you only use the lounge, not the room, the price is not that expensive.

It’s great to take pictures to post on social media and it’s very exciting just to come and have a look.

There were even rooms with interior designs worth hundreds of millions won for VIPs, so there were inevitably many guests regardless of weekdays or weekends.

It wasn’t for nothing that Kim Do Jin tried to lead Choi Yu Seong to Luna.

However, from the standpoint of Choi Mi Na, who did not open a store to make money, she did not care much about how many customers there were.

Itaewon has many foreigners.

As such, it was one of the places where foreign Villains who hid in Korea hid the most.

‘Well, she’s just looking for Villain guys here.’

The reason the store flourished unexpectedly was thanks to the enthusiastic work of the professional manager hired with a lot of money.

Choi Mi Na did not put any direct energy or mental strength in composing the lounge bar Luna.

She was not so different even now when she goes to work almost every day with the position of president unless when things are busy at home or in the group.

Most of the time, she just stands like a folding screen to see if there are any Villains in the store or looks outside the window to look for Villains in Itaewon.

‘Who will be today’s Billy?’

It was when she was sitting on a window stand thinking of ‘Where’s Billie?’ she enjoyed it as a child and looked away.

“Hey, Choi Yu Seong and Kim Do Jin are in Frozen Pub right now!”

She heard a disturbing name.

“They two are together?”

“I heard the view is no joke.”

“Any pictures?”

“I just got it from my friend… But, are you going?”

“Are you asking!”

Rumors spread in an instant.

The store, which was full of guests, was emptied at a high speed.

The employees seemed bewildered by the situation experienced for the first time. But although looking out the window as if she was not interested, Choi Mi Na’s head was several times more complicated than that.

‘Choi Yu Seong. That rascal is here now?’

She remembered the request received on the phone from Choi Ji Ho last night.

She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong but feels like she’s worried about something.

‘Should I go once? At least see the face directly.’

Choi Mi Na leaned against the window, nervously tapping a fairly high heel on the floor, and soon shook her head.


Originally, Choi Yu Seong is not the Billy she was looking for.

‘Is there any Villain that stands out today?’

Looking out the window, Choi Mi Na yawned.


Humans were indeed animals of adaptation.

At first, Choi Yu Seong was a little burdened by the gaze and interest pouring from the pub.

Therefore, he couldn’t bring out the thoughts in his head through conversation.

However, as he talked to Kim Do Jin, who speaks quite calmly, he was able to easily bring up what he wanted to say.

For example, talk like this came and went.

“Why are you making a guild suddenly?”

“A certain woman keeps asking me to do it.”

“Certain woman?”

At that moment, a name passed by Choi Yu Seong’s mind.

‘Baek Ah Rin.’

Even in the original novel, she has a big role in pushing Kim Do Jin to make a guild.

She will play a pivotal role among Kim Do Jin’s colleagues along with Baek Cheol in the future. So it’s needless to say that her potential is EX-Rank.

‘By the way, Baek Ah Rin and Kim Do Jin are already in contact?’

Time flies faster than he thought.

It felt like something was moving forward, but it passed insignificantly because there was no big loss from Choi Yu Seong’s point of view.

Other than that, the talks were not that deep.

The process of getting to know each other slowly.

Those words were right.

‘Because you can’t poke in too deep from the start.’

Kim Do Jin’s grudge is depicted quite deeply in the original novel.

As he didn’t think it would be easy to solve from the beginning, Choi Yu Seong tried to find the answer slowly rather than being impatient.

The first process is to open the door to Kim Do Jin’s heart so that he can show the truth.

‘Somehow, I’ve come to a position where I need to get a little closer to Kim Do Jin.’

The conversation flow became more and more comfortable as each other’s goals were aligned.

When they finished drinking at the pub and went back to the street to walk for a while, this thought came to Choi Yu Seong’s mind.

‘If it wasn’t for the original novel, he might have been a really good friend…’

Choi Yu Seong had such a thought in his heart, but he shook his head vigorously.

‘Let’s not forget. That guy is a reaper who will drive me to death if I make a mistake.’

The conversation continued even while walking through the bustling Itaewon streets, which seemed to explode due to overflowing people even though it was quite late at night.

“I actually thought you were quite a dummy.”

“Is that a confession? It’s quite unpleasant.”

“It doesn’t matter because I don’t think so now.”

“No, it matters. Why did you come to befriend me who you thought was a dummy at first?”

“Because you have a lot of money.”

Of course, he knew Kim Do Jin’s real purpose was not that, but it was a pretty plausible answer.

“You’re talking nonsense. I don’t know what you’re hiding inside, but I’ll trust you to tell me someday.”

“I’ll think about it when the time comes.”


Is it because of alcohol?

Or maybe it was thanks to the change of heart.

Choi Yu Seong was already talking quite comfortably to Kim Do Jin.

Even though he was surprised to say it himself, Kim Do Jin also seemed to be no different.

He looked at Choi Yu Seong with surprised eyes and soon hardened his face.

The silent and deep black eyes looked straight at Choi Yu Seong as if they could see through him.

Kim Do Jin’s red lips twisted slightly crookedly.

“…It would be good if you weren’t a Choi.”

At the end of the words, a heavy, strange, short silence passed between the two.

“Why are you setting the mood? Do you have any grudge against the Choi family?”

Choi Yu Seong tried to calm down the atmosphere with an awkward smile.


He crossed the line too naturally.

‘I’m crazy. Why do I always make mistakes while things are going well like this.’

Choi Yu Seong continued to smile awkwardly to calm his beating heart.

However, Kim Do Jin’s stiff face does not loosen.

The two black eyes feel darker than the night.

A question suddenly passed through Choi Yu Seong’s mind as he was trying to get out of this situation.

‘…Why is it so quiet?’

He can’t feel the many presences around.

Although they entered a somewhat deserted road, a crowd passing by from time to time was obviously present until a minute ago, but it disappeared completely.

Kim Do Jin, who still had a stiff face, reached out his hand to the air.

Then a phenomenon appeared that part of the space seemed to collapse.


Choi Yu Seong recognized what skills Kim Do Jin used at a glance.

As the name suggests, the Subspace skill to create one’s own secret space was an ability created for the convenience of the main character Kim Do Jin.

So that Kim Do Jin, who appears to be unarmed, can be equipped at any time.

‘By now, he would be a C-Rank, so is it going to be a space of 3 pyeong110m2 in wide. Not sure how to convert it to a meter cubic. ?’

Later, when he goes beyond the S rank, he will keep food, drinking water, other supplies as well as installable bunkers purchased from Dimensional Merchants in that subspace.

In any case, Kim Do Jin does not show his subspace ability recklessly except for his colleagues.

As much as it is invisible, the more fatal it is when more people don’t know about it.

Choi Wu Jae is also caught off guard when he sees the unarmed Kim Do Jin and is killed by a weapon he took out from the subspace.

It was a pity to see that ability in person.

‘Ha, I want it.’

I want to duplicate it.

Even if there is a limit to the number of uses, subspace ability can be quite useful.

The problem was that Kim Do Jin’s subspace is a C-Rank as mentioned and was not a skill that could be obtained with Choi Yu Seong’s Duplicate Eye, which was only an E-Rank.

And in fact, there was a separate fact that he had to focus on now.

Kim Do Jin does not show Subspace except for his colleagues.

To be precise, there is one more exception.

‘Just show it to the enemy who’ll be killed anyway.’

Of course, he won’t kill someone just by swearing once.

Even Kim Do Jin seemed to want to get along with Choi Yu Seong.

At least for Choi Yu Seong, this feeling is a clear truth.

But a quiet road with no one around.

Kim Do Jin, who had a hardened face, drew a sword and pointed at Choi Yu Seong.

“Why do you become scary suddenly?”

Choi Yu Seong, who asked the question, looked directly at Kim Do Jin.

Momentum seems to rise from the tip of Kim Do Jin’s sharply forged sword.

Choi Yu Seong’s Adam’s apple, aimed by the sword, trembled greatly.

“Choi Yu Seong, trust me.”

The cool winter wind passes between the two.

‘Hey, you nutcase. What kind of madman would trust you while being pointed with a knife?’

Choi Yu Seong struggled to swallow what he wanted to say then a silver light flashed in front of him.

‘Very fast.’

It wasn’t a matter of believing or not in the first place.

It can be seen obviously, but it can’t be seen into shape perfectly.

A silver flash passed right next to Choi Yu Seong’s neck and dug into the air.

A close gap between a sheet of paper.


Along with the voice of someone swallowing the air, there was a long tearing sound.

At that moment, Choi Yu Seong used Wind Stance to create an illusion and fly his body sideways.

A disorganized human figure, as if popped out of old television, leaned back and stabbed the heart of the illusion with a hidden blade rising from the tip of his toes.

If Choi Yu Seong was still there, he would have died immediately without knowing anything.

“The response is fast.”

Said Kim Do Jin after moistening his lips with the tip of his tongue. He cut off the toes of an unidentified figure, who split Choi Yu Seong’s illusion in half, just before.

In that short time, the opponent who seemed to be counterattacking in a precarious position completely hid his appearance.


Between that Choi Yu Seong frowned at the sticky yet stinging sensation felt from his left hand, which swept the side of his neck.


His palms are stained with dark red.

This is because Kim Do Jin’s sword that was expected to narrowly pass by actually injured Choi Yu Seong’s neck as well.

“You told me to trust you. Bad bastard.”

He tried not to swear, but it can’t be helped.

“Ah, slipped.”

Kim Do Jin calmly spoke and looked around with a cold gaze.

Although cannot be seen, he is convinced that the person who attacked is still here.

Then, he suddenly ran toward somewhere and swung his sword again.