Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c23

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Standing exactly in front of the crosswalk, Kim Do Jin stared at Choi Yu Seong, who was confident that he had disguised completely with his burning eyes.

‘Did he recognize me?’

The answer to the question was easy to know with the green light.

Kim Do Jin, who approached Choi Yu Seong without hesitation with big strides, faced him directly and said.

“Follow me, Choi Yu Seong.”

“You have good eyes. How did you recognize me at once?”

“It can be seen that it’s you even from a kilometer away.”

“…It wasn’t such a sloppy disguise, though.”

In the first place, no one except Kim Do Jin recognized Choi Yu Seong.

Even now, most of the crowds taking pictures after them naturally questioned who was the masked man beside him.

From Choi Yu Seong’s point of view, he could only think that it was as expected from the main character of the original novel.

“It’s noisy. Why did you have to schedule the appointment on the weekend?”

“I just asked yesterday and you said okay. You also didn’t know it was the weekend, right?”

At Choi Yu Seong’s words, Kim Do Jin paused his steps for a while and his earlobes turned red.

‘This. He’s flustered.’

When Kim Do Jin is flustered, the tip of his earlobe turns red.

It was a description that appeared about three times in the original novel, but it just came to mind at that moment.

“Right. You didn’t know either.”

“It’s not.”

“You’re bad at lying.”

“I just said not.”

“But where are we going now?”

“Eating place. I made a reservation.”


Even in the original novel, there is no scene where Kim Do Jin makes a reservation.

Because even places that needed reservations were often ordered by others.

Come to think of it, there is a possibility that the reservation he just mentioned was also ordered by someone who followed him.

“Because it’s an important seat.”

Kim Do Jin, who turned back and spoke to Choi Yu Seong, smiled lightly.

It wasn’t an angry smile, but Choi Yu Seong flinched without realizing it.

‘…Oh dear, it’s bloody.’

The place they arrived through the crowds was a franchise budae-jjigae1A fusion dish made with ham, sausage, kimchi, pork, and tofu. Everything is combined and cooked in a spicy broth. Oftentimes, ramen noodles are added to the simmering stew. house.


“Why, do you hate budae-jjigae?”

“…No. Come to think of it, you really loved food like ham.”

“Have I ever said that to you?”

Kim Do Jin tilted his head and climbed the stairs with an indifferent look.

It is an ordinary franchise house, but there were no customers inside.

Also, the following guests were not allowed to enter.

“Did you reserve the entire budae-jjigae house?”

“If it’s easier to talk, it’s better that way.”

Kim Do Jin and Choi Yu Seong talked lightly and sat face to face with a round table with a burner in the center.

After a while, a budae-jjigae with a lot of ham went up on it and the owner said to enjoy the food with a wide smile then disappeared to the kitchen.

How should I start the talk?

“Kim Do…”

“Choi Yu Seong.”

The moment Choi Yu Seong smacked his lips after much contemplation, Kim Do Jin interrupted him.

“Ah, go ahead.”

“I won’t refuse.”

Kim Do Jin, who had more burning eyes than the blue flame heating the boiling budae-jjigae, said in a confident voice.

“Choi Yu Seong. I’m thinking of making a guild.”

So what?

Choi Yu Seong, who tried hard to filter the words that came to mind, took off his mask and hat then scooped the soup of budae-jjigae.

It means to continue the talk.

“Come into my guild. I promise you the best treatment.”


At the ensuing words, he had no choice but to vomit a rough cough mixed with soup on Kim Do Jin’s face.

Choi Yu Seong rejected Kim Do Jin’s offer firstly.

He thought there could be a problem, but surprisingly, Kim Do Jin took it lightly by wiping the soup splashed on his face with a wet tissue.

“Considering your family situation, it may be a difficult offer. However, although I say this often, I like2The like in here is 마음에 든다(ma.eum.e deun.da). It’s a quite neutral tone for saying like. The literal translation is ‘stay in my heart’. Different than like of 좋아(jo.a) when confessing love. you that much. To the point where I want to be together for a very long time.”


There is a thought that it could be, but Kim Do Jin also felt somewhat different from how he treated Choi Yu Seong in the original.

He looks much more relaxed and calmer.

Precisely, should it be said that he tries to look like that?

If Choi Yu Seong was a woman, he might have thought he was seducing.

‘No, it’s right that he’s trying to seduce me.’

However, the direction is just slightly different.

Anyway, due to this situation, Choi Yu Seong thought of Kim Do Jin that he knew and thought he shouldn’t continue the conversation.

‘If he even said this to me, who belongs to his enemy’s family, wouldn’t it be easier to resolve this guy’s grudge than I thought?’

Of course, he thought it was too complacent.

If you think a little deeper, it was highly likely that this process itself was a trap from the beginning.

‘Because I’ve changed, so he’s trying to seduce me in a different form. Let’s not forget. For Kim Do Jin, I’m just a bridge to Choi Wu Jae.’

If Choi Yu Seong is placed within his field of view in a group called guild, there will inevitably be many comfortable sides in Kim Do Jin’s point of view.

‘It’s easy to get close.’

Choi Yu Seong’s eyes sparkled at the word that suddenly crossed his mind.

‘By the way, Father tried to keep Kim Do Jin by my side.’

This is because it is easier to look at the opponent by watching him closely.

Isn’t there a saying that you have to go into the tiger’s den to catch a tiger?

In terms of it, joining Kim Do Jin’s guild was not just bad for Choi Yu Seong.

‘Since Kim Do Jin doesn’t know that I know his goal.’

Of course, it’s dangerous.

Kim Do Jin, who is quick to catch on and has good execution skills, will quickly establish evidence and circumstances if any doubts arise about Choi Yu Seong’s actions then will slash his throat at once.

Isn’t that why I tried to keep my distance from Kim Do Jin at first?

‘It’s a high risk high return.’

He refused right now, but there is room for consideration.

After the meal at the budae-jjigae house, the two went outside for a drink.

It was also an appointment to drink from the beginning and it was necessary to think more about Kim Do Jin’s feelings.

He asked Jin Do Yun, who came nearby, to keep an appropriate distance.

‘If Jin Do Yun is too close, I think this guy will try to hide his feelings even more.’

Kim Do Jin and Choi Yu Seong roamed Itaewon streets for a longer time than expected.

Fortunately, it was late and the number of people chasing Kim Do Jin decreased a lot, so there was no significant inconvenience.

Originally, it was said that there was a bar that Kim Do Jin had picked just like the eating place.

However, Choi Yu Seong, who confirmed the sign of Lounge Bar Luna from afar, firmly refused.

‘Even if you choose, why does it have to be the store which Choi Mi Na owns.’

Choi Mi Na has never appeared in public, so the general public does not know her face well.

Thanks to this, she quite proudly acts as the owner of the lounge bar and roams around the store.

What if she and Choi Yu Seong accidentally bumped into each other in the store?

A fairly difficult situation could have occurred.

“I don’t know what you don’t like.”

“I just don’t feel good.”

“I’ve already put 500,000 won to reserve.”

No matter how it is on a weekend, it costs 500,000 won to rent an ordinary bar room for a night?

Choi Yu Seong, who was originally an ordinary citizen, smiled bitterly inwardly.

‘Just how well is the business that there are a lot of customers even if they get it that expensive?’

Of course, the present Choi Yu Seong belongs to a conglomerate family.

Like what has been shown, the wall was big enough to spend much more money than that if it was meaningful to use.

“Give up. I’ll give you that money. Don’t be grumpy and let’s go anywhere except for there.”

“I think your celebrity disease will be quite hurt if we just go anywhere, though?”

Kim Do Jin snorted when he saw Choi Yu Seong wearing a mask, a hat, and even sunglasses.

“Hey, it’s not a celebrity disease. It’s because a lot of people recognize me, seriously.”

“It’s usually called celebrity disease. And even if it’s not you, the eyes will still be drawn because of me anyway.”

Kim Do Jin pointed to his back with his index finger.

Although it has decreased, there are still crowds chasing the two.

However, they rarely come close enough to be bothersome.

“That’s why if you also cover your face, will they follow?”

“Why me? I didn’t commit any crime. They are all adults who know manners. Rather, you’re who is sensitive.”

Kim Do Jin shrugged.

“You want to befriend me, right?”

“I’m doing this because I want to befriend you. I don’t pretend in front of my friends.”

“So that’s why you’re very kind when you’re on a magazine or TV.”

“Because we’re not friends. Again, I like you quite a lot. Choi Yu Seong.”

Kim Do Jin smiled at Choi Yu Seong.

Many people exclaimed or screamed at his appearance, but it is always a bloody smile from the perspective of Choi Yu Seong.

“Don’t smile. It’s scary.”

“Why? Afraid to get attached?”

“No way.”

In the end, Choi Yu Seong sighed and took off his uncomfortable hat, sunglasses, and mask.

At that moment, the number of surrounding gazes doubled.


“Crazily handsome. Who is it?”

“Looks like Kim Do Jin.”

“No no. Look at the person next to him. Wow…”

“Choi Yu Seong? It’s Choi Yu Seong!”

It was a moment of question and conviction through confusion.

A burst of exclamation mixed with lamentation came from here and there.

The voices of people who picked up their phones and made calls right away were also heard.

“Hey, Kim Do Jin and Choi Yu Seong couple appeared in Itaewon!”

“Seriously, this view is a masterpiece. Masterpiece. I don’t think I’ll have any regrets if I die today.”

“My gosh. I’ll sleep without washing my eyes today.”

Choi Yu Seong was added next to Kim Do Jin, who has a standing out handsome appearance even when he is alone, so it was truly eye-catching for those who look at them.

Amid the fuss, a smile bloomed on Choi Yu Seong, who checked the skill window with his expectations.

“Kyaak, flowers just bloomed!”

“Crazy. Choi Yu Seong, truly very handsome”.

“Hey hey, I’ll hang up, so hurry up and come here. If you miss this, you’ll regret it.”

People’s voices couldn’t even be heard.

『Specialization Skill, Star Quality (E)

The more you receive people’s attention, the level of growth speed is accelerated. If attention exceeds a certain number, additional abilities are unlocked (35→48/100).

Current acceleration value +50% → +70%』

This is because of the explosive growth of Star Quality skill, which had been slow for a while.

“It doesn’t look uncomfortable and it’s better to see.”

At Kim Do Jin’s words, Choi Yu Seong nodded without hesitation.

In other words, Choi Yu Seong is an attention seeker in the essence itself.

He was rather suppressed by paying attention to gazes and thinking too much.

“Let’s just go to the nearest pub.”

Choi Yu Seong led Kim Do Jin with a light heart.