Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c20

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On the way home, Choi Yu Seong thought in an unusually silent and quiet car.

‘I’ve gained a lot from this journey.’

Choi Ji Ho’s gifts and stories, which continued after handing over Pharaoh’s Caprice, were quite surprising enough to make the ancient relic feel somewhat supplementary.

Choi Ji Ho said that he will make sure that no one in the family can hinder Choi Yu Seong’s growth or play tricks for some time in the future.

To be precise, it will be Choi Mi Na’s help rather than Choi Ji Ho himself.

Choi Ji Ho was the only one in the family except for Choi Wu Jae to maintain his connection with Choi Mi Na.

And Choi Mi Na had promised to unconditionally grant just three requests from Choi Ji Ho.

It was the moment when the rough relationship between the two in Choi Yu Seong’s head became detailed.

Anyway, if the second oldest Choi Mi Na stepped up in some way and blocked the arrow toward Choi Yu Seong, other siblings wouldn’t dare to step out.

As mentioned, she has a fairly powerful force yet it is unknown how and when she would act.

In a sense, she was a more difficult existence than Choi Wu Jae, so none of his siblings wanted to confront her directly.

As a result, Choi Yu Seong was able to overcome the penalty of starting later than other siblings.

‘Although he said a year at the most would be the limit.’

Even that could be said that she held up for a really long time considering Choi Mi Na’s unpredictable personality.

And with that, Choi Yu Seong was as confident as other brothers in building the ability and infrastructure.

‘I think that Jin Yu Ri has already prepared to some extent.’

With the picture from Choi Yu Seong’s ability as a game designer of leveling mapping, the direction to move beyond is starting to be quite detailed.

Secondly, he received one more ring as a gift.

Surprisingly, the second ring received was also an ancient relic.

It was a hidden trump that Choi Ji Ho personally had, not belonging to the family nor Hyesung Group. The type without rank wearing limit like Pharaoh’s Caprice.

‘It’s actually more valuable than Pharaoh’s Caprice.’

The name is Jump Ring.

Its grade as an ancient relic is S+, which allowed the wearer and person within a 10cm radius to jump through space up to 1km, but the number of uses is limited to two times.

‘And hyungnim said one of them was used to escape from that dungeon accident.’

Only once time left.

It can be seen as a mere one, but it can also be used as a means to save one’s life at a really dangerous moment.

This was Choi Ji Ho’s gift of apology that expressed his apology in his way.

And in fact, the last gift that shocked Choi Yu Seong the most was information about the future that Choi Ji Ho saw.

– Kim Do Jin. That person will kill Father. And I also saw the future of your terrible death. It’s a very sad thing, but I don’t dare to stop him. Yu Seong-ah. A great threat is approaching this world. And the person who can stop it is…

“Kim Do Jin.”

“Yeah? What about him all of a sudden?”

Asked Jin Yu Ri, who was surprised by Choi Yu Seong’s sudden self-talk.


It’s a known story.

It was originally destined to be that way.

It is a scenario written in the original novel.

Will it still be the same now?

‘Maybe it’s different.’

However, there is no certainty that the large stem has changed.

What if Kim Do Jin kills Choi Wu Jae without Choi Yu Seong’s help?

Just thinking like this means that Choi Yu Seong’s death can also come from an unexpected direction.

Of course, he wanted to ask Choi Ji Ho.

The future may have changed now, so he wanted to ask him to check it out.

But he couldn’t do that.

Choi Ji Ho said he lost most of his already limited life in exchange for seeing the distant future that he didn’t want at the time.

If he sees another distant future like that, Choi Ji Ho may die at that moment.

It was not what Choi Yu Seong wanted.

‘Let’s not dwell on it. Knowing the future that was supposed to happen is just part of my weapon anyway.’

It would be nice to use that weapon as much as possible to create the future he wants, but he doesn’t have to hold on as if that’s everything.

To do that, he has to make sure he has a relationship with someone really important.

‘It would be nice if I could quench his resentment.’

It’s been a long time since he gave up on the comfy thought at the beginning that he should just stay away.

He needs something more certain than that.

‘Kim Do Jin.’

Choi Yu Seong recited that name once again inwardly and opened his cell phone.

He can see Kim Do Jin’s message from a week ago but has not yet been read.

Choi Yu Seong checked and sent a message.

‘Do you have time tomorrow? Let’s have a light drink.’

He won’t be able to find an answer unless they two talks to each other.


B-Rank Hunter Baek Ah Rin was the talent that everyone wanted, not only by parties but also by guilds and the Association.

Some guilds even wanted her more than the currently hottest rookie, Kim Do Jin.

In a way, it was a matter of course.

Baek Ah Rin was a person with both healing and support-type abilities which are rare even among flair awakeners.

Even Hunters who risked their lives to go to the dungeon do not mean they are not afraid of death or unable to feel pain.

Of course, the existence of healing-type healers and support-type buffers is inevitably valuable.

Healers who not only heal minor injuries but also can reattach even just a single hand if cut off. Buffers who provide a protective shield or leading strong ability improvement that increase the stability of the attack. Those are considered indispensable for both parties and the raid team, but Baek Ah Rin can do both of those functions alone.

Someone even described her as a Saintess because her beauty was enough to slap any celebrity in the face.

Whether her beautiful image or her ability. Baek Ah Rin’s existence is fascinating enough to be coveted by anyone.

“But why the hell don’t you like me?”

Baek Ah Rin cried out while looking at the back of Kim Do Jin, who just slaughtered five sixth-grade Great Ants alone, with a face full of dissatisfaction.

Even though it was quite a fierce battle, there was no single tarnish in his outfit.

Such appearance became more attractive to Baek Ah Rin.

“Why are you chasing someone who doesn’t like you like this?”

Kim Do Jin sighed deeply and said with a frown as if he was annoyed.

“That’s because I like you.”

“You’re casually saying something that will make your fans cry when they hear it.”

Baek Ah Rin frowned at Kim Do Jin’s cold words and pursed her lips.

“Who asks you to date? I’m just asking to set up a guild together.”

“It’s noisy. That’s all for today.”

Kim Do Jin, who shook the blood off the sword and put it in the sheath, walked toward the dungeon exit.

“Hey, can’t you hear me? Let’s make a guild together. I’ll let you be the vice president.”

Chattered Baek Ah Rin who quickly chased after him.

This part.

Kim Do Jin frowned once more and said.

“No need.”

“Why the hell is it?”

Kim Do Jin stopped walking for a moment. His eyebrows wriggled then he showed a grinning smile.

“How many times have I told you? Because I’m not the president.’

“Ah, what’s important about that. Hey hey, Kim Do Jin. How about a co-representative?”

“I refuse. I’m not the type to collaborate with anyone.”

“Wow, are you really going to be like this? It’s already confirmed that we can be good partners.”

“I don’t know yet.”

Unlike the cold-hearted Kim Do Jin, Baek Ah Rin felt fate the moment she came across him in a dungeon a few days ago.

‘It’s this person.’

A suitable person for the guild she was trying to create while ignoring the pouring love calls from all over the place.

A charismatic figure who can take the center of the guild instead of her, who is somewhat lacking in experience and discerning eyes!

She liked him a lot more than what she heard on the grapevine.

However, Kim Do Jin heartlessly rejected her proposal.

She showed her abilities that forcibly possessed numerous guilds and the association chairman to chase her, but the results did not change.

On the contrary, Baek Ah Rin seemed to be the one falling for Kim Do Jin as time went by.

Eventually. Baek Ah Rin, who wanted to preserve the position of the guild president, had no choice but to declare her surrender.

“Ah, fine. President! You become the president. Instead, grant me one request.”


Kim Do Jin stopped walking.

‘It’s needless to say that she is at the top among the same rank as a support type user. Besides, the reaction speed and self-defense ability are pretty good. Much better than a decent D-Rank physical type Awakener. She’s useful.’

It was a reaction because he, who did not easily acknowledge others, thought Baek Ah Rin’s ability was pretty good.

“Tell me.”

“That’s after the guild was built…”

Baek Ah Rin, whose face was completely loosened at Kim Do Jin’s response, spoke quickly.

“What a useless conversation.”

Kim Do Jin, who blew the cold wind, soon found the escape portal.

“Ah, it’s not a big request, seriously. I mean, it’s just there are things I really want to do after creating a guild.”

“Don’t you ever think it could be a useless nuisance?”

“It’s not a nuisance! Just buy the guild’s office building I want! I’ll pay for it.”

Again, Kim Do Jin stopped his steps.

“Office building?”

“There’s a place I really want to buy, you know. But it’s in an unauthorized area unless it’s a guild…”

Baek Ah Rin sighed deeply and continued to talk.

“I’d like to do it under my company’s name if possible. That’s why I suggested a co-representative. If not, I’ll be satisfied as vice president. But I just want you to use the office building that I have chosen, not anywhere else.”

Kim Do Jin finally understands why she didn’t move even at the love calls of numerous guilds and the Association.

“Office building, huh… Any other cost of creating the guild?”

“When I buy the company building, I don’t have that much money. Above all, you’re the representative. You… Are you a robber?”

“I’ll think about it a little bit. Text me the location of the office building.”

“Oh, hey?”

With that, Kim Do Jin went out of the portal.

Baek Ah Rin chased him out of the dungeon, but Kim Do Jin was already entering the storage room quite far away.

“So fast!”

Kim Do Jin moved his feet quickly ignoring Baek Ah Rin’s shout from behind. Kim Do Jin’s expression changed strangely as he opened his locker and took out his cell phone.

There was a message.

‘Choi Yu Seong, asking to meet tomorrow?’

After pulling out so much, he finally got the time for rendezvous.

A rare opportunity.

At that moment, an idea flashed through Kim Do Jin’s mind.

‘Guild, huh… It might not be bad if it went well.’

Kim Do Jin was already looking forward to tomorrow.