Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c19

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Of course, the final winner was Kim Do Jin.

No matter how powerful Choi Mi Na was, she could not even surpass the main character of the returnee adjustment.1 Special plot adjustment as a returnee/main character that should be more skillful although the actual probability or logic is not balanced.

From Choi Yu Seong’s perspective of a reader, there is a small question left. Whether Choi Mi Na perhaps could really defeat Kim Do Jin.

‘Because it didn’t seem strange even if Choi Mi Na won, based on the descriptions or narratives at the time.’

Kim Do Jin’s rank was A when he killed Choi Wu Jae, and Choi Mi Na was described as a high-leveled S-Rank already even at the beginning of the novel.

As it is the story of the future about two years later, maybe Choi Mi Na has reached SS-Rank.

Of course, the original novel doesn’t mention this part at all.

Perhaps it was a choice to eliminate the readers’ sense of discrepancy.

Of course, Choi Yu Seong was not the only one who felt the doubt. Many readers questioned whether the main character’s adjustment was excessive.

‘Yeah, it was a little weird at that point.’

Five years later, Kim Do Jin is definitely stronger than Choi Mi Na.

Because after overcoming many crises and growing even after that experience, he surpassed SS-Rank from A-Rank, became an EX-Rank that belongs to the realm of the perfect superhuman, and regained all the power he had accumulated in the other dimension before returning.

However, a thought suddenly came to Choi Yu Seong’s mind.

‘Possibly, Choi Mi Na heard something from Ji Ho hyungnim?’

In the novel’s scenario in which Hyesung Group mainly hindered Kim Do Jin’s move, there are only two people who somewhat have taken a step back unusually.

Choi Ji Ho and Choi Mi Na.

And ancient relics such as Pharaoh’s Caprice, the symbol of Choi Mi Na.

A picture came to mind at once, but it is too blurry.

As Choi Yu Seong shook his head inwardly, Choi Ji Ho, who brought Pharaoh’s Caprice closer, tilted his head.

“Are you feeling burdened as you’re going to actually take it?”

“That is not it. It’s my stuff, so I have to take it of course.”

Choi Yu Seong no longer hesitated and quickly grabbed Pharaoh’s Caprice and put it on his right palm.

The cool yet cold touch of metal seems to cool his excited heart.

‘Forget the uncertainty and enjoy it for now. Anyway, this precious thing is really in my hands.’

Pharaoh’s Caprice was an item rated B-Rank as an ancient relic.

In a way, it seems to be rather low-grade, but it is no exaggeration to say that it is the best treasure that can be obtained right now from the perspective of Choi Yu Seong.

‘Because Pharaoh’s Caprice has at least three functions.’

The first is the transmutation function.

Pharaoh’s Caprice is basically in the form of a ring, but it can be anything that belongs to inanimate objects according to the will of the wearer.

It can be merely changed into a book or glasses, or even significantly changed into a weapon or clothing.

‘Additionally, it also can save the appearance I imagined.’

Then here comes the second ability, the self-repair ability.

Pharaoh’s Caprice never wears out or breaks completely.

As it is an ancient relic, its durability is much higher than that of the general Made In Earth item and it does not take long to return to its original form even if it is damaged.

From these two abilities alone one can conclude that Pharaoh’s Caprice is actually a piece of very good equipment, but the most important thing for Choi Yu Seong was the third ability.

‘One of the few ancient relics with no wearing limit.’

The problem with most of the equipment of both another world’s treasure and ancient relics was that the wearing limit rank was quite high.

It was the most difficult part for Choi Yu Seong, who is only Rank E Level 80.

‘As far as I can remember, the lowest ancient relic’s wearing limit is around Rank C Level 60…’

It’s not even close to the current Choi Yu Seong.

But there is no such limit on Pharaoh’s Caprice.

The value of Pharaoh’s Caprice was already enough with just the mere attachment of such merit to an ancient relic with powerful performance.

Choi Yu Seong picked the ring with a slightly shaky hand and slowly inserted it into his right ring finger like Choi Ji Ho.

The strange trembling sense of mana wrapped around his whole body like scanning and quickly disappears.

There was no doubt about it.

This sense was proof that the ancient relic was genuine.

Choi Yu Seong was somewhat lost in the thrill. Choi Ji Ho looked at his appearance with a satisfied gaze and opened his mouth.

“If Pharaoh’s Caprice is Father’s gift, I also prepared a few more gifts as an apology.”

This isn’t the end?

Choi Yu Seong, who thought he had received a full and overflowing reward with Pharaoh’s Caprice alone, opened his eyes wide.

“I will gratefully receive it. Hyungnim. Thank you.”

He had no intention of rejecting it of course.


Since the solo encounter between Choi Yu Seong and Choi Ji Ho began, the three who got kicked out of the room were standing inside the chilly atmosphere.

If they had to pick the most uncomfortable person here, it was definitely Baek Cheol.

He was literally confused whether to look at the two people in front of him or to worry about what would happen inside the room.

There was just a wish.

It is alright for him to feel a little uncomfortable.

‘I hope Young Master Yu Seong is not too angry with Master…’

Fortunately, there was no loud voice in the room yet.

Perhaps the talk continues well quietly.

He could eavesdrop on the talk if he concentrated his mind actually, but he didn’t want to.

This is because he thought it was rude behavior to both Choi Ji Ho and Choi Yu Seong.

Baek Cheol struggled to suppress his desire to stamp his feet and talked to the two persons calmly blowing the cold wind.

“Young Master Yu Seong, the more I know, the bigger his vessel is.”


There is no answer coming back obviously.

Baek Cheol continued to talk alone even in a rather awkward situation.

“I know these words will not comfort both of you. However. Sadly, there is not much time left in Master’s life. On the day the end comes, I will go to Young Master’s side and serve him for the rest of my life no matter what happens. Please understand that I can only apologize in this way because this Baek only has this one body that I can give.”

Baek Cheol bowed his head deeply and clenched his fists.

It doesn’t matter how it sounds to them.

Baek Cheol sincerely felt sorry for the two and Choi Yu Seong, and greatly admired his vessel.

‘The way he said nonchalantly that he had forgotten it even though I almost drove him to death…’

It was almost ashamed of the word ‘villainous hero’ that he came up with no matter how many times he thought about it.

At least to Baek Cheol, Choi Yu Seong is a hero with a noble personality with great cause he cannot dare even to imagine.

A real man of virtue who knows how to sacrifice himself for others.

Baek Cheol wanted to be with Choi Yu Seong for the rest of his life if Choi Ji Ho left.

If he did so, he could be confident that he lived an unashamed life on the day he died.

He can’t console them with a few words.

Contrary to expectations that it would eventually be a silent answer, Jin Yu Ri opened her mouth.

“… Do not forget.”

As she turned her eyes, she looked at Baek Cheol’s firm brown eyes.

“The promise you made just now, you must keep it. When that time comes, you must definitely become Yu Seong oppa‘s confidant no matter what.”

“This Baek has never broken any promise before.”

“I’ll believe you.”

As Jin Yu Ri nodded her head with a strange smile on her lips, Choi Ji Ho came out from the tightly closed door with a more comfortable expression.

The first thing Choi Ji Ho did after opening the door was to bow deeply toward Jin Yu Ri and Jin Do Yun.

“I’m sorry. I want to apologize to both of…”

Before everything was said, the flustered Jin siblings hurriedly gestured to stop him.

“There is no need to do this.”

“Apologizing to Young Master is enough, sir.”

The fluster did not just belong to Jin siblings.


Baek Cheol also has his eyes wide open in the unexpected situation.

“It’s better if you don’t stop me. How much heartache have you two suffered to merely overcome my standards?”

“However, First Young Master is Yu Seong oppa‘s older brother. How can we receive your bow?”

Jin Yu Ri shook her head in front of Choi Ji Ho with a flustered expression.

“As my brother said, the apology to Yu Seong oppa is enough.”


“Please raise your head, sir.”

Choi Ji Ho, who sighed deeply at Jin Do Yun’s request, slowly raised his body.


At the same time, blood splattered between the coughs that came out.

‘A bony body.’

Jin Do Yun suddenly looked at Choi Ji Ho’s shoulder.

The skeleton without any flesh was indicating that there is not much time in his life as Baek Cheol said.

‘It was said that he had lost most of his abilities after the incident… Is it the aftereffect?’

Although Choi Ji Ho’s representative abilities were Wind Stance and Future Eyes, he had many more abilities that supported him until that position.

However, many of them disappeared on the day Choi Ji Ho got into an accident in a dungeon.

Choi Ji Ho, who suffered limb muscle vein loss, vision loss, and even mana reflux, disappeared from the Choi family and the entire Hyesung Group.

It was also surprising that he was hiding in such a remote place, but it was even more shocking to look at the reality that he had only heard of.

“Cough, I am sorry. I am truly sorry.”

Choi Ji Ho, who delivered his heart as much as possible while coughing with blood, slowly leaned on the wheelchair.

It was because he moved directly again when the aftermath of last night’s excessive movement still remained.

Baek Cheol wanted to dissuade Choi Ji Ho, but he didn’t dare.

‘He won’t even listen to it anyway.’

Choi family’s stubbornness is not just the property of Choi Wu Jae.

When Baek Cheol was sighing inwardly, Choi Yu Seong came out as if running at the sudden cough and looked at Choi Ji Ho.

Hyungnim, are you alright?”

“A little. After resting… It’ll be fine. You don’t have to worry too much.”


“Let’s call it a day. It’s not a good place to stay for a long time.”

Choi Ji Ho waved his hand and left as if running away.

Baek Cheol hurriedly bowed his head deeply to Choi Yu Seong and Jin siblings then quickly followed him.

‘Is he really alright?’

Choi Ji Ho of the original will die three years later.

But looking at his back now, he was worried that the time might be sooner than he thought.

Choi Yu Seong had to go through a big test and hardship, but he thought it was not easy to hate Choi Ji Ho when he saw his tearful face in front of him.

Though it seems that it was not simply just that.

‘… The only person in the family who thinks of me with a pure heart.’

The weight of that is by no means shallow.

‘I don’t want him to die… Is there any way?’

It seems that one more concern will increase from today.

Choi Yu Seong seemed didn’t hate that fact at all.