Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c16

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Choi Ji Ho wanted to stop and clear up the situation.

Judging from the choices already shown by Jin Do Yun and Jin Yu Ri, along with Choi Yu Seong’s actions, his test has long gone beyond the passing level.

In addition to the originally planned reward, it is still not enough to even give a gift of apology.

Of course, he didn’t think that Choi Yu Seong would forgive him.

He shook people’s hearts like this and made them desperate.

It would have been a good thing if he didn’t pour out his anger.

Thinking so, Choi Ji Ho began to lead the wheelchair with his quick hands.

For some reason, the appearance of Choi Yu Seong pushing a stone knife into his own neck made him feel somewhat uneasy.

‘He must not really want to die. However… What if things happen?’

Choi Ji Ho’s always closed eyes suddenly opened.

In the pure white pupils where no black spots are left, the scenery that only he can see is reflected.

A lake of red blood covers the view and Choi Yu Seong who fell beside it in vain.

Surprised Baek Cheol roared as if screaming and blood tears flowed from the eyes of the wolf who jumped over the moonlight.


Choi Ji Ho’s body trembled as he closed his eyes quickly.

‘Oh, my gosh.’

Choi Ji Ho’s Future Foresight is not an ability that can only be activated when he wants to.

Sometimes when he thinks deeply about someone, it shows such a short and intense future like this. The process is completely unknown, but the results revealed were so terrible.

‘Choi Yu Seong. This dratted brat really!’

In the aftermath of activating Future Sight, the painful and chilly cold wind brought a chill that was colder than the north wind, but there was no time to hesitate.


Choi Ji Ho threw up blood and stained his white clothes with red blood. He activated Wind Stance and lifted his body into the air.

There wasn’t enough room in his options to roll the wheelchair.

‘There’s… not much time left!’

For Choi Ji Ho, it was an unusually cold night with a body that was not the same as before.


For Jin Do Yun to get out of the building safely and quickly, Baek Cheol’s men must retreat.

“That threat no longer works. Young Master.”

However, Baek Cheol remained somewhat relaxed despite Choi Yu Seong’s threats.

“Put the knife down. I know Young Master doesn’t intend to die anyway. Haven’t I been fooled once already?”

Instead of answering, Choi Yu Seong showed a smile on his lips.

Then he brought the sharply pointed stone knife deeper into his neck.

A burning pain began to be felt and it wasn’t just a sting. But he couldn’t hesitate.

For Choi Yu Seong, who was trying to save Jin Yu Ri, there is no such thing as ease now.

‘Skill, Insight activate.’

Because of that, a blue will-o’-wisps bloomed in his eyes.

It would be foolish to save skills because there is a usage limit when facing an S-rank Hunter like Baek Cheol.

Baek Cheol, who wriggled his thick eyebrows, looked directly into Choi Yu Seong’s eyes lit with blue flames.

“It’s a skill called Insight. It allows me to predict the opponent’s movements in advance. It’s a level that can’t even be compared to Vision Enhancement Skill. I hope you don’t judge recklessly.”

Originally, it was rare for Hunters to tell their own abilities in a fight.

Most abilities inherently have strengths and weaknesses.

And an excellent Hunter can predict movements and behavior patterns just by knowing their opponent’s abilities.

Therefore, it was a taboo that should not be done for a Hunter to reveal their abilities unless having a good enough relationship to entrust life.

However, Choi Yu Seong revealed some about the blue will-o’-wisps, Insight’s abilities, that Baek Cheol had doubts about.

This is to somewhat limit the movement of Baek Cheol.

‘In fact, there’s no way I can predict an S-rank Hunter who’s determined to move at my level no matter how cheating Insight is.’

Importantly, it is actually possible when Choi Yu Seong’s rank and abilities develop.

Deceit as always is a mixture of truth and lies.

“Do Young Master Yu Seong think I’ll believe your words?”

“Don’t do anything useless. Just now you tried to hit me by kicking the rock on the floor with your foot, right? This is the first and last warning. Your men, call them back.”

And fortunately, movements that move carefully and slowly can be read.


A smile appeared on Baek Cheol’s lips.

At that moment, Choi Yu Seong was convinced that his deceit had worked and smiled together.

‘What an amazing man.’

Baek Cheol admired in his heart while quickly rolled his eyes and confirmed the location of Jin Do Yun, who was ready to jump up at any time, taking a step back from the two.

‘How should I do this?’

Baek Cheol’s worries deepen.

With a small test, he realized that Choi Yu Seong’s Insight is as powerful as he said.

On the other hand, however. The fact that Choi Yu Seong had no intention of dying now became a certainty in Baek Cheol’s head.

‘There’s no way someone so thorough like this would take his own life easily.’

Now he seemed to know a little bit about Choi Yu Seong’s style.

It’s cool-headed, calculating, and never suffers loss.

Baek Cheol has experienced several people like this.

A common figure in Hyesung Group.

If there were some differences between them and Choi Yu Seong, it would be the innate bloodline and the inherent charisma, namely dignity.

‘The villainous hero of the era.’

But he can’t help but be prepared for one thing.

As if he had concluded after contemplating, Baek Cheol loosened his stance that’s ready to run away at any time.

Then he puts his hand into his inner pocket.

Choi Yu Seong wriggled his eyebrows when he saw Baek Cheol’s movement, but no longer gave strength to his hand with a stone knife.

Baek Cheol, who pulled out the wireless communicator with a smile, pressed the reception button and opened his mouth.

“Ah ah, this is Alpha. Omega, withdraw everyone.”

—Omega, proceed to withdraw.


Several voices were heard one after another over the communicator.

As if to confirm him, Baek Cheol raised both arms toward Choi Yu Seong.

“Is this enough?”

Choi Yu Seong nodded instead of answering. At the same time, Jin Do Yun, who was standing back, jumped high into the sky.

It was that moment.

Choi Yu Seong’s Insight showed Baek Cheol throwing the communicator in his hand.

It must have been a surprise attack while he was relieved.


It was when Choi Yu Seong frowned at that.

A small piece of stone flew violently from under his vision.


It was a trick to wriggle shoulders like throwing the communicator.

It was a trick from the beginning which took advantage of the fact that a person’s eyes had no choice but to see what was flying towards the eyes first, which was exactly right at this moment.

Choi Yu Seong looked at the flying stone piece and thought.

‘If I get hit by that stone here…’

He would lose the stone knife he was holding.

The result after that was obvious.

He will be overwhelmed by Baek Cheol and the escaping Jin Do Yun will also be surrounded.

Everything is over.

‘It can’t be like that.’

Choi Yu Seong promised to save Jin Yu Ri.

He can’t give up.

If so, would he really risk his life and stab the knife deep into his neck?

Of course, he didn’t want to.

‘I want to live.’

He wants to live somehow.

That’s why he has been enduring all this time.

He has to come up with a way in a short time.

Choi Yu Seong’s mind spun wildly.

Baek Cheol will be truly so panic if Choi Yu Seong dies.

This is a confirmed fact.

That means that pretending to be dead can also be effective.

Time will stretch naturally then Jin Do Yun and Jin Yu Ri can run away.

Of course, never in a clumsy way.

‘I’ll be in quite a pain, but… I think there might be a way.’

Choi Yu Seong, who spun his mind at a crazy speed, decided to hit the flying stone piece first.

Of course, this will also be very painful.

But it could be nothing compared to the pain that would follow.

At the end of the decision, a small stone piece thrown by Baek Cheol hit Choi Yu Seong’s wrist.

Choi Yu Seong instinctively and deliberately turned his right wrist with the stone knife down to the left. He used the force of the blow to exert superhuman endurance, endured the pain, and managed to turn the knife against his neck toward the top of his left chest.

‘Because the human heart is lower than expected. I’m not actually going to die.’

However, there will be a lot of blood.

And from the standpoint of the observer, it is bound to be a big surprise.

Of course, Choi Yu Seong also will be in great pain.

The knife is stuck in his left chest.

He even prepares to bite the tip of his tongue, ready for the sensation of burning flesh.

‘It’s no good if there’s not enough blood…’

Choi Yu Seong made his own meticulous plan in the meantime and was about to disguise a proper form of death.

When Baek Cheol was running with a surprised look and Choi Yu Seong with eyes ready to die while hiding his plan. Harsh energy swirled up with the sound of the wind tearing through the gap of them.


In no time, the wind shattered the stone knife held by Choi Yu Seong in such a vain manner that it became a powder.

‘My gosh!’

Choi Yu Seong was surprised even in that brief moment.

There was definitely strong wind energy, but it destroyed only the stone knife precisely without any effect or injury on his body.

The skill of handling the energy is surprisingly precise and made him feel goosebumps.

‘Who the hell is it?’

It was not necessary to search for the answer to the question.

A hand whiter than white jade flew in from where the wind had gone and snatched Choi Yu Seong’s wrist.

The owner of the hand, a young man with his eyes closed, is facing Choi Yu Seong with an angry look on his face.

The opponent had his eyes closed, but Choi Yu Seong felt that he was clearly looking at him.

‘Choi Ji Ho.’

It was the first meeting, but Choi Yu Seong could easily tell who he was.

This is because his softly smiling face, unlike now, came to mind so clearly in a very vague memory of the past.

Between the strange sensations of the overlapping image of the caring and tender Choi Ji Ho in memory on top of his red face with anger.

“You dratted guy. Who told you to take your life so cheaply!”

Choi Ji Ho yelled loudly.