Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c15

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Baek Cheol had missed Choi Yu Seong’s movement while focusing on Jin Do Yun. He just found that Choi Yu Seong stood at the end of the entrance of Jin Do Yun’s room, which had collapsed.

Naturally, Baek Cheol’s face hardened.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Can’t you see it? I’m risking my life.”

With those words, Choi Yu Seong stared at Jin Do Yun as if it could pierce him.

‘How can I…’

Jin Do Yun’s mind after reading Choi Yu Seong’s thoughts became complicated, yet for a moment.

“This is an order. Jin Do Yoon. Forget about me from now on. Your only purpose is to rescue Jin Yu Ri.”

At the somehow coercive words, Jin Do Yun nodded as if he was possessed by something.

To point it out, that would have been dignity.

It’s not the physical power or any superpower, but the essential presence of a person.

From his voice and expression, Jin Do Yun gained sure conviction and ran toward Baek Cheol without hesitation.

At the same time, Choi Yu Seong falls back toward the darkness like the mouth of a terrifying monster, into the bottom of the abyss.

Baek Cheol had his eyes wide open. Then he stared at the running Jin Do Yun.

He, who had turned into a wolf beast appearance, was not looking back as if there was no room for it.

“Damn it!”

Baek Chul spit out a curse and ran forward.

It’s not that he didn’t feel that something was weird, but he didn’t have time to deal with Jin Do Yun.

Except for many other reasons, Baek Cheol had two big reasons why he could never let Choi Yu Seong die.

‘Master will be very sad if Young Master Yu Seong dies.’

Above all, Baek Cheol himself liked Choi Yu Seong very much.

He is a talent too precious to let him die at this moment in a place like this.

Baek Cheol hurriedly threw himself into the dark pit. His gaze was fixed on Choi Yu Seong, who was fluttering as if he had lost consciousness yet kept falling to the ground quickly.

Baek Cheol was suspicious as he tried to hold Choi Yu Seong’s back to relieve the shock as much as possible by reaching out his hands while falling with all his might.

Then like a lie, Choi Yu Seong’s figure is blurred, shattered, and disappeared.

‘Illusion? It’s… Master’s Wind Stance?’

Surprised for a moment, Baek Cheol witnessed Choi Yu Seong was holding a stone beak that barely protruded then he jumped into the air by forming a transparent shield as a foothold.

He looked back for a moment and saw Choi Yu Seong smiled mischievously. Baek Cheol, who stably landed on the ground while, had no choice but to laugh.

The underground is a height that even an S-Rank Awakener can’t jump at once.

Of course, it’s not impossible if he hit the wall several times, but by then Choi Yu Seong and Jin Do Yun would have reached Jin Yu Ri’s room.

At this moment, Baek Cheol had no choice but to admit it.

“…I’ve been beaten.”


Baek Cheol is completely unaware of Choi Yu Seong’s abilities.

Just as Jin Yu Ri thought at the time about sparring, Choi Yu Seong also did not show his full strength just in case.

It was obvious since the purpose itself was to collect skills from the beginning.

Therefore, Baek Cheol did not know about Choi Yu Seong’s shield.

The Wind Stance that was obtained later would have been really unpredictable.

‘That’s fortunate. Baek Cheol didn’t turn back his gaze in the middle.’

It could be because his peripheral vision was buried in the darkness that it was difficult to judge momentarily. But it must have been thanks to the fact that his whole mind was focused on Choi Yu Seong’s fall.

This means that Baek Cheol is worried about Choi Yu Seong.

‘He should have been more thorough if he was going to play a bad guy.’

Unfortunately, Baek Cheol was a good person, as he could tell when he read the original novel.

Even so, it would have been impossible to fool Baek Cheol in such a neat manner if it had not been for the illusion of Wind Stance.

Luck and circumstances were good in many ways.

Meanwhile. Jin Do Yun, who believed in Choi Yu Seong through the last exchange of glances, ran straight ahead. He opened the entrance, broke the stairs, and fell straight down.

Choi Yu Seong did not chase after him.

‘I’m not Jin Do Yun. I’ll die if I jump down there.’

Isn’t that why Baek Cheol came to save Choi Yu Seong?

Choi Yu Seong took a quick breath and thought.

‘Will Baek Cheol come up faster? Or Do Yun?’

The result was once again told by Jin Do Yun, who once again jumped through the collapsing pillars, stairs, and gaps in the ceiling.

In his arms was the unconscious Jin Yu Ri still tied to the sealing restraint.


Jin Do Yun settled safely on the ground much more stable than at first, perhaps because he already had experience. He cried a loud howling.

His face quickly returned to its human form.

His eyes were full of relief as he saw the unharmed Choi Yu Seong.

On the other hand, Choi Yu Seong’s mind was all poured to Jin Yu Ri, who had just been rescued.

Approximately 20 seconds to escape to above the ground.

“What about the gas?”

Jin Do Yun shook his head at Choi Yu Seong’s question.

“I don’t think she drank anything herself. However, it’s probably absorbed through the skin…”

“She needs to get treatment, huh.”

Jin Yuri may be immune to some extent since she is an A-Rank Hunter, but she cannot last long.

Choi Yu Seong rose to his feet in an urgent situation.

It was when Jin Do Yun was carrying Jin Yu Ri and trying to follow him.

There was a huge roar like the ground collapsing.

“Baek Cheol is coming.”

Maybe soon, Choi Ji Ho will also appear.

Although he has lost a lot of power, his abilities will still be threatening for Choi Yu Seong.

Can they get rid of them all and run away?

Choi Yu Seong grabbed a sharp stone from the collapsed ceiling.

‘I don’t really want to, but…’

As it is the most effective way, he had no choice but to provoke the opponent again with this.

“Jin Do Yun. You take Jin Yu Ri and escape. Because they can’t kill me. I’ll try to threaten as much as I can.”

“Young Master.”

“I can’t help it even if I don’t want to! If you don’t like it, get stronger to stand up for me in the future. Train, hunt. Don’t let anything like this happen again. Okay?

Jin Do Yun, who bit his lower lip strongly, had his eyes red as if he was about to burst into tears and nodded.

“There are a lot of shortcomings…”


At that moment, Baek Cheol jumped to the ground.

As if proving that he is an S-rank Hunter, he eventually overcame the height that even Jin Do Yun couldn’t guarantee.

Baek Cheol, who is covered with clouds of dust, smiled fiercely.

“Thanks to Young Master, I had a hard time.”


Choi Yu Seong spoke low and brought the sharp stone knife to his neck.

“Does Young Master think I will be slower than you?”


Choi Yu Seong did not answer anything.

He may miss the time to pretend to slit his throat even in the middle of speaking.

This is because Baek Cheol’s thoughts were clearly read.

Jin Do Yun lowered his head and slowly began to step back.

“Do you think it’s that easy to escape? My team members are waiting outside the building.”

Baek Cheol shook his head at Jin Do Yun.

“Call everyone here.”

At that moment, Choi Yu Seong opened his mouth.

The moment Baek Cheol’s shoulders twitched, red blood flowed down his neck.

“Young Master!”

The surprised Jin Do Yun raised his voice.

However, Choi Yu Seong had no time to care about Jin Do Yun.

Even a tiny gap will make Baek Cheol rush in like a fierce tiger and subdue Choi Yu Seong.

It’s not just that.

Maybe Choi Ji Ho is coming here now.

He managed to rescue Jin Yu Ri, but there are still so many mountains to overcome.

‘I have to draw all the attention to myself. Can I do it?’

The eyes of the gulping Choi Yu Seong and Baek Cheol collided in the air.


The moment he witnessed Choi Yu Seong and Jin Do Yun break down the stairs and escape, Baek Cheol lightly pressed the surprised Choi Ji Ho’s shoulder and ran outside without delay.

Left alone Choi Ji Ho pondered for a short time, no longer looked at the monitor, and headed out in a wheelchair.

But it was not urgent to follow Baek Cheol.

Baek Cheol even pressed Choi Ji Ho’s shoulder and stopped him because he had such concerns.

He didn’t mean to behave on his own, ignoring that gratefulness.

“I will take you, sir.”

“It’s all right.”

As he left the room, an aide left by Baek Cheol tried to follow behind, but Choi Ji Ho refused him and led the wheel out of the building.

It was a rather chilly and windy December night.

Choi Ji Ho, who came out of the building alone, did not want to be disturbed by anyone.

He concentrated through Flowing Wind, he could see Choi Yu Seong’s movements from quite a distance and listen to his voice in detail.

The wind told Choi Yu Seong’s story much clearer than when he was underground.


In the dire situation, Choi Yu Seong used Illusion to fool Baek Cheol and Jin Do Yun rescued Jin Yu Ri. A bitter smile burst out.

“Choi Yu Seong. You clever guy.”

Choi Ji Ho looked at his younger brother with a feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

To be honest, Choi Ji Ho hoped that Choi Yu Seong would get a stronger and more firm heart in this test.

The fragile and gentle Choi Yu Seong that he remembers cannot endure the typhoon created by greedy people.

He was going to get hurt a lot.

Perhaps a shocking death awaits him, like the future he saw in the distant past.

‘Death. His death…’

Choi Ji Ho saw the death of Choi Yu Seong.

It was a terrible future, but Choi Ji Ho had no power or ability to change it at that time.

He could give a little help, but it is also possible only when Choi Yu Seong listens.

The current Choi Ji Ho?

It doesn’t make much difference.

As said, it’s up to the person to change his own fate in the end.

In that sense, it was surprising that Choi Yu Seong came instead of the person who should have come here first.

‘Maybe it can change his death.’

Choi Ji Ho was surprised and sincerely hoped so.

However, this disgraceful younger brother kept playing with his life without knowing such thoughts.

For Jin Do Yun and Jin Yu Ri to escape, he shook Baek Cheol recklessly with a stone knife in his neck.

He knew.

This is because Choi Yu Seong is in a desperate situation with the fainted Jin Yu Ri behind him.

‘I think it’s time to tell them that it’s not poison gas, it’s just a little bit of a strong sleeping gas.’

From the beginning, Choi Ji Ho had no intention of killing any of Choi Yu Seong’s people.

The test in the Room of Sacrifice was literally just a test.

A test that should have been taken no matter who came and wanted the treasure. Everyone will have different ways of finding answers in the process.

Of course, Choi Ji Ho’s mind could not be at ease throughout the process.

It was also true that he felt even more uncomfortable because his opponent was Choi Yu Seong.

It would have been much easier if it had been the majority of other siblings with spiteful nature to produce results.

‘Because the original answer to the Room of Sacrifice is a proof of trust or dignity…’

To explain it, it’s like this.

The person chosen to be sacrificed will not blame the person who abandoned them even in death.

When they wake up from the drug effect and show confidence that their choice is not wrong, the person who took the test can receive the treasure.

Perhaps Choi Ji Ho guessed that most siblings took this direction and proved that they were not only worthy of the treasure but also worthy to be at the heart of the company.

Even if it was a somewhat coercive loyalty, Choi Ji Ho intended to respect that.

Therefore, he created the Room of Sacrifice that forced a rather terrible choice.

However, Choi Ji Ho hoped that the person who would take the treasure would naturally be trusted and respected by those around them, rather than those who gained coercive loyalty if possible.

There must have been such a person among the Choi family’s siblings.

It was just that much.

Nevertheless, Choi Yu Seong chose a different method than the fixed answer.

‘I thought it was impossible to escape in the first place…’

After the Magical Resonance that yet appeared in the world and the option of breaking down the stairs, he even gambled with his life.

There was nothing that he could have guessed.

‘I think we should stop at this point. I lost.’