Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c14

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This method, the so-called Mana Resonance, was a shocking phenomenon that was revealed in the original novel about two years later when the Pandemonium, the largest villain camp in the US, collapsed.

The ingredients are the roots of Mandrake sold by Dimensional Merchants at 200 Karma Points and mana vibration to stimulate it.

It is not enough to simply infuse mana.

Mana must be infused accurately to shake up the roots of Mandrake and bring out the resonance in its soul.

This technique, discovered in an experiment of a certain lunatic villain, is surprisingly very brief. But it temporarily disables the function of the not many magical engineering items that humans have developed in conjunction with scientific civilization, such as powerful mana barriers and sealing restraints.

To put it bluntly, the power breaker is turned off for a very short time.

Of course, the effect is much better and maximized when using the main body and not just the root. But the current Choi Yu Seong could not purchase it because the price was ridiculously high.

Above all, the nearby Choi Yu Seong would vomit blood and die if he heard the real Mandrake scream.

In conclusion, the range of Mana Resonance made using mana and the Mandrake root, which Choi Yu Seong can use, is about 5 pyeong1 16.5 m2 and 1 second at most.

He had to work in that short gap.

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong asked Ping Pong to put it in a box and then hand over the Mandrake root to him.

This was because he thought that the quick-witted Choi Ji Ho might impose sudden sanctions if he saw what the item was.

Ping Pong with good service granted his request. And thanks to that, Choi Yu Seong was able to quickly move to where his Mana Resonance could reach Jin Do Yun.

Knowing the plan through Choi Yu Seong’s whisper, Jin Do Yun broke the chain without hesitation and hit the wall where he was tied.

The reason was simple.

‘Because that’s the entrance.’

High ceiling. Rooms that were blocked on all sides.

Did they just throw people into a place like this?

It couldn’t be.

Choi Yu Seong obviously thought there would be an entrance and tried to find the location by looking around the room while pretending to have a conversation.

It wasn’t on the floor nor was it anywhere on the wall in Choi Yu Seong’s room.

The same was true of Jin Do Yun’s room, where he looked around with all his attention.

Only belatedly did Choi Yu Seong think of the wall where Jin Do Yun was tied up.

He knocked and checked the walls here and there. But there was nowhere he could feel the gap beyond the space, which is the characteristic of the entrance or exit.

Then where did they hide the entrance?

After much consideration, Choi Yu Seong approached Jin Do Yun pretending to whisper, and carefully checked the wall behind. He became convinced that it was the entrance and exit.

It would be better to be able to rescue Jin Yu Ri in a short time when Mana Resonance occurred, but there is not enough time to run to the other room.

Thus, they should not just ignorantly break down the wall but find the entrance accurately, escape, then rescue Jin Yu Ri.

The plan so far has been quite successful.


As this was before Mana Resonance was revealed, Baek Cheol was confused by the sudden power cut-off.

The incident happened because even simple lights were made using mana just in case, so he could not know the internal situation at all even though the monitor was connected by regular electricity.

Although his vision could penetrate the darkness, the cameras and monitors connected by regular electricity could not do so.

However, Choi Ji Ho’s side was much worse considering the big of the confusion.

To him, the situation in the dark was being read as if he could see it exactly.

Jin Do Yun broke off the sealing restrain, accurately found the entrance, and destroyed it.

Choi Yu Seong grabbed the key and ran to escape.

The series of actions took place so quickly that while he watched without saying anything, all mana supply that had been turned off was restored.

“No way… Master. They have escaped.”

Baek Cheol, who confirmed the broken entrance with the disappearing Choi Yu Seong and Jin Do Yun, opened his eyes wide and expressed a short exclamation.

But it was just for a moment.

“It was a stupid choice. At this rate, we have no choice but to spray gas.”

Choi Ji Ho nodded calmly, pressing the gas spray button with one hand and turning up another monitor for Baek Cheol with the other hand.

There, Choi Yu Seong and Jin Do Yun were seen panicking by the towering spiral stairs in the dark passage.

“I understand your choice well. Choi Yu Seong. You must have realized this. Even if you try to resist clumsily, you can’t change the outcome.”

After a short sigh, Choi Ji Ho spoke through the microphone.


[… Even if you try to resist clumsily, you can’t change the outcome.]

Choi Yu Seong, who escaped through the entrance and used the key to quickly dismantle the sealing restraint that was binding Jin Do Yun, bit his lips at that voice.

‘It was an urgent one second, though.’

It was to buy time while Choi Ji Ho was surprised that he even used the unknown Mana Resonance to cause mana discharge.

Given that the room is clearly bright but the location of the lighting is nowhere to be seen. He thought it was a good move to even predict that it could also aim for the blackout effect.

However, his face became stiff the moment he saw the spiral stairs twisted like a snake outside the entrance.

“It is a structure that makes it impossible to jump. Even if you just run and go alone, it takes a minute.”

Said Jin Do Yun, clenching his free hands.

They thought it might be underground looking from the high ceiling, but they didn’t know that the entrance was made of stairs.

‘What era is this? There’s not even a lift…’

If it was an elevator, there would have been a lot of places to grab or step on such as ropes or connecting parts. So, it would have been much faster to go up.

Choi Yu Seong’s eyes flashed when he thought that far.

“Jin Do Yun, didn’t you say you made something like a lethal move before?”

“Destroy it. The whole thing.”

At Choi Yu Seong’s words, Jin Do Yun nodded hardly as if he understood the situation.

After that, he rushed forward with only one hand covered with thick fur.

It was in an instant that mana was not wrapped around Jin Do Yun’s whole body, but condensed into a clenched fist.

A simple blow of a fist is sometimes heavier than a huge mountain.2The complete proverb is 진합태산 (塵合太山 jin.hap.tae.san). Collected dust can become a mountain.

“Great Mountain Strike! So, he gained this ability throughout the novel.’

The lethal move that Jin Do Yun said was a powerful ability that even blew away the fully rushing Kim Do Jin by about 2km in the original novel.

There was no explanation in the novel, so he thought it was Jin Do Yun’s original ability. He didn’t know it would be something new.

‘That’s not it. Is it a lot faster than the original novel, perhaps?’

He thought that it might be the case.

His thoughts were short and the results came quickly.

The Great Mountain Strike that Jin Do Yun threw hit hard the thick pillar holding the center of the spiral stairs. The ceiling and stairs began to collapse like hail.

Choi Yu Seong no longer needed to raise his voice.

Jin Do Yun, who had already understood the intention, grabbed Choi Yu Seong’s waist at once and jumped toward the pouring debris.

Jin Do Yun used those falling pieces like stairs and quickly soared toward the ceiling.

Five run-ups in total.

Each was raising quite a wide space, but Jin Do Yun’s face hardened.

‘Not yet…’

There was still quite a distance to the ceiling.

But there’s no more falling debris.

He has to jump at once.

It’s a critical moment, but it’s not the time to think of impossibilities.

‘From the start, I’m not the type who thinks like Young Master.’

Jin Do Yun emptied his head and flew off with strength in his thighs to do his best.

Then, he wrapped Choi Yu Seong with his right arm and stretched out his left arm with all his might to grab the end of the collapsed ceiling.

“Caught i…”

Jin Do Yun, who thought he had barely caught the edge, had a hardened face in an instant.

With a cracking sound, the edge held by Jin Do Yun broke down like sand.


“Shield! Jump, Jin Do Yun!”

At that moment, Choi Yu Seong raised his voice and created a protective shield under the feet of Jin Do Yun who was about to fall.

Jin Do Yun put strength on his legs without hesitation at the feeling of support on his feet amid the panic.

It was like a bullet.

‘About 10 seconds.’

It took a short time to get above the ground after escaping.

However, it’s already a dangerous time in the room where deadly poisonous gases are being sprayed.

‘Now I can only use the shield ability just once more.’

The duplicated ability by Duplicate Eye has a limit on the number of times unless combined by fusion.

The same was true of Shield that was stolen not long ago during Dungeon Battle.

It’s a trump card of its own, but the number of times is only 1 left after he used it just now.

Choi Yu Seong thought quickly as he climbed the ceiling and rolled on the floor, turning his eyes away.

‘The entrance to the room where Jin Yu Ri is confined is…’

Fortunately, there were unusually bulging floorboards inside the huge hanok room.


Choi Yu Seong shouted and Jin Do Yun ran.

At that moment, the closed-door shattered open and someone jumped inside.

The black figure, who showed a wind-like movement, swung its arm. Jin Do Yun stretched out his hand to counter it, but the result was clear.


Jin Do Yun, who couldn’t even scream, floated into the air and caught on the ceiling.

The creaking sound of the truss was heard and Jin Do Yun poured down along with part of the ceiling.


Looking at Jin Do Yun vomiting blood and Baek Cheol appearing in front of him, Choi Yu Seong nibbled his lower lip.

“Baek Cheol.”

“Please give up. Young Master Yu Seong. You can’t go any further.”

“I thought you were a good person.”

“I am sorry. I cannot be a good person for everyone.”

Baek Cheol, who apologized, blocked in front of the bulging floor and clenched his fist with a stance.

It meant that he had no intention to be sloppy.


Jin Do Yun, who has completely become a werewolf, let out the low cry of a beast.

“You already know that form doesn’t work, right? It’s nothing but helping me to hit comfortably.”

Baek Cheol’s eyes turned to Jin Do Yun’s shoulder, which was turned back by his fist.

The recovery speed was so fast that it was clear to the eye that the swollen shoulder had subsided and returned to its proper place.

Jin Do Yun leaned down his body with deep anger and a fighting spirit in his brown eyes.

A strong momentum rising sharply from his whole body.

The fighting spirit made Baek Cheol smile bitterly in his heart.

‘Was it not his best strength the last time we fought? Or does he change depending on the situation? He has become much stronger.’

Of course, that doesn’t mean that he is an opponent for the hard-boiled S-Rank Hunter, Baek Cheol.

“It will only be painful if you try to rush. Give up.”

“Both of you stop.”

The assertive Baek Cheol’s gaze suddenly turned beyond Jin Do Yun to Choi Yu Seong.