Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c13

Unedited Chapter
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Jin Yu Ri showed a slightly sad smile.

“I thought I was going to properly serve our very cool Young Master from now on, but it turned out like this. Please open my e-mailbox when you get out of here. Do Yun oppa knows the ID and password. If you look there, there will be a sender named Jenny. Please contact that friend…”

“Stop. Did you think that I come here to hear your will?”

Choi Yu Seong interrupted Jin Yu Ri with a quite annoyed voice.

“Figure it out. If you can’t think of anything, it can’t be helped. Surprisingly, Jin Do Yun might have an idea. Even if it isn’t, it’s okay. I’ll find the answer on my own. So don’t give up. Never think about dying. Got it?

“Yu Seong oppa.”

Jin Yu Ri, whose hair hanging down, shook her head.

“Jin Yu Ri. I actually still don’t know why people like you and Jin Do Yun care so much and follow such a drunkard idiot like me. So, you can’t be killed until I know the reason.”

“What, that stupid-like…”

“Enough, just remember one thing. Don’t give up. Because I’ll do the same.”

Choi Yu Seong gritted his teeth and turned around back to his room.

Jin Yu Ri watched his back with a strange gaze and smiled.

“Seriously. What am I going to do if he keeps getting cooler? This will make it difficult to choose a woman when Yu Seong oppa get married…”

In this somewhat helpless and dispirited situation, Jin Yu Ri’s eyes began to be filled with will as she came up with the best choice she had thought of.

“I’m not anyone else, so I’ll believe because it’s Yu Seong oppa’s words! You have to save me! Okay? You shouldn’t kill me!”

Jin Yu Ri put strength to her stomach and shouted.

Beyond the slowly closing glass wall, Choi Yu Seong turned his body as if he heard her voice then looked and nodded hardly at Jin Yu Ri.


Choi Yu Seong, who returned to his room with Jin Yu Ri’s support on his shoulder, fell into a brief thought.

He was very flustered by the unexpected situation that was not even in the original novel, but it was natural when he thought about it.

‘Because I’m not Kim Do Jin, but Choi Yu Seong.’

And walked in a completely different direction from the original Choi Yu Seong.

As many things are changing, this will happen more and more frequently in the future.

There was nothing more foolish than being confused and flustered every time it happened.

Choi Yu Seong believed that he could do well.

Isn’t the Sand Officers he met yesterday monsters that didn’t appear in the original novel?

“The transparent glass wall is about five meters high. Above it is a stone wall, but there must be some mana barrier on it.”

Choi Yu Seong started talking to himself.

He said it out of certainty that someone was listening.

“The ground… Well, can’t be dug unless I can summon a real excavator.”

He intentionally lay on the floor, put his ears on the ground, beat them with his fingers, and spat out self-talk.

“Why is the ceiling so high? Won’t it be too much even for a grade S physical type hunter to jump at once?”

[You talk a lot. It’s foolish to tell the enemy a lot of information.]

“After all it’s a trap that the enemy made.”

Choi Yu Seong, who smiled at the returned answer, looked at the ceiling.

“Where did you hide the camera? It looks like it’s beyond the wall, but you can’t break through the Mana Barrier, so there must be a gap.”

[I don’t deny it.]

“Then there’s a small gap that can fit a camera and a microphone.”

[Are you not going to see the man’s room?]

“I shall go, open the door.”

Choi Yu Seong smirked and headed for the glass wall where Jin Do Yun could be seen this time.

With the sound of the ground rumble, the huge glass wall lifted slowly into the air like a blind.

“You are safe as expected, Young Master!”

Jin Do Yun, who was looking around with his head up, uttered a cry of relief.

“Huh. But things aren’t so good. To explain it…”

“I understand roughly. When I concentrate and listen, I hear a tampered voice.”

“Yet you didn’t hear my voice?”



Of course, the voice coming out of the microphone is much louder than Choi Yu Seong’s voice.

Still, being able to hear it means that they hid the microphone closer to Jin Do Yun.

‘Although it may also be because Jin Do Yun’s ears are sharp.’

Anyway, it was more likely that the eyes and ears of the transformation type Jin Do Yun would be much sharper than the implementation type Jin Yu Ri although he ranked lower.

“This room is exactly the same as Jin Yu Ri’s room. Couldn’t see my side and the tall rectangular stone walls. On the ceiling…”

“It is steel. It’s quite thick. I’ve developed my own lethal move recently, but I honestly don’t have the confidence to jump that far.”

“That’s information you should have been a little careful. They’re listening from over there.”

Jin Do Yun, who looked surprised by Choi Yu Seong’s words, closed his mouth tightly.

“It’s okay. It’s a height too high to reach as you said. Now that we’re at it, let’s check the situation. If you can reach it, can you break it?”

Instead of answering, Jin Do Yun glared intensely at Choi Yu Seong.

‘You think it’s worth a try, is it?’

However, it will have to use up considerable power.

It was also an unreasonable move when thinking about rescuing Jin Yu Ri after escaping.

“Perhaps do you have any ideas?”

“I am sorry.”

Choi Yu Seong continued to talk with Jin Do Yun then checked around Jin Do Yun’s room.

“Please save Yu Ri and not me. She pretends to be strong, but she is a weak-hearted kid.”

“I heard the same thing in the other room. To put it the same way, I refuse. I’m gonna save you both.”

“There is no appropriate way, Young Master.”

“If we don’t have it, we have to make it.”


“Stop. Aren’t I here to think about it?”

“… I believe in you.”

The smirking Choi Yu Seong went around the room and approached Jin Do Yun.

“How is your condition?”

“It is not bad.”

“You can’t just break it off by force, right?”


Jin Do Yun showed a deep smile instead of answering.

“Don’t overdo it. What to do if you get seriously hurt while doing what I was told? Lower your head a little bit.”

Choi Yu Seong scratched his own cheek and whispered something in Jin Do Yun’s ear.

“… I understand.”


Choi Yu Seong, who smiled slightly, stepped back from Jin Do Yun.

[I want you to know that if you pull out a useless trick, both persons may be sacrificed.]

“Alas, the rules are getting tougher as time passes by.”

Choi Yu Seong, who replied gruntingly, moved his steps again farther from Jin Do Yun.

Then he stood on the lower-left corner side of the room and muttered lowly.

“Dimensional Merchant, summon.”

Space is distorted and a small pink door is formed.

“Where’s the lollipop for this body?”

Pingpong of the Lionbear clan, who walked out from the door, asked the first question while looking at Choi Yu Seong.


Baek Cheol frowned and looked at the monitor where Choi Yu Seong’s figure had disappeared.

“It seems Young Master Yu Seong has found the camera’s blind spot, sir.”

“It seems he has noticed that there’s no blind spot in his own room. That’s why he chose the room with Jin Do Yun in it.”

“How did he know it?”

“Instinctive sense. Or he might have felt the camera’s gaze. After all, Yu Seong is also a hunter.”

“He didn’t even know it’s a trap… It is a foolish thought since he doesn’t know that Master doesn’t see with eyes.”

Choi Ji Ho nodded at Baek Cheol’s words.

“He summoned a Dimensional Merchant. I think he is buying something, but I don’t know what it’s for.”

“I heard that it is not been long since he just becomes a hunter. Even if he received a lot of attention from the Gods, what he can do with Karma Points will be limited.”

“It’s limited, but it can be tricky.”

“He should not be permitted to use Wisdom Eye.”

Baek Cheol quickly hit the initiative.

The use of Wisdom Eye is also a big burden for Choi Ji Ho.

Although the test was important, it was Baek Cheol’s wish for Choi Ji Ho not to overdo it.

“I don’t think he thought that far. But… Shall we try to surprise him once?”

The grinning Choi Ji Ho took the microphone to his lips.


[I suggest you cancel the summon of Dimensional Merchant right now. Choi Yu Seong. This is the last warning.]

Choi Yu Seong, who summoned Pingpong to buy some items quickly, shuddered.

“… Isn’t here a blind spot?”

[That could be your misunderstanding. I’ll count from three. Three.]

Choi Yu Seong shed a bitter smile.

‘There wasn’t much information about Choi Ji Ho in the original novel. It’s not strange that there’s a skill I don’t know.’

While he was thinking hard, Choi Ji Ho’s voice was heard once again.


Choi Yu Seong sighed deeply and looked at Ping Pong.

“Next time you come, I’ll give you three lollipops for free. Thank you for helping me when I’m in a hurry. Pingpong nim.”


“That’s a very grateful story. I hope to see you again alive. Choi Yu Seong.”


Ping Pong, who saluted with its short arm, reopened the door and returned to its original world.

Choi Yu Seong, who was left alone, shrugged.

“I definitely thought this was a blind spot, but I guess my feeling was wrong.”

[What did you buy?]

Instead of answering, Choi Yu Seong took out a palm-sized square box and waved it upward.

He walked naturally to Jin Do Yun.

Of course, Choi Ji Ho would not watch him to the end.

[Stay in place. No further move is allowed.]

“Alas, so cruel.”

[What’s in the box?]

“I will show you. It’s enough to show it, right?”

Choi Yu Seong held the bottom of the box with his left hand and slowly opened the lid with his right hand.

Inside the box was a strange tree root that resembled a human in a way.

[What is that…?]

Before Choi Ji Ho even asked a question, he wondered if the tree’s roots were trembling then a hard ringing burst out.


Power outage and the state of energy discharge.

“Jin Do Yun!”

Choi Yu Seong, who covered his ears tightly, raised his voice and Jin Do Yun turned around along with the sound of the chains breaking.

At the same time, the light in the room began to light up again.

It was also at the same time that Jin Do Yun clenched his fist and punched hard the wall where he was tied.

A part of the wall collapsed like a lie with great vibration.

Choi Yu Seong, who confirmed him after rushing to get the key, shouted.