Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c11

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Choi Yu Seong’s level was 61 before hunting the Boss Monster, which means he has risen by as many as 27 levels.

There were only 12 levels left until the E-Rank Max Level.

Even that was not the end.

‘I have one more specialization skill?!’

He was already surprised when it was two, but now there was a third one.

‘Is it a bug?’

Of course, it was ridiculous because it’s a reality, not a game. But it was not strange to have thought like this at this point.

“Yu Seong oppa, Yu Seong oppa…!”

When Choi Yu Seong was about to collapse due to his relaxed legs, Jin Yu Ri ran straight to his side trying to support him, and raised her voice.

“Uh, uh?”

“Can you hear me now?”

“Aah, yeah. Sorry. I’m a little out of my mind.”

Due to the pleasure of hunting the Boss Monster alone and a great reward far beyond expectations, he could not hear her at all even though she kept calling by his side.

“What did you say?”

“I said that’s incredible! So amazing. I’m not really the type who gets carried away like this, you know. But this is so, seriously, very great. What the hell is this. Why didn’t I ever know that Yu Seong oppa is such a great person?”

“… Stop it. So embarrassing.”

“You can be embarrassed! I’ve been surprised like this really, really, really only twice in my life. What’s this. Why do you keep showing more than expected? Seriously, you make someone weird!”


Just as Choi Yu Seong had not heard her voice for a while, Jin Yu Ri also did not seem to be in a state to communicate with.

Throughout the way out of the dungeon, Jin Yu Ri repeated similar words and continued to talk excitedly while Choi Yu Seong checked other messages and rewards in the meantime.

‘Let’s look at the new specialization skill first.’

『Spearmanship Prodigy (E)

Has a very good understanding and proficiency in pole weapons, spears.

Get the effect of the normal skill, Cold Headed (E), when using the spear.

Attack power increases when using the spear.

When learning techniques related to spear, you learn it at a faster rate.

When acquiring skills related to spear, you start at a rank that is a level higher than the benchmark.』

The effect was significant as expected of a specialization skill.

Except for several immediate additional effects, the specialization skill itself includes a normal skill Cold Headed (E).

Cold Headed skill was one of the skills that were much highly regarded by high-ranking hunters because it increasing concentration and composure, lessening agitation in combat.

‘I was thinking that it would be good to get it someday…’

It was easily acquired as it melted into the specialization skill.

Its ability to control various emotions overlapped with Insight (E) from Kim Do Jin, so it was not any worse.

‘Now, the penalty will ease to some extent even if I use all Insights.’

Of course, the real great ability of Insight lies in the part that literally sees through some of the world’s data, but what Choi Yu Seong needed most at the moment was the part about mental power.

He already felt it during his first murder, but the crisis will soon lead to death if he can’t control his agitation properly. One day, such agitation may be inadvertently passed without the help of skill, but at least it was impossible right now.

Until then, he definitely thought it was good to borrow the power of the skill.

‘By the way… I guess I really had a talent for spears.’

In the first place, a specialization skill is an ability that is close to someone’s essence.

Therefore, it would not have happened like this without the talent that was imprinted on the soul or perhaps the body.

‘Wait, even so, what’s up with the 3 specialization skills?’

It could be simply because of the sloppy setting of the original novel, but Choi Yu Seong thought he wanted to know the clear reason for this situation if possible.

That didn’t mean there was an answer, though.

‘There’s no way to know right now, but it’s just a curious stance. And it’s really good for me just by looking at the results…’

It is inevitable to bury it until the opportunity comes.

Other than that, the message from the Gods was also full.

-[Private] The Prankster Who Likes Jokes sends you a seductive haze. 50 Karma Points are sponsored. They are asking for you to learn the skill quickly. Y/N

-The Oldest Hunter smiles at Awakener Choi Yu Seong. 60 Karma Points are sponsored.

-The Noble of Magnificent Beard wants to transfer a skill to Awakener Choi Yu Seong. 50 Karma Points are sponsored. Y/N

-Sacred and Divine Empress has the thought of want to have Awakener Choi Yu Seong. 30 Karma Points are sponsored.

-Red Fangs Through The Dark Night is smacking lips, looking at Awakener Choi Yu Seong. 10 Karma Points are sponsored.

-Culann’s Hound sponsored 100 karma points to Awakener Choi Yu Seong.

Jin Yu Ri’s eyes twinkled when she together checked the pouring messages.

“Even the Gods have completely fallen for Yu Seong oppa. By the way, The Noble of Magnificent Beard that wants to give skill is…?”

“Maybe it’s the person you think.”

“The Chinese God of Martial Arts1 Not specifically. I just translate what I got from the raw. …”

Guan Yu.

He is more famous as a general of the Three Kingdoms period and is called a God of Martial Arts in Chinese culture as Jin Yu Ri said, but Choi Yu Seong, unfortunately, intended to reject that offer although he enjoyed that upturn.

‘In the first place, there are so many gents called God of Martial Arts in China that their influence is not perfect. And that gent weapon is guandao2Pole weapon with a curved one-edged blade. Spear has a two-edged blade. , right?’

He seemed to have admired Choi Yu Seong’s spearmanship and even wanted to transfer his skills. But guandao and spear have quite different ways of handling although they are basically the same pole weapons.

Maybe it could be said that spear is a little sharper and guandao is heavier?

In any case, Choi Yu Seong decided to reject later, thinking that he and Guan Yu were not very compatible.

‘There are a lot of Gods watching right now, so I have to think about saving his face.’

He was also still thinking of ignoring Loki’s side, who urged him with seduction or whatever.

Rather, a new name appeared in the message of the Gods, sponsoring many Karma Points.

‘Culann’s Hound. Cu Chulainn.’

He is a more popular hero than King Arthur in Ireland. He was such a handsome man enough to be nicknamed the Prince of Light and was also a genius in spearmanship who dealt with a magic spear called Gae Bulg.

In fact, his spearmanship was one of Choi Yu Seong’s coveted abilities. But he seemed to have no intention of transferring skills, so he had to be satisfied by confirming his presence for now.

Anyway, it could be said that Choi Yu Seong’s battle was significant enough to attract the attention of Cu Chulainn.

‘By the way, there are already six Gods watching.’

Cu Chulainn was originally a hero like Guan Yu, but he became a god after his death.

He was not the only one.

The background of ‘The Master Who Return To Modern Time’ was that those who achieved great achievements or left their names deep in history became gods, supporting Karma Points and raising their status as they are now.

The problem is that it is up to five gods who can share karma figures by sponsoring one human.

In other words, from now on, the gods who want to support Choi Yu Seong have no choice but to be cautious.

Since there are Gods who already settled and supporting him, it is difficult to win the preoccupation.

Even though the other five gods don’t know, but there is also Loki.

‘The seats are full actually, but I can see some Gods who are not good enough.’

Those who are called gods, but rather low in name-value or status.

Choi Yu Seong had already noticed the identity of all the Gods who were supporting him.

‘I can’t help it. It’s not like I will choose a God.’

Rather, humans are in a position to be chosen.

And considering the situation just a while ago, it was a very hopeful situation that six high and mighty Gods supported him.

Because it was when Choi Yu Seong was still growing.

When he got out of the dungeon completely with the support of Jin Yu Ri, he could see the scenery of the mountain that was completely darkened.

Thanks to that, Jin Yu Ri, who seemed to have come to her senses quite a bit, looked at Choi Yu Seong.

“Can you walk alone?”

“Huh. But I’ve used up too much stamina. Tonight might be a little dangerous, though…”

Choi Ji Ho’s hiding place has been kind to Choi Yu Seong and his companions so far, but he could not be completely off guard.

Therefore, Jin siblings took turns to stand on duty every night.

Choi Yu Seong himself said he would be on duty too, but he had nothing else to say when they said that he was excluded because he had less sense than the two.

“Both of us won’t sleep and stand on duty tonight.”

“Uhm, that would be great. And if Ji Ho hyungnim doesn’t come back tomorrow morning, let’s just go home.”

He didn’t know what gift that Choi Wu Jae prepared, but Choi Yu Seong has already come here with satisfactory results.

Therefore, he thought it was okay to receive the gift a little later.

“Yes, let’s try to be safe and aim for the next time.”

Jin Yu Ri agreed with Choi Yu Seong’s thought, and the two went back to Choi Ji Ho’s house to spend the last night.


And late at night.

Choi Yu Seong felt a noise awaken him while he was asleep and instinctively got up and picked the spear he had placed next to him.

But there was no other reaction.

That moment when he thought he saw long straight black hair fluttering, a pure white hand strongly touched his nape and his eyes blurred in an instant.



Choi Yu Seong’s body collapsed to the floor, unable to even utter a question out of his mouth.

Above the head of the fallen Choi Yu Seong.

A bitter smile appeared on the lips of Choi Ji Ho, the long-haired man floating in the air.

“I don’t feel like giving you the ordeal, but I can’t help it. Please, I hope you don’t hate me too much.”

Complex emotions were mixed indiscriminately in the face that settled very deep.


In a severe headache, Choi Yu Seong slowly felt the sensations of his body return with his consciousness.

First, the fingertips moved and after a while, the eyes opened.

He thought he could feel something cold and hard to the touch, but he was actually lying face down on the stone floor.

For a moment he felt a little eerie trembling. Choi Yu Seong quickly got up and looked around.


Soon, Choi Yu Seong found something and had his eyes opened so wide.

The room looked like a square that would be spacious even if ten people lay down on the ground.

However, the ceiling was so high that it felt dark because it could not be seen and only a few lights were shining inside the room.

The problem was the rooms on either side of Choi Yu Seong’s room.

In both rooms, where he could see beyond since it was blocked by glass walls rather than stone walls, Jin Yu Ri and Jin Do Yun were hung on the wall with their arms and legs tied to chains like tortured prisoners.

While a mixture of bewilderment and anger wrapped his mind.

[You’re awake.]

A tampered voice was heard from a speaker somewhere.