Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c10

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It was a pretty big change, so it wasn’t hard to notice even if he didn’t pay close attention.

And in a blink of an eye, part of the space curled up like a swirl and spread out wide as if it were vomiting something.

The first thing that popped out from the mysterious phenomenon was a sand statue in the shape human that looked about 2m tall.

The sand statue with red gem-like eyes was holding a spear and a thick shield made of sand. It moved its head in a rather awkward manner and looked at Choi Yu Seong.

Then it opened its rather small-looking mouth.

As the attached lips fell, and dust crumbled and flew around. Soon, a shriek that shook the earth’s core broke out.


Choi Yu Seong used Wind Stance to quickly widened his distance and his eyes lit up.

A sudden mysterious phenomenon.

And a monster that appeared for the first time in a hunting ground where everything was Tusk Mouls.

There’s nothing to say.

‘Boss Monster!’

The guy kicked the sandy ground and rushed toward Choi Yu Seong.

The finest spear worth over 2 billion won made by craftsmen collided with the sand spear wielded by the Boss Monster and claang-! created a thundering noise.

Choi Yu Seong, whose body trembling slightly from the impact of the shaken cochlea, immediately wrapped Spark around his right foot and turned his waist to hit the head of the Boss Monster, Sand Officer.

The head of the Sand Officer, who tried to lift the shield and attack Choi Yu Seong, exploded and the sand scattered everywhere.

The acrid sense of sand being sucked into the lung made him want to cough it up, but Choi Yu Seong did not even have time to do so and used Wind Stance at once.

‘The First Step.’

The shield of the Sand Officer, whose head exploded, hit the spot where Choi Yu Seong was standing until a moment ago.

Then some of the scattered sand returned to its proper place again and formed the Sand Officer’s head.

“Cough, cough. Owh, my throat.”

Of course, Sand Officer had no manner to wait while he was coughing.

Sand Officer’s spear, which came directly from the ground, once again aimed at Choi Yu Seong’s head.

Choi Yu Seong fend off the attack by using Block that rebound the spear, used the recoil to turned his body to the side, and used Seize to pressed the shield that was coming from below.

Looking at the red eyes of the Sand Officer located in the front, Choi Yu Seong unfolded Wind Stance to the back, stretched out his spear long forward, and used Pierce to stab.

The red eyes of the Sand Officer, whose one side of the chest near the heart was stabbed, glared at Choi Yu Seong.

‘So, it won’t die even if I smash the head or stab the heart.’

In a way, it may be a natural result since it’s made of sand.

Fortunately, he did not eat sand this time because he was quite far away.

Choi Yu Seong then calmly performed Spearmanship while distancing himself from the attacking Sand Officer.

When the opportunity came, he fired Spark to stop the Sand Officer’s movement and even cut off all four limbs.

Choi Yu Seong’s eyes glistened when he found a fist-sized stone wrapped in red light in the gap.


There is no scene of hunting Sand Officers in the original novel.

Therefore, he was thinking about how to knock it down because he didn’t have any information. But the moment he saw the red stone, he felt it strongly as a maniac of games and genre novels1Genre novels in here refers to popular fiction novels. Korean differentiate heavy philosophical novels as pure literature along with the like of poems even though it’s the same fiction because of historical reasons. for a long time.

‘It’s definitely the Core!’

In general, the only weakness for that kind of monster is the Core.

The assumption was made in no time that it was enough if he breaks that thing because even if all the other parts could be regenerated, the core could not be restored.

He tried to stab the spear once again quickly. But when the Sand Officer with the severed limbs screamed, a sudden gust of sand blew, blocked his view, and pushed Choi Yu Seong’s body away.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t end it. But Choi Yu Seong, who stepped back, calmly promised for the next time.

His heart is beating.

‘It’s okay. I still have time.’

He is doing well.

He is fighting well against the Boss Monster of Grade 2 dungeon alone.

It is usually would be a hunt based on a 5-member party above level 50 on the E-rank.

The fact made Choi Yu Seong delighted.

A smile came to his mouth.

It could not be helped.

Originally, Choi Yu Seong was an ordinary man, an employee of a game company.

There had been some changes since he possessed the novel, but to be honest, he never thought that he was particularly outstanding.

However, he knew the information and thought that he had achieved the results so far thanks to his unique spite and tenacity.

But now he feels a little different.

The body moves naturally guided by the flow of the air current and the tip of the spear is shaking.

As he immersed in that feeling, he pushed back the rushing fully regenerated Sand Officer and swung his spear down to cut off one of its legs.

Then, as Choi Yu Seong pulled his spear upward and thrust it forward that pierced even the shield set by the Sand Officer, he thought.

Something is different.

Now he was not the ordinary game company employee Choi Yu Seong.

However, he was also not a villain belonging to a conglomerate family in the novel.

‘It’s like…’

It feels like Kim Do Jin, the main character he read in the novel.

Sweat drenched his hair and ran down all over his body, but he didn’t think his body was heavy.

His whole body was filled with thrill.


After confirming the appearance of the dungeon’s Boss Monster as the space distorted, Jin Yu Ri immediately kicked the ground with the thought that she had to save Choi Yu Seong.

It’s a short time, but the risk may be greater than expected as it’s a Boss Monster.

‘I should’ve been closer as I thought.’

It was just a moment when her heart filled with regret.

Jin Yu Ri felt her heart beating loudly at the scenery unfolded before she arrived at the battlefield.

‘Yu Seong oppa is…’

Alone, he was fighting an equal, no, advantageous battle with the Sand Officer.

The emergency situation is avoided by widening the distance using the acceleration skill that was seen for the first time recently. Spark is used to block the opponent’s movements or to give a powerful blow that leading to fatal opportunities.

But most of all, it was none other than Choi Yu Seong’s Spearmanship that surprised her.

Choi Yu Seong’s Spearmanship was as if transparent water was flowing through space.

But it wasn’t just as docile.

Rather, it was sharp.

The spear tears, cut across, and penetrates through space.

When the body of the Boss Monster was blown off by a direct hit and the sand dust scattered away, drops of Choi Yu Seong’s sweat sprinkled through them and soaked the surroundings.

Jin Yu Ri had no choice but to open her mouth and express admiration at the strange phenomenon of the battle itself as if she were looking at a piece of art.



The abnormal of the Awakener world, that who is said will surely be strong if they survive.

Today, once again. The fact that Choi Yu Seong is that Irregular hit her heart greatly.

But Jin Yu Ri thought that wasn’t the end.

‘It’s not all just luck.’

He is strong not simply because he is an Irregular.

Spearmanship, which Choi Yu Seong uses now to balances the battle, was just the basics.

Block Seize Pierce.

Push it out, grab it inward, stab it.

Choi Yu Seong was practicing these 3 basic things in Spearmanship by day and night every day without skipping.

Despite the infinite repetition of the same movements, he didn’t even look tired of it.

Of course, it was not that Jin siblings did not ask Choi Yu Seong if he would want to learn more advanced Spearmanship.

It would be nice to have a strong spear skill, but it is literally the realm of luck to hope for this. So, the intention was to develop martial arts itself even by hiring a master.

But Choi Yu Seong turned that down.

This is because he thought he is not that good in martial arts yet.

Many people, including Jin sibling, said he had quite a talent, but Choi Yu Seong said he didn’t want to forget that his position was the starting point.

And the results were evident in the battle against the Boss Monster Sand Officer.

Choi Yu Seong’s Spearmanship was beautiful even though it wasn’t fancy, and although it couldn’t be special, it was authentic.

Jin Yu Ri thought Choi Yu Seong’s choice was right.

‘Just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it’s weak.’

If you can use it as well as that, it’s better than any other skill.

For a moment, she was looking at the battle as if she was lost in thought.

Jin Yu Ri formed a whip in one hand just in case and took out the action cam she brought lest needed with the other hand.

‘I have to shoot this of course!’

Choi Yu Seong’s battle was too beautiful to be seen alone.


After falling into a bit of trance repeatedly stabbing, cutting, and breaking the Sand Officer with Spearmanship, Choi Yu Seong was able to check the core of the Sand Officer several times.

The problem was the sandstorm that erupted with the scream of the Sand Officer every time.

Because it was so tough and powerful, it was hard to imagine breaking through it and destroying the core.

Eventually, he must pierce the core at once after confirming the location.

‘I have to use all five steps of Wind Stance this time.’

The remaining mana is not known numerically, but about one-third is left in terms of feeling.

As Wind Stance had good power, the mana consumption was quite high once used.

‘Perhaps 2 times are the limit with the remaining mana.”

He needs to seize the opportunity this time.

Choi Yu Seong avoided the Sand Officer’s attack without seeing it, thanks to the sharp rise in his senses, and immediately used Wind Stance.

Afterward, he immediately launched the ultimate move.

‘Illusion Creation.’

An illusion can be created by activating Wind Stance and using all five steps currently available to Choi Yu Seong.

When he activated the skill, a strange feeling came as if the body was splitting into two. The spear of the Sand Officer, who was running crazy looking at Choi Yu Seong, stabbed the illusion’s head.

Although it seems unreasonable, the Sand Officer tilted its head as if it had some kind of sense because it was a Boss Monster. At that moment, Choi Yu Seong’s spear wrapped in Spark, which popped out from under the illusion that dispersed like smoke, cut through the air scarily.

Choi Yu Seong, who thrust the spear out between the crotch under the abdomen of the Sand Officer, was convinced.

‘Got it.’

Along with the noise jjajak-! that sounded to his ears, the Sand Officer’s red eyes turned to the end of Choi Yu Seong’s spear.

The Sand Officer opened its mouth wide as if to scream, but there was no shriek or sandstorm like before.

Instead, the body of the Boss Monster, which had returned to its original form despite any attack, was blown away by the wind and spread throughout the desert as real sand.

Hunting success.

“I got it-!”

It was the moment when the assured Choi Yu Seong, who had lost strength in his legs, was about to sit down.

Your level has risen.

Your level has risen.

Your level has risen.

Your level has risen.

Your level has risen…

The level-up notifications he liked so much were constantly heard.

Choi Yu Seong couldn’t bring himself to count them all.

It was fastest to just check the system information window and see how much his level had risen with his own eyes.

『Name: Choi Yu Seong

Age: 20

Series: All-rounder type

Rank: E

Level: 88

History Possessed: 1

Specialization Skills: Star Quality (E), Fusion (E), Spearmanship Prodigy (E) (additional)

General Skills: Stylish (E), Duplicate Eyes (E), Spark (E), Insight (E), Sight Enhancement (E), Protective Shield (E)

Special Skills: Wind Stance (E)

Currently Inactive Skill Slot: There is no space left. You can delete or overwrite normal skills other than initial skills if necessary.』

“Oh my gosh…”

After checking, there was a burst of shock.