Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c9

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It was widely believed that the elite monsters, which usually appear in grade 6 dungeons, could be easily hunted when a Rank B Level 50 Awakeners stuck together with at least 3 people.

However, Kim Do Jin appeared to hunt elite monsters in a pretty relaxed manner, even though there were only two, not three, flair-type support Awakeners.

‘Yeah, Kim Do Jin. He is not just a typical prospect.’

‘Certainly, we underestimated him.’

Although they were surprised by the change in perception, the majority thought that it should be like this if he was called a super rookie and the country pushed benefits.

So, the 10-person attack team reached the Boss Monster room in a relaxed and easy manner. And while continuing the good fight against the Knight of Darkness, they succeeded in putting the sword into its neck.

In the midst of this, Kim Do Jin also did more than enough for one person.

Naturally, the gaze full of complaints at first was completely resolved.

“Good job. Kim Do Jin. It’s better than I thought. I understand why the country expects you.”

It was when a man in his 30s, who played the role of the attack team leader and tanker, spoke to Kim Do Jin first.

“Coming. Everyone defends.”

Said the sharp-eyed Kim Do Jin. Even though they felt doubt, the majority of the attack squad took a defensive stance expected from a veteran of B-rank or higher.

At that moment, the Knight of Darkness, who they thought was dead, rose and blew red sword energy all over the place.

The inside of the boss room was filled with dust along with an explosion sound and the attack squad screamed in confusion.

“What is this?!”

“It was definitely dead, right?”

In fact, Knight of Darkness died and experience points came in.

However, the amount was somewhat small for the first attack of the Boss Monster.

That question was just for a moment. The dust clouds disappeared and the faces of the attack squad members, which were originally made up of 10 people, hardened by the revealed landscape.

‘Three are dead?’

The three attack squad members, who did not respond to Kim Do Jin’s words and ignored him, were falling on the floor as cold corpses.

And in the front, Kim Do Jin was fighting the resurrected Knight of Darkness alone.

Seeing the Knight of Darkness scattering its sword energy randomly everywhere, everyone had one thought in their minds.

‘Is that the level of Grade 6 Boss Monster?’

‘… Does Boss Monster also have its own elite?’

The momentum emanating from the Knight of Darkness, who died and resurrected, became stronger than before.

It wasn’t up to the Grade 7 level, which is a higher wall than generally thought, but it’s certainly overwhelmingly strong among the Grade 6 Boss Monsters they have ever seen.

The word elite, which is considered three times stronger than normal monsters, did not come to mind for no reason.

For the first time in history, a different pattern from the investigation team’s prediction occurred.

It was a situation that could lead to annihilation if things go wrong, but the confusion did not last long.

‘Kim Do Jin. He’s not pushed fighting with that Boss Monster.’

Kim Do Jin was drenched in blood with minor injuries in the continuous fierce battles, but he was unbelievably calm as he continued to attack.

Equal match.

‘That Knight of Darkness and a hunter who just reached Rank C…’

They are fighting at an almost equal level.

From here on out, it wasn’t just a matter of remarkable.

It is something that doesn’t make any sense.

However, it is unfolding right in front of their eyes.

‘Did that guy save his skills all the way up to the boss?’

Kim Do Jin showed pretty good skill after entering the dungeon, but it was not as good as what could be seen right now.

Kim Do Jin even had a smile on his lips with a red will-o’-wisp blooming in his eyes.

Defeat or death seems to be the last thing on his mind.

That surreal appearance ignited the word hope in the minds of all attack squad members.

“Healer, what are you doing! Get a grip! Give Kim Do Jin a Heal!”

A man in his 40s, who was the least pleased of him joining, clenched his fist and shouted.

There was little admiration and awe in the eyes of him who drew his main weapon, the bow, and pulled the bowstring.

“I’m coming forward.”

The man in his 30s, who took the role of the leader, also ran out screaming to play the role of a tanker.

The sword facing Kim Do Jin’s heart momentarily bends towards him.

He felt a heavy shock from the raised shield and his body was pushed back.

‘Even a tanker like me is pushed this far…’

Attacker Kim Do Jin did not take even a step back although after facing the sword.

‘Isn’t he a real monster.’

Of course, that didn’t mean anything bad.

He rather felt glad.

Obviously, Kim Do Jin had a different foundation.

The future New Star that will lead the Republic of Korea, which is somewhat ignored among the great powers!

‘I’ll protect you somehow.’

The man, who shouted again, ran forward and burned his will.

The 30-minute battle ended.

Kim Do Jin’s sword stuck in the neck of the Knight of Darkness, which first created the word Phase 2, and black blood poured down to the floor.

The knee of the Knight of Darkness, who had blooming black will-o’-wisp similar to Kim Do Jin inside the helmet, was bent.

The Boss Monster, which drove the entire attack squad into fear of death, was completely dead.


Kim Do Jin, who let out a short sigh amid countless level-up notifications and messages from the Gods, pulled back Insight skill.

Simultaneously, the surviving attack squad members around him shouted along with cheers.

“Kim Do Jin!”

“You’re the best. It’s really over!”

“Thanks to you, I survived. I’ll never forget this grace.”

“How the hell did you know about the change in Boss Monster! You’re a great guy!”

It was just a feeling.

A different flow of air than usual.

The intuition that it would be dangerous if he didn’t spare any strength.

Kim Do Jin only believed in his skill ‘Sixth Sense’ but did not bother to explain it.

He didn’t even listen to the cheers of others.

From the beginning, Kim Do Jin was originally a leader who knew how to lead and make people follow him.

Among the people who naturally came around his shoulders and rejoice, Kim Do Jin did not reject them and thought with a smile.

‘Choi Yu Seong. I’ll make you like this soon.’

There was another person he has been most coveted lately.


Grade 2 dungeon located in a mountain.

Somewhere in the desert field entered through a surged crypt with Baek Cheol’s guidance, Choi Yu Seong scratched his ear.

‘Ah, my ears are itchy. Is there someone swearing at me?’

Although he felt so itchy that his nerves were on edge, it was just for a moment. Choi Yu Seong grinned at the level-up message window floating in front of him.

‘It feels like I’ve already received all the presents, though.’

The surrounding area was filled with corpses of Grade 2 monsters, Tusks Moul, but there was no other hunter except Choi Yu Seong.

Hunting ground monopoly!

Choi Yu Seong is facing the situation any low-rank hunter, who is struggling to level up, wishes for.

‘I should enjoy it now. It’ll be hard to monopolize by myself like this when I get to high rank.’

You have to go to a higher-grade dungeon as the rank goes up, but you can get as much experience as you want.

The problem is that the difficulty of dungeons rises sharply every time they cross certain boundaries.

Therefore, the higher the rank, the more the number of people hunting alone decreased dramatically.

In fact, except for some of the world’s leading monsters, it was safe to say that they had to organize with parties or attack squads.

Anyway, the current situation was somewhat unexpectedly sweet from Choi Yu Seong’s point of view.

It happened that there was a Grade 2 dungeon in the mountain that matches Choi Yu Seong’s level. So, he came to try out Wind Stance and level up. But now he gained more than he thought from monopolizing the hunting ground where no one came.

‘Maybe they didn’t even register this to the association.’

You have to report to the Association if you find a dungeon and it’s originally illegal if you don’t register it.

However, from Choi Ji Ho’s point of view, if he informs the Association of the location of the dungeon, his hiding place could be revealed.

Since it is a Grade 2 dungeon, it is not difficult to manage it. So, they may have concealed its existence.

Of course, it was a bit tricky to catch Tusks Moul crawling underground. But it wasn’t that disappointing as he monopolized the hunting ground.

‘I think I’m going to get drunk on the romance of dungeon monopoly.’

There was nothing to talk about for a long time.

The results were telling all the indicators.

『Name: Choi Yu Seong

Age: 20

Series: All-rounder type

Rank: E

Level: 60

History Possessed: 1

Specialization Skills: Star Quality (E), Fusion (E)

General Skills: Stylish (E), Duplicate Eyes (E), Spark (E), Insight (E), Sight Enhancement (E), Muscle Enhancement (overwrite) → Protective Shield (E)

Special Skills: Wind Stance (E)

Current Inactive Skill Slot: There is no space left. You can delete or overwrite normal skills other than initial skills if necessary.』

Choi Yu Seong drank Experience Increase Potion without hesitation because he thought he was monopolizing the dungeon. And as a result, he was able to level up more than 20 times in just 3 days.

Of course, there was also a risk of being alone that there would be no one who would save him in case of him being attacked by the monster.

So, Jin Yu Ri entered the dungeon together and was watching Choi Yu Seong from a distance.

It is not impossible for her to enter together as it is not exactly a dungeon registered with the Association.

‘She was a bit disappointed that it was a bit far away, but it can’t be helped.’

In fact, she was told to watch nearby at first, but she hastily used her hands and intentionally pushed it away even if Choi Yu Seong looked a little dangerous.

So, there were as many as 20 Tusks Mouls killed by Jin Yu Ri at the beginning of the hunt.

‘Because while I was catching about 20, Jin Yu Ri handled it similarly.’

It is not very good for growth in many ways.

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong made Jin Yu Ri keep her distance, pretending not to know her disappointment.

And he warned sternly not to step up until he gave a signal.

‘If it’s not to the point of really dying, it’s good to be in a situation where I can feel a certain degree of danger even for the sake of real-life experiences.’

Of course, he did not kick Jin Yu Ri out completely because he had already experienced a big incident once with the above feeling.

‘It would be difficult for criminals or other power influences to affect the dungeon that Ji Ho hyungnim is managing, but…’

No one knows what’s going on inside the dungeon.

Inside this, Jin Yu Ri was a strong safety device that could replace the role of a colleague who can be trusted and leave each other’s back, which Choi Yu Seong hopes so much.

Anyway, except for such large variables, a moderate threat to monster hunting is essential for maintaining and developing a sense of battle.

Of course, Choi Yu Seong did not like pain either.

And he didn’t want to feel the thrill of risking his life.

However, he thought he had no choice but to carry the minimum risk considering the various threats ahead.

‘Although it would be nice to have skill similar to Sixth Sense like Kim Do Jin…’

Not long ago, he got Wind Stance that was as good as Kim Do Jin’s protagonist grade skills.

Although he clicked his tongue in regret, he decided not to be too greedy.

In fact, it was much easier to dodge attacks by Tusks Mouls that suddenly popped out of the ground than ordinary hunters thanks to Wind Stance.

After about 20 more minutes immersed in hunting, Choi Yu Seong achieved another level rise and checked the watch that worked even in the dungeon.

“Shall we call it a day?”

It’s about time for the sun to set soon.

It was at that moment that strange movements were observed in the eyes of Choi Yu Seong, who was about to return from hunting at a similar time as usual.

‘Just now…?’

Some of the dungeon landscape, which had been familiar after seeing it for a few days, was distorted.