Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c8

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‘Ninth Young Master’s voice clearly contained conviction, not a prediction. He said it was a feeling, but he probably read speculative evidence at a glance even in the moment of crisis.’

There were only bad rumors about Choi Yu Seong in the public, but it occurred to him that he really doesn’t know how to see people.

‘If he grows up well like this, he might be in the same level as Master, but…’

The Ninth.

The too-late start and the accusations accumulated in society to the point it was impossible to understand the problem were creating a somewhat disadvantageous position.

Baek Cheol had the thought he wanted to help him, but he couldn’t.

‘My duty is to protect Master.’

No matter how much he liked Choi Yu Seong, he couldn’t leave Choi Ji Ho’s side.

“But unfortunately, Master is not present at the moment. If he had known that Ninth Young Master was visiting, this would not have happened… He said he wanted to be alone recently and left to somewhere.”

“I see. So, should I wait a few days?”

“Yes. He may be away often, but it won’t take long, so it will take about that long.”

“I understand.”

Although he answered calmly, Choi Yu Seong’s thoughts were going differently in the meantime.

‘It’s probably a lie about not being here, right?’

According to the original novel and known incidents, it was said that Choi Ji Ho became paralyzed with his limbs that could not be moved.

It would not be impossible to move at all considering his awakening ability, Wind Stance1 Not as in a posture position, but the thoughts plus action. Couldn’t find a better word from the hanja. , which deals with the wind. But even so, it did not make sense that Baek Cheol, who was no different than a guard, had completely left his side.

‘He is in the house, but he won’t see you yet.’

The reason is not known.

However, Choi Yu Seong did not quibble over all of it.

‘Because there must be a reason why he doesn’t want to meet yet.’

Choi Ji Ho of the original novel was initially a rather laid-back character.

But he’s not bad-tempered or wicked, so waiting won’t do much harm.

Of course, that did not mean they should let their guard down completely.

‘I’ll wait 3 to 4 days and then go back if he keeps silent.’

Just finding out Choi Ji Ho’s hiding place is a gift from Choi Yu Seong’s point of view.

There were still many people in the group looking for Choi Ji Ho and there were also people who wanted his help.

Knowing the location alone was tantamount to one more plan that Choi Yu Seong could make.

“We can help you not to feel bored while you are waiting. First of all, you can choose to train through sparring with the people in this mansion. And there is also a 2nd-grade dungeon in this mountain that would be perfect for Ninth Young Master. Of course, if you don’t like both, you can just rest comfortably.”

“Oh, those are some good news.”

At Choi Yu Seong’s sincere exclamation, Jin Yu Ri, who was listening to the story with her arms folded, smiled and said.

“I will refuse both. I want to rest a little.”

“Then I would like to ask for sparring. If it is possible… I want to be taught directly by Baek Cheol sunbaenim2Senior. For Do Yun, Baek Cheol is more experienced and senior in terms of becoming a bodyguard. .”

Jin Yu Ri chose observation without showing her ability and Jin Do Yun chose his own devotion.

Choi Yu Seong, who had guessed the thoughts of the two, asked Baek Cheol.

“Ah, are there any hunters about E-Rank among the people here?”

“Not many, but there are a few trainees.”

Choi Yu Seong nodded at Baek Cheol’s confirmation. He had been secretly observing the movements of people in the mansion who killed their presence yet moved well from before.

‘No matter how I look at it isn’t it something like Footwork3 I don’t read martial arts novels so I’m sorry for the poor translation on skills. technique?’

And seeing that everyone was using it as one, it seemed to be a rare handed-down skill that could be passed on to others.

Of course, they won’t tell how to do it at the request of an outsider even though it’s Choi Yu Seong.

But what does it matter?

‘I have Duplicate Eye for it.’

It’s time to say goodbye to Lazy Donkey Roll that needs to rolls on the floor with a rather sloppy appearance.

‘I also have Stylish skill, so it’s better to have a cool skill.’

A big smile appeared on Choi Yu Seong’s lips after he finished thinking.

“That’s great. Then I’d like to ask to spar with people who match my level. As you know, I’m still an E-rank.”

The luck that rolled in unexpectedly.

It was an opportunity to learn skills by stealing them naturally.


Although it was short sparring for about three hours, Choi Yu Seong gained a lot. 

『General Skill, Flow of Eight Steps, The First Three Steps (F)

Fusion possible.

Inheritance possible.

At the end of the eight steps that flow like a wave, there is a path of wind flowing through the clouds.

This is a skill that has not been completely inherited.

If there is no next inheritance, the skill grade will not increase.

You can only use three out of eight steps. 

You can kill some of your presence.

For three steps after skill activation, you can instantly accelerate your movement.

Penalties are applied for duplicated skill.

The number of times ability can be used is 10.

You can only use two out of three steps. 』

There were also some small skills, but Choi Yu Seong abandoned them all.

This is because he thought there was nothing better if he had to give up his current skills and gain them.

However, Flow of Eight Steps he had been aiming for from the beginning was different.

‘It’s only the first three steps, but it’s a different level evasion technique than Lazy Donkey Roll that need to roll on the floor to dodge.’

It was a real evasion technique he had been hoping for so much.

‘Ah. But Flow of Eight Steps itself is awesome. What to do if something strange comes out after Fusion.’

It was also the same as the remaining Insight skill that he had not yet attempted for Fusion.

Although the ability produced by Fusion is partly affected by the base skills to some extent, there is no guarantee that it will only improve.

Rather, it is important to keep in mind that it can be downgraded.

After a short deliberation, Choi Yu Seong made a decision.

‘Let’s try.’

Unlike the highest-grade Insight that can only be obtained by nagging at Kim Do Jin again, Flow of Eight Steps can be copied whenever he visits this mansion.

Of course, there is a three-month waiting time if he duplicates a skill with the same name, but it is safe to say that he can get it again someday.

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong was able to decide to merge Lazy Donkey Roll (E) and Flow of Eight Steps, The First Three Steps (F).

Shortly after Fusion skill was activated, Choi Yu Seong felt a certain intuition when he saw the gorgeous golden light covering his eyes.

A light of a different grade from that of normal fusion covered his field of vision.

Considering the Awakener System that resembled a game to some extent, the more spectacular the effect the higher the probability of a better reward.

‘This is definitely a jackpot!’

And the prediction was not far off.

『Special Skills, Wind Stance (E)

Fusion not possible.

Inheritance not possible.

At the end of 18 steps that flow like a wave, a dragon that catches the wind travels through the clouds.

This is a skill that has been completely inherited.

You can only use five out of eighteen steps due to low grade currently.

You can kill some of your presence.

For five steps after skill activation, you can instantly accelerate your movement.

Immediately after skill activation, you can instantly create a short illusion using all five steps.

If you use illusion 2 or more times in a row, re-use waiting time (30 minutes) will occur. 』

“Oh my gosh.”

Choi Yu Seong sat in place with his mouth wide open.

‘Wind Stance…!’

There are some penalties, such as not possible to fusion and not possible to inherit, but what about it?

He gained one of Choi Ji Ho’s signature abilities, who was once convinced to be the successor to Hyesung Group.

It was truly like a mega jackpot.


A new dungeon appeared near Unjeong, Paju of Gyeonggi.

The emergence of a new dungeon, which took place after a long time, put emergency orders throughout the country in a short time.

This is because it is too close to Seoul, the capital city, and the internal ecosystem condition was not known at all.

An investigation team was dispatched led by Iron Wall Park Cheol Ho, S-rank Awakener from the Association, and sighs of relief erupted everywhere after the dungeon was found to be grade 6.

It is common sense that grade 6 dungeons can be cleared easily if they are attacked by 10 or more people with rank B level 80 based on general hunter standards.

It is a dungeon that is not much to be afraid of from the perspective of South Korea, which has many Awakeners of the S-rank and even SS-rank.

When these stable facts are revealed, the system was set so that the first boss is usually assigned to a person who fits the rank and level or to rookies pushed by the country.

Because of this manual, it is understandable that Kim Do Jin, who just climbed up to the C-rank, belongs to the attack squad since he will get a lot of experience if he attacked a boss first appeared on Earth. But it was also a factor that could inevitably cause dissatisfaction.

‘C-rank means he just comes up and not even at level 10, right?’

‘We’re not babysitters and no matter how promising he is, it still feels bad to take a greenhorn on the bus.’

‘If someone gets hurt or dies from a hole while hunting the Boss Monster, they will give a few bucks at the very least. But they’re going to send just anyone like this?’

There were many thoughts, but none of them expressed their dissatisfaction out loud.

Anyway, Kim Do Jin is currently a promising prospect that the world is paying attention to and he has recorded no less hunting performance than that.

Even not so long ago, he solo cleared Orc War Chief, a named boss monster of a grade 4 dungeon.

He did alone the job that usually required 10 people at rank D level 80, so it is safe to say that he already has the combat power of a high-level C-rank at that point. But the problem was that the dungeon that appeared now was as good as grade 6.

That’s how the dungeon raid started.

The attack squad, which includes at least rank B level 30 up to level 90 at the highest except for Kim Do Jin, attacked the dungeon with crushing force.

It is a party with enough prospects to support the first clear of the dungeon in the country, even if they are dissatisfied inwardly.

No one could not do their part even if they were slightly below the normal threshold.

Kim Do Jin did not really stand out in it.

It’s felt like he’s doing his part?

In that sense, it was certainly somewhat extraordinary.

Although he has just climbed to rank C, he has shown movements and performance that are not lacking compared to the top-ranked B-rank prospective hunters.

Naturally, most of them nodded, thinking that he would not be a burden. But on the other hand, there were many instances of worrying.

‘He definitely has high tier ability, but he is still a C-rank, right? It won’t be easy to follow this pace.’

‘If he went all out already, it’s going to be hard when facing the elite monsters.’

As you break through the dungeon and approach near the boss room, powerful enemies called ‘elite’ appear in addition to normal monsters.

Elite is not as powerful as the boss but is considered 3 times more powerful than average monsters.

However, 3 times here doesn’t mean simply dealing with 3 normal monsters.

As one monster is as strong as three normal monsters, so the actual feeling is much higher than that?

In fact, all of them gathered here were conserving strength little by little in consideration of the fierce battle against elite monsters.

But what about Kim Do Jin, who is still only at the beginning of C-rank?

These thoughts of the attack squad’s members changed somewhat as they fought some elite monsters they encountered near the boss room.