Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 2-5

Unedited Chapter
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“Yu Seong, you punk. Are you feeling even shallow envy and jealousy toward the guy named Kim Do Jin?”

Choi Wu Jae frowned deeply and asked.

Considering Choi Yu Seong’s image full of inferiority he had shown, Choi Wu Jae’s guess was not strange.

“Not at all.”


After Choi Yu Seong shook his head, Choi Wu Jae quietly swept down his beard.

A small but not hidden sign of anger began to dwell in his black eyes.

Before the anger grew any further, Choi Yu Seong had to convince Choi Wu Jae.

“Father, there are two problems to get Kim Do Jin under me.”

Choi Wu Jae’s black eyes were penetrating through Choi Yu Seong.

Watching Choi Yu Seong gulped without realizing it, Choi Wu Jae moved his rough lips.

“Interesting. Let’s listen to it. But. If you can’t convince me when the talk is over…”

Choi Wu Jae tapped the end of Choi Yu Seong’s bed with his index finger as if in trouble then he nodded.

“Yeah. That would be great. I will take away one of the children under you.”

He tried to give a person, but he refused. And now that it came to this point, he would take a person away.

When it comes to Choi Yu Seong’s person, there were only two people Choi Wu Jae could think of.

‘Jin Yu Ri, Jin Do Yun.’

Jin siblings are figures that Choi Yu Seong believes the most.

And as much as the two cares about Choi Yu Seong, there were enough situations where they had to give in to Choi Wu Jae’s pressure and had to make inevitable choices.


Choi Wu Jae, who had a calm but heavy look reminiscent of a tiger, leaned on the chair in silence.

Choi Yu Seong licked his dry lips with the tip of his tongue and made his body stand more upright.

‘If you don’t do well, they’ll be taken away.’

It’s felt as if he were on a single rope above a ground full of sharp spears.

‘Although it’s scary to cross…’

The way back was already blocked as well.

Choi Yu Seong, who had cleared his mind, took the first step on a thin single line.

“First, it is not the time yet. I have just become a hunter and at the starting line of chasing other brothers and sisters. It is too risky to have a talented person like Kim Do Jin at this point.”

“You can’t get anything good without a struggle. The more precious thing is, the more people want it. That’s why you shouldn’t have it if you don’t have the power and wisdom to protect it. Apparently, you don’t have the courage.”

“Courage and reckless boldness are different. If I don’t know the subject and just grab it recklessly, what’s the difference from a brute? I said I would risk my life, but that doesn’t mean I want to die in vain by sticking out my neck to an approaching knife. I am not capable to embrace Kim Do Jin at the moment.”

“You understand the subject and quietly lock yourself in the corner of the house. Is it right I interpret it like this?”

“That is not it. To connect it directly to the second reason, I do not know Kim Do Jin’s capabilities yet.”

“That’s another interesting thing to say.”

“I have investigated Kim Do Jin. His birth, his growth environment, his family relationships. I found something strange between those. An orphan born in Russia. He was naturalized in Korea and got a new identification card. But no acquaintances who knew him well. Whether in Korea, Russia, or anywhere else in the world.”

In fact, he had never investigated Kim Do Jin since he possessed Choi Yu Seong.

Is it necessary to do so?

Kim Do Jin’s circumstances were already fully known through the original novel.

Kim Do Jin was sent to another world while he stared blankly at the monster’s tide in the chaotic Dungeon Break caused by the failure to clear the Boss Monster. So, the first thing that Kim Do Jin did after returning was of course to find out the passage of time and investigate the life and death of his family.

31 years in another world was 8 years in current reality. And fortunately or unfortunately, it was said his family survived the Dungeon Break.

However, his mother fell ill with an unknown disease and was continuing her life in a semi-vegetable state. And his only younger brother, who worked day and night to cover hospital bills, died just the day before Kim Do Jin returned, unable to avoid rebar that fell overhead at the construction site.

A desperate situation in which it was impossible to dream of a hopeful future with his family.

Kim Do Jin despaired but did not fall into place.

Instead, he recalled back revenge.

When he was a child, the company owned by Kim Do Jin’s father was destroyed by Hyesung Group’s riot.

Naturally, the family was ruined at once. And his father, unable to bear the disappointment of himself not being able to play the role of head of the family, finally chose to commit suicide.

That would not have happened had it not been for the aggressive mergers and acquisitions of Choi Wu Jae, who stood at the forefront and led the Hyesung Group at the time.

In Kim Do Jin’s memory, it was then that everything started to go wrong.

Therefore at the beginning of the novel, Kim Do Jin made a new identity by pouring out all the money he had earned from selling some of the treasures he had brought from another world.

He also became an anonymous donor for his mother, who had no one to pay for her hospital bills due to his brother’s absence.

He hid as much as possible to deal with the monster Choi Wu Jae.

Knowing this situation, Choi Yu Seong also read the original novel and cheered for Kim Do Jin’s revenge.

Of course, it is different now.

Now that his life is at stake, he could not have hoped for Kim Do Jin’s revenge.

Choi Yu Seong picked up his breath and continued talking again.

“So going back to the first one, I thought it was not the right time. It is right to embrace a talent. It is a waste to give it to others, so I have to keep it. But I still know very little about Kim Do Jin. I cannot let him in without knowing whether he is a wild dog or a wolf, is not it?”

Choi Wu Jae’s eyes, which had been calmly sinking, changed.

“I thought you were close without knowing anything.”

Choi Yu Seong swallowed his saliva.

‘As expected, he knew it already.’

Choi Wu Jae is a greedy figure about talent, just as he always says.

Wouldn’t he have paid great attention to Kim Do Jin, whom the world is paying attention to?

Perhaps he investigated immediately after a super rookie named Kim Do Jin appeared like a comet.

“In a way, it’s neat. I can’t see a speck of dust even if I shake it off. That’s why it’s suspicious. I mean, there’s definitely something to it. And by nature, those who have a lot to hide are dark inside.”

Choi Wu Jae’s lips drew a scornful smile.

At that moment, Choi Yu Seong felt goosebumps all over his body.

‘That’s why he wanted to keep Kim Do Jin by my side!’

It’s hard to see what’s inside if you keep it far away.

But if you watch closely, there will be a gap somewhere.

That’s why Choi Wu Jae tried to keep Kim Do Jin in Choi Yu Seong’s arms and monitor him.

That could put Choi Yu Seong at risk, but it was obvious that Choi Wu Jae would think that Choi Yu Seong was just that if he couldn’t handle it.

This is a possible idea because he doesn’t know that Kim Do Jin is a returnee who had been rolling in another world.

If Choi Yu Seong was caught as the victim, chances were high that he would have ended up with the same end as the original novel.

“It seems you’re going to get closer anyway, so I just tried to stick him more.”

“… It was not a bad thought.”1I’m a bit stuck in this sentence. Will review this part again in the future.

If Choi Yu Seong hadn’t read the original novel, or if he hadn’t noticed, he would have faced a terrible situation. But what to do?

As mentioned, that’s where the Hyesung Group is, and that Choi Wu Jae had ten children.

“If you know the situation, you must have your own thoughts.”

It was clear what Choi Wu Jae’s subsequent words meant.

“I won’t ask because it sounds fun. Kim Do Jin’s side, try to take good care of it.”

“Phew… I understand.”


Choi Yu Seong, who felt he was barely come down from the rope, let out a sigh of relief without realizing it.

Meanwhile, Choi Wu Jae was in another dilemma.

‘Shall I give a big gift or a small gift for the quick-witted Ninth?’

It was originally a seat for him to give gifts.

Though, the answer that came out was so unique that he was worried.

However, it feels a little too much to give a big gift that just came to mind.

‘Small gift is not enough, a big gift is too much… I’d better do this.’

Choi Wu Jae, who decided after much consideration, opened his mouth once again.

“Do you know where the guys who attacked you came from?”

At the sudden question, Choi Yu Seong looked at Choi Wu Jae.

‘It’s different from the sloppy novel with a lot of setting holes.’

Choi Wu Jae, who lives and breathes in front of his eyes, is the chairman of a meticulously large corporation.

Why did someone like that suddenly ask such a question?

“Father already knows who is it.”

“I know. If you want, I’ll call that wicked guy to this place right now. And I’ll make that guy bow and apologize to you. Think of it as a special gift for what you’ve done recently.”


Choi Yu Seong did not act rashly, although Choi Wu Jae once again said something difficult to hear from him.

The reason is unknown, but he felt a strange atmosphere in the conversation with Choi Wu Jae.

Strictly speaking, it is a feeling.

However, Choi Yu Seong did not want to ignore it for some reason.

So, he asked a question.

“Perhaps… Is it one of the older brothers or sisters?”

Choi Wu Jae did not answer anything.

It was silent, but it was no different from affirmation.

‘It’s not Choi Minseok. Because it wasn’t an immature act. If I get an apology from older brothers or sisters…’

An apology right in front of Choi Wu Jae.

As a result, one of his siblings will lose their rights to Choi Yu Seong.

Considering how important the rights would be in the upcoming succession battle, it would be no exaggeration to call it a gift as Choi Wu Jae said.

His heart is beating.

Rights can be a debt.

Countless ways to use it came to Choi Yu Seong’s mind.

He was happy with the choice that made him laugh inwardly for a while.

Choi Yu Seong shook his head.

“I… I am fine.”


“Because it is my problem. If I cannot get through it myself and just lean on Father, then I am still spoiled by the family.”


“I’ll go find them myself and take the price for what they have done to me. Like a Choi should do.”

In an instant, a scene from the distant past unfolded in front of Choi Yu Seong’s eyes.

A middle-aged man with a small child sitting on his lap is talking.


It’s not a memory from the original novel.

More vivid than that, it felt like an old memory that he experienced.

‘The real Choi Yu Seong’s memory?’

As if it was a memory from a long time ago, it was scattered blurry as if not on the right frequency of the black and white TV.

Before the questions and confusion were gone, Choi Wu Jae suddenly stood up from his seat and turned his back.

“If that’s that your will, then I’ll respect it.”

“Are you going?”

“I should go. I’m busy, but it took more time than I thought.”

Although it could not be seen by Choi Yu Seong, his lip-twisting smile seemed to be quite pleasant for speaking like that.

“Ah, then…”

“Don’t get up and just sit down! Cumbersome.”

Choi Wu Jae, who shook his hands as if annoyed, strode out of the hospital room before Choi Yu Seong could do anything.


“As I said, I’ll be watching.”

Choi Wu Jae, who bluntly answered Choi Yu Seong’s urgent voice leaving the bed, quickly went out of the hospital room.

Left alone in the room.

‘He really just left. It felt like a test somehow, so I just came out… Was it a mistake?’

Choi Yu Seong smacked his lips with a strange expression as he looked at the closed door.


Choi Wu Jae’s lips continued to twitch while he leaned comfortably in the back seat of the Maybach sedan, often called the world’s top three luxury car, leaving behind several officials from the prestigious university hospital rushing out and bowing their heads.

Kim Pil Du, who sat passenger seat right in front of him, looked at Choi Wu Jae and asked.

“The Ninth Young Master must have made Chairman feeling great again.”

“That obvious?”

“The corners of the lips constantly crooked like this. How about just laugh comfortably? There’s no one watching.”

“Why there’s no one. You’re here, the driver is also here.”

Choi Wu Jae, who spoke bluntly, leaned his arm against the window frame.

Choi Wu Jae, who felt awkward looking at his face reflected through the splendid cityscape of downtown Seoul, slightly pulled the cheek with his index finger.



“I can’t even smile well. I have to force it but it looks bad. Rather than that. When Yu Seong will be discharged?”

“December 13th…. I have confirmed that there’s about a week left.”

“About that time…”

Choi Wu Jae’s voice became smaller.

To be exact, the voice was sent only to Kim Pil Du’s ears by skipping the space inside the vehicle.

It was quite familiar for the chauffeur.

Choi Wu Jae’s voice always gets smaller in this way when talking about secrets between the two.

As both of them were high-ranking hunters, he could tell by the fact that they were communicating in a special way.

‘It’s always amazing when I see it.’

And today, the chauffeur had to have another mysterious experience.


Kim Pil Du, who was known for his cool-headedness as he resembled Choi Wu Jae, raised a rather foolish question.

“What pardon. Did you not hear me?”



Choi Wu Jae raised his voice and Kim Pil Du quickly bowed his head with trembling eyes.

“I will follow that, sir.”

He thought it was a rather exaggerated gift, but what to do?

It was Choi Wu Jae’s order.