Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 2-4

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In need of a colleague.

‘Let’s not be conceited. Don’t overestimate yourself. There’s a limit to what I can do alone.’

He kept thinking about it, but it’s not something he would put off until the time was right.

However, he did not intend to bring mercenaries as Jin siblings first suggested.

No matter how reliable they may be, they’re mercenary after all.

People who are controlled by money. You never know when a traitor will arise.

Choi Yu Seong thought he needed someone much more faithful and reliable than that.

For example, a person who can grow up together but can be relied on like Jin siblings.

But it was also impossible to bring Jin siblings along.

It’s not a matter of not being able to enter the dungeon simply because of the rank.

‘Jin Yu Ri and Jin Do Yun should be given more time to hunt.’

He heard that Jin Do Yun also suffered considerable injuries in this incident.

His resilience was good as he was a physical type, a werewolf, but it was not good to suffer such injuries every time.

‘I’m not the only one who needs to grow up. We all need to grow up together.’

As Choi Yu Seong grows, so does Kim Do Jin.

No, he will almost certainly grow faster.

Other enemies will also be stronger.

Some people are already waiting with almost full growth.

‘I know all about the future?’


Choi Yu Seong had already entered the world of this novel and changed many things.

And as a result, there were many different courses from the original content.

Lee Jin Wook’s fast appearance, the situation such as this attack.

Of course, there will be more unexpected risks in the future.

It was a mistake to think that Jin Do Yun and Jin Yu Ri, who would leave with Choi Yu Seong after the first half of the novel, could continue to stay safe by his side.

He has to look far away.

Choi Yu Seong, who he knows, is no longer there.

The same is true for other figures.

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong organized his list of colleague candidates based on the original novel he had kept on his cell phone’s memo while he was hospitalized.

‘I just need one more person.’

Too much is a burden.

It might be different if it’s after Choi Yu Seong has grown even more, but too many heads could be problems from the perspective of growing up together.

You shouldn’t be relaxed, but you shouldn’t overestimate your own capacity.

If the reference point is not clearly set, the ship may go to the mountain.

Not only himself, but he also should consider Jin siblings, Chae Ya Ryeong, and others.

Of course, humans are fundamentally not on the bad side.

After all these considerations, Choi Yu Seong was able to choose the most suitable person.

‘Honestly, although it may be a bit dangerous to contact now…’

No matter how many times he looked at it, there’s no one but him.

Thinking so, Choi Yu Seong handed over the name of the person he had chosen and the characteristics he knew to Yu Ri.

“Where he lives and how he’s doing currently. Please do a detailed look about him.”

“Understand. The name is… Yoo Jin Hyuk. You won’t tell me who it is, right?”

“A person I want to be my colleague.”

Jin Yu Ri’s eyes narrowed.

“What’s the basis? Feelings again?”

“To tell you the truth… There’s something like future foresight among my abilities. Sorry I didn’t tell you before.”

“Perhaps, like the first young master…?”

Jin Yu Ri asked with her mouth wide open.

“Not to that extent.”

Choi Ji Ho, the first child of the Choi family, truly had the skill of future foresight.

Since he was excellent as a hunter with martial art talent and possessed the ability of future foresight, it was no wonder most people were convinced that Choi Ji Ho would succeed Choi Wu Jae and inherit the Hyesung Group before he was injured.

But even he couldn’t get to know all the exact future.

Therefore, Choi Ji Ho was seriously injured and had to retire as a hunter. And it was heard that he was living quietly alone now in a secluded area where no one in the family knew except Choi Wu Jae.

In a nutshell, Choi Yu Seong may say that he has similar future foresight skills, but he could not say so recklessly as he did not know what the future would bring with the butterfly effect.

“If that had been the case, this wouldn’t have happened. Just think of it as roughly similar.”

“There’s no such thing as a similar. Everyone knows that foresight skill doesn’t mean you can see all futures.”

Jin Yu Ri, who was speaking to Choi Yu Seong with surprised eyes, soon nodded as if she understood.

“Anyway, it would be better to keep this kind of ability a secret. I agree. But can I borrow your power when I need it?”

“As far as possible.”

Jin Yu Ri’s eyes sparkled like jewels.

It was because countless things that could be done through Choi Yu Seong’s undisclosed ability came to her mind.

“Ah. And I think I’ll have something to report in a few days.”

“Something to report?”

“The guys who attacked recently.”

Jin Yu Ri’s eyes narrowed as she recalled that time.

“It looks like you’ve been doing some investigation?”

“I think it’s almost up to the body, but I can’t see the head. I’ll let you know when I’m sure.”

“Then do me a favor. The time needed to find out about Yoo Jin Hyuk…”

“At most 2 days will be enough.”


It may not be as easy as you think.

Choi Yu Seong, who didn’t bother to say the latter, nodded.

“Don’t mention it.”

Although he was feeling sure of it recently, there was a certain private organization that Jin Yu Ri did not even reveal to Choi Yu Seong.

She would probably let him know if he asked directly, but he didn’t have to.

Jin Yu Ri implicitly showed herself, so she would reveal it when the time came.

“Then I’ll go out for a while and make a call.”


Choi Yu Seong nodded and looked out the window of the hospital room.

Since it was a VVIP room located on a fairly high floor, the panoramic view of Seoul was quite good.

Perhaps because of this, he developed a habit of looking far away when he organized his thoughts while he was staying.

‘What I can do. What I can’t do. What I have to do.’

Jin Yu Ri, who was appreciating Choi Yu Seong’s back for a moment, suddenly stopped as she was about to head out of the hospital room.

It was because someone had opened the door to the hospital room first.

‘Kim Pil Du?’

Chairman Choi Wu Jae’s right arm.

Kim Pil Du, who had glanced at her, stepped aside without saying a word before she could even think deeply at the appearance of an unexpected person.

At the same time, Jin Yu Ri’s eyes became incredibly wide.

Appearing from the back was someone dressed in a modernized hanbok. Choi Wu Jae.

Choi Wu Jae, who fixed his gaze on Choi Yu Seong’s back, put his index finger on his lips and pointed out with a wink before she uttered anything in surprise.

None of the two were fools who didn’t know what that meant.

Jin Yu Ri went outside silently then Kim Pil Du closed the door of the hospital room without making any sound.


Choi Wu Jae was the only one left with Choi Yu Seong in the hospital room. He killed his presence, put his hands on the back, and looked at Choi Yu Seong’s back somewhat absent-mindedly.

‘Only his body grew up big, but it reminds me of his mother.’

Unfortunately, there was a feeling of sadness in Choi Wu Jae’s eyes as he reminded of Choi Yu Seong’s mother who passed away.

‘If only there were more time…’

Perhaps a lot has changed?

Choi Wu Jae, who was filled with sorrow in his heart, shook his head.

It’s been too long to turn it back now.

Although it was not easy to say that it’s thanks to that, he was somewhat more generous in many things to Choi Yu Seong than other children.

There was a crooked side because of that, but now he also wanted to get up on his own rather than think about how to use his own hands anymore.

Choi Wu Jae thought that if it was Choi Yu Seong he remembered, he could do it and had recently shown quite a bit of meeting expectations recently.

Amid a large number of children, looking at an exceptionally good child will inevitably look at him better.

Choi Wu Jae’s eyes showed a moment of satisfaction and then disappeared.

“Keheum, keum!”

“… Chairman?”

Choi Yu Seong, who then turned his head to the deliberate cough, found Choi Wu Jae and opened his eyes wide.

Why did Choi Wu Jae come to this place now?

He was stiffened by the sudden unexpected situation.

“Be clear about public and private matters. If I were just a chairman to you, a lot of things you enjoy now are things you could not have…”

Choi Wu Jae, who spoke sharply, walked with his hands behind his back and sat on the attendee’s chair.

Choi Yu Seong was quite quick to notice.

So, he could easily understand the meaning of the words.

‘It’s a reminder telling me to tell the place and time.’

That’s right.

Choi Wu Jae’s visit to the hospital was certainly not a visit as the chairman of the company.

If you just set the line too carelessly, the distance can be farther away.

Of course, that was not what Choi Yu Seong wanted.

“Yes, Father.”

Choi Wu Jae, who did not change a single expression at Choi Yu Seong’s words, nodded and pointed to the bed with his chin.

“What are you looking at? Not coming here.”

At that moment, Choi Yu Seong felt that Choi Wu Jae’s atmosphere was a little different from usual.

‘Why is it?’

It’s hard to understand.

It was a rather rough tone, but it was certainly less heavy than usual.

The atmosphere was somewhat awkward for Choi Yu Seong.

‘Although I’m sure he had a similar look like this some time ago…’

While Choi Yu Seong’s confusion was growing due to the sudden sensation of being stimulated somewhere in his memory, Choi Wu Jae was falling into the nostalgia of memories as he watched that appearance.

‘The more I see him, the more he resembles his mother.’

Old nostalgia.

Choi Wu Jae felt emotions that stimulated his humanity after a long time, but there was no reason to tell Choi Yu Seong such a situation.

“Are you not listening to me now?”

Choi Yu Seong, who was somewhat startled by the low voice, headed to his bed in surprise.

He didn’t lie down comfortably of course.

He just sat upright on top of it.

“Lie down.”

“I am comfortable with this.”

“… Your body seems better than I thought.”

“Yes, it is fine. Maybe because I became an Awakener, but the recovery is faster than I thought.”

“I heard you passed the hunter exam with top honors.”

“… That is all thanks to Father.”

Choi Yu Seong, who brought up the word ‘father’ which has not yet stick to his tongue, smiled awkwardly.

In the meantime, no emotion could be read from Choi Wu Jae.

‘It’s hard as expected.’

Even with the appearance of throwing his heaviness, it was hard to deal with the figure of Choi Wu Jae.

Choi Yu Seong’s body continued to harden even as he tried to relieve the tension.

“Enough with those words. Not all of them can do as well as you just because they’re handed an Awakening Stone.”

All of them obviously means some of Choi Yu Seong’s other blood relatives.

“You’re the third.”

What do you mean?

Choi Yu Seong was quick to think and immediately understood the meaning.

“Ji Ho hyungnim and Mi Na noonim passed the exam with top honors too.”

“Right. Ji Ho was 16 years ago… The most recent Mi Na was 10 years ago.”

It was roundabout words, but now Choi Wu Jae was praising Choi Yu Seong.

Choi Yu Seong accomplished something that had not been done for 10 years following the two.

Choi Yu Seong was not someone who could not notice that.

“I will work harder.”

“I’ll be watching. Ah, by the way, there are some very reprehensible guys. How dare they touch a Choi.”

In a brief moment, Choi Wu Jae’s eyes changed.

He did not smile or frown, but Choi Yu Seong felt goosebumps rising behind his back as he met the gaze briefly.

‘Although I don’t think me nor Jin Yu Ri will have to step up…’

He didn’t know exactly what Choi Wu Jae thought, but he could predict what terrible consequences the opponent would face.

“And… I heard that Kim Do Jin helped you.”

The moment an unexpected name came out of the mouth of Choi Wu Jae, who stroked his beard. Choi Yu Seong’s body, which had been already stiff, became even tenser.

“We should arrange a table sometime soon. It’s good to have useful talent somehow. It was about 35 years ago. If I hadn’t gotten that guy Kim Pil Du, I would still have had a lot of work to do with my own hands. You should hold on to people while you can. Do you understand what I mean?”

So, what Choi Wu Jae just said was that he would help Kim Do Jin become Choi Yu Seong’s person.

In a normal case, he would hurray and raise his hands, but it was slightly different from the perspective of Choi Yu Seong.

‘… That’s really dangerous.’

Kim Do Jin and Choi Wu Jae. And Choi Yu Seong between them.

It’s the worst combination with an obvious outcome.

Choi Wu Jae dies, Choi Yu Seong also dies, and it is a catastrophe.

“Why are you making that face? I said I’ll take care of it, but it seems you don’t really like it.”

The quick-witted Choi Wu Jae read Choi Yu Seong’s feelings and asked.

Choi Yu Seong gulped.

‘What am I gonna do about this?’

Rejection for no reason will not work.

Choi Wu Jae’s stubbornness is tougher than iron.

So, it was really hard to undo a decision once made.

“It’s no use even if you don’t like it. I’ll see him and decide myself, so make an appointment within next week.”

As his worries got longer, Choi Wu Jae said clearly as if he were declaring it.

‘This is a situation that Kim Do Jin can’t help but wish for.’

It can’t be.

Although Kim Do Jin is not good enough to reach Choi Wu Jae yet, Choi Yu Seong’s position is that it is unstable to create an opportunity.

“Oho, this guy. Why aren’t you talking?”

Choi Wu Jae asked again.

He got the feeling.

This question is his last chance, there is no next time.

If he took more time, he will only get the angry Choi Wu Jae’s scolding.

Due to Choi Wu Jae’s personality, it is an amazing thing that he had asked three times.

The atmosphere, which had become very favorable compared to the first meeting, began to subside slightly.

It’s going back.

That’s what relationships are like.

The sooner it builds up, the easier it will collapse.

In a way, it means that Choi Yu Seong’s risk increased as the opportunity to get closer to Choi Wu Jae unexpectedly came.

A fast-established relationship is twice as difficult to reverse once it collapses.

You shouldn’t be dragging any longer, you should talk well.

The expectations and trust accumulated by risking life can be destroyed at once with a single answer given here.

“Father. Do I have to make Kim Do Jin my person?”

Choi Yu Seong, who finished his thought, gave strength to his eyes and said.