Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 2-3

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In fact, Kim Do Jin was able to help Choi Yu Seong much earlier.

He entered the dungeon even before Choi Yu Seong appeared, leading nine D-rank Awakeners near the portal.

Kim Do Jin had been watching the fierce battle between Choi Yu Seong and a kidnapper group from a distance with his presence erased.

Nevertheless, there were two reasons for not helping Choi Yu Seong quickly.

First, the reason Kim Do Jin came to this place because he was appalled by Choi Yu Seong.

‘I’m sure he checked the contact, but he ignored it.’

Kim Do Jin sent a message and Choi Yu Seong read it, but there was no reply.

It was different from the one who replied as promised even if not sincerely.

There could be a reason.

Choi Yu Seong had definitely changed and become more active.

So, he waited for over a week silently.

Because he was really busy, because he was bothered to care, or because he was literally burdened to meet. He thought of several cases but those didn’t matter either way.

What was important was that there was no way for Kim Do Jin to reach Choi Wu Jae as easily and quickly as using Choi Yu Seong.

‘If I choose a different method, I have to watch it for at least two more years.’

The resentment against Choi Wu Jae, who squeezed his heart every day, is too deep to show patience.

But apart from that, it was certainly true that the current situation was different for Kim Do Jin.

‘Choi Yu Seong. You know how to piss people off. That’s too appalling.’

When he was in a world other than Earth, Kim Do Jin had never been hung up to meet anyone from a certain point.

Regardless of identity, the other side struggled to make even a small contact with Kim Do Jin, and most of the time, he also tried to endure annoyance at unavoidable situations.

It hasn’t been much different since he came back to Earth.

From the perspective of Awakeners and hunters, he was only at the starting point now. But his experiences and swordsmanship polished in another world had astonished many people on Earth and his record of rapid growth made them even in awe.

That’s why there were already quite a few big names in the political world, entertainment industry figures, and famous hunters who wanted to line up for Kim Do Jin.

At the time when even the gods were courting him, only Choi Yu Seong looked at him like a stone and ignored him.

Obviously, the first meeting was no different from the others.

This was because Choi Yu Seong knew the truth and was scared. But no matter if it was Kim Do Jin, he had no way of knowing that far.

It’s been a really long time since he has been in a somewhat disadvantaged position in relation.

In the meantime, what was interesting was the changed appearance of Choi Yu Seong.

At first, awkward and unpleasant feelings took precedence. But to be honest, based on the results of secretly watching today’s fight, he actually liked it more.

From the wisdom and wit to search for means in overwhelmingly unfavorable situations, the persistence and grit to never give up, and even the desire for life to the last. None of them were the Choi Yu Seong that Kim Do Jin and the world knew.

As a result, Kim Do Jin had no choice but to reach one conclusion.

‘He was a tiger with hidden teeth.’

It was something he had predicted to some extent since he watched the hunter exam.

But seeing him fight in action confirmed that idea.

‘Choi Yu Seong had to crouched inside the family for some reason.’

There have been such people among the ancient princes in history.

Those scary people who admitted that they were powerless, lowered themselves with lies, crouched, and waited for the right time while sharpened their claws.

It is not incomprehensible if the Hyesung Group is viewed as a nation and Choi Wu Jae as the king.

None of the members of the Choi family who is not afraid of Choi Wu Jae.

And the main causes of fear are his wealth, power, and influence.

‘One thing is important. Fear is a feeling that with a slight twist… it turns into anger.’

Not to mention even Choi Yu Seong, who was originally in a position of being despised and ignored in the family.

It was somewhat appalling that he even deceived Kim Do Jin, but rather it made him give enough generosity to understand the current situation.

If Choi Yu Seong had been vaguely clever, Kim Do Jin would have chosen another route to kill Choi Wu Jae, even if he had to step back somewhat.

There was a chance that the plan would be revealed and everything would be overturned if he moved sloppily.

But if it’s enough to deceive Kim Do Jin then it could work for Choi Wu Jae as well.

It could have led to a more perfect situation if done well on the contrary.

Eventually, it changed a little, but there was no significant change in Kim Do Jin’s plan.

‘Just as it was. Using Choi Yu Seong to kill Choi Wu Jae.’

However, he intended to completely make Choi Yu Seong, who he had thought to abandon after revenge, into his person.

To do that, several prerequisites were necessary. The first was to create trust in Kim Do Jin himself.

Anyway, Choi Yu Seong was strangely staying away from him. So, even if he was not awed like others, he should instill the image that he was someone trustworthy.

That was the second reason.

Wait until Choi Yu Seong is in extreme crisis.

Human beings naturally have no choice but to feel various favorable emotions as they see the savior who appeared in the worst situation.

Not to even mention being a lifesaving benefactor, right?

If possible, it is not bad to even shake the heart with plausible words.

At times like this, every word he spat out had no choice but to stick to his heart.

“Choi Yu Seong is mine.”

The more sincerity is mixed, the more effective it is.

Therefore, Kim Do Jin was sure that his words would have shaken Choi Yu Seong quite a bit.

Choi Yu Seong felt his heart tremble as he heard Kim Do Jin, who suddenly appeared as a relief pitcher.

‘Dreadful guy! Killing me is your responsibility, so don’t touch, that’s it?’

It was an inevitable thought from the perspective of Choi Yu Seong, who assumed Kim Do Jin had a grudge for the entire Choi family.

“Kim Do Jin…!”

“Is he still not going up to C-rank yet?”

The highest limit for entering the second-grade dungeon is up to D-Rank.

In other words, Kim Do Jin could not be able to come in if he was a C-rank Awakener.

As rumors were circulating that Kim Do Jin would soon rise to C-rank, the kidnappers’ response was not unexpected.

“Ugh… Are you going to interrupt our work?”

Kim Jae Hyuk, who lay on the ground with the back of his hand skewered to the ground by Kim Do Jin’s sword, said lines like a third-rate villain with a dagger-like gaze.

“You’re asking a stupid question. I wouldn’t have come up if I didn’t want to interrupt.”

Smirking Kim Do Jin spun the sword on the back of Kim Jae Hyuk’s hand.


Kim Jae Hyuk, who boasted D pain tolerance, screamed and tumbled on the ground.

He tried to counterattack by swinging his opposite arm in the meantime. But rather, Kim Jae Hyuk’s fingers were crushed by the defense of Kim Do Jin, who lightly raised his knee.


Inside the dungeon where silence fell except for the scream of Kim Jae Hyuk, who almost cried.

Feeling the naturally cooling atmosphere, Kim Do Jin pulled out the sword that was on the back of Kim Jae Hyuk’s hand.

He then cut Kim Jae Hyuk’s neck without hesitation.

A clean sword skill without splashing a drop of blood.

“Too loud.”

At the cold words, the already cool atmosphere was now completely frozen.

Some called this atmosphere fear, but it belonged to a familiar atmosphere for Kim Do Jin.

“Cra, crazy…”


“That’s not something to be heard from criminals. Is that a will?”

Afterward, Kim Do Jin ran forward without hesitation.

‘Maybe currently Kim Do Jin is… D-rank Max Level.’

It must have been paused right before the C-rank promotion evaluation.

Although it was such Kim Do Jin, it was still burdensome to deal with more than 15 Awakeners of the same D-rank alone.

Even in terms of the original novel setting, there were only about 10 D-rank Awakeners that Kim Do Jin could face alone in an all-out war.

But the battle unfolded as a one-sided slaughter.

There was no such thing as comparable confrontation or crisis.

There was only one reason.

‘This is absolutely Kim Do Jin’s pace.’

The situation might have been a little different if the group of kidnappers had fought with as much composure as they did against Choi Yu Seong. No matter how strong Kim Do Jin was, he was alone and even had Choi Yu Seong to protect.

However, Kim Do Jin pushed Kim Jae Hyuk as his first goal and showed the cold side of hitting his neck at once, completely pulling the atmosphere toward him.

Kim Do Jin’s reputation, outstanding skills, and heavy atmosphere erased the idea of ‘rebellion’ against the group of kidnappers.

In an instant, more than three kidnappers’ throats flew away and those who lost their reason rushed ignorantly but died helplessly.

The remaining ran away with tears and runny nose to survive. But Kim Do Jin didn’t want to miss any of them. So, he threw his sword and weapons dropped by the chasers who had become corpses. Nevertheless, he pursued those who missed and shoot them with a bow.

The entrance to the dungeon was filled with only blood and corpses in an instant.

Choi Yu Seong, who was left alone in it, trembled.

‘Lunatic killer. That is Kim Do Jin…’

Choi Yu Seong fought for his life in order not to be captured by the kidnappers.

In the meantime, he killed a man and there were certain emotional ups and downs in his mind.

However, there is no such trembling or hesitation in Kim Do Jin’s hands.

They didn’t show hostility to himself, he simply killed peoples who had lost their will in fear without any emotion.

Kim Jae Hyuk’s death was only a part of Kim Do Jin’s process to create his own pace.

Kim Do Jin was such a person.

‘A monster in the novel. Psychopath.’

Ethical consciousness, moral conscience?

For Kim Do Jin, who fell in another world alone and had to survive, such feelings would have been abandoned in the evening of a very long time ago.

Such Kim Do Jin may one day try to kill Choi Yu Seong.

Isn’t it bound to make the heart feel creepy and spine cool by just thinking about it?

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong couldn’t close his eyes even though his consciousness was hazy.

This was because the person who came to help him was Kim Do Jin, so his heart couldn’t relax.

Tap, tap.

Before long. Kim Do Jin, who was taking relaxed steps beyond the cave in the dungeon while wiping blood off the cheek, approached Choi Yu Seong.

Kim Do Jin, who stood right in front of Choi Yu Seong, sat with his knees bent then looked at him and said with a calm look.

“Don’t worry. They’re all dead.”


Choi Yu Seong could not answer anything.


Kim Do Jin carried Choi Yu Seong on his shoulder, went out of the dungeon, and called the emergency services.

And he confessed that they confronted criminals who targeted them inside and were forced to murder because they were outnumbered.

Choi Yu Seong had a bitter smile as he heard that.

His sharp eyes stabbed Kim Do Jin in the cheek without realizing it.

Even though he must have felt the gaze, Kim Do Jin only lightly tapped Choi Yu Seong on the shoulder.

‘What a madman.’

At the end of the thought, Jin Yu Ri was seen running among the group.

It was not until then that Choi Yu Seong was able to close his eyes comfortably and could not open his eyes for three days.

And by the time he opened his eyes again, somehow the complex mind was organized quite clearly.

“For now, it’s true that Kim Do Jin saved me.”

There were some behaviors that he didn’t like in many ways. But if he thought about it a bit, Kim Do Jin’s judgment was quite reasonable.

If any of them survived, they would report on Choi Yu Seong’s combat capabilities or situations, and the opponent might prepare a more threatening weapon than now and target him.

Perhaps, with the current situation in mind, they might even prepare for Kim Do Jin’s part.

In other words, Kim Do Jin decided to kill all enemies in order not to create a bigger crisis for Choi Yu Seong.

‘Actually, a reasonable judgment.’

To put it bluntly, it could be said he acted like a main character in the novel.

Perhaps lackadaisical thoughts like Choi Yu Seong could be rather poisonous in a world like this.

If you don’t like Kim Do Jin’s behavior, you can prepare so that the same situation doesn’t happen again.

‘And if it’s murder, I’ve done it too.’

It’s just an excuse for himself that it was an inevitable situation.

The result does not change.

‘Get your act together. Choi Yu Seong. You already knew it was this kind of world.’

Choi Yu Seong, who looked at the mirror with his face soaked in cold water in the bathroom of the hospital room, clenched his fist tightly.

He survives.

Choi Yu Seong didn’t have enough time to think about anything else.

‘Sympathy and mercy belong to the strong.’

He realized once again from this incident.

He believed that he had grown up well through hard work with a good leveling system and felt himself talented.

He thought easily that if he walked on the solid road in this state, only flower road1A metaphor for success road. would unfold soon.

‘There’s no way I can only prepare on a solid base in this world.’

In a sense, this incident definitely awakened Choi Yu Seong.


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