Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 2-2

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The man, who screamed but did not back down, reached out to Choi Yu Seong with eyes wide open.

Choi Yu Seong had no intention of fighting head-on for a long time, as he was obviously a defense type physical Awakener.

He lowered his body forward and rolled the ground by using Lazy Donkey Roll.

Following that were several weapons which pierced the ground at close intervals.

“Everyone, stab carefully!”

“If really killed, we’ll all die too!”

Those who wielded their weapons without any hesitation turned pale at the urgent cry of their colleagues.

‘Yeah. Not mean to kill me, that’s it?’

He guessed it to some extent, but Choi Yu Seong’s action became more aggressive as soon as he was certain.

He stood up fast from the ground and threw his neck to the opponent who wielded a dao sword.

“Waa-! Fu**!”

The cursing opponent quickly turned around, but the blood spurted into the air with a long cut from the neck to the face.

Still D-Rank.

He thought he could not avoid injury because the opponent’s skills were somewhat lacking.

Instead, he just took the opportunity.

Unlike his opponent, Choi Yu Seong’s spear hit the opponent’s neck bone without hesitation.


The sound of a broken bone. The opponent was perhaps, no, almost certainly likely to be dead.

However, Choi Yu Seong couldn’t afford to pay attention to it currently.

‘Just because they don’t mean to kill, they didn’t come to me with good intentions.’

Choi Yu Seong couldn’t afford to take care of such an opponent’s situation.

Choi Yu Seong, who gritted his teeth, applied strength to his thighs and hit the ground toward the portal not far away.


At that moment, a huge shadow sticking out in front of Choi Yu Seong opened his arms and blocked Choi Yu Seong.

It was the defense type physical Awakener who first blocked his way.

‘Spark, maximum output.’

It must not be with clumsy force.

Choi Yu Seong stretched out his spear with a determination to end it this time.

Thunderbolts bounced in all directions and dispelled all flair type and ranged attacks that approaching to restrain Choi Yu Seong.

At the same time, Choi Yu Seong’s spear was stuck in the opponent’s shoulder.

The gruesome sensation of digging out the flesh.

It was different from monsters.

Choi Yu Seong had turned away from the situation as if he was possessed by something at the sensation he felt for the first time. Now he deeply frowned after beating and piercing person bodies consecutively.


In that short gap. The unmoved man gave up his own shoulder, dashed forward with wide-open arms, and hugged Choi Yu Seong’s body even as his whole body was charred.


Choi Yu Seong tilted his head with his eyes wide open in the sudden great pain that came with the sound of a broken bone.

“Khaha-! Got him!”

The defense type physical Awakener, who exhaled white steam from his mouth, cheered loudly.


Choi Yu Seong twisted his body to get out from him, but the more he did, only more pain he suffered from the broken arm.

“That’s terrific. Kim Jae Hyuk.”

“As expected, there should be a tanker.”

“By the way, what kind of catching E-rank Awakener that takes damage…”

They breathed a sigh of relief as if they thought the situation was over then praised Kim Jae Hyuk and on the other hand clicked their tongues at Choi Yu Seong.

18 D-Rank Awakeners came out to catch only one early-mid E-Rank Awakener.

The goal was not to kill but to capture alive, but the damage was unexpectedly great.

“Park Sung Hyung is dead.”

“The neck is bent completely reversed.”

Those who checked the condition of the Awakener, who swung dao sword at Choi Yu Seong and fell by the spear, shook their heads.

There was pity in both eyes, but there was no emotion such as anger or sadness.

This is originally the fate of those who become dungeon hunters.

It’s not strange when, where, and what happens even if you die.

In the case of Choi Yu Seong’s abduction, the variable was just bigger than expected.

“We won’t kill you, but don’t think about resting well. Or I’ll also break your limbs one by one.”

Kim Jae Hyuk threatened in a low voice.

Choi Yu Seong had relaxed with his head down as if he had given up or fainted.

“You can’t do with just limbs one by one. I can’t stand the fact that I was teased by that guy earlier.”

“Isn’t it enough to keep him alive? Let’s pull out all the nails.”

“Torture is my specialty. I’ll make him suffer enough to not let him die.”

It was when they were having a bloody conversation like criminals who thought nothing of kidnapping.

“… bolt.”

“What is he saying? This guy.”

Kim Jae Hyuk tilted his head when Choi Yu Seong muttered like self-talk.

“Isn’t it one million volts?”

It was when Spark swirled up from the body of Choi Yu Seong, who raised his head and lit up his eyes.

Kim Jae Hyuk, who was engulfed in thunderbolts once again, gave strength to both his arms.

“This body’s pain tolerance is D-rank, you know!”

Kim Jae Hyuk grinned with yellow teeth then tilted his head because he could not hear Choi Yu Seong’s scream.

Soon, Kim Jae Hyuk widened his eyes after confirming that Choi Yu Seong had spread a thin translucent shield in the gap of his captured arm.

‘He used and made the shield this thin?’

Even without any signs or feelings.

At the moment when Kim Jae Hyuk was surprised for the ability to operate the shield which seemed to be better than the original user, Choi Yu Seong threw his head back and hit Kim Jae Hyuk’s chin.


Kim Jae Hyuk who frowned with a scream slightly relaxed his arms.

There was no reason for Choi Yu Seong to miss the opportunity.

He quickly pulled his body down and rolled to the side.

Lazy Donkey Roll F → Lazy Donkey Roll E

As soon as the skill level-up message was heard, Choi Yu Seong plunged the spear into the ground and jumped into the air like a pole jump.

“Catch that guy!”

Kim Jae Hyuk, who boasted D pain tolerance, ran out to catch such Choi Yu Seong.

No, he tried to run.

Something caught his ankle and blocked his movement.

Thanks to that, Kim Jae Hyuk plunged face first and a nosebleed burst out.


Kim Jae Hyuk’s eyes opened roundly as he saw the tree roots that were holding his ankles.

Looking at Choi Yu Seong, he was seen winking and raising his hand toward somewhere.


Kim Jae Hyuk and everyone else thought of that in an instant.

Attention was naturally directed to Park Min, Awakener with the ability to summon tree roots and branches.

Being misunderstood, he quickly shook his hands and head.

“No, it’s not. Am I crazy!”

Choi Yu Seong, who had completely surpassed the Awakeners who were blocking the way using the pole jump method, sighed in the meantime.

‘Now, if I just run about 500m straight…’

It’s the finish line, the portal.

He overcame the biggest barrier with a moment’s wit and grit.


“This is not the time to argue, stop him!”

“If this fails, it will be a great disgrace!”

A scream-like roar chased Choi Yu Seong from behind.

A smile of relief flowed from Choi Yu Seong, who ran like the wind.


The finish line is just around the corner.

The moment he thought so, the ground of the dungeon shook.


Choi Yu Seong’s body, which had little strength left in his legs, staggered.

At the same time, some of the ground rose like a wall in front of his eyes.

The earth-type flair Awakener, who had been gathering strength during the not-too-short confrontation, demonstrated his skill.

‘If I fall here…’

Choi Yu Seong did not have enough stamina to escape if the road was blocked again.


Therefore, he spoke to himself and flew his body again with the spear as a pole.

It was a spear that cost nearly 2 billion won in cash, but it was not a waste.

Money was no more precious than life.

It was for the best.

The best choice Choi Yu Seong can make.

As a result, Choi Yu Seong slammed his shoulder against the wall of soaring ground.


With the shock, his whole body filled with pain and trembled.

“Khoff, khooff-!”

Choi Yu Seong trembled as he vomited blood.

However, it was something else that bothered Choi Yu Seong more than that.

‘I couldn’t get over it.’


He failed with only 300 meters left.


“Be careful, the opponent isn’t just an E-rank Awakener.”

The group of Awakeners who approached Choi Yu Seong had become less talkative than before.

Their eyes were also different from before.

Choi Yu Seong slowly raised his body, crawling on the floor with both hands even as he was coughing up blood and suffered.

The bloody eyes remained vigilant against the approaching Awakeners.

His physical strength was low and his body condition was a mess, but his mental strength was not over yet.

Choi Yu Seong was still looking for an escape opportunity and was staring at them with a look that would kill any one of them at the very least.

Maybe because of that?

Despite the obvious fact that Choi Yu Seong was captured, the pace of the kidnapper group was much slower than expected.

‘Is this the best thing to do?’

‘I’d rather kill him here…’

‘In the future, after releasing Choi Yu Seong…’

Gazes mixed with awe and fear surrounded Choi Yu Seong.

Choi Yu Seong could read such an atmosphere.

‘If only I could use it…’

But how?

There is no means.

Unlike his unbroken spirit, Choi Yu Seong clearly aware that he had reached a certain limit.

‘If I had more power…’

No, he should have been a lot more thorough.

He should have been aware and guarded that a dungeon is a place that anything is not strange no matter what it is.

You can’t grow if you can’t get over this kind of crisis alone?

Choi Yu Seong admitted that he was somewhat careless.

His enemies were more cunning and meticulous than he thought.

They don’t wait for the opponent to grow up and offer chunks of experiences like the bad guys in novels, manhwas, and movies.

‘I shouldn’t have thought them the same as the greenhorn Choi Min Seok…’

He was complacent.

He thought it was easy, as he handled Choi Min Seok who messed with him.

His enemies are monsters who don’t mind using a cow knife to catch chickens.

Choi Yu Seong’s powerful will leaked out of his body. The group of kidnappers walked little by little even when they were engulfed by their emotions and soon came to the front of Choi Yu Seong.

“Sorry, but we can’t help it because it’s our job. I hope you don’t take it too seriously.”

Kim Jae Hyuk.

Unlike his initial attitude, he reached out his hand and gave an apology to Choi Yu Seong for some reason.

Just before the wounded thick hand touches Choi Yu Seong’s shoulder.

“You shouldn’t touch carelessly.”

A voice was heard from the air and a silver streak fell like a thunderbolt along with a figure of someone.

A dark black combat suit, short hair, a broad back, and a cold atmosphere.

Choi Yu Seong undoubtedly recognized who suddenly appeared despite his blurry vision.

‘Kim Do Jin.’

With a sly smile, he said.

“Choi Yu Seong is mine.”


Gong Seong Jin, Gong Wu Jin.

The two men, also known as the Gong brothers, were quite rumored in the Korean mercenary industry.

Their main duties include kidnapping, murder, intimidation, robbery, and even escort.

They were not designated as Villains as they work hand in hand with powerful people, but they were practically brutal criminals, and both brothers were A-rank Awakeners.

Because of that, the mission success rate was 100 percent so far.

The achievement was accomplished because they did not receive anything they could not afford in the first place, but the Gong brothers were recognized enough to actually rise to the Top 10 in the industry.

There were two reasons why the Gong brothers received the task to kidnap Choi Yu Seong.

Firstly, it was a bit risky but the amount of commission was as large as that.

Secondly, they could guess the identity of the client to some extent.

It was dangerous, but their safety could be guaranteed if they succeed.

The worst consequences of failure were not even in mind.

As always, they wouldn’t have started working if they were going to produce poor results in the first place.

The trickiest thing in kidnapping Choi was his two guards who were by his side, the Jin siblings.

Each of them proved their skills with A-rank and B-rank, but they rarely leave Choi Yu Seong’s side except for sleeping time.

So, they waited for Choi Yu Seong to enter the dungeon.

Humans are most afraid of unknown situations.

With Choi Yu Seong not in sight right now, even a little stimulus would force them to follow.

So far, it was as planned.

They weren’t too concerned about the situation inside.

They hired 18 D-Rank Awakeners who were quite involved in this kind of work through five agencies they familiar with.

No matter how Choi Yu Seong passed the hunter test as top honor, he was still an E-rank.

There was no reason to be concerned about failure.

While the two were away, those inside who succeeded in kidnapping Choi Yu Seong would leave Dungeon Square and move to the meeting place while hiding him.

The Gong brothers would receive Choi Yu Seong at that place then leave the country for a while, that’s it.

The mission was in a situation where it would end neatly.

However, there was an unexpected miscalculation.

The first was about Jin Do Yun.

They already had the information.

Lycanthrope Jin Do Yun.

A hunter with more defensive power than most defensive ability users and the ferocity of a beast.

It was a standard theory within the industry that an Awakener of physical type and transformation ability could be viewed a half level above the original rank.

But even so, he was only B-rank.

There was no reason for Gong Seong Jin, a curse-type flair Awakener, to lose.

Originally, the biggest counters for simple and ignorant physical type Awakener were those with curse-type abilities.

The advantage of physical type Awakeners is that battle with both sides1 To both main types of Awakener, flair(superpower) and physical type. is superior to the average. The downside is there is nothing else of a threat except that.

If you decrease the opponent’s ability and rank to block direct combat abilities, beat him moderately at mid-long distances, they would fall out of exhaustion.

Obviously, at the beginning of the battle at an abandoned construction site, it seemed to be going as planned by Gong Seong Jin.

But, how come?


Gong Wu Jin could not understand the scene of Jin Do Yun howled on top of Gong Seong Jin, whose entire hair dyed red and whole body and face thoroughly ruined.

Hyung lost?’

This was obviously out of the calculation.

There was even a second problem.

“My oppa is the type that doubles his combat power when he’s angry. Rank isn’t everything, you know.” 

Gong Wu Jin, whose face was swollen all over, opened his eyes round with surprise. Jin Yu Ri, who trampled on his head with the shoe’s heel, struck the floor with a black whip she formed on one hand and said.

“For reference, I’m the type to be three times crueler.”

“… Just kill me.”

Said Gong Wu Jin after biting his lips.

He was prepared enough to die one day in this kind of work.

The time just came at an unexpected point, nothing special.

“What the? Who let you die in peace. You take my words as a joke, huh.”

Jin Yu Ri snorted and the whip slowly climbed up like a snake from the tip of Gong Wu Jin’s foot to his ankle.

“From now on, you better answer my questions as honestly as possible.”

“I won’t let it go your way…!”

It was when Gong Wu Jin, who flinched, opened his mouth and tried to bite his tongue.

Jin Yu Ri swung the other hand and the black energy generated in the air turned into a curled snake then stuck in Gong Wu Jin’s mouth.


Gong Wu Jin’s body trembled at the sensation of sticky and cold fluids filling his mouth.

Meanwhile, Jin Yu Ri’s whip was sweeping up Gong Wu Jin’s thigh and slowly digging into his crotch.

“Don’t think anything else. Blink once if it’s right and blink twice if it’s not.”

Soon, Gong Wu Jin’s eyes widened as he felt the whip between the legs slowly wrapped the private place.

“Mph… Mmph…!”

“Should I rip it off or should I crush it. If you want to die neatly… It would be better if you’re honest. You know that, right?


Gong Wu Jin’s head shook violently from side to side.

Both eyes were filled with deep fear.

“Huhu. Why. Don’t be pitiful. So, why did you touch someone you shouldn’t. Yup, the first question. Is Yu Seong oppa around here now?”



Inside the dark abandoned construction site, the cries of a wolf, the laughter of a snake, and the screams of a human were mixed.


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