Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 2-1

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Three from the back, two from the front.

The enemies that looked like only five in total quickly increased to eight.

‘Not long after I broke through two, three showed up again from the side road.’

The second-grade dungeon, Noll’s Cave, is so complicated that it is inconvenient to navigate without a map.

Therefore, it was not unusual for new enemies to suddenly appear in the direction Choi Yu Seong was going.

However, it was certainly difficult as the number was higher than expected.

That means the eight currently seen may not be all of them.

‘The highest rank limit to enter the second-grade dungeon is D.’

Choi Yu Seong, whose path was blocked again, looked at his opponent and gulped.

Unlike the two who were caught off guard for the first time, the three of them had a quite serious expression.

“Don’t let your guard down!”

“If we miss him, we’ll all die!”

It was probably because of the shout of the chasers running from the other side.

“Maybe because it’s a cave? You heard it just from a little buzz?”

Choi Yu Seong spoke to his opponent first.

It is more disadvantageous as time drag on, but it is easier to deal with it if you know what the opponent is thinking.

“Don’t think about pulling some tri…”

And a conversation is easy to induce distraction.

Choi Yu Seong cut off the opponent’s words and started attacking by aiming his spear at the opponent’s collar.

At that moment, the man on the left stretched his arm forward then a transparent barrier appeared and bounced off Choi Yu Seong’s spear.

‘Flair type! It seems he’s a defensive barrier skill user.’

In simple terms, flair type is more difficult to deal with than the physical type that can directly fight against.

It’s because it’s hard to know what kind of ability they have and how useful it is until you experience it yourself.


The man, who almost got stabbed by Choi Yu Seong’s spear while trying to talk, had a red face and swung his fist.

Seeing the arm that had turned to stone at one point, Choi Yu Seong bowed down his body.

Choi Yu Seong’s eyes could see something was wriggling below the ground at once.

‘Something’s coming.’

Choi Yu Seong quickly drew his spear sideways and jumped slightly into the air.


A little later, tree roots sticking out from the ground covered the spot where Choi Yu Seong had just stood.


One of the three men on the right side clicked his tongue.

Choi Yu Seong felt a chill in his spine.

If he did it wrong, his ankle would have been caught, could not move, and was captured in place.

‘Now five times. I wanted to save it because there’s not much left…’

Choi Yu Seong was forced to show his skill, Insight.

There were just too many people to deal with and the skills were also pretty good.

In an instant, blue will-o’-the-wisp rose in his eyes and he felt that his field of vision was relatively broadened.


Is it because of the increase of Sight Enhancement skill from F to E?

The radius of Insight itself felt wider than before.

Choi Yu Seong peeked at the opponent’s system stats in between thanks to that, but his lips became crooked.

‘All three are D-rank?’

If so, those who were chasing from behind were also more likely to be D-rank.

“What are you doing with a bunch of D-Ranks to get one E-Rank. Do you know that you use a knife for a cow just to catch a chicken?”


The three men couldn’t hide their surprise at the discovery of their skills, but their bodies moved quickly apart from him.

Choi Yu Seong, who bent his head to the side and avoided the stone-fisted man’s punch that was approaching him in an instant, quickly rolled down the floor.

‘Lazy Donkey Roll F!’

He rolled the floor quickly to avoid the opponent’s attack. There was no way to use better evasive maneuvering skills than this in the current situation, even though it was a poor skill that did not match Choi Yu Seong’s Stylish.

Because of that, Choi Yu Seong was able to get close to the most difficult shield skill user among the opposing members.


The man snorted and spread his shield.

Choi Yu Seong rolled the floor even after seeing him and got up quickly then immediately threw the spear without hesitation.

The spear bounced off with an impact sound and Choi Yu Seong, who dashed forward, picked up the spear.

At the same time, tree roots rise in a good place for Choi Yu Seong to settle down and spread its arms like a hungry demon.

“Got you, bastard!”


A translucent shield was created under the feet of Choi Yu Seong, who snorted.

The soaring tree roots were blocked by the shield and permeate back into the ground.

“That guy, how he used shield?!”

“It wasn’t in the information!”

Choi Yu Seong left behind the bewildered voice and his spear quickly struck the shield in front of him.

A single attack that struck more than five times in an instant caused cracks in the shield of the D-rank Awakener.

“This jerk!”

When the stone fist Awakener, who came after him, swung his arm wide.

“Hey, crazy!”


Choi Yu Seong used Lazy Donkey Roll once again without hesitation, and thanks to that, his fist slammed hard to his teammate’s shield.



There was a sound of the shield breaking along with the sound of coughing up blood.

Choi Yu Seong, who got up in an instant with the spear as a cane, dashed forward and strongly kicked the jaw of the shield Awakener with his toes.


The shield Awakener poured his broken teeth into the air along with blood then his eyes turned over.

He wouldn’t have died, but he was definitely out.

“Got one guy. D-rank, it’s nothing.”

Choi Yu Seong, who smiled leisurely on purpose, dashed forward and started running away again.

The more excited the opponent is, the better.

The more you lose your reason, the more difficult it is to show your true skills, and the more inconvenient it is to connect with each other.

The five people, who arrived at the battlefield of Choi Yu Seong and the three, raised their voices.

“What are you doing! The three of you can’t catch a single Choi Yu Seong!”

“That bastard is just fell, tho?”

“Throw away! Whether he’ll be eaten by monsters or not!”

“I’ll kill you, Choi Yu Seong!”

Between the conversation mixed with indifference and aggressiveness, Choi Yu Seong started running away while provoking his opponent and recalled the map he remembered in his head.

It was blurry, but when he concentrated, he remembered the current location and appearance at least.

‘It’s not good, tho.’

Of course, no matter how good Choi Yu Seong is, there is no such thing as a way to fight and beat seven D-rank Awakeners.

He had to run for the exit, but the location was not very good.

There were even three places where there are different paths in the direction of him running.

‘But I can get closer to the way out if I change the direction from the first one.’

Once out of the dungeon, the unidentified enemies can no longer attack Choi Yu Seong.

They are outright Villains if they can do that when the association’s Awakeners are watching. If so, they would not have been aiming for the special situation inside the dungeon from the beginning.

And at the first crossroads that Choi Yu Seong thought.

Choi Yu Seong frowned as he saw the two men running out of there.

“Found him!”

“Choi Yu Seong!”

He thought it would be just an ordinary general party if he was lucky, but the current situation seemed to be not so easy.

‘There’s no end. Are they some kind of Chinese army.’

He couldn’t even predict how many people actually were out there.

Bow and sword.

The two took out their respective weapons and the seven yelling were chasing from behind.

There were already 10 people if Choi Yu Seong added the number of people he defeated.

Choi Yu Seong opened his eyes wide when he saw the opponent pulled the bowstring and was aiming with the bow.


He was careless.

An arrow that flew quickly hit Choi Yu Seong on the shoulder in one go.

But surprisingly, it was the arrow that bent and bounced into the air after the impact.

Choi Yu Seong’s shoulders were shaking for a while, but it was just that much.

The pain was just a numbing on the back of his neck.

There was a slight groove on the shoulder steel plate of the thick combat suit, but there seemed to be no other major impact.

‘As expected, luxury item!’

Choi Yu Seong exclaimed in joy inwardly.

There is a reason why there is a saying that over-geared is good.

“He’s still fine even after blocking my arrow?”

Looking at the surprised opponent, Choi Yu Seong pierced his long spear at the bowman.

At the moment when the sword-wielding opponent stepped forward and tried to block it, except for the outstretched spear, he floated his body into the air and spread the shield under his feet.

Then, he threw his body to the front using the shield as an aid.

‘Although it’s a downgrade version of Wind Step…!’

Anyway, the plan was a success.

In no time, the jaws of the two who missed Choi Yu Seong’s movement were about to fall off.

‘Done. I can get out.’

All he had to do was run with all his might to the way out.

Fortunately, Choi Yu Seong’s running speed was slightly faster than the D-rank hunter pursuers due to the activated Stylish in the middle of the combat.

If he kept going like this, he can safely escape out of the dungeon.

‘Just have to work a little harder.’

Choi Yu Seong was moving a little bit away. The man with the sword, who was at the forefront of the chase following him, raised his arm.

“Enough. Damn it. What kind of E-rank has a terribly fast foot.”

“Gasp, gasp.”

“Shit, my crotch will tear apart while chasing!”

Two flair-type hunters, who were less physically capable than the physical type Awakeners, exhaled harsh breaths and shook their heads behind him.

However, there was no big shadow on the faces of the pursuers despite they had missed the target.

“If you run this way anyway, it’s definitely the exit. Choi Yu Seong will run like crazy without even knowing what’s there. How much energy would he lose if the guy found out that he was a rat in a jar. Hehe.”

At the sword-holding man’s words, all the pursuers lit their eyes and smiled insidiously resembling each other.


Choi Yu Seong felt that the traces of the pursuers who were chasing him had clearly moved away.

Even since then, no new ones had appeared in the way.

‘Almost there.’

Choi Yu Seong did not easily slow down his steps even though he was in a situation where he could be relieved enough.

‘Why? I still feel uneasy about something.’

The incomprehensible sixth sense continued to push his back, pumping his heart strongly as if not to stop.

In the end, not far before the escape portal. Choi Yu Seong hardened his face and had to stop running which he had given all of his strength for.

“That Choi Yu Seong had arrived, huh?”

“Wow, he must have passed everyone that he came all the way here.”

“Still, he’s a top passer of the hunter exam.”

A narrow passage to the escape portal.

Eight men were blocking the road as if they had waiting for Choi Yu Seong.

‘18 D-rank Awakeners were sent to catch me alone? Such a shit.’

No matter who it was, it meant that the opponent didn’t think this was easy either.

A curse came out of nowhere.

When he stopped running like crazy, his breath became harsher and the world seemed to be floating in white.

His head was pounding and ringing seemed to spread in his ears.

“Haa… Haa…”

It was also inevitable that rough breathing poured out of the mouth, not from the nose.

“But that, isn’t it on the verge of limit?”

“If you go and touch it, won’t he just collapse. Kekek.”

“Don’t leave your position. If you accidentally let him go to the portal, it’s over.”

Contrary to the ridicule, those who blocked the exit stood still and stared at Choi Yu Seong.

Nine Awakeners, who chased him, finally arrived a little late from the back. When they found Choi Yu Seong, who had stopped, they cursed and burst into laughter.

Now that they had succeeded in chasing and thought all they had to do was catch the prey.

‘People around who might ask for help from…’

It was clear that they had already taken over and kicked everyone out.

Then, the miracle Choi Yu Seong could hope for now was that someone appeared beyond that portal to help.


Whoever comes in, it is such a lucky situation if they don’t pass by pretending they didn’t see it

Choi Yu Seong gritted his teeth and wiped the sweat in his head.

Still, he got time to catch his breath because the opponent didn’t move.

“Who sent you here? Is it the guild side? Or my siblings?”

Those who blocked the exit shrugged their shoulders at Choi Yu Seong’s question.

It was a question to see the reaction and Choi Yu Seong was convinced that they knew nothing.

Otherwise, all eight people could not help but change their facial expressions.

‘These guys are tails. It doesn’t matter if they get cut.’

A more meticulous figure than expected was behind.

The pursuers who have chased Choi Yu Seong to the very back took out their weapons or showed off their abilities and smiled slyly.

Enemies on all sides..1 사면초가(sa-myeon-cho-ga). A difficult situation or circumstance where one is not able to get help from anyone.

Choi Yu Seong could not give up even in an extremely dangerous situation.

The option of backing out does not exist.

So, he ran forward and raised his mana with all his might to wrap Spark all over his body and the spear.

The roots that had secretly wrapped under his ankles were the first to burn and wriggled like earthworms.

The body felt lighter as if the effect of the already activated Stylish skill was amplified.

‘Stylish, please.’

Even if he had confidence in stamina because he had an excessive level of mana compared to the rank, the opponents were D-rank hunters and there were also a lot of them.

In other words, the probability of multiple opportunities was low.

He has to break through the road at once.

Choi Yu Seong erased his thoughts as soon as he kicked the ground.

It wasn’t a situation where he could do some calculation in his head anyway.

It’s just instinctive head-on.


The opponents were eight D-Rank Awakeners.

Choi Yu Seong swung his spear as if he were trying to catch a gap and Spark, that jumped out after him, swallowed the man who was at the forefront at once.


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