Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-24

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A hotel suite of a building called a landmark of South Korea located in Jamsil.

The hideous cut wound on the left cheek of Min Young Hun, who sat alone on a wide sofa and grabbed a bottle of strong whiskey, wriggled greatly.


Anger rose to the tip of his head thinking about the absurd situation that had happened in front of him just now.

“Most of the Big 10 guild bosses are such cowardly bastards…”

Min Young Hun, whose tongue stuck out, casually called the Big 10 guild bosses that had a high reputation in Korea and belittled them.

In fact, Min Young Hun had his own confidence.

It was his position and ability as the Vice President of Cheonsang(celestial) Guild, the second among Big 10 guilds in South Korea, and an Awakener of Rank S Level 30.

He sent an e-mail to all Big 10 guilds a week ago.

Hyesung Group was recently preparing to jump into the hunter guild market and it was necessary to gather opinions to prevent it.

For the meeting, he rented a suite of over 10 million won per night and prepared his own plans. But none of the heads of the important Big 10 guilds came out here.

He found out that everyone, except for Oh Hyeon Woo, the president of Cheonsang Guild where Min Young Hun currently away, had no special schedule and even contacted them.

At least, six guilds sent someone about director-level1South Korea have a serious rank culture, so this act is the least consideration toward the other party without blatantly revealing their opposition. considering Min Young Hun, who was called a crazy dog in the guild industry.

But none of them showed any interest in the gathering.

To be more precise, they came to the place but were busy avoiding Min Young Hun’s gaze with a face that wanted to escape quickly somehow.

He already knew the answer to why things turned out this way.

‘So, Hyesung Group, no. Choi Wu Jae is that scary.’

Min Young Hun, who was struggling with this, strengthened his hand holding the bottle.

“What’s so scary about a geezer who’s about to die…”

No matter how much the myth of Hyesung Group was rewritten by awakened at a late age and achieved incredible growth, isn’t he just an old man after all?

Min Young Hun could not understand the current situation at all.

‘If hyungnim2Hyung. Older brother from a male perspective. The -nim is a form of respect. was here at a time like this…’

No, there was nothing different.

Rather, Min Young Hun had moved now because it would be easier to proceed with the work even without Oh Hyeon Woo.

In the first place, Min Young Hun’s own problem was bigger.

He wanted to prevent Hyesung Group from jumping into the guild market somehow, but that didn’t work out.

It was when he was holding his sore head to think of a way.

The hotel room door opened naturally and a young woman with long wavy hair came in with a proud step wearing high heels.

“What, are you drinking? I guess things didn’t go as planned.”

Even the presidents of Big 10 guilds clicked their tongues at Min Young Hun, who most people felt burdensome to deal with.


“Don’t curse. What happened?”

The woman, who sat with crossed legs across from Min Young Hun, frowned at his low-sounding last word and asked.

Min Young Hun slowly raised his head and looked at her, showing a gaze filled with burning heat.

“What you expect. Everyone was scared and ran away with their tails curled. Choi In Young, they would even bark if your father asked them to. Like woof woof, woof woof. Kekek.”

“Do it moderately. Cause it’s ugly.”

Choi In Young, the fifth of the Choi family, scolded and stared at Min Young Hun.

“I know.”

It was when Min Young Hun, who once again put a strong whiskey bottle into his lips, tilted his head.

Choi In Young jumped up from her seat and took away his bottle.


Before Min Young Hun could say anything, the tongue of Choi In Young, who lowered her head and kissed him at once, penetrated the gap like a snake.


The moaning Min Young Hun’s movement slowly became calmer.

Slowly sweeping her hair behind ears, Choi In Young took off her lips and her eyes shone fiercely.

“Calm down, Min Young Hun. Calm down and think about it. Even if it’s frustrating, we have to stop it somehow. You know, right? When my father establishes a guild, he’ll surely entrust the second sister as the president. If that happens, my chance would be gone completely.”


“You said you want to marry me. You said you’d give me the position of chairman of Hyesung Group as a gift. Aren’t you going to keep your promise?”

“Am I not doing this to keep my promise.”

Choi In Young, who sat on his lap watching Min Young Hun sighing deeply, smiled with her eyes.

“That’s why don’t get carried away thinking about flipping it over. Take your time. Got it?”

Her soft touch gently passed over Min Young Hun’s hair.

When the hands of Min Young Hun, who had burning eyes, were near her chest.

Choi In Young pushed out his hand away casually and lit her eyes.

“More than that. I’m telling you as this one didn’t go well, but I just received a good information source.”

“What source?”

Min Young Hun licked his lips with pity and asked.

“It’s about Yu Seong. Our ninth.”

“…Choi Yu Seong?”

“Yeah, I heard that guy has been hunting alone lately.”

“Why is that…?”

“Although father pretends not to, he quite cares about our Yu Seong. It seems he adores him more recently.”

“There were many talks that he was quite protecting even when the punk was acting like a good-for-nothing.”

“Yu Seong himself doesn’t know. My father’s personality wasn’t like that originally.”

“I know it well.”

Isn’t that why most of the Big 10 guild presidents curled their tails out of fear in this incident today?

“Is there anything comes to your mind after hearing this?”

“What is it?”

At Min Young Hun’s counter-question, Choi In Young smiled and sat opposite him.

“Yu Seong is a bit big-headed as he just awakened not long ago. I’m a little worried about it.”

“Then how to do it. Kill Choi Yu Seong?”

Min Young Hoon opened his eyes round.

“Hey. When did I say such a scary thing?”

“Or kidnapping? Let’s threaten that geezer to stay calm if he wants to save his son, like that? Do you think it’s gonna work?”

No matter how much he cared about Choi Yu Seong, the opponent was the cold-blooded Choi Wu Jae.

He was going to snort and tell her to do as she pleases.

“No, it’s gonna work.”

However, Choi In Young thought differently.

“You guys don’t know it well. How much the sly geezer cares about that brat Yu Seong.”

“Then that’s a bigger no. If I mess with Choi Yu Seong, I’ll be gone too.”

Although he cursed other guilds, it didn’t mean that Min Young Hun wasn’t scared of Choi Wu Jae at all.

“Who told you to do it yourself? We have a lot of people to order. And… You have me.”

Choi In Young pointed at herself with her index finger as if she was frustrated.

“Not as much as Yu Seong, but our geezer also quite cherishes me.”

“And there’s no need to kill or hurt him somewhere. You don’t have to lock him up somewhere. Still, he is my younger brother. Would I want to do that far? Take him to a place where he can’t be reached for a while. Just make sure father focused his attention on it.”

“If it’s like that…?”

“Do you guys have a different purpose than me? Let’s work together to create a guild business, roughly.”

“I think it’s just dragging some time anyway.”

With a smirk, Choi In Young put the taken bottle on a low table and got up from her seat.

“That’s something I have to do. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. It’s just… Maybe that’s how much you feel about me. You can think about it.”

Choi In Young smiled brightly and left the suite as if she had no regrets.

She really looked like she had nothing to pity.

Min Young Hun staring at the closed door after she left and muttered as he lifted the bottle again.


His hand found and picked up the phone that was thrown somewhere on the sofa.

“Oh, it’s me. There’s work to do. The risk is quite high. The target is one of the Choi family members of Hyesung Group.”

Min Young Hun, who unknowingly tapped the back of his phone with his index finger, looked somewhat nervous.


Choi Yu Seong’s achievements from the last 5 days of hunting were by no means small with the combination of drive-hunting, the effect of Experience Increase potion, and Star Quality.

『Name: Choi Yu Seong

Age: 20

Series: All-rounder type

Rank: E

Level: 38

History Possessed: 1

Specialization Skills: Star Quality E, Fusion E

General Skills: Stylish E, Duplicate Eyes E, Spark E, Insight E, Sight Enhancement F→E, Muscle Enhancement F→E, Lazy Donkey Roll F

Current Inactive Skill Slot: There is no space left. You can delete or overwrite normal skills other than initial skills if necessary.』

Early in the evening, Choi Yu Seong, who returned home and finished taking a shower, sat in front of the table and checked his abilities with all smiles that didn’t leave.

‘If keep going like this, I’ll be able to get D-rank in a month.’

Levels, as well as skills, rose in grade as the experience increased.

Compared to the first day, the rate of level increase was slower as time went by, but he didn’t care much about that part.

Growth is a structure that is bound to slow down as time goes by no matter what.

Moreover, the most surprising of these results was the fact that only two of the last five days had used Experience potions.

In fact, it was also an unavoidable choice.

Choi Yu Seong had no Karma points left at the moment and had only 5 bottles of Experience Increase potions.

He didn’t worry too much, though.

A few people had been dispatched to get the ingredients needed to manufacture the Experience Increase potions.

Those were items that Awakeners didn’t often buy. Items purchased with Karma point at the Dimensional Store were sometimes traded at very high prices even though seemed insignificant, but it was not at the level that could not be obtained at all. So, he thought he could supply the necessary amount soon.

‘I shouldn’t eat away the Karma points of Jin siblings.’

Karma points accumulated by the two siblings could also be used if he asked, but it was out of the question from the beginning.

There were so many things that Karma points could be used directly to strengthen Awakeners.

And of course, it was not urgent to get Experience Increase potion to the point he ate away the growth of Jin siblings, who would continue to be a strong supporter by Choi Yu Seong’s side.

The way it is now is not bad either.

No, it’s fast enough.

Choi Yu Seong’s mood got better day by day as he thought so.

‘Now I just have to solve the colleague’s problems roughly.’

Suddenly, Choi Yu Seong found Chae Ye Ryeong, who was getting ready to leave work.

And just in time, Choi Yu Seong made eye contact with her who was looking at him.

She smiled awkwardly and bowed her head with a startled look on her face.

“Then, I will get off work.”

“Yes, see you tomorrow.”

“Good job for today.”

“Have a safe trip home.”

Chae Ye Ryeong smiled and waved at the continued greetings of Choi Yu Seong, Jin Yu Ri, and Jin Do Yun. As she headed out of the door with a jumpy walk, she turned around.

“Oh, that… Boss.”


Chae Ye Ryeong, who was expected to leave work right away as usual, looked at Choi Yu Seong.

“My younger siblings want me to say thank you to Boss and both of you.”


“Actually, I don’t have any parents. I have three younger siblings.”

The unexpected confession of Chae Ye Ryeong shook the eyes of Choi Yu Seong and Jin siblings.

However, the feelings felt by the three were somewhat different.

First of all, Jin Do Yun suddenly remembered Chae Ye Ryeong’s age and couldn’t hide his trembling eyes at the fact he just knew.

Naturally, compassion rose first in his heart.

Meanwhile, Choi Yu Seong and Jin Yu Ri were already aware of Chae Ye Ryeong’s family situation, although in different ways.

Therefore, the two did not expect Chae Ye Ryeong would say such a fact with her own mouth.

It was because they thought she was still too young and had a lot on her shoulders to say that easily.

“Thanks to Boss and the two of you, our lives have improved a lot. This time, we’ll be able to get out of the shantytown and move to a small villa3 ‘Villa’ in here not referring to the big expensive villa. Korean called the small apartment with four or fewer floors a villa. . So, by the way… Did eonni4Older sister from a female perspective. come and ask the real estate lady to lower the monthly rent on our new house?”

This time, Choi Yu Seong looked at Jin Yu Ri in surprise.

He wondered what Chae Ye Ryeong meant by saying thank you to the two, but when one of the questions was solved.

“It’s Do Yun oppa who asked the aunts to give me some leftover side dishes when I go home.”

This time, Jin Do Yun’s face turned red.

As explained, Jin Do Yun actually didn’t know much about her situation.

However, he was just guessing that there would be a story because she was working at a young age, so he tried not to needlessly nosy at someone else matter.

“Well, no need to be like that. That lady said something useless.”

“Cough, cough.”

Jin Yu Ri turned her eyes to the ceiling vainly while Jin Do Yun looked at the ground.

“Both of you…”

It was when Choi Yu Seong looked at the two with an absurd but pleasant smile.

“And boss.”

Chae Ye Ryeong called Choi Yu Seong.

“Huh, huh?”

“Actually, I thought boss might be as bad as rumors.”

“…As you’re thinking it’s not like that now, so why not listen to good things?”

“Yes, sir!”

Chae Ye Ryeong bowed her head while answering in a loud confident voice.

“I’m really grateful right now. Thanks to that, my younger siblings’ faces got brighter and their physique got much better. It’s all thanks to Boss and my younger siblings are so thankful. They wanted to say hello, but I’d deliver it instead. Because Boss is busy.”

Choi Yu Seong scratched his cheek.

“I’m rather grateful to hear that from you.”

He knew well because he was originally an orphan.

At such a young age, it’s not easy to have that gentle heart without a parent.

However, not only Chae Ye Ryeong but also her younger siblings were all so nice.

It had no choice but to warm his heart.

‘I’ve only given a small salary at most…’

It also had a strong strategic aspect of future investment but came back this way made his emotions even more strange.

“Thank you very, very much. I’m not good enough, but I’ll do my best. Then, please take care of me again tomorrow5The problematic 잘 부탁드립니다(jal bu-tak-de-rim-ni-da) that can’t have just a single meaning. !”

The eyes hidden between the hair drew a bright smile.

There’s no way it wouldn’t be nice to see that clean and innocent figure.

Choi Yu Seong and Jin siblings laughed together and Chae Ye Ryeong bowed once again and ran out with a bright red face in embarrassment.

Only three of us were left.

“In fact… I was wondering why oppa hired that kid.”

“So, you even went all the way to the housing agency and tried to help the kid?”

“Curiosity is curiosity, but I feel sorry for the kid.”

She did not ask how he knew about Chae Ye Ryeong’s family situation.

Since Choi Yu Seong decided to hire her, she must have tried various investigations due to the thorough nature of Jin Yu Ri.

And fortunately, Chae Ye Ryeong herself didn’t seem to felt very unpleasant about it.

“So anyway?”

“Just. I thought it wouldn’t be bad if it was such a good deed, even if it was meaningless sometimes.”

“It turns out Young Master already knew all the facts.”

“Uh… Som, somewhat?”

At Jin Yu Ri’s words, Jin Do Yun looked at Choi Yu Seong with sparkling eyes that seemed to shed tears right away.

“I am really… So proud of you… Young Master…”

“No way, oppa. Are you crying now?”

“No, I was just a little emotional.”

“That’s what crying is about. Dummy. How old are you…”

Jin Yu Ri’s scolding and Jin Do Yun with an emotional look.

Looking at the two, Choi Yu Seong could not say that he hired her because he knew she would become an Awakener with outstanding abilities in the future.

And there was definitely something Choi Yu Seong also felt from this.

‘Good deed, huh…’

It was the day when he learned the virtues of giving and the satisfaction of it, which he had never thought of because he had never had much.


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