Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-23

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And Kim Do Jin, the main character who received it for free, uses this Experience Increase potion to achieve much faster growth than others.

In other words, the writer arranged it to be made for Kim Do Jin first, but there was nothing to worry about.

‘It’s not like it’ll run out because I try it first, why can’t I use it?’

The difference is that Choi Yu Seong had to spend his Karma points himself, but this was inevitable.

That’s all because he didn’t have a main character idolizing and pushover colleague like Oh Ji Hoon.

‘Colleague, colleague huh…’

Choi Yu Seong was still thinking very deeply about this part.

That’s why the first way to survive in this world is to make a lot of his own people.

And the answer to the easiest way to use this method was clearly set.

‘It’s most convenient to take away Kim Do Jin’s colleague first.’

Like the main character in the novel, the way Kim Do Jin recruit his colleague is generally simple.

He overwhelms and fascinates his future colleagues with strong power and charisma, giving them some proper dealing.

With that alone, this world is overflowing with characters whose loyalty and affection for Kim Do Jin rise rapidly.

Of course, Choi Yu Seong was able to imitate this method somewhat.

But he never intends to take that easy path.

‘If I take away Kim Do Jin’s colleagues, who will stop the dungeon break or disaster in the future?’

The returnee Kim Do Jin himself of course could do it all alone without the bridesmaid colleagues, but there is a matter of possibility.

Just as Choi Yu Seong’s actions accelerated the appearance of Lee Jin Wook, there may be some change in Kim Do Jin’s life.

What if Kim Do Jin, who went out alone, dies in the fight against disaster? The hero who will save this world will disappear.

Afterward, Choi Yu Seong may have to run around sweating his feet to prevent disasters and dungeon breaks that would threaten the Earth and even deal with the Villains.

It did not fit his view of life that he would live sucking honey after solidifying his survival conditions.

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong was scared of Kim Do Jin but didn’t want to him die either.

Kim Do Jin must somehow persistently live to protect this world and become a hero.

There is only one future that needs to be changed there.

‘The survival of myself.’

Choi Wu Jae’s death?

He actually agonized over that part.

Anyway, he was also the father of Choi Yu Seong himself in this world.

However, Choi Yu Seong has yet to have any affection toward Choi Wu Jae.

He thought so. But at the moment when Kim Do Jin takes the opportunity to kill Choi Wu Jae, will Choi Yu Seong be able to ignore the situation even though he knows if he is the only one who can be safe?

You never know.

“Eii, that’s enough.”

Complex and difficult problems require a little more thought.

Choi Yu Seong, who lightly dismissed his thoughts by thinking so, thought again about his first colleagues.

‘From Jin siblings to Chae Ye Ryeong…’

It is not considered a bad combination from the two siblings with high growth potential, Chae Ye Ryeong who were originally destined to be a disaster, along with Choi Yu Seong himself.

It’s a bit disappointing though.

‘One more person…’

Which useful colleague is at the level that does not interfere with Kim Do Jin’s future?

Choi Yu Seong recalled the original novel and the list of characters while walking around the field without hesitation.

30 minutes.

The monsters that were quite visible at the entrance when he first entered, are not seen well as time passed.

During the time after Choi Yu Seong first entered about an hour, he realized that he was quite lucky.

‘There are a lot of hunters around.’

There are surprisingly many hunters in South Korea who are at rank F~D than expected.

So, there are inevitably many competitors who hunt monsters in low-level dungeons.

It was a natural procedure for those who obtained the hunter’s license to visit the dungeon for experience points, monster’s by-products, and even mana stone if they were lucky.

‘Come to think of it, there are more people after lunchtime.’

Unlike the boss that takes a month, monsters regenerate every hour. But in the wide field dungeon, the wide distribution of them also made it difficult to hunt.

Some of them recognized the passing by Choi Yu Seong and cast their eyes or questioned.

“Choi Yu Seong?”

“Did he come hunting alone?”

“Crazy, what’s with that equipment.”

“It’s Choi Yu Seong. He has a lot of money.”

There were quite a few whispers from behind, but no hunter approach Choi Yu Seong directly.

No matter how it is at the lowest level, it is located inside the dungeon.

It is a dangerous area where you could be fatally injured by a monster attack from somewhere if you let your guard down. You can’t be distracted for a long time by the appearance of a famous person if you’re not a fool.

Choi Yu Seong walked the dungeon for another 10 minutes. He found and hunted only one more Kobold during that time, so had a thought.

‘It shouldn’t be like this.’

The current situation is not good, even if he pulls out the advantage of the Experience Increase potion.

‘I need to figure out a way. How to…’

The eyes of Choi Yu Seong, who had been thinking for a while in place, suddenly turned to the History Possessed located in his system information window.

‘Come to think of it…!’

He struggled with the answer in front of his eyes.

Choi Yu Seong hurriedly looked at the History Possessed.

History was a kind of reward that gave a suitable name from the analysis result of the system that was watching the Awakeners.

Usually, a separate phrase was given rather than a completed sentence, but there was an effect of using it as it was called a reward.

And this is the history Choi Yu Seong got from the practical evaluation of the hunter exam.

▷ Leading to Attention

Awakener Choi Yu Seong secured the attention of many humans and gods at once in sparring, which was held in Yeouido, South Korea, on November 20, 2029.

When using the effect, it draws the gaze of a hostile being.

Application time – 60 minutes

When first checked this history, Choi Yu Seong thought it was a kind that he didn’t need.

The effect of the History ‘Leading to Attention’ is a provocation skill that attracts the opponent’s aggro to explain it easily with the game analogy. He thought there was no need for such ability because he is not a physical type with defensive ability.

He forgot about it, but now he saw that he was mistaken.

‘Isn’t it a match made in heaven for this situation?’

Choi Yu Seong applied History ‘Leading to Attention’ without hesitation.

At the same time, red letters that were only seen in Choi Yu Seong’s eyes appeared above the head.

‘Leading to Attention.’

After confirming that the effect was directly applied, Choi Yu Seong no longer walked leisurely.

He ran through the field.

He wasn’t scared.

He knew because he experienced the battle himself.

‘For Kobold, about ten of them aren’t a problem.’

It was not his cup of tea to lose strength while holding to catch one or two small fish.

And before long, Choi Yu Seong ran leading the Kobold troops and shouted inwardly.

‘After all, dungeon is full of romance!’

High-speed level-up through drive-hunting1Hunting by driving or herding prey in a particular direction. Tho in this specifically to herd them into groups to speed up hunting pace. I don’t play games, if anyone knows a better term, please put a comment., the so-called power leveling2Not an exactly equivalent term. The Korean term is 광렙(kwang-lev) which means fast leveling like light speed. that was a wonderful romance to anyone who ever played RPG games knew.


Park Hyuk Jin had a new dream after awakened half a year ago.

‘Make a name as a hunter and become a superstar.’

He liked receiving other people’s attention since childhood, liked to step up since school days, and as an adult, he wanted to attract the attention of people around him until he became what commonly referred to as a keyboard warrior in the internet world.

In the house, there were parents and a younger sibling who sighed and clicked their tongues as if they were pathetic looking at Park Hyuk Jin sitting in front of a computer every day and hitting the keyboard in his room, but there was nothing they could do.

He was in a dilemmatic situation in many ways. He failed to get a job at the company he wanted, said he would study to build up spec, but he was doing something that didn’t fit his age which he didn’t even do when he was younger.

Then a system message came to him like a miracle, sending the news of Awakening.

The skill composition consists of Strong Physical E, Shout F, Shield Mastery E.

Although it was skill configuration to be a tanker from a glance, there was no reason not to choose the hunter’s path.

As could be seen from the skill composition, even the first Awakening rank was E.

Park Hyuk Jin finally obtained a hunter license last month after proudly boasting his Awakening to the family, get support for academy fees, and building his own efforts.

And after a few hunts, he confirmed that he had the qualities of a tanker.

He stands in front with a shield, blocks attacks from monsters, and occasionally hits some small attacks by enduring with Strong Physical.

On top of that, there is the high-pitched skill gained from fighting with his parents to put off the computer was optimized for pulling the monster’s aggro.

When he went on his first hunt, the party he struggled to find wanted to hire such Park Hyuk Jin as a fixed tanker and chaser.

It was the first time in a long time that Park Hyuk Jin, who was treated like cold rice every day at home, was recognized by others.

In fact, the position of a tanker is called the party’s leader in a good way but called a meat shield in a bad way.

He comes to the front and gets beaten. He runs alone to drives monsters. And throws himself instead if he thinks the dealer is going to get hurt.

He suffered a lot in many ways and was scared of the pain he suffered for the first time, but Park Hyuk Jin never neglected his position.

He didn’t want to go back to that time when he was helpless and stupid as he was left alone, alienated from his family.

Now, when he returns home in the evening after hunting, his parents are all welcome to Park Hyuk Jin.

They said that safety is the most important when hunting, asked about his well-being and served a good meal.

‘It can change. Become a superstar, raise your family, and be recognized by everyone.’

Park Hyuk Jin firmly remained faithful to his role while recalling his changing future.

Park Hyuk Jin, who suddenly became the center of the party, no longer had trouble with the party members.

“What you doing, can’t you attack it right! Where’s the buff! It’s damn hurt!”

Except for Park Hyuk Jin, the party where everyone is rank F.

As they literally just started dungeon hunting, their limbs were a bit twisted, and often could not use their abilities properly.

In addition, the hunting tempo was somewhat slow.

Park Hyuk Jin wanted to catch more monsters for a little longer, but the party members wanted to rest for more than an hour after just a hunting spree.

While doing so, the total hunting time is less than 4 hours.

Park Hyuk Jin was not satisfied with such a situation.

‘I’ll hunt a lot even if left alone, then move on to the next level soon.’

He was grateful that they took him out hunting and hired him as a tanker, but that was just about it.

‘I can’t be tied up here forever. I have to work harder to become a superstar.’

Park Hyuk Jin started with E-rank, and he also had the conceit that he did not get along with other party members as he obviously had a great skill composition.

And that thought was often expressed in words.

“Hey. We got two attackers here, but does it make sense that it takes 30 minutes to kill 5 Kobolds? There’s even buff support in our party. But why are you all so bad like this? Can’t you get your act together? Dungeon is not a joke.”

When the hunt just over, Park Hyuk Jin’s complaint began immediately and raised the frowns of the party’s members who gathered together from hunter exam mates to form a party.

‘Ah. Let’s just get a new tanker.’

That thought suddenly came to everyone’s mind, but Park Hyuk Jin’s drive and attract aggro ability due to Shout skill was special power that other low-rank tankers did not have.

Even unlike the first time he went stupidly, his tanking skills are increasing rapidly day by day.

Despite this and that, Park Hyuk Jin’s ability was recognized inwardly, so they could not speak out easily even if they were dissatisfied.

“Wow… What kind of person is he?”

At the sudden words of someone, the eyes of as many as 5 party members turned to the middle of the field at the same time.

A man dressed in a cool battle suit that looks expensive at first glance is running across the field.

“Isn’t that Choi Yu Seong?”

Someone recognized his face and asked a question.

“Right. That’s right.”

“Wow shoot, he’s really handsome.”

Is it because of the luxurious equipment or is it literally because of his handsome face?

The way he was running in the field under the sun looked like a prince in a fairy tale scene.

“Awesome… He’s so cool.”

Park Hyuk Jin’s eyebrows wriggled at the casual words of the only woman in the party.

‘… Why don’t I have that kind of feel? I think I’m also someone myself.’

The truth was told by the mirror.

Anyway, he thought so, but Park Hyuk Jin himself can’t take his eyes off Choi Yu Seong.

It wasn’t just that.

In fact, all the party members paid attention to Choi Yu Seong as if they were somewhat possessed.

Therefore, they were able to realize rather late that what chasing the fairy tale prince were grotesque-looking monsters.

“Tho, those are…!”

“Wow, how many are there?”

At least eight or more.

Even if Park Hyuk Jin used the Shout skill, it is not easy to lure aggro of more than 3 at once.

However, Choi Yu Seong was running with twice as many monsters as him.

The monsters chased after Choi Yu Seong, screaming as if they were possessed by something without looking around.

As he was running, even more monsters were chasing him.

With that jaw-dropping ability, someone in the party asked Park Hyuk Jin.

“Park Hyuk Jin. You also can’t do it like that, right?”

At the question, Park Hyuk Jin’s expression frowned.

The inferiority complex he had was touched.

“Hey. What do you think I am. If monsters are gathered, I can bring them all.”

“Ah, yeah?”

A rather unsatisfactory response.

That fact turned Park Hyuk Jin’s eyes.

“Hey, wanna bet?”


“Just wait here.”

The red-faced Park Hyuk Jin breathes in a long breath.

The party members opened their eyes wide, knowing that he was about to use his skill, Shout.

“Hey, Park Hyuk Jin. Are you crazy?”

“That’s Choi Yu Seong. If you steal…!”

They tried to stop belatedly, but it was already too late.


Park Hyuk Jin, who screamed at the sky, closed his eyes, shook his arms, and beat his chest.

As much as he came out with guilty conscience, he tried his best to demonstrate his skills.

Does he remember putting all of his energy and shout it out before?

At least there hasn’t.

So, he was confident in his own way.

Now, all the monsters chasing Choi Yu Seong will look at him.

“A little more than eight?”

There are many, but he will be able to catch them if he can endure it.

“Did you see? This is the real tanker’s ability with different foundation…”

Park Hyuk Jin, who put a shield to block the monsters running from the front, had no choice but to stop spitting out his words as soon as he opened his eyes.

A vast field where only leaves of grass are dancing in the wind.

Choi Yu Seong and the monster horde chasing him were already moved so far away that they could be seen blurry.

Not a single monster chasing after him looked at Park Hyuk Jin.

A quiet silence.

“Ha, haha. That’s weird. What’s this?”

It was when Park Hyuk Jin, who had a red face at the end, shed an awkward smile.

“… Poof.”

There was a sneer that someone might unknowingly utter.

“Who’s it?!”

Angry Park Hyuk Jin looked back, but it was already after all the party members started talking among themselves.

“Wow, but Choi Yu Seong really has a different foundation.”

“He’s really no joke to say that he even passed the hunter exam which had an Irregular. I’m jealous. He’s handsome and has a lot of money. His ability is also good.”

“If he has that level of luring ability and even solo hunting ability, he’ll be up there in no time.”

“Fricking awesome. It’s dope.”

Park Hyuk Jin clenched his fists tightly and turned his back to the cold front of the same party members.

It hurt his pride too much.

Still, he was going to go with them until he graduated from rank E, but there was no reason to be with them anymore.

“Good luck with yourselves. As of today, I’m out of this party.”

He strode by himself after saying so, but there was no voice or touch from behind.

‘Seriously, these guys?’

He thought the party members might hold him back, to be honest, but no one responded.

It was absurd, but they hurt his pride and he didn’t intend to go back.

‘That’s right. Let’s be independent now.’

First of all, he can hunt by himself and find a new party when he reached a higher level.

One of Park Hyuk Jin’s strengths is to quickly admit inevitable situations.

The anger was quickly forgotten.

Park Hyuk Jin, who was walking alone in the open field, was able to find Choi Yu Seong fighting with the Kobold horde alone within his sight.

He was ashamed of his attempt to steal the monster out of a sense of entitlement for a moment, but soon the thought turned into admiration.


It seems monotonous in a way, but it optimizes the motion with neat movements and neutralizes the monster.

On top of that, the ability to avoid a crisis by using skills in the right places at the right time is also excellent. Park Hyuk Jin could tell because he was who fought at the forefront of the party after becoming a hunter.

‘Really. The foundation is different.’

It’s not just dependent on skills or equipment.

Choi Yu Seong’s movements were so good that even him with the skill of Shield Mastery E could not imitate it.

A certain desire burned in Park Hyuk Jin’s eyes as he looked at him.

‘I’ve decided. From today, my goal is you. Choi Yu Seong.’

Park Hyuk Jin clenched his fists tightly.


Choi Yu Seong, who raised another level 5 after an hour of a drive-hunting with the effect of History “Leading to Attention”, laughed while sitting with his butt stuck somewhere in the wide field.

“Cooldown time for History Leading to Attention is about 20 minutes. It’s perfect for a break.’

In a way, the effect of the Experience Increase potion has been abandoned, but Choi Yu Seong did not regret it.

Variables can arise at any time in dungeon battles.

Therefore, the dungeon manual appeared in the hunter written exam, also listed the arrangement of rest time as an essential element.

It wasn’t bad to review an hour’s worth of drive-hunting during the break.

It seems like he did a good job, but Choi Yu Seong is a human so he also made mistakes.

He recalled those points and correct them so he does not repeat them next time.

In the process, Choi Yu Seong recalled several parties he had met for an hour.

‘There’s definitely a lot of parties in the dungeon.’

A party may be an obvious choice as it reduces risks in many ways.

It is not that no one hunt alone like Choi Yu Seong, but it is rare.

He also thinks that a party was rather a burden right now, but it was safe to say that solo play was impossible as the dungeon difficulty increased.

‘Well. Kim Do Jin also gave up solo from A-rank.’

Even the main character, the cheat character of the original novel, couldn’t make any other choice like Choi Yu Seong.

“Uh, that person…”

As he sat down and thought about various things, he saw a figure who was leading monsters alone, pushing them with a shield and fighting from a distance.

It was Park Hyuk Jin.

‘I’m sure he was with the party members earlier.’

Why he is alone now?

He questioned for a moment but soon stopped thinking.

‘He’ll do it on his own.’

From the perspective of Choi Yu Seong, Park Hyuk Jin was truly a stranger.

Up until this point, Choi Yu Seong had never imagined that his relationship with Park Hyuk Jin would continue like that.