Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-22

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Early morning of the next day, Choi Yu Seong stopped by a store dedicated to Awakener in Yeouido and went outside after buying equipment for him to use.

The items purchased were a spear for the main weapon along with a suit and walker for hunters.

Of course, he decided on the best product among the ones available by mass production.

Choi Yu Seong didn’t need the concept of too good equipment is still a luxury as a beginner.

He was the ninth of Hyesung Group and somehow had a lot of money in his private bank account.

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong paid 3.5 billion won in a lump sum for very rare equipment designed by French and Italian craftsmen, manufactured by German and American machines, created from research by magic engineers, with the standard of Made-In-Earth, including a setup box to safely transport and store them.

He just paid the price of the best apartment even in Gangnam area of Seoul in an instant, but it did not feel like a waste.

‘If I die, everything is meaningless.’

So, the price doesn’t matter.

He had to buy efficient and good items.

In the meantime, why did he need the more expensive French and Italian craftsmen design?

‘It’s because of Stylish and Star Quality.’

To fight coolly. The more eye-opening, the better.

Dungeon hunting is sometimes conducted by individuals, but party play is often required.

It was a common and widespread story about Awakeners holding action cameras to shoot the activities of famous hunters and paparazzi reporters chasing after them using magic-engineered special drones that can also be used in dungeons.

Choi Yu Seong even has the use for gorgeous and cool designs that seem somewhat unnecessary.

Choi Yu Seong finished his morning schedule so quickly like that then the place he headed for was none other than a dungeon.

The entrance to the dungeon created in the middle of downtown Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, was of course not in the form that anyone could see directly.

The dungeon created in downtown is surrounded by a large square-shaped one-story building with soldiers and combat Awakeners belong to association always on standby inside. Basically, only people with a hunter license can enter the building.

If there are other circumstances, one or two reporters with special permission to shoot are the most.

Even in the case of hunters, it was not possible to allow all of them in.

Choi Yu Seong glanced at the hunters belonging to the association who were strictly guarding the entrance to the building. He looked back and spoke.

“Then, I’ll be back.”


Jin Yu Ri sighed without being able to answer his question.

In fact, she wanted to follow Choi Yu Seong’s first hunt more than anyone else now.

Many things bothered her in many ways because Choi Yu Seong’s first dungeon path was alone.

However, the two cannot follow Choi Yu Seong.

The reason was the law.

It has been about 20 years since a bill was proposed that prevents high-ranked Awakeners from entering low-level dungeons.

It’s not just monsters and traps that are dangerous in the dungeon.

Since it’s such an enclosed space and there are many places to avoid eyes, isn’t it perfect for accidents to happen even between the same humans?

In such a place, the fight between hunters of the same or similar rank and the participation of a high-rank with overwhelming power was completely different.

At least there’s time to run away if it doesn’t work when fighting against a similar level.

It can also be avoided before being fatally wounded.

But what if the opponent is a high-rank Awakener with an overwhelmingly high level?

If the number is twisted, it is not even a job to break the neck of a low-rank Awakener.

Before the bill was proposed, many Villains used it in the past.

There are incidents in which a high-rank entered a low-rank dungeon, dominated the interior space with overwhelming power, became a ruler, and raged like crazy.

Thus, a bill was created to limit the rank of entry to the dungeon.

This was a law that had to be observed for the least security of each other.

“I’m afraid I’ll go somewhere and get a counterfeit license.”

“And then you’ll be taken away.”

Choi Yu Seong laughed at Jin Yu Ri’s words and replied with a joke.

Three Awakeners of the association, who were fully armed with combat suits to enter the dungeon right away, were giving a stern look at the entrance.

As soon as he approached the entrance, they would check and compare the hunter’s license. If any abnormality was seen, they would suppress and arrest first.

And even if the two were able to enter, Choi Yu Seong would have rejected them.

The limitations of a plant in the greenhouse are clear.

Choi Yu Seong was convinced that he could not survive the danger coming to him in the future by only taking the easy path.

That’s why he also rejected their proposal to spend some money on people of similar grades.

‘Anyway. It could be a burden in the end if it’s similar level.’

Choi Yu Seong, who had his own leveling plan, didn’t want to pay attention to the gaze of useless people.

“I believe Young Master will do it well.”

Jin Do Yun said with a look of trust.

“Hide the trembling hands and talk.”

Jin Do Yun quickly took a stance at Choi Yu Seong’s point.

His face turned red to the ears at once.

“Don’t worry both of you. I’ll be right back. You should also grow up without paying attention to me.”

Jin siblings are both talented enough to be considered as S-ranks or higher based on their future growth potential alone.

At some point, they couldn’t hunt properly as they were reluctant to leave behind Choi Yu Seong, who was always in trouble. But it was obvious without saying how explosive their growth would be if they were free.

“Phew… Maybe it’s because it’s the first time sending to a dungeon. Why my heart is like this.”

The gaze of Jin Yu Ri, who spoke like a mother sending her son to the army, was full of worry and concerns that can be recognized without talking.

“Don’t worry. It’s only a first-grade dungeon. Besides, even if there is a variable. Will it be more dangerous than Choi Min Seok?”

The eyes of the two siblings rose sharply at Choi Yu Seong’s bad joke.

“I shouldn’t have put up with it then…”

Jin Do Yun, who recalled the situation at the time of the hunter’s exam, trembled with his face turned red in a different sense.

Thinking about that day, blood still seemed to flow upside down.

Jin Yu Ri wasn’t much different either.

However, she paid back Choi Min Seok in her way.

‘He won’t be able to do anything else for a while.’

Nevertheless, Choi Yu Seong smiled as he watched Jin Yu Ri and Jin Do Yun shivering.

“I’m trying to become strong so that such dangerous things don’t happen in the future. You two please cheer for me.”

“Anyway, we won’t go far today and will be waiting here.”

“That’s reassuring.”

If Choi Yu Seong doesn’t come out of the dungeon for too long or if something goes wrong, the two will move.

Is there anything bad to have an arrangement just in case?

“I’ll be back.”

“You have to be careful.”

“Don’t let your guard down, Young Master. If anything happens, just run away.”

“I’ll be careful so I won’t get hit.”

Choi Yu Seong, who smiled and responded to the nagging of the two, silently headed into the building.


When he entered the building after showing his license, several figures recognized Choi Yu Seong and threw their eyes at him.

Choi Yu Seong, who did not pay attention to the following chatter, gulped when he saw a burrowing underground tunnel not far from the entrance.

‘So that’s the entrance to the dungeon.’

The dirt-covered entrance to the dungeon, which was enough for four or five people to enter with their hands wide open, was rather bizarre to be in a bustling downtown area.

Therefore, it was inevitable to build such a building around the exterior to hide the sense of disparity, regardless of obstructing traffic.

The original novel explained that when the first dungeon was created on Earth, the ground popped up with an earthquake, and a large dangerous-looking black pupil was created, surprising many people.

And the majority of those who entered it out of curiosity never came back.

Now everyone knows that passing through that huge pupil shows a completely different landscape of a real dungeon than we thought, but it was bound to cause a huge shock and fear at the time.

‘It would be crazy if something like that appeared on my original earth.’

Most of the dungeons in downtown have been conquered currently.

Conquer here is whether or not Boss Monster is defeated.

If a dungeon is created and the boss is not defeated within a month, that large cave swells as if it will explode in an instant and sends countless hordes of monsters to the ground.

It was the so-called dungeon break.

The rather cumbersome thing was that, like most monsters in the dungeon, the boss was regenerated once a month.

In other words, every dungeon must hunt the Boss Monster once a month.

The downtown area which failed to solve this problem was already abandoned or devastated, so it was okay to consider it as a territory that was taken away by monsters.

Choi Yu Seong, who was looking at the entrance of the dungeon with such a daze, loosened his shoulders and neck.

‘It’s real inside.’

Reporters who have been granted special permission to enter the building cannot enter the dungeon.

In rare cases, Awakeners with hunter license chase after them by acting as paparazzi, but of course it is not common.

Then what’s the point of ordinary reporters chasing inside the building?

This is because there are a few reporters who can handle special drones equipped with mana stones, which are more common than the previous cases although still rare.

Of course, it is very rare for such magic-engineered drones to be deployed.

The unit price of the product itself is expensive as it is difficult to make and the fuel cost is enormous as the driving device is mana stone.

It even can be called money-consuming hippos because drones are often destroyed in the dungeon environment.

‘So, it’s said those very few reporters who are very skilled at drone control use it…’

Many things are bothering, so of course, there is no case to chase a general hunt except for a boss raid with a special event.

After all, it is okay to say that the world inside the dungeon belongs to hunters in most cases.

‘You shouldn’t expect law, order, and morality on earth in there.’

People also can be dangerous as much as monsters.

There are many threats to bear in many ways, but it was also a way to eventually move forward for growth.

‘Let’s go.’

Choi Yu Seong clenched his fist tightly and stepped forward.

Of course, he didn’t come here to see the entrance.

He couldn’t help but feel a little nervous looking at the black pupil, which clearly resembles a beast’s mouth.

Choi Yu Seong of the original novel is thrown in there and turned into a monster prey.

‘It can’t be the same.’

As nervous as he was, he was also looking forward to it.

‘It’s the real beginning now.’

The dungeon is full of rewards as there are many risks.

Level up, mana stones, and sometimes even hidden treasures that are rarely available on Earth!

Choi Yu Seong also knew information on treasures that others have not or cannot be occupied.

It’s an of course matter but his chances of survival increase if he takes the treasure.

Growth is essential even for him.

‘It’ll progress.’

In fact, he didn’t even need the position of chairman.

Just for the future honey-sucking life as a rich unemployed conglomerate!

It is to cheer himself up even if it is a bit difficult.

Choi Yu Seong inhaled deeply and stepped into the darkness of the dungeon.

As Choi Yu Seong’s whole body disappeared into the pupil, the darkness spreads around like paint and his whole body becomes heavy as if submerged in deep water.

It was the moment when Choi Yu Seong, who was an ordinary game company employee, took a big step as a hunter fighting for his life.



It is a word that refers to an unknown world full of indescribable threats, such as life battles against violent monsters or the dangers of hidden traps and confined spaces.

Firstly, many Awakeners want to somehow get into this dungeon with a hunter’s license.

And the public admires, envies, or even jealous of these hunters.

Someone says.

The dungeon has adventure and romance.

It’s bullshit of course.

The reason why dungeon is in the spotlight as said because it is full of rewards like sweet honey.

Obviously, the more powerful the hunter, the more the rewards. And by building a reputation, they can accumulate the wealth and honor that many people envy on Earth.

Even public power cannot treat them lightly if they keep the basic line as long as they have strong power.

The opportunity to enjoy the life everyone dreams of in a capitalist society is open to hunters.

Therefore, those who want to change their environment, or those who have more desires, want to become a hunter.

Choi Yu Seong was a little different.

There is no such thing as great wealth and honor in his desire.

He wants to survive.

Choi Yu Seong threw himself into the dungeon for only one goal. A Kobold, a small monster as tall as Choi Yu Seong’s knee, rushed in front of him.

Kobold, the monster living in this dungeon, is actually weak enough for an Awakener to hunt two or three by themself even at grade F Level 1.

There is only one tricky point.

‘It doesn’t know fear like a monster.’

Watching Kobold running recklessly without even being afraid of its own death raised the tension to the point of swallowing dry saliva without realizing it.

A monster that is threatening in a way, but eventually appears in a first-grade dungeon.

Choi Yu Seong didn’t even have to invoke Insight skill to catch such a Kobold.

‘Sight Enhancement F.’

It is a common and low-grade skill, but there was no skill that was more helpful to Choi Yu Seong.


Choi Yu Seong dodged the swarm of a jumping Kobold by just three steps. He used his polished spear skills to stab, push, beat five Kobolds, and swept them away in a few blinks. Then as a silver light from the tip of the toes swirled, rose to the tip of the head, and scattered into powder, Choi Yu Seong cheered inwardly.

‘Level up!’

In just a short time of one hour after entering the dungeon, Choi Yu Seong experienced much more joy than he thought in raising his level.

‘There’s no romance in Dungeon? Bullshit!’

Naturally, his voice was energized.

“Dungeon is full of romance.”

If there’s any difference, the romance he speaks of here was rewards.

‘Oh my gosh. I expected it, but it’s really effective.’

Choi Yu Seong had no choice but to open his mouth while checking the system window in front of him.

『Name: Choi Yu Seong

Age: 20

Series: All-rounder type

Rank: E

Level: 16 

History Possessed: 1

Specialization Skills: Star Quality E, Fusion E

General Skills: Stylish E, Duplicate Eyes E, Spark E, Insight E, Sight Enhancement F, Muscle Enhancement F, Lazy Donkey Roll1나려타곤(na-ryeo-ta-gon). A martial arts method of avoiding attack by rolling on the ground. I don’t really read martial arts novels, so excuse me. F

Current Inactive Skill Slot: There is no space left. You can delete or overwrite normal skills other than initial skills if necessary.

※Hunting Experience Increase Potion is being applied. 200% increase in hunting acquisition experience. The current remaining duration is 300 minutes. 』

When Choi Yu Seong entered the dungeon with a mixed mind of tension and expectation, he was Rank E level 9.

This was because the level raised was only 8 when he worked hard for a month to prepare for the hunter exam.

He only hunted Kobold, one of the weakest monsters, when he entered the dungeon for about an hour but his level rose by 6.  

As it grew rapidly, he realized that the physical ability and mana grew little by little as the reward.

‘Won’t I shoot to E-Rank max level in a month if it’s like this?’

He can even slap Kim Do Jin, who grows several times faster than an Awakener with a cheating specialization skill and the setting of ‘genius’.

Of course, it wasn’t a figure that could be generally obtained by hunting.

‘I love you Star Quality skill, and…’

Shortly after entering the dungeon, Choi Yu Seong took out a flask full of yellow liquid that he had packed in his battle suit and drank it straight away.

‘Experience Increase potion!’

This potion was the secret weapon made through items purchased by summoning the dimensional merchant Pingpong after consuming as much as 100 karma points yesterday.

Thanks to this, Choi Yu Seong’s system window had the effect of hunting experience increase.

Experience increase potion is made by putting the main ingredients, including Calash’s Body Fluid, Troll’s Muddy Blood, and Harlenu’s Petal in Alchemist’s Empty Flask with the right amount of water and completed by waiting 12 hours. Originally, it was the world’s first secret recipe discovered by the Midas’ hand of alchemist world, Oh Ji Hoon, who soon became a colleague of the main character Kim Do Jin.