Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-21

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Dimensional merchant, Lionbear clan.

The role of them whose name is not sure whether they are bear or lion is literally a merchant.

Why someone like that is so cute and arrogant like this?

‘I think these guys are peculiar.’

The cute appearance of the Lionbear clan is also reflected in the original setting.

Although each individual has a different color of fur, many aspects resemble teddy bears that are common on Earth, so some female Awakeners considered this cute friend like a pet.

There is only one thing to be careful about.

They should not be referred to as a single animal of a bear or a lion.

The Lionbear clan had a very high pride in their own racial identity, so you had to recognize and call them as a third race called ‘lionbear’ as its name suggests.

Anyway, it’s the Lionbear clan who was cute, chatty and had a good service spirit if you were careful about just that one thing.

That’s why Choi Yu Seong chose the Lionbear clan as a dimensional merchant.

“What are you staring blankly like that after summoning this great body?”

There was never existed a high-nosed setting like Pingpong in front of him.

‘…but I can’t get angry.’

Pingpong’s short limbs, soft-looking pink fur, and two eyes like glossy black spots gathered together. He had no choice but to look at it as cute even if it had a rather cheeky personality.

“Uhm, first of all, nice to meet you. Pingpong-a.”

Ping Pong shook its head with its small forefoot open toward Choi Yu Seong, who opened his mouth with a warm smile unknowingly.

“Call me Pingpong-nim.”

No, but informal speech doesn’t matter?

Choi Yu Seong opened his mouth carefully and asked a question just in case.

“Alright, Pingpong-nim.”

“That’s good, human. Name?”

That’s it. Informal speech doesn’t matter.

“It’s Choi Yu Seong. Pingpong-nim.”

Choi Yu Seong roughly grasped Pingpong’s personality and said with a smile.

“Choi Yu Seong, that’s a great name!”

Ping Pong, who exclaimed admiration, let out a snort.

Its butt, which resembles a teddy bear’s, had a round tail shaped like cotton candy, which somehow puffed up to the fullest.

‘Oh right. Come to think of it, the Lionbear clan had a setting that the better they felt, the more their tail puff.’

It was surprising that just sharing the names made it felt so good that its tail puffed, but it was a good situation for Choi Yu Seong in many ways.

Once the contract was signed, it meant that the relationship with the merchant on a better level was a green light from the start without much dissatisfaction.

“Right. First contract gift.”

Choi Yu Seong peeled and handed over one of the lollipops he had placed on the table as he had prepared previously.

“Is this…?”

“I heard Lionbear clan liked it, so I prepared it. Since it’s our first meeting, there’s no harm in having good impressions of each other.”

Pingpong, who had a bewildered look without any answer as if he could not hear Choi Yu Seong’s words or was attracted by the sweet smell of the lollipop, soon loosened its arms and held out its arms as if to hug the stick.

Subsequently, the only white-furred nose and lips flinched and a pink tongue popped out, licking a strawberry-flavored lollipop.

It was shortly after that the black round pupils sparkled more than the stars in the night sky.

“It, it’s delicious-!”

A great exclamation burst out enough to fill Choi Yu Seong’s room.

“It’s incredibly delicious-! It’s just as rumored. A thoroughly prepared human being, this body is so impressed by you.”

“You’re going to drool. Eat carefully.”

Whether Choi Yu Seong says something or not, Pingpong licked the lollipop for a while and soon shed a faint look at the white stick left alone.

“Wonderful. It’s a man-made treasure of the Earth.”

It felt strange that the Lionbear clan, which sells countless items, treasures, and even divine items in all dimensions hidden in the vast universe, even gave the title of treasure to lollipops.

‘Is there no lollipop in the other dimension?’

This may also be a setting error or another reason.

Choi Yu Seong shrugged then lifted five more lollipops he had prepared in advance.


“One is service, but it’s not free from now. You know, right?”

Karma points used for the contract alone are 100.

Currently, Choi Yu Seong had to have about 20 more points right away to buy the item he wanted to buy.

“You’re a man of great business sense. I heard that lollipops aren’t of much value in this world. So, 1 point for each.”

Choi Yu Seong makes a gesture of putting the lollipops back on the table as if it were too bad.

“Let’s make it 2 points. More than this is impossible.”


Choi Yu Seong smiled and handed over the lollipops. At the same time system, a message came in front of his eyes.

– Pingpong of Lionbear clan’s Golden Mane gives you 30 points.

“I put together the price of lollipops and points to celebrate the first contract.”

This is why Lionbear clan is said to have a good service spirit.

Choi Yu Seong, who spent 100 points on the summoning, smiled as he secured the necessary points at once when Pingpong refunded 30 points to him, saying it was a contract commemoration.

‘I got 10 points more than I thought.’

The original explained that the refund point to commemorate the contract was about 1/10.

Excluding the price of candy, Pingpong gave Choi Yu Seong 20 points, which is twice as much.

It didn’t say anything, but it was a token of its gratitude for the lollipops he had prepared.

‘By the way, Pingpong of Golden Mane?’

While Choi Yu Seong was wondering about the almost bear-like Lionbear clan without any mane that could be seen, Pingpong was dissatisfied with the deal and once again opened its mouth.

“Peel and give it. Choi Yu Seong. You lack service spirit.”

“Oops, sorry.”

Choi Yu Seong, who just handed over the items without thinking, peeled all five wraps, and Pingpong ate all the candies in less than 10 minutes.

Then it looked at the empty table with a regretful look.

‘It eating so well.’

Thinking about bringing more from the kitchen for a while, Choi Yu Seong soon shook his head.

It was so cute that he almost fell for it, but he has to be careful.

‘Precious items(?) shouldn’t appear too often.’

Although it is a known fact, it is good for future transactions to put some restrictions on the lollipops that Choi Yu Seong supplies.

“Such a pity. It would be nice if we could take this treasure back to our dimension. Somehow it breaks down while crossing over the dimensional wall.”

This was something he couldn’t read in the original novel.

However, there was a content that the Lionbear clan was crazy about the Earth’s lollipops and ate them in place, but now he thought he knew the reason.

‘But why are only lollipops broken?’

It seemed that it could be a special service limited to Earth.

Choi Yu Seong, who roughly let over the original’s many holes, called Pingpong instead.


“Did you call me, Choi Yu Seong.”

“Why don’t you release the dimensional bundle first? I have a few things I want to buy right now.”

“Oh right, I almost forgot my job because I was so distracted by the treasure. Let’s see. As you know, the dimensional bundle you can use now is Level 1. To level up…”

“First of all, the purchase price should be over 1,000 karma points.”

“You’re a human who has studied a lot. Huh, you should do this at least if you’re a contractor of this body.”

It was just reading a novel interestingly.

In front of Choi Yu Seong, who swallowed his words, Pingpong pushed its hand into its stomach.

‘Is it a kangaroo?’

It was called the Lionbear clan but it even has a belly pouch.

Pingpong, who has a truly mysterious setting, unfolded a pink bundle that resembles its fur color from the belly pouch.

“Yadda. There’s everything except the ones that don’t exist. So choose them, human!”

Pingpong threw it out and by the time the pink bundle was in front of Choi Yu Seong, it was spreading as large as his height.

‘Ooh, it’s amazing to see it with my own eyes.’

It was something he read in the novel, but he couldn’t hide his admiration when the scene unfolded into reality.

Inside the bundle, the name, effect, and price of the item were written in dark letters. But since the amount of the item was quite large, there was even a scroll bar and search system.

It’s a bundle, but it feels like putting the product’s data in it?

‘That’s exactly what I heard. As expected, a dimensional merchant must be around level 5 to release a good product one by one.’

As it was a Level 1 bundle, most of them were miscellaneous and useless, but there were definitely some useful items such as the lowest-grade recovery potion.

Choi Yu Seong picked out the items he had already thought of and made a quick shopping.

‘5 bottles of alchemist’s empty flasks, half a bunch of troll’s muddy blood, two bunches of Calash’s body fluid, a bunch of Harlenu’s petals.’

When he quickly purchased the products through search, 40 of the 43 points he barely had were gone.

Choi Yu Seong nodded while pointing his finger as if there was no other way to use the remaining 3 points and thinking it would be better to save them.

“I bought it all.”

At Choi Yu Seong’s words, Pingpong stretched out both hands, pulled the dimensional bundle, rolled it back into a small form, put it back in its belly pouch, then crossed its arms again with an arrogant gaze.

‘I was wondering where I saw it. Its eyes are similar to Kim Do Jin.’

It was when Choi Yu Seong sighed inwardly, thinking for a moment, ‘What fate is this where there is a lot of twisted style like this around me?’.

“The options are quite interesting, human. Empty flasks are somehow like that too, but where are you going to use Calash’s body fluids.”


“Huhuh, you’re a human with good business skill as I thought. Okay. If you tell me the secret, this body will reveal a secret in reply.”

Choi Yu Seong, who wanted to bother Pingpong for some reason at that cute look, replied with a smirk.



“Not asking, not curious.”1 (안 물어봤고, 안 궁금하다고) or (안물안궁). Korean REALLY love to abbreviate words. It’s unique and interesting in its own ways, but it’s a headache to translate them.


Choi Yu Seong, who saw a teddy bear’s shocked face for the first time in his life, almost burst into laughter without realizing it.

“What are you doing. Go back if you’re done. See you later. Cutie Pingpong-i.”

“Di, disgusting human being. And this body is Pingpong-nim! Huff!”

“Don’t be too upset. Next time I see you, I’ll give you 2 lollipops for free.”

“I don’t need that. Naughty Choi Yu Seong!”

Pingpong, who answered with a snort, somehow had a quite puffy tail.


After Pingpong opened the small pink door and returned with angry toddler steps, left alone Choi Yu Seong unfolded the miscellaneous items he had bought on the table.

One by one, it’s definitely miscellaneous.

Looking at the description of most items, it was like this.


[Calash’s Body Fluid]

It’s the body fluid of Calash, a two-legged walking animal that inhabits Altar dimension.

[Troll’s Muddy Blood]

It’s the blood of a troll. It’s so muddy that it’s hard to use as a potion material.

[Harlenu’s Petal]

It’s pretty.


Not only was there no effect was written, but even the explanation was also insincere in the case of Harlenu’s petals.

Naturally, no Awakener buys such goods in a transaction with a dimensional merchant.

It was a waste of Karma points to spend on useless items.

‘But if you use this, the story changes again.’

These seemingly useless items create a quite fun effect when combined with occasional purchases of Earth’s Awakeners which are somewhat interesting.

[Alchemist’s Empty Flask]

If you put ingredients following the formula, potions are created through alchemy.

All ingredients will disappear upon failure.

The price of Alchemist’s Empty Flask is 5 karma points each, which is the same as the lowest-grade healing potion.

Of course, most people choose the lowest-level healing potion when buying this, but some crazy guys sometimes challenge themselves because the explanation itself attracted a sense of adventure.

And 9 out of 10. No. 99 out of 100 drink bitter water of failure while looking at the ingredients that suddenly disappeared, stealing away tears and cursing their spirit of challenge and never look at Alchemist’s Empty Flask again.

Among the people who were lucky enough to find the formula, another 99 out of 100 shook their heads because they could not even reach the value of the raw materials.

In other words, Alchemist’s Empty Flask was a mighty2 끝판왕. Literally translated as ‘final round boss’. Tho in here means ‘very’ in an extreme way. Sorry not sorry for my word choice~ inefficient thing if used without knowing.

On the contrary, Alchemist’s Empty Flask was a very efficient product if you know exactly what you use.

‘And I know the information from the original novel. Whoohoo.’

Choi Yu Seong took off the lid of Alchemist’s Empty Flask with a cunning smile.