Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-19

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Choi Min Seok spent a lot of money to be assigned a private room that could be used alone.

The reason was to prevent others from witnessing the joy he would express unknowingly when Choi Yu Seong died or became crippled.

Although he didn’t get the desired results, Choi Min Seok thought it was good that he was using a private room.

‘Fucking shit, my face was too easy to sell it out.’

He was scared without even knowing as he imagined the quite threatening lightning spear thrown by Choi Yu Seong would crumble the mana field, which was hard to penetrate even for grade-A Awakeners.

If there were other people around, the embarrassment of that moment could not be expressed by anything.

No. If thought carefully, people who could see it would have seen Choi Min Seok’s unsightly face.

The only people with good vision would be the invited reporters that couldn’t see through the glass wall of a faraway room.1The reporters’ seats were far from his.

‘Yeah, the talkative and tricky reporter guys haven’t seen anything.’

He was angry, but there’s nothing to gain from being swayed by that emotion.

Choi Min Seok tried to get out of the association building with quick steps, restraining himself as much as possible.

‘Since that bastard Lee Jin Wook failed, I have to get out before the tail bites back.’

Anyway, the troublesome follow-up was going to be handled by people under his command.

Moving fast now was never to avoid Choi Yu Seong.

He thought so, but Choi Min Seok implicitly felt that one emotion he didn’t really want to admit in a corner of his heart was tickling.

Choi Yu Seong’s gaze at him the moment he threw out the spear!

He was shivering with chills just as it came to his mind in an instant.

‘I’m scared of that guy Choi Yu Seong?’

That was ridiculous.

In front of Choi Min Seok, who walked alone while snorting, a figure intervened and blocked the road.

“What’s it?”

Angry Choi Min Seok raised his voice without realizing it and stared at the other person.

“Jin Yu Ri?”

Choi Min Seok’s eyes narrowed upon her unexpected appearance in the secret corridor where he was walking alone.

But the following word was the kind he really couldn’t imagine.

“Hey.” 2 In this scene Yu Ri spoke informally, so it’s good if you have better suggestions to keep her speech kind of rude.


“Do you really wanna die?”


Choi Min Seok’s motion had hardened overall.

It was not simply because he was frightened by the savage force exuded by the A-rank Awakener who appeared before him.

More than that, there was a fundamental emotion.

‘Did I hear it wrongly?’

He couldn’t believe it. It would have been right to say that he was speechless and his brain momentarily frozen because it was so absurd for him.

The emotion that followed was of course anger.

“You’ve gone crazy. I’ve given a bit of good care to the dog raised in the family and now it’s crawling up to its owner?”

“Won’t you answer the question? I asked if you really want to be killed.”

“Impudent! Jin Yu Ri, do you think you’re a Ch… Ack-!”

Choi Min Seok screamed without even being able to determine what happened at the moment.

Just as the back of his head was suddenly pulled and a knee seemed to be seen in front of his eyes, he felt something breaking in his mouth with a huge shock that shook his brain.


Choi Min Seok, lying on the floor, shook his body, coughing violently at the sensation of blood filling his mouth.

“Answer it. Choi Min Seok. Wanna die?”

In front of Choi Min Seok whose entire face was swollen like a toad in a single blow, Jin Yu Ri spoke in a dreary voice.

Choi Min Seok gritted his teeth while looking at Jin Yu Ri with swollen and red eyes.

“You, you… Do you think you can be safe like this?”

“Oh, no. I’ll just kill him.”

When Jin Yu Ri stretched out her finger, jet-black energy rose above it and took the form of a sharp sword.

“Wha, what are you trying to do?”

“I guess you haven’t figured out the situation yet. Just die, you scum bastard.”

It was the moment when Jin Yu Ri’s hand-blade was about to pierce Choi Min Seok’s forehead.

“S, stop-!”

Choi Min Seok, who closed his eyes tightly and blocked his front with both hands, shouted urgently.

Jin Yu Ri, who stopped stabbing the blade right in front of Choi Min Seok’s palm, tilted her head.

“So, so, sorry! I said I’m sorry!”

Choi Min Seok, who didn’t want to miss the opportunity, shouted out loud.

“For what?”

“First of all, Jin Yu Ri. Let’s talk calmly. You know that Yu Seong will get in trouble if you just go out like this, right?”

“That’s not what I want to hear. Forget my question?”

As if he couldn’t understand for a moment, Choi Min Seok rolled his black pupils and soon shouted.

“I don’t want to die! Of course, I don’t want to die!”

Only then did Jin Yu Ri, who showed a cool smile as if she had heard what she wanted, slowly removed the jet-black sword surrounding her hand.

“…But why did you do that?”

“Wha, what happened to Yu Seong… It’s not my order.”

“Bah, shameless as well.”

Jin Yu Ri’s eyes narrowed.

Choi Min Seok, whose shoulders shook and dropped his eyes to the ground, carefully hits his lips, as if he was scared of Jin Yu Ri’s eyes staring at him.

“Seriously. I didn’t even know Lee Jin Wook would do that. I was so surprised that my heart almost dropped.”

Jin Yu Ri looked at Choi Min Seok’s face, which was clearly lying, with a cold gaze.

Then she nodded lightly.

“Do, do you believe me?”

If it’s up to her, she wanted to rip off Choi Min Seok’s mouth, which asked back.

However, Jin Yu Ri knew the limit where Choi Yu Seong would not be in trouble.

Just until here.

‘You’re being fooled.’3Not really sure about this part. Will review it again later.

This fact was known by both Jin Yu Ri and Choi Min Seok.

Anyway, there was only one thing that Jin Yu Ri wanted to tell.

“Last warning. If you threaten Yu Seong oppa like this once again…”

Jin Yu Ri gritted her teeth and gently pressed down on Choi Min Seok’s legs with the high heels she usually wore.


“I’ll kill you even if I have to leave my name, face, voice, and everything behind. Understand?”


“If you want to live, do it right. Answer.”

As Choi Min Seok nodded up and down like crazy, Jin Yu Ri loosened the strength of her feet with a sigh, turned her back with a cold breeze, and walked down the hallway in the dark.

Click-clack, click-clack.

As the sound of the shoes grew farther and smaller, anger flames burned on a corner of Choi Min Seok’s heart.

‘Jin Yu Ri, this crazy girl. Did you think you’d be safe when you made me like this?”

It was when he raised himself hard from his place after a harsh cough.

A cell phone message was delivered with a notification sound.

Choi Min Seok’s expression hardened instinctively when he opened his cell phone to check the message and the saved number.

From. Jin Yu Ri.

Ah right, this is a gift. ^_^

Attachment (1)

Choi Min Seok’s face turned pale when he looked at the attached file with trembling hands in a somewhat incomprehensible situation.

‘How, how could this bitch?’

The attachment was a short video.

The scene showed Choi Min Seok meeting and shaking hands with a full-bearded white man.

The content itself looked normal, but the problem was the white man in the video.

He was none other than an American broker who sold an orange mana bomb to Choi Min Seok.

Was it possible that Jin Yu Ri, who sent the video herself, didn’t know that fact?

It was obvious what would happen if Jin Yu Ri gave the video to Choi Wu Jae and pushed about the broker.

This was also a threat.

Don’t mess with Choi Yu Seong.

And don’t come forward unnecessarily and stay quiet.

“Kehe, kehehe…”

Choi Min Seok, who raised his head, looked at the dark corridor where Jin Yu Ri disappeared and his body shook with a crazy smile.

He tried to regain balance, but it was hard to even stand properly with powerless legs.

He couldn’t believe it even though he thought about it several times.

‘How the hell did I end up like this?’

It’s distressing and devastating.

Choi Min Seok, who stumbled through the corridor, felt the most miserable feeling since his birth.


The test results were immediately announced the day after Choi Yu Seong passed Hunter’s exam and received the license.

As expected, he was accepted as a top rank, or to be exact, as a top honor.

Naturally, the press and mass media were in an uproar.

※Hyesung Group’s Good-For-Nothing, Choi Yu Seong, Becomes Top Honor Hunter

※Choi Yu Seong. Is He An Irregular?

※Awakener Association and Prosecution Are Co-Investigating Lee Jin Wook’s Incident

※Irregular Lee Jin Wook Is Not The Hope Of The Nation, Just A Criminal

※Special Feature, S-Rank! Iron Wall Park Cheol Ho Hated Choi Yu Seong Very Much, Now Rooting For Him

※The Good-For-Nothing Who Deceived The World Lit The Super Rookie Kim Do Jin’s Desire To Win!

※ Hyesung Group’s Stock Price Soared After Choi Yu Seong Passed With Top Honor

Sitting in his own office at home, Choi Wu Jae’s mouth twisted sharply as he slowly looked over the newspaper articles that his secretary, Kim Pil Du, had saved.

Whether he was smiling or angry, he soon threw the newspaper away with a strange expression.

“Such a very big deal, everyone is making a fuss.”

“Because it’s a big deal, as you say. You look the happiest right now in the past year. Chairman.”

Choi Wu Jae stroked his chin at the words of Kim Pil Du, who stood in front of him.

“There’s nothing to feel bad about. It’s about my own son anyway. He proved his worthiness after making such a boastful promise. The company’s stock price has gone up a lot.”

“Chairman have taught me not to be easily swayed4일희일비, alternately between happy and sad. because the stock price is like a freak who always fluctuates.”

“So now you’re going to lecture me?”

“…No way. How dare I.”

Choi Wu Jae, who coughed for nothing at the sight of Kim Pil Du avoiding his gaze, shook his head.

“I can’t stand your guile anymore. Let’s see. More than 30 years? When I first met you, I thought no one could be seen through so clearly.”

“It’s like the saying of practice makes perfect.”5서당 개 삼 년에 풍월을 읊는다. Even a dog can recite a poem if it spends three years at a seodang(a village school).

“If what you saw and learned was craftiness, it’s not bad either. Anyway, Yu Seong, I’m going to give him a present.”

“Again, sir?”

“I have to give carrots when it’s time. Hasn’t he been whipped quite a bit already? That brat Min Seok was already very struggling alone. Kekeul.”

Choi Wu Jae’s face, which was smiling comfortably like an old man in the corner of the neighborhood, quickly hardened.

Following him, the air around him twisted as if it were also shaking.

“Anyway that guy, is it Lee Jin Wook?”


“It’s been a while since Chief Geum worked.”

“…I will pass your words, sir.”

If Kim Pil Du was Choi Wu Jae’s right-hand, the person called Chief Geum was a shadow of the underworld.

Due to the nature of his duties, he couldn’t be by Choi Wu Jae’s side, but he was never far away.

Although it was ambiguous to say that he was a competitor, he was a figure to be cautious of from Kim Pil Du’s point of view.

“Tell to tear him to pieces and throw him as food for the dungeon monsters. Let that guy know who he dared to touch.”

“I will do it, sir.”

Choi Wu Jae said with an expression that his anger would not be relieved even if he did so, and Kim Pil Du nodded lightly.

A short conversation had determined the life and death of a person.

“You said he was the bastard brought by Min Seok. So who gave him the mana bomb?”


Kim Pil Du already knew the answer but did not answer.

First, he didn’t think Choi Wu Jae was asking because he didn’t know. Secondly, he thought he was not supposed to intervene.

Choi Wu Jae, who sank his eyes while looking at Kim Pil Du, said.

“Tell him to be cautious for a while. It’s a little over the line this time. Ah, also tell Min Seok what happened to his foolish friend as soon as Chief Geum’s work is done.”


There was a short silence.

It had become clear that Lee Jin Wook’s planned brutal death was not just Choi Wu Jae’s resentment.

‘He’s a scary old man.’

This was because he got goosebumps at a corner of his heart when he thought about the temper of using a person’s death as an example for his children.

“No one else has noticed, right?”

“It still seems like that so far.”

“It has to be like that. I want Secretary Kim to take care of any unknown variables.”


By the time Kim Pil Du lowered his head lightly and lifted it again, the chairman of the Hyesung Group with a scary look had disappeared again.

Instead, there was Choi Wu Jae, who had a warm smile on his lips, like a neighborhood old man.

The fluctuating air also naturally subsided.

“Fighting can be the driving force for growth, but it’s better to keep the line between brothers. Oh yes, like that.”

Looking at Choi Wu Jae speaking calmly, Kim Pil Du didn’t know what expression to make at the moment.

Didn’t Choi Wu Jae, who said so, not only take the blood of his brothers but also other relatives to come to his current position?

Fortunately, Choi Wu Jae did not seem to have seen Kim Pil Du’s expression change somewhat mysteriously.

In a moment, his eyes were already on Choi Yu Seong, who was in the newspaper he threw.

“Gift, a gift… By the way, that guy. Maybe because he resembles me, he has a very outstanding character.”

Choi Wu Jae, whose mouth was curved once again, muttered to himself.

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