Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-18

Lee Jin Wook, who had been busy widening their distance since realizing there was no chance of winning the close combat, suddenly rushed into Choi Yu Seong’s arms.

At this moment, Choi Yu Seong had a hunch.

‘Something is coming.’

And that something could be the threatening kind, which was enough to take Choi Yu Seong’s life.

The chilly feeling arose and his back was covered with cold sweat.

In Choi Yu Seong’s nervous eyes, Lee Jin Wook can be seen grinning while taking out a diamond-shaped orange mana bomb from his arms.

Choi Yu Seong’s mind began to spin faster than the world’s flow when looking at him.

‘My gosh, an orange-grade mana bomb!’

As its name suggests, the mana bomb was a kind of bomb made by processing mana stone.

The destructive power and portability were no less than the common military grenades from red-grade or higher, and most of all, what was contained inside was pure magical power. It was difficult to distinguish accurately with an X-ray machine when carried by an Awakener. So, the production itself was a violation of international law due to its dangers.

In Korea, where security was relatively good, it was hard to get even the lowest grade of gray. But Lee Jin Wook, no, Choi Min Seok decided to get an orange grade from somewhere and use it to kill Choi Yu Seong.

Lee Jin Wook fearlessly pulled the safety device of such a mana bomb in front of Choi Yu Seong’s nose. He then used a series of Wind’s Steps to fly into the air and shot Wind Pressure so Choi Yu Seong could not follow.

Choi Yu Seong pushed back his body intentionally with the Wind Pressure and moved using the last remaining Wind’s Step.

He tried his best, but there was not enough time to completely get out of the area of the explosion.

However, he was not without any preparation either.

In an instant, Spark spread like a spider’s web in Choi Yu Seong’s every direction and enveloped his body, sparring spear, and the surrounding area.

Subsequently, the spear in his front released Spark and began to spin like a pinwheel.

‘I can’t believe he still has enough mana left! I’m glad I didn’t waste the time.’

Lee Jin Wook stuck his tongue out at the feast of Spark bursting from Choi Yu Seong. Suddenly Lee Jin Wook saw Iron Wall Park Cheol Ho, who felt the crisis, running in his field of view.

It was indeed an amazing move expected from an S-rank.

While Lee Jin Wook blinked once, Park Cheol Ho reached the back of Choi Yu Seong and stretched out his hand.

Although it was a quick judgment and he took action as soon as he felt strange signs in the sparring, Lee Jin Wook did not worry much.

‘It’s too late.’

In an instant, a burst of orange light swirled around as if it were swallowing a part of the sparring field.

The light was followed by an explosion, rough wind rose, stones and dust fluttered in all directions, messing up wildly everywhere.

Lee Jin Wook, who was barely out of the explosion area and was looking at the ground while floating in the air, soon opened his mouth to the incredible scene.

‘What nonsense is that…?!’

In the center of the swirling burst that slowly died. The spear, which Choi Yu Seong spun in front of him, was splitting the mana pouring out from the front with Spark wrapped around it.

The burst of orange light was divided into two then scattered in all directions with Choi Yu Seong in the center as if he were mimicking the Red Sea miracle.

‘That’s just a grade E Awakener?’

Lee Jin Wook wanted to ask Choi Min Seok, who was staring at Choi Yu Seong with his face distorted like the evil devil1흉신악살(hyungsin-aksal). “Malevolent Deity and Evil Devil”. One of Chinese idioms to describe an evil person. which sticks close to the window in the upper floor of the sparring field.

‘Didn’t I hear he’s a stupid, wimpy, and incompetent younger brother?’

Although he already felt it somewhat after the sparring began, it had gone far beyond that.

It was not just the two, Choi Min Seok and Lee Jin Wook, who was shocked by the situation.


The reporter Park Jin Hwan opened his mouth and swore as he watched the incident in the sparring field.


Was it because the Irregular Lee Jin Wook, who might be a criminal, triggered an orange-grade mana bomb?

Of course, that was also a surprise.

However, the reason why he even cursed was none other than Choi Yu Seong’s performance.

‘An E-rank Awakener is blocking an orange mana bomb?’

Of course, it was not something that could never be done if thoroughly calculated.

‘Whether Choi Yu Seong is actually also an Irregular even though he’s an E-rank Awakener, or if his skills itself are ridiculously cheats. It’s not far-fetched if he has been constantly training himself.’

Even so, it would have been impossible if it was not for Park Cheol Ho, an S-rank Awakener who stood by him immediately with his quick wit.

This could happen if you add low probability with another slim chance, then miracles and luck to it.

If so, he had no choice but to ask again.

‘How many times in my life can I capture an incident like this?’

No, he wondered if he could go through this again.

The hand pressing the shutter became busy naturally.

‘I must not miss a single scene.’

He was looking at a miracle now.

“What the hell is that ability…”

In fact, not only Park Jin Hwan but all of the people who were in the prepared stands were buzzing as well.

Those holding cameras were busy taking videos or pictures.

The rapid fall of South Korea’s promising Irregular had already become a foregone conclusion.

If so, they’re not sure what the hell to describe Choi Yu Seong, who made up his mind and prevented such an Irregular.

While Park Jin Hwan’s head was spinning, thinking the headline he should hang at the homepage of the media’s website, he heard a voice.

“Reporter Park, Choi Yu Seong is that incompetent good-for-nothing of Hyesung Group, right?”

Reporter Hwang from a rival media company, who was right next to him, asked Park Jin Hwan.


“Just in case. But, is the meaning of incompetent and good-for-nothing I know wrong?”

He answered indifferently, but Park Jin Hwan smirked at the words that followed.

“No way. It’s one of the two. Either Choi Yu Seong was cheating on us, or the Hunter Exam was a real variety show.”

“You’re spewing bullshit.”

“Reporter Hwang too, don’t blame me for not being much different. It’s such a strange situation that there’s no choice but to say bullshit.”

At the same time, an idea flashed in his mind.

‘The World Was Deceived by A Good-For-Nothing.’

Not bad.

However, he felt something was lacking to draw attention.

Park Jin Hwan’s gaze suddenly saw a handsome man leaning against a wall.

‘Kim Do Jin.’

Despite being able to use a rather private space, he entered the general audience seats, same as the reporters, and was twisting his mouth strangely.

“Pretty good. Choi Yu Seong.”

Kim Do Jin left a short message and then turned his back with a snort.

Park Jin Hwan was able to smile brightly as he witnessed that attitude as if he had seen everything.

‘The Good-For-Nothing Who Fooled The World, Setting Fire on Super Rookie Kim Do Jin’s Desire To Win!’

It was a very awesome feeling.


When the audience seat was in a state of chaos.

Facing an orange explosion, Choi Yu Seong trembled throughout his whole body, feeling the mana escaping like an ebb tide.

‘That was a close call.’

He had already predicted a trap to some extent from the conversation with Kim Do Jin before the battle.

Of course, he thought which way would be the safest if he fell into the trap.

First of all, Choi Yu Seong had to maintain his combat condition.

It won’t mean anything if he didn’t have enough power in an emergency.

Because of this, he triggered Stylish.

However, he did not draw all of his power even in the midst of this.

Choi Yu Seong should not use his mana to the limit as the opponent was hiding something.

They were watching the situation while hiding their last card from each other.

Nevertheless. He was obviously flustered when the orange mana bomb, which wasn’t just red but even a step higher than that, exploded.

But he didn’t forget what to do.

He spun the spear, poured out all the mana he saved to create a spectacular production, and activated Stylish to the fullest.

And secondly. He remembered Park Cheol Ho’s position, which he kept checking with side glances, and moved toward him with the received Wind Pressure poured by Lee Jin Wook.

The moment the mana bomb exploded in front of his eyes, amid dizziness, Choi Yu Seong was convinced by a certain sense of touch against his back and the sensation of mana pouring into his body.

‘I made it.’

And the flashing golden letters that appeared between the orange explosion in front of him, made him full of joy.

『Normal Skills, Stylish F → E

Can’t be fused.

Additional effects are applied when they look gorgeous and cool.

Many additional effects are currently being applied.

Mana increase, concentration increase, endurance increase, stamina increase, strength increase, resilience increase, vision increase, sensory increase, poison resistance increase, mental control resistance increase, flame resistance increase, cold air resistance increase, defense increase.When the rank-up action ends Stylish effect, one of the additional effects is permanently applied.』

He felt mana leaking like crazy with the application of Stylish tremendous additional effects, but he didn’t worry about it.

No matter how much mana Choi Yu Seong had, he would have collapsed after not being able to withstand 3 seconds if he were alone.

However, behind Choi Yu Seong was Park Cheol Ho, who was supporting mana with his palms that produced a silver light.

‘This is the mana of an S-rank Awakener.’

As Park Cheol Ho was not a supporting flair type but a capable physical type, it was not easy for him to transfer his mana.

It was rather stiff, rigid, and clumsy.

Compared to what he was consuming, the mana delivered to Choi Yu Seong was also minimal.

Nevertheless, the mana of an S-rank Awakener differed in its density.

Even a very small amount had the same effect as Choi Yu Seong’s entire mana tank.

‘I can’t wait to rank up.’

Time passed quickly between the joy of skill rank-up and the thrill of pure mana of an S rank Awakener inside the explosion that lasted about 10 seconds.

Eventually. The raging explosion, which could not find a place to pour out its power, swept the ground roughly and extinguished by hitting the wall surrounded by mana field.

During that time, Choi Yu Seong was not completely fine either.

The rough wind caused by the explosion’s aftermath and the scattered stone fragments tore his shirt almost like a rag and blood flowed like a small solid line between the rips.

Part of his handsome face was also scratched and blood flowed from his cheeks, soaking his lips red.

It was just that much.

A state full of minor trauma without any deep wounds.

“Phew… Choi Yu Seong, are you okay?”

Asked Park Cheol Ho, who breathed a light sigh while regaining the silver energy he was pouring out.

“Except for being a little dizzy, I’m very fine. That was nice support.”


The expression of Park Cheol Ho, who was nodding his head to the ensuing response, changed strangely.

‘What did I just hear from a grade E Awakener?’

It’s true that the distance was ambiguous and time was running out, so he suddenly started to give support.

However, there were no E-rank Awakeners in the world who have praised an S-rank Awakener as if he were his subordinate.

What was even more absurd was that the whole process of the actions was so natural that Park Cheol Ho instantly understood him.

“I’m going to put off the story until later. I think I should solve this first.”

Choi Yu Seong, who perhaps felt Park Cheol Ho’s gaze, shed a rather bleak smile and raised his arm holding the spear toward Lee Jin Wook, who was flustered in the air.


Spark with Choi Yu Seong’s mana and the leftover power created by Park Cheol Ho’s support, no, Choi Yu Seong’s flair ability, which was almost like lightning, wrapped both his right arm and spear.

‘Lee Jin Wook is out anyway…’

Although he wanted to say that the match was just a test, Park Cheol Ho couldn’t stop Choi Yu Seong.

‘I can’t stop him from venting his anger.’

Choi Yu Seong, who had a firmly angry look, swung his arm wide and threw out his spear.

The thunderbolts outstretched from the spear that quickly crossed the air tore the shoulder of Lee Jin Wook, who was barely dodging.


A scream blew up.

However, Choi Yu Seong’s goal from the beginning was not Lee Jin Wook.

The spear, which was wrapped with thunderbolts, flew frighteningly to the forehead of Choi Min Seok who wore an unpleasant expression on the glass wall overlooking the sparring field.


A powerful shock that shook the glass wall with a mana field spread along with an explosion sound, and Choi Min Seok, who was right in front of it, jumped back like a frog and shouted as if he was frightened.

Then, Choi Min Seok, who realized his own ugly behavior, immediately pointed his finger at Choi Yu Seong and said something.

Of course, Choi Yu Seong could not hear him because it was blocked by the glass wall.

Instead, he smiled and waved at Choi Min Seok over the glass wall.

“Sorry, hyung. My mistake.”

Of course, his heart was completely different.

‘A guy worse than a dog. He’s going to come out like this until the end.’

He didn’t think he was going to put up with it anymore.

Choi Yu Seong turned his back, thinking about how to handle Choi Min Seok to let out his anger.

“Choi Yu Seong pass.”

Park Cheol Ho declared the result while lightly suppressing Lee Jin Wook, who fell to the floor –unable to bear the pain on his shoulder caused by thunderbolts.

But that wasn’t the end.

Messages that any Awakener could see were spread above Choi Yu Seong’s head like a feast.

-Red Fangs Through The Dark Night said he will watch Awakener Choi Yu Seong. 15 karma points are sponsored.

-Sacred and Divine Empress likes Awakener Choi Yu Seong. 18 karma points are sponsored.

-The Noble of Magnificent Beard is clapping in his seat, looking at Awakener Choi Yu Seong. 20 karma points are sponsored.

-The Oldest Hunter raises his thumb at Awakener Choi Yu Seong. 35 karma points are sponsored.

-[Private] The Father of Magic Songs shines an eye at you. He’d like to grant a skill. Y/N

– The attention of many gods and humans is attracted at once. ‘Leading Attention’ is formed in the History of Awakener Choi Yu Seong.

Not only Park Cheol Ho, who declared Choi Yu Seong’s qualification, but also those who watched the end of the situation rather leisurely were surprised to the attention of Gods that any Awakeners desire, to the point where they stood up from their seats.

However, it was Choi Yu Seong himself who was more surprised and excited than anyone else at this moment.

In fact, it was also important to make his debut stage with the attention of the incredibly famous Gods that the majority of people would recognize.

So, Choi Yu Seong’s Star Quality would increase further.

However, the most noticeable of the countless Gods’ attention was the private message that was only visible to Choi Yu Seong.

‘The Father of Magic Songs…’

Choi Yu Seong, who read until the end of the first part of the original novel, had a vague idea of his identity, although he was a confusing figure who used numerous titles.

‘The Chief God of Germanic Mythology, Odin!’

He was saying that he would give a skill to Choi Yu Seong.

No matter how he did something quite eye-catching, the attention of a Chief God was unexpected because they did not fully reveal their strength and appearance even when Choi Yu Seong read it to the end of the first part.

It was a situation that they did not dare to take to be exact.

However, the name that appeared before Choi Yu Seong was definitely Odin’s.

Even proposing to grant a skill than just karma point sponsorship?

The power would have been guaranteed as it was a skill given by Odin, a Chief God.

So it was a very, very desirable reward, but he had to judge it carefully.

As commonly known in Norse mythology, Odin was hard to be regarded as a Good God.

In a good way, he was wise. In a bad way, he was crafty.

Wasn’t one of his nicknames “The Masked One”?

He wanted to think for a longer time, but the following message urged him.

-[Private] The Father of Magic Songs says this opportunity is rare. Judgment is urged. Y/N

‘Right. This is a chalice… ‘

But it could be a poisoned chalice.

Choi Yu Seong bit his lower lip in excitement, fluster, and agony. Then he concluded Odin’s urging and responded to the message.

AmaliaJ & Noobelist’s Note

A : Anyone can guess the Gods’ identities? I know some after dwelling on google for hours, but still completely blank for few of them.
N : I have a guess for the Oldest Hunter, but some are just vague. ಥ‿ಥ