Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-17

There were two main reasons why Park Cheol Ho, the Association’s S-rank Hunter, was nicknamed the Iron Wall.1For those who haven’t realized it, the ‘cheol’ in Cheol Ho is the same ‘cheol’ from ‘cheolbyeok’ of Iron Wall. Tho may be different in meaning because the hanja used in Cheol Ho is unknown.

First, his representative ability to convert some or all of his body into steel material or further, Reinforcement’s Effect.

Second, Park Cheol Ho’s personality was completely cool-headed and cold that he’s called Iron Wall.

Therefore, Park Cheol Ho was able to see the eighth match, the exam of Choi Yu Seong and Lee Jin Wook which everyone was looking forward to, without much emotion.

Even though both Choi Yu Seong and Lee Jin Wook showed quite surprising results on the measurement exam, the contents should not be any indicators for looking forward at the sparring exam.

He’s an examiner and only needs to give the results with a fair judgment that suited his position.

Geniuses existed in any field of the world.

Awakeners were no different.

There was no need to yearn or envy them.

Originally, this world was created unfairly.

But there was no need to give them more preferential treatment.

After all, what matter was how much you can utilize such talent.

It was quite common for geniuses to fall without even knowing what kind of talent they were.

It was not long after the sparring began that Park Cheol Ho’s eyes changed under sunglasses, which were calmly watching before.

‘Choi Yu Seong. Physical type measurement score of 0.8 points.’

The perfect score that an Awakener could get with the measuring machine prepared for the Hunter exam was 1 point.

Also, it was very rare for an all-rounder Awakener to have a score greater than 0.7 points in the physical measurement results.

Was it the lucky level of one in a thousand people?

In addition to that, however, Choi Yu Seong had the same score of 0.8 points for the flair type measurement.

Of course, it was extremely rare for an all-rounder type to score that high in both.

It was the first time in South Korea and was even a record within three fingers internationally.

As a result, even Park Cheol Ho, who looked at geniuses rather bluntly, couldn’t help but be surprised.

Later, he even concluded that although he was an all-rounder, his flair type ability was enhanced and that he would have physical training himself.

Even so, the huge score had not changed his opinion.

However, when he watched the sparring, it was not just physical training.

‘He has learned martial arts.’

The posture of holding the spear and looking at the opponent. The restrained operation and sophisticated movements.

It was hard to say all of that came from someone ordinary.

In particular, he stood out even more in front of Lee Jin Wook, who just recklessly wielded his sword.

‘At least 3 years or more. Maybe about 5 years. Choi Yu Seong. I thought he was just running around like a kid who doesn’t know much about the world…’

Park Cheol Ho’s eyes changed as he thought before that Choi Yu Seong was just a flower growing in a greenhouse from news about his accident whether when sober or drunk came up at least once to twice a month on TV and news articles.

Choi Yu Seong was definitely a genius in terms of Park Cheol Ho’s standards.

But, he was not just simply a genius.

‘A genius of effort. And a sleeping dragon who had the wisdom to hide until he awakens.’

Why didn’t Choi Yu Seong show his skills even though he was practicing martial arts that much?

All children of the Hyesung Group seem to be well off on the surface, but underneath, they live with very great risk.

They might be stabbed in the back at any time so he had hidden until the moment of awakening when he could have the power to protect himself.

‘He is surprisingly calm and deep-minded at a young age.’

Park Cheol Ho, who was said to be colder than anyone else in judging other people, expressed his admiration inwardly.

It was a thought that might be filled with embarrassment if he found out that Choi Yu Seong’s martial arts were the result of training for only a month, not years.

Although Choi Yu Seong’s effort was also an effort, it was because he also had tremendous talent in martial arts.

However, Park Cheol Ho had no idea about such a situation, so he had no choice but to make a judgment with the results before his eyes.

‘Hand-to-hand combat2A fight relying on their bodies than weapons to inflict damage. will only lead you to the death bed3사지死地. A place where one will/should die. A place where there is a great risk of losing life and dying..’

Looking at the results so far, Lee Jin Wook was lamentable enough to waste the title of Irregular.

He did not recognize the difference between his opponent and his skills in close-quarter combat, rushed recklessly, and was unable to utilize the advantages of a flair type at all.

It was obvious that Lee Jin Wook’s various skills of the wind type ability were effective in close combat, but his opponent was too mean.

‘If he can’t realize that, he is just a powerful idiot.’

If they give him a license and send him to the dungeon, he would only be killed.

Park Cheol Ho sighed inwardly as he saw Lee Jin Wook being hit by the spear and scorched by Spark in the end.

That was what he expected.

Nevertheless, Park Chul Ho did not stop the sparring.

There was no need to declare Lee Jin Wook’s elimination either.

‘Lee Jin Wook. Wind type ability user. Flair power score, perfect.’

A score of 1 for a measurement exam was, in some sense, more difficult to get than a perfect score for a written exam.

In other words, there was a level gap of different dimensions between the scores of 0.8 and 1.

As if to prove him, Lee Jin Wook gritted his teeth amid the pain and pushed Choi Yu Seong’s spear roughly with Wind Pressure ability.

It was a bonus that Choi Yu Seong’s body, which couldn’t stand it, rotated in the air several times.

“Choi Yu Seo-ong!”

Lee Jin Wook, who seemed angry, raised his voice but did not chase after him hastily.

Instead, his most powerful weapon, the Wind’s Blade, began to form around him.

‘It’s gonna get a little bit more intense.’

Park Cheol Ho unfolded his arms, just in case, to intervene at any time and his eyes shone under his sunglasses.


The moment when his body was greatly pushed into the air by Lee Jin Wook’s Wind Pressure, was bewildering even for Choi Yu Seong.

‘Why is he so strong?’

He thought Lee Jin Wook was just fast, but even his power was enormous.

The Wind Pressure was so thick that it felt as if a gigantic giant curled up and then suddenly stretched out.

‘Did he preserve his strength?’

He also thought that he might’ve looked down on him and adjusted his strength.

In conclusion, Choi Yu Seong’s thought was only half right.

‘He’s waiting for an opportunity to cut off my throat at once by pretending to be weak…’

Lee Jin Wook tried to deal a fatal injury when a gap occurred after controlling his strength to induce his opponent’s carelessness. But he was flustered by Choi Yu Seong’s better-than-expected skills, completely deprived of his momentum and almost defeated in an instant.

‘Abandon close combat. He’s an all-rounder Awakener, but he’s a guy closer to physical type.’

Lee Jin Wook, who did not know that Choi Yu Seong’s measurement score was 0.8 on both sides, made a judgment inwardly and began to create Wind’s Blade.

Choi Yu Seong tried to get into position as fast as possible after feeling the sign while rotating in the air.

The scariest thing about the flying Wind’s Blade was that it was hard to recognize the shape.

‘There’s a flashing green light, but it’s hard to see if you don’t concentrate.’

There was a reason that Lee Jin Wook would become a Villain at the level that the leader of Vigilant Warrior Force had to come forward to catch him in the future.

The Wind’s Blade, which formed faster than Choi Yu Seong’s thought, crossed the air.

Choi Yu Seong, who had not yet to land on the ground, confirmed it and invoked mana.

‘Although it’s a little bit of a waste to use it already…’

It was better than just getting cut off somewhere or losing a neck.

‘Skill, Wind’s Step.’

As soon as it was activated, Choi Yu Seong, who was rotating in the air, felt something solid yet soft energy condensing under his feet.

Choi Yu Seong leaped with it as the support and flew to the side.

The Wind’s Blade, which narrowly brushed under the soles of Choi Yu Seong’s shoes, crossed the air and struck the wall of the colosseum, causing an explosion once again.

“How can you do Wind’s Step?!”

It was also at that moment that Lee Jin Wook screamed.

“What? You’ve never seen anyone with similar skills before?”

Choi Yu Seong, who escaped the crisis by utilizing the skills copied when Lee Jin Wook first approached, corrected his posture.

“Since you’re an all-rounder type, so you have a variety of ski-“

Before Lee Jin Wook finished his speech, Choi Yu Seong suddenly leaned his arm back and threw the long spear.

‘Spear throw?!’

Lee Jin Wook, who was dumbfounded by the unexpected technique, jumped using Wind’s Step.

Choi Yu Seong quickly narrowed the distance, grabbed the long spear again, and chased Lee Jin Wook.

Similarly, he was using Wind’s Step.

It was surprisingly a meticulous strategy.

‘Isn’t he too different from what the king said? I only heard he’s a dull cowardly idiot!’

He was clever, cunning, and knew to apply tactics.

Lee Jin Wook opened his eyes wide and put his hands together to shoot Wind Pressure once again.

Wind’s Blade was good to inflict the fatal injury which Lee Jin Wook wanted, but it required time to prepare.

Wind Pressure, on the other hand, was able to adjust the preparation time according to the power.


Choi Yu Seong’s heart thumped after he rotated the spear and invoked mana to block Wind Pressure.

The battle continued, but he didn’t think he was tired.

Rather, his movement became lighter and his mind felt clearer.

Choi Yu Seong could easily figure out the reason.

At some point, some of his mana was constantly consumed and another skill seemed to be triggered.

‘It’s here. Stylish!’

It was the last of the four initial abilities Choi Yu Seong gained at the time of awakening.

「Normal Skills, Stylish F

Can’t be fused.

Additional effects are applied when they look gorgeous and cool.」

It was a skill that likely generated for the original Choi Yu Seong, who was an attention whore, along with Star Quality.

Because of that, Choi Yu Seong chose spear among numerous weapons.

The spear was gorgeous for the viewer as it had a long reach and a large movement.

So Stylish was easier to invoke than with other simple weapons just by continuing the battle.

He had felt this way several times when he used the staff technique to spar with Jin Do Yun.

When Stylish was activated, the concentration of combat increased and the body movement became light and nimble as if it had forgotten the fatigue.

Also, sometimes unexpected random effects were triggered.

As the movement became lighter, it became much easier to chase Lee Jin Wook.

The mana consumption increased significantly with the launch of Stylish, but he did not worry much.

‘That’s why I’ve been spending crazily for a while.’

Would Choi Yu Seong have been still when he asked Chae Ye Ryeong to drink a gray-colored mana stone drink that costs 10 million won per cup every day?

Rather, every day he drank a dark gray-colored mana stone drink with thicker concentration, which costs 30 million won per cup.

He literally spent money like water.

As a result, he recorded a huge number in mana capacity score, the second item of the flair type measurement score.

‘Not measurable within the rank.’

This means that a higher level measuring instrument should be used that could determine for E-rank or higher.

In fact, the mana solution in the tank was full and overflowing.

The other scores might have been surprising, but this surprised the association staff more and asked for a remeasurement.

It was an incident where he felt the importance of money.

In any case, Choi Yu Seong was able to chase Lee Jin Wook without any lack of mana thanks to that, even though Stylish activated and used various skills.

The problem was that Lee Jin Wook was also good at running away quickly, proving that he was not a pushover.

In the meantime, he even created another Wind’s Blade and blew it away.

‘If it keeps like this, the number of copied Wind’s Step is going to run out.’

Choi Yu Seong thought that he had to play the odds.

There was a caution in case Lee Jin Wook and Choi Min Seok prepared something, but he could overcome it before they used it if he could get a chance.

By around this time, Lee Jin Wook was also similar to Choi Yu Seong but he was thinking somewhat differently.

‘If he is dragged around in this state, he will run out of mana and lose. I have to play the odds.’

He used up his mana to avoid the fierce chasing of Choi Yu Seong and a cold sweat began to flow over his forehead to sign if the limit was coming little by little.

His impatience grew even more frightening because he didn’t know that there was a limit to the number of uses of Choi Yu Seong’s Wind’s Step.

Lee Jin Wook eventually predicted the worst situation.

‘If I don’t solve the mission…’

It was easy to see how angry Choi Min Seok would rush to him.


He could feel a cool chill behind his back as he recalled the mental torture and violence that would pour out of those purple eyes.

In the end, Lee Jin Wook thought of an item in his arms that he received from Choi Min Seok.

While thinking about it, he could clearly see Choi Yu Seong’s spearhead had narrowed the distance without missing a gap and was flying around his chest.

‘This is the last chance.’

Lee Jin Wook’s eyes were filled with spite.

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