Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-14

Unlike the entrance where reporters gathered, the inside of the association building was quiet.

The further they went, the quieter it became, and no small chatter from the association’s staff was heard from some point on.

As they passed through the first security door, Jin Yu Ri asked a question.

“How exactly did you know about Lee Jin Wook. I thought we met for the first time today.”

“Will you believe me if I say it’s just a feeling?”

“If Yu Seong oppa wants to, I should do that.”

Jin Yu Ri said with a slightly absurd look.

“I have my ways. Just think about it like that.”

Choi Yu Seong, who showed a smile, shrugged his shoulders.

Jin Yu Ri did not ask any more questions.

Choi Yu Seong wanted it, so she decided to believe it as she said.

‘I don’t want to deceive her, but how can I say I knew after reading the novel.’

Although they were now alive, breathing, speaking, and showing emotions vividly in front of his eyes, the characters of this world were originally fictional beings in a novel for Choi Yu Seong.

Would they believe him just because he told the truth?

If they believed it, how would they deal with the shock?

He didn’t even want to imagine it.

‘The important thing is that this world before me is real.’

He shouldn’t act like he was trapped in a novel’s fictional world and destroy himself by treating the surroundings like a mess.

Now, this world was real for him.

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong recalled the contents of the novel as if he was using future information.

It was often said that the number of Irregulars was extremely rare even in the original novel, The Master Who Return To Modern Times.

If limited to a small country like South Korea, the number would be further reduced.

As such, Lee Jin Wook was also likely to be an active figure in the original novel.

Nevertheless, there was one reason why it took Choi Yu Seong a long time to think of him.

‘Villain, Storm.’1In the raw, it was written as Strom.

A notorious person more commonly called with the villain name over the real name.

So he couldn’t immediately think of the identity after just hearing the name.

‘While working as the head of the villain organization which supports drugs, gang violence, and illegal prostitution, he ended up being arrested then killed by the Vigilance Warrior Force.’2경무단警武團(gyeongmudan). May change it later. The webtoon’s TL translated it as Regional Security Force, but I think it’s not quite right.

Vigilance Warrior Force were police dedicated to Villain subjugation.

Of course, they were composed of the same Awakeners, and their members were kept confidential.

Since it was an organization dealing with villains, it had no choice but to be more sensitive to the safety of those around them.

Anyway, Lee Jin Wook was quite related to Choi Min Seok if you thought about it a little bit.

Wasn’t the majority of his illegal business related to what Choi Min Seok was doing now?

In other words, the relationship between the two would have continued.

However, the case concluded without any link connecting the two in the original novel.

But the time of Lee Jin Wook’s appearance was quite faster. And the fact that he was known to be a villain wearing a mask without revealing his face to the public was different from today, where he made a splendid appearance that attracted reporters.

‘The future has changed.’

Butterfly effect.

Choi Yu Seong’s change caused an unexpected quarrel with Choi Min Seok, and Lee Jin Wook appeared in an unexpected way at this point.

After thinking about Storm like that, his head was spinning in an instant.

As Storm was a character who was selected as a villain from the beginning, there was a description that he committed countless evil deeds even in his school days.

That means it was not strange to commit any crime.

‘The novel’s setting is so sloppy that it doesn’t give details of what happened, but…’

Looking at Lee Jin Wook’s reaction today, it was clear that he caused a minor incident.

So, to be honest, it wasn’t that Choi Yu Seong did not want to answer the questions asked by reporters, but he couldn’t.

‘I need to know first to tell.’

However, even with some conscience, he threw the prey at the hyenas.

Perhaps even now, he was still struggling with his head covered, worrying about how Choi Yu Seong knew his past.

Maybe he was being cursed by Choi Min Seok.

‘Anyway, Lee Jin Wook is definitely a powerful Awakener that made the S-rank Awakener leader of the Vigilance Warrior Force come forward himself to catch him in the future.’

Even though the character was awful, Irregulars were like that.

In many ways, the stage prepared by Choi Min Seok was profitable.

He made issues and put off the spirit of the person who might have been a rival in today’s exam results.

Choi Yu Seong was planning to take the exam nicely and spectacularly for his Star Quality and his own greed.

In front of the second security door.

An association staff blocked the three people who came together and spoke in a businesslike tone.

“From here, only the exam participant is allowed to enter.”

He looked confident, as if there were no exceptions whether he was Choi Yu Seong or a Choi.

There was also pride in working as an employee of the Awakener Association.

‘That’s because the Awakener Association in this country is quite powerful.’

In addition to external organizations, the Awakener Association also had several private secret organizations such as the Vigilance Warrior Force.

The nation knew but tolerated it, and the people also trusted the Awakener Association.

Even though the inside was somewhat full of rotten people, it was such an Awakener Association that guilds and villains could not face recklessly.

“Alright, sir.”

“Good luck on your exam.”

Said Jin Yu Ri who took a step back and waved her hand when Choi Yu Seong nodded.

“You will get good grades, sir.”

Jin Do Yun’s cheering was also on his back.

Choi Yu Seong smiled at them and passed the second security door.


Beyond the second security door, the written exam site was noisier than the outside, where the association’s staff had firm impressions.

“Hey, did you see the article?”

“He said he’s not confident he’ll fail, that Choi Yu Seong.”

“In the first place, top grades are basic.”

“So crazy.”

“Honestly, I’m not sure I’m going to fall either. Kekek.”

“Why don’t you go out and say that? That you have confidence, too.”

“Are you crazy? Eat some shit.”

The security door opened amid the noisy conversation, and Choi Yu Seong, with dark black hair, attractive tall height, and neat suits, entered.3Hm… Why he’s blond in the webtoon, then?

“Choi Yu Seong is here.”

“Hey, so handsome.”4 존잘. A slang for 존나 잘생김 very handsome.

“Wow, he is such a masterpiece.”

Choi Yu Seong didn’t know that the gaze of about 30 exam participants would  pour and fall on him in an instant.

‘Well, this is awkward.’

Choi Yu Seong wore a wry smile, found an empty seat and attached his butt there.

Even then, it’s unknown when those gaze on Choi Yu Seong would be gone.

“Look at his smile. He looks so pure. Is it because his skin is completely like porcelain?”

“He looks better than Tymos oppas. I think I’ll just be Choi Yu Seong’s fan.”

“Just suck on the idol who does something right like your favorite Tymos or Thanos. Choi Yu Seong looks like an angel, but his personality is a devil. Let’s not forget it, guys.”

“It’s said he changed these days.”

“How will people just change?”

In particular, the voices of the female exam participants were small but clearly penetrated Choi Yu Seong’s ears.

‘This is definitely embarrassing.’

In fact, it was this appearance that was the most definitely touching thing since he became Choi Yu Seong.

Everyone who passed by threw their gaze at him and sometimes even yelled, so it’s impossible to act as he didn’t care.

Fortunately, the gazes were quickly cut off by the appearance of Lee Jin Wook, who soon followed.

“It’s Lee Jin Wook.”

“The Irregular.”

“What kind of criminal is he?”

“How’s his ability?”

Lee Jin Wook, who had a red-face at the topic of a criminal, sharply directed his gaze at Choi Yu Seong.

“What, whatchu gonna do?”

Choi Yu Seong answered Lee Jin Wook with a snort.

Lee Jin Wook looked gloomy at the words, but he didn’t go off as silly as he did outside.

‘I guess he does have the ability to learn. Or in the end, he is worried that I’m a Choi.’

Lee Jin Wook, who stole attention whether he’s this or that, sat the farthest away from Choi Yu Seong.

Once again, the security door opened, and a man dressed in a black suit with dark black sunglasses and a briefcase entered.

His gaze was no different from others and briefly scanned Choi Yu Seong then Lee Jin Wook.

‘So he is today’s examiner. Who is it?’

Choi Yu Seong’s question was naturally answered by the man standing in front of the blackboard.

“Park Cheol Ho. I’m in charge of the exam today.”



There were about three S-rank Awakeners externally in the Awakener Association.

It was a very high number considering that the most famous guild in South Korea generally only had as much as two S-rank awakeners.

Park Cheol Ho was one of the three S-rank Awakener and was more famous for his nickname, Iron Wall.5철벽鐵壁(cheolbyeok). For those who are curious.

‘Iron Wall huh…, it must be hard to do cheap tricks.’

It was fortunate for Choi Yu Seong.

Even if Choi Min Seok played another prank on the exam, it would be very difficult to avoid the gaze of Iron Wall, who was known to be strict and stubborn.

‘Let’s just do with what I’ve studied.’

While Choi Yu Seong was clearing his mind, Park Cheol Ho took out a bunch of papers from his briefcase, calmly said.

“Let’s start the exam.”


In general, there are three kinds of Hunter exams.

The first one was the written exam.

As Hunters enter the dungeon themselves, they need various alternative experiences, know-hows, and information in addition to simple combat power.

The written exam was a place to find out if you had knowledge beyond the basics.

The passing criteria were 70 points, which was quite stupid unless you came without studying at all, this part was easily skipped.

After finishing the exam in 15 minutes, Choi Yu Seong got over from his seat and stood up.

“Are you done already?”


When asked by Park Chul Ho, Choi Yu Seong nodded calmly and handed an exam paper with the answers marked.

Park Chul Ho, who received the exam paper, handed it to the scoring officer sitting right next to him.

In a short time less than a minute, the scoring officer who confirmed it looked at Choi Yu Seong and gave him a light smile with a somewhat surprised look.

“Pass, it’s a perfect score.”

At the words, participants who were still taking the exam looked up at Choi Yu Seong.

The passing score of the written exam was 70 points, so surely he would pass somehow, but a perfect score was another different story.

In particular, the last five subjective questions were often absurdly difficult to solve, and there were many times when it was at the level that could only be solved by dungeon scholars.

Wasn’t there a rumor that the real perfect score for the hunter exam was 90?

“Cool. I hope that boastfulness is not a bluff, but a skill. Approved.”

Park Chul Ho nodded his head in praise of Choi Yu Seong, and Choi Yu Seong looked down lightly, opened the door next to the blackboard and moved on to the next exam site.

‘I’m lucky. I didn’t expect a perfect score.’

Choi Yu Seong, who came to the second exam site pretending to be calm, sighed.

He was also quite nervous as the subjective questions were known to be difficult, but fortunately, several problems related to near-future information he read in the original novel were solved smoothly.

Nevertheless, the perfect score was also attributed to Choi Yu Seong’s own ability.

For a month of training, he tried to quickly learn the theory besides practical training. In the first place, for Choi Yu Seong, who grew up in South Korea on another earth, it was one of the easiest subjects to memorize.

“Welcome. This is the exam site for measuring the ability coefficient.”

A female employee of the Association, wearing a clean white shirt and formal pants, spoke to Choi Yu Seong first, as if she thought he was nervous as he moved a little slowly after sighing.

Compared to the written exam site, only one employee was sitting at a desk and holding a pen in a small space.

Instead, next to her was a punching machine that was usually seen in the arcade and a tank half filled with purple water that he had never seen before.

Surprisingly, both were devices that measured the power of Awakener’s current abilities.

‘First is written, second is the measurement, and third is practical.’

Choi Yu Seong, who recalled the order of the Hunter exam, naturally warmed up by taking off his suit.

“You must be relaxed now. You wrote ‘all-rounder type’ in the application, so are you going to do the physical hit? Or are you going to manifest your ability?”

The physical hit was the score of the punching machine, and ability manifestation was scored by the way the mana solution of the tank was inflating and moving.

Of course, as it was an exam that granted Hunter qualifications, it was useless no matter how good the figures were if it was an ability that was useless for combat or combat assistance.

“I will do both.”

“…You’re an all-rounder type, so you can do that.”

However, no one had good grades for an all-rounder type who said so.

“In general, we recommend all-rounder type Awakeners to immerse themselves in either side.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

First of all, Choi Yu Seong, who lightly turned his arm in front of the punch machine, asked.

“…We’re only recommending, not forcing.”

“Then I’ll do both. “


The association staff nodded lightly.

It was only a formality written in the manual, so she was no longer obliged to dissuade him from overdoing it.

“When you’re ready, you can start.”

Exactly one minute has passed since then.

The eyes of the association staff, who were watching the figures floating on the punch machine and the form of the transformation of the mana water tank, grew bigger and bigger.

“Is this enough?”

In response to Choi Yu Seong’s question, who breathed out a rather short breath, the association employee who swallowed once shook her head.

“I am sorry, but it could be a machine error… Can I ask you for a remeasurement?”

“Okay. Well. It’s not something hard.”

Choi Yu Seong, who smirked, stood in front of the punch machine again and the same, or rather a slightly higher result which came out the second time was written next to Choi Yu Seong’s name.

‘It’s hard to believe even with my own eyes…’

It was difficult to write the numbers because the tip of the pen cannot stay still due to her shaking hands.

She was famous for being composed and calm throughout the association, but she can’t control her emotions this time.

If she did not hold her wrist with her opposite hand and exhaled a sigh, she would have accidentally recorded a typo in the important Awakener measurement.

“Well, can I move on?”

Choi Yu Seong, who had been watching the scene, asked.

What else did she need to say?

“You pass, passed the exam.”

She stammered slightly, but fortunately, her voice did not shake much.


The candidates’ written exams were all over.

“Thank you for your hard work. I’ll see you on the next exam.”

Park Chul Ho, who came into the measurement room with the last participant, patted the man’s shoulder who was eliminated due to lack of measurement results.

Afterwards, Park Chul Ho tilted his head while holding the record book written by the association staff.

This was because he felt suspicious of the evaluation scores of the physical type and the flair type next to the name of Choi Yu Seong.


“I didn’t measure it wrong. I was surprised at first and asked for a remeasurement.”

Park Chul Ho’s mouth was strangely twisted by the tone of the female staff that was somewhat pretending to be calm.

‘Look at this guy.’

Originally, he was also one of the representative figures who disliked Choi Yu Seong.

But today, that thought was completely overturned.

A rough breath came out from the mouth of Park Chul Ho.

It was one of his habits when he was in a good mood or excited.

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