Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-13

Choi Yu Seong exited the elevator and walked leisurely.

It wasn’t just to look composed.

There were a lot of reporters in the area.

Which means there were a lot of talks. If he walked slowly and kept his ears open a little bit, he could know about the situation without actually having to face Choi Min Seok.

‘Irregular, Lee Jin Wook.’

He turned his gaze briefly and looked at a young man next to Choi Min Seok.

Unlike Choi Yu Seong, he was a man who opened up everything about himself from the beginning.

His appearance was mediocre. Yet, strangely, it felt like he resembled the ugly Choi Min Seok objectively.

Why was that?

As soon as Choi Yu Seong, who felt suspicious, turned his eyes from Lee Jin Wook and made eye contact with Choi Min Seok for a moment.

‘Ah, the obnoxious1재수 없다. Literally unlucky. But also used to mean annoying, rude, unpleasant. eyes are similar.’

The gaze that’s naturally looking down at people.

Somehow, he felt arrogance from Lee Jin Wook.

“There he is. My little brother Choi Yu Seong is here too!”

Choi Min Seok, who did not miss the moment, waved his hand and raised his voice.

“He’s doing something really childish.”

Jin Yu Ri, whose judgment seemed a little twisted, talked to herself and pouted.

“Since it’s already like this, we can’t ignore him. Let’s go.”

The meeting of Choi brothers, and the Irregular in between them.

The eyes of reporters, filled with the desire to take pictures they wanted, were sparkling.

‘I think I roughly know what’s under your sleeve…’

Choi Yu Seong walked toward Choi Min Seok and Lee Jin Wook.

Reporters spread widely to the left and right naturally as if they were the parted sea.

In the center, Choi Min Seok waited for Choi Yu Seong and spread his arms wide.

If there was only a red carpet on the floor, it would be believed to be some movie award ceremony.

‘Is this also a directed show?’

If Choi Min Seok wanted, it could be.

“Choi Yu Seong, my little brother.”

As Choi Yu Seong approached the center, Choi Min Seok, who seemed to have waited for him, spoke loudly and held Choi Yu Seong in his arms.

“What’s this bullshit?”

On the other hand, Choi Yu Seong whispered in Choi Min Seok’s ear with a very small voice.

Choi Min Seok, who couldn’t control his expression for a moment, hardened his face, but soon smiled and patted Choi Yu Seong on the back.

“Work hard and do well.”

Choi Min Seok, who left an ambiguous remark, separated from Choi Yu Seong.

Afterwards, he smiled brightly and continued to talk to the reporters.

“Today is a very joyful day. It’s the day when my dear friend and beloved little brother take the Hunter qualification exam together.”

“It’s said Lee Jin Wook-ssi is an Irregular, so we are really looking forward to the result!”

“I’ve only known Jin Wook-i for about 15 days. But I think this friend will definitely give us a great record that everyone expects.”2The additional –i or –a at the end of the name ‘usually’ show some intimacy. It’s a bit awkward in English and usually I ignore it completely, but because it’s relevant to the plot I left it as it is.

“Do you have anything to say about your younger brother?”

“Why wouldn’t I. Yu Seong-i is also from our Choi family. There were many brothers and sisters in the family who took the Hunter Exam, and no one was eliminated.”

“Of course, you believe that Choi Yu Seong-ssi will pass too, right?”


Choi Min Seok did not respond and showed the brightest smile he could make.

From the standpoint of strangers, it was a positive attitude no matter who saw it.

Choi Yu Seong thought it was very absurd when he saw the conversation between the reporters and Choi Min Seok.

‘Isn’t it obviously a written script?’

It was not surprising how he knew when Choi Yu Seong would take the exam .

All kinds of illegal activities that Choi Min Seok could commit were widespread.

Since then, the questioning session of reporters had continued.

Interestingly, no one asked Choi Yu Seong any questions.

The focus was solely on Choi Min Seok and Lee Jin Wook.

From time to time, someone asked a question towards Choi Yu Seong, but they quickly got buried among other questions that followed like waves.

In the meantime, not only Choi Min Seok but also Lee Jin Wook did not even look sideways at Choi Yu Seong.

Choi Yu Seong seemed to have a rightful role, standing next to them like a folding screen.3IMO, why use the term ‘folding screen’ because even though it’s pretty(the ones with artworks), the main use is to divide space or hide something behind. This expresses that our MC is just a curtain and the main show are those two guys.

Of course, it didn’t suit Choi Yu Seong’s personality to just suffer.

For the sake of Star Quality skill, today’s main character should be Choi Yu Seong himself.

The easiest way to do this was to reveal that he was an Irregular too.

The Irregular awakening of the Choi family’s good-for-nothing.

This was bound to turn attention.

‘But I’m going to use this until the very end.’

Choi Min Seok was just a small hill to climb over.

There were too many eyes to pay attention to, from the other Choi brothers and sisters, Kim Do Jin and even Choi Wu Jae.

Above all, although it was somewhat late, he remembered who Lee Jin Wook was.

“Lee Jin Wook-ssi for this qualification exam…”

“But it must be heartbreaking if the victims’ families know about the news of Lee Jin Wook-ssi.”

At the time when questions continued toward Lee Jin Wook, Choi Yu Seong spoke with some power in his voice.

He didn’t know if it even went into the ears of the reporters, but it must have been heard by Lee Jin Wook, who was not far away.

Lee Jin Wook, who was smiling calmly, swung toward Choi Yu Seong.

The small eyes opened wide and the brown pupil reflected an unconcealed tremor.

‘What a simple man.’

Surely Lee Jin Wook was still inexperienced.

It was easier to deal with him than Choi Min Seok.

Naturally, all the reporters who were looking at Lee Jin Wook  turned their gaze to Choi Yu Seong.

“Choi Yu Seong-ssi, we could not hear you clearly. Could you please say that again?!”

Park Jin Hwan, who kept asking questions but was buried, shouted with veins stuck out on his neck as if he had been waiting for the right time.

“I felt touched today. I didn’t know Min Seok hyungnim would have prepared a place like this for me. Seriously, I’d like to thank him from the bottom of my heart.”

Choi Min Seok’s gaze seemed to question Choi Yu Seong.

‘When did I say I prepared this place for you?’

The main character of today’s exam stage was Lee Jin Wook.

It was before Choi Min Seok, who was flustered inside, even lifted his lips.

“You asked me what I said earlier, right?”

“Albeit I think I heard the words ‘the victims’ families’.”

A reporter with good ears, who was listening carefully, asked a question in the meantime.

Several people who received money from Choi Min Seok quickly asked other questions with bewildered expressions. But most hyena-like reporters, who were already hungry for scoops, were only looking at Choi Yu Seong’s lips.

“Although I’m saying this carefully because it’s said he’s a close friend of hyungnim…’

“Wait, I don’t think that’s a question to deal with here.”

Lee Jin Wook hurriedly cut Choi Yu Seong’s words and came in.

‘He’s really an amateur. To think that can prick his conscience.’4The literal idiom is “pricked the thief’s feet”.

The stare of the hungry hyenas turned more fierce.

“What do you mean by ‘the victims’ families’?”

“Lee Jin Wook-ssi, the public has the right to know the truth.”5The word for ‘public’ here can mean ‘citizen of Korea’. FYI, just a speck of red record can destroy someone in SK. Even cheating in a game online can lead your political career to crumbles.

“Choi Yu Seong-ssi, how did you know that?!”

“Answer it, please! Choi Yu Seong-ssi.”

Questions poured out like downpours and sweat began to flow down Lee Jin Wook’s forehead and back like rainfall.

Choi Yu Seong would find issues without saying anything and naturally dig into Lee Jin Wook’s weaknesses.

“Since I should also consider hyungnim’s position, I think I need some time to think about the answer.”

Instead of answering questions from the reporters, Choi Yu Seong looked at Choi Min Seok with a very worried look.

Choi Min Seok, who was smiling awkwardly, nodded his head slightly.

“I hope there is no problem.”

The grinning Choi Yu Seong turned his head again toward reporters who were clamoring for questions.

“Ah, also about today’s exam, I am actually not confident.”

An irrelevant answer.6동문서답. FYI, there’s a game(on variety shows) called this. I forgot the English name. It’s where someone asks you a question but you should answer it with a completely unrelated and nonsense thing. You lose when your answer is plausible.

However, reporters opened their eyes wide to the equally interesting question, pressed the shutter and pushed the recorder closer.

“I’m not confident in failing. Top-notch results are to be expected.”

Choi Yu Seong quoted some words of a very famous Go player from the world he originally lived in.

The reporters could not help but gasp at the overflowing confidence like an explosion.


“What did I hear just now?”

With admiration coming from behind him, Choi Yu Seong passed by Choi Min Seok with steady steps.

“That’s why you have to choose your people well. Hyungnim.”

The whisper made Choi Min Seok shake.

Jin Yu Ri, who was beside Choi Yu Seong, passed by and burst into small laughter as if she heard.

Camera shutters snapped crazily behind Choi Yu Seong as he entered the main gate of the association building where the exam was being held.

The handsomely tall feeling of the figure neatly dressed in a black suit, made someone admire it without realizing.

In the meantime, anger rose in Choi Min Seok’s heart, whose face turned red without knowledge.

The timid greenhorn little brother was very confident in himself now.7There’s a phrase I don’t understand. May change it later.

“Choi Yu Seong seems a little arrogant, but somehow it’s a little cool.”

“Is it true that he has changed, then?”

“He speaks pretty well, too.”

“I think the words he said are still somehow rude but it feels different.”

“By the way, what’s going on with Lee Jin Wook? Any news yet?”

“I didn’t think Choi Yu Seong and Lee Jin Wook were related…”

Even reporters continue to talk about Choi Yu Seong’s name, expressing their favor.

“Choi Min Seok-ssi, don’t you know anything about it?”

“Lee Jin Wook-ssi, please answer!”

“What does it mean by ‘the victims’ family’?”

“Do you have any criminal background?!”

“It is not good to fool the public.”

On the other hand, the reporters bared their fangs toward Choi Min Seok and Lee Jin Wook.

‘Choi Yu Seong. Choi Yu Seong!’

Choi Min Seok, who gritted his teeth and tried to manage his expression, turned his back.

“Let’s go. Lee Jin Wook.”

Choi Min Seok and Lee Jin Wook, who forcibly swallowed harsh swear words that could lead to backbiting, followed Choi Yu Seong into the building.


Park Jin Hwan, who had drawn a chuan character(川) on his forehead and crumpled his nose until earlier, had a small crescent shape at the end of his lips.

“Reporter Park. Isn’t Choi Yu Seong the real deal?”

A fellow reporter caught up with Park Jin Hwan, who finished talking to his media company, and said with an excited face.

“What, it’s just enough.”

“Can’t you see that the atmosphere shifted to Choi Yu Seong at once?”

“I can see it well.”

“He killed the camera, too8In a positive way. I can’t describe it in English. Did you see the taken pictures? To be honest, there’s nothing to throw away from when he walked between the splitting reporters like Moses’ miracle to when he turned his back and entered the exam room. Isn’t he better than most actors? When everyone sees the photos, they’ll be in awe. Why don’t you be more excited too, Reporter Park?”

He was right. It was a good situation in many ways.

Choi Min Seok fell out of the spotlight, which was only directed at both Choi Min Seok and Lee Jin Wook.

Choi Yu Seong filled the position instead.

Lee Jin Wook occupied the place together, but it was not a good one.

‘I think he committed some kind of crime…’

The media was also saying that they were looking into it quickly, but the information was not easily available.

This means that someone had covered up the information before coming here in the first place.

‘It’s Choi Min Seok’s.’

It’s obvious.

Perhaps it would take about a few days to reveal the truth.

In the end, Choi Yu Seong had only crossed over one small hill.

‘It’s meaningless if he doesn’t get good results on the exam after all this ruckus.’

It was clear to Park Jin Hwan that Choi Min Seok had prepared today to piss off Choi Yu Seong, looking at the circumstances so far.

Then, was there anything else that Choi Min Seok prepared other than Lee Jin Wook?

What if Choi Yu Seong was unlucky and failed here?

‘He’ll end up being called the pretentious good-for-nothing.’

The gaze on Choi Yu Seong was changing.

As if each one of his words exerted some influence, they were shaking people.

In the end, Choi Yu Seong had to take responsibility for his actions as much as he swept away attention and raised the stage.

‘The heck. Why would I worry about Choi Yu Seong?’

Park Jin Hwan soon erased his thoughts and shook his head.

After all, he and Choi Yu Seong were men.

Whether he was cursed, knocked down, and no matter if something broke, it was nothing for him to worry about.

‘Because I’m a reporter.’

It’s enough if he picked up issues about Choi Yu Seong that could hit the views.

Park Jin Hwan, who concluded his thoughts, packed up his equipment and moved to enter the exam site.

‘You have to move diligently to get a good seat.’

Unlike the entrance, only a small number of reporters can enter the inside of the exam site.

Park Jin Hwan was lucky enough to be allowed to enter.

“Go in and text me if there’s a good issue!”

It was after Park Jin Hwan, who lightly waved at the words of his fellow reporter, entered the building.


With a rather harsh exhaust sound, an obviously expensive sports car entered the Korean Awakener Association and headed for the underground parking lot.

Journalists who naturally turned their gaze to check the vehicle, attracted by the sound, opened their eyes wide and stopped trying to withdraw.

A fellow reporter, who asked Park Jin Hwan for internal work, also picked up his cell phone and quickly sent a message.

It could not be helped.

‘Hey. Kim Do Jin’s here!’

The currently most anticipated Awakener in South Korea had visited the exam site.

AmaliaJ & Noobelist’s Note

A : *flips the placard and write KDJ’s name quickly* We must be prepared for the most fun act!
N : Oh no. Kim Do Jin’s here!