Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-11

The image many people living in South Korea had about Choi Yu Seong was quite negative.

A good-for-nothing sociopath, impudence1갑질, the arrogant and authoritarian attitude or actions of someone who have positions of power over others. Bossing around. Tyrannical behavior by stupid rich people. incarnate, and a national disgrace.

It’s full of insults, but there was one positive side that everyone couldn’t deny when thinking of Choi Yu Seong.

It was his appearance.

He boasted a proportional body of 183cm tall with long limbs and a small face that would slap the cheeks of decent models.

His white skin without blemishes didn’t get damaged and stayed smooth even after drinking alcohol every night. So Choi Yu Seong, who’s a man, was once offered cosmetics advertisements.

He wasn’t muscular but he wasn’t too thin nor too fat, so there’s no complaint about it.

Although he frowned every day, there was still an aloof prince-like atmosphere present.

Looking at Choi Yu Seong, the public said he was like a thorny rose or an incubus.

Originally, demons appear before us in a more fascinating appearance than gods.

Chae Ye Ryeong saw Choi Yu Seong smile brightly for the first time today.

Choi Yu Seong who came out in news articles or on TV was always frowning.

And Choi Yu Seong, who smiled when she saw him at home earlier, had a stronger feeling of a somewhat tired face with a businesslike attitude.

Was it because of that?

Choi Yu Seong’s appearance right in front of her felt fresh.

‘…He’s really handsome.’

Without realizing it, there was a slight redness on the cheeks hidden under her hair.

She was surprised when the blue will-o’-wisp suddenly flickered in Choi Yu Seong’s eyes, but she dismissed it at once.

‘So the rumor that Yu Seong-nim awakened is real.’

She just understood it so easily.

When Chae Ye Ryeong was feeling various emotions for a while, Choi Yu Seong thought about how to make her his person and came up with a wonderful plan without difficulty.

“Chae Ye Ryeong-ssi, are you looking for a job, by any chance?”

It felt strange when he asked the question.

Choi Yu Seong’s voice was somewhat tense without realizing it, as it was the first time he made such a suggestion to someone in the first place.

But he didn’t think she would refuse.

Did she become a breadwinner girl for no reason?

She just turned 19 and had three younger siblings to take responsibility for.

Of course, she couldn’t go to school.

In this situation, she wouldn’t mind if she worked.

Visiting Choi Yu Seong’s house today must be because she could easily make a lot of money.

“… I’m already working part-time.”

“Oh, really?”

Chae Ye Ryeong easily crushed such a confident thought, and Choi Yu Seong answered insignificantly.

‘”Oh, really?” What did I just say? What a fool.’

Chae Ye Ryeong put her hands together and bowed her head towards Choi Yu Seong, who thought of hitting his own head.

“Yes. Thank you for the offer. I’ll call you next time if I quit my part-time job.”

In terms of character settings, he knew that all her parents had disappeared since the age of 10, but she was very polite despite not receiving proper home education.

“So, are you done with the business?”

“It’s not like that. Oh, well, I mean… I’m asking if you’re interested in working full-time instead of part-time.”


“A part-time job is not a full-time job. If you accept my offer, you’ll be hired as a full-time employee with all the insurance coverage.”


He thought it was a good proposal, but Chae Ye Ryeong’s response was still lukewarm.

However, Choi Yu Seong was not disappointed.

‘There is… something else.’

He thought it was just polite, but the feelings that he saw in the eyes covered under her hair were quite interesting.

“I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed with the salary.”

“How much is it?”

As expected, the answer went this way.

“Yearly… Would 80 be enough?”

In this era, 80 million2in won. Around USD 71,500. was a considerable amount of money.

It was an amount of money that could only be received by being at least a deputy team leader of a large company.

“That isn’t the kind of salary of someone who’s an F-grade non-combat Awakener and a 19-year-old who didn’t attend school, deserves. You’re not trying to make me do anything illegal, are you?”

As Chae Ye Ryeong tilted her head once again, her hair flowed down.

The big round eyes mixed with curiosity and vigilance reflected in them were quite cute.

“I guarantee you won’t do anything illegal.”

Later, he might ask something for the re-awakening.

However, there was no need to bring up anything meaningful now.

Choi Yu Seong decided to start from the stage of building trust with her first.

“That seems suspicious.”

“We’re going to write a formal contract that has legal force. If you want, you can hire a lawyer to review it. I’ll support the employment cost.”


Choi Yu Seong did not respond to the flustered Chae Ye Ryeong’s directness.

There was no change in facial expression.

Even if he thought it himself, the conditions he said were generally hard to understand.

At a time like this, he thought it was more persuasive to just show a somewhat businesslike and reliable expression than to make a colorful statement.

“I can’t trust you at all even with that look.”

“Alas, what a shame.”

“Why are you trying to be so nice to me?”

As expected, it’s greedy to just finish it in moderation.

Choi Yu Seong decided to express his honest feelings after much consideration.

“I don’t know if you’ll believe me if I tell you the truth…, but Ye Ryeong-ssi has a very special ability that you don’t even know about.”


Chae Ye Ryeong’s eyes became thinner under her hair.

“…Don’t look at me with that gaze. It is true. I’ve actually become an Awakener as you predicted. Didn’t you see the blue flames in my eyes earlier?”

“Ah… is that spark an ability like foresight?”

Chae Ye Ryeong asked with her eyes wide open.

“It’s not perfect, but it can be considered similar to that.”

As always, deceits should contain more than half the truth.

“When I see it with my eyes, Chae Ye Ryeong-ssi is very special. No one recognizes it right now, but it’s like an unpolished gemstone? If you think of it as an opportunity to grab the possibility in advance, 80 million won a year is not a waste.”

Considering the original story where she was not pushed back by fighting alone with the main character Kim Do Jin, Chae Ye Ryeong was a talent who did not waste 100 times the money.

As he spoke his true feelings, it naturally contained sincerity in his voice.

Chae Ye Ryeong also received his feelings this time.

‘You think I have that possibility?’

However, there was still no perfect trust.

She was lucky enough to be awakened, but only got strange skills that would be harmful to the body if used the wrong amount of F-grade ability, even the Sweat Glands Contraction.

It was unfortunate, but she didn’t feel sorry.

Had she ever been lucky in her life?

It was enough because after she became an F-grade Awakener, her stamina and strength had improved, and the frequent minor illnesses had disappeared.

She couldn’t be a great person and do amazing things, but she just thought things got better because she could reduce sleep and increase work.

But now, Choi Yu Seong said there was a hidden possibility in her.

Choi Yu Seong did not rush Chae Ye Ryeong who was in agony this time.

There was still suspicion on her face, but the subject changed.

‘This time it’s not me she’s doubting, but herself.’

Wasn’t it natural that Choi Yu Seong, who didn’t have much trust here, could seem like a scammer if he tries hard to talk about it?

The choice was up to Chae Ye Ryeong.

Actually, it wasn’t that urgent yet.

He had enough time to keep an eye on her and aim for the next opportunity.

Chae Ye Ryeong, who had been contemplating without saying anything for more than five minutes, bowed her head deeply.

“I’m sorry.”

Did that mean no?

Choi Yu Seong tried to nod, thinking that there was nothing he could do.

However, Chae Ye Ryeong’s words continued before he could do so.

“My response was late because I have a lot on my mind.”


Was that what her apology meant?

She was very polite in many ways.

Naturally, a smile came to Choi Yu Seong’s mouth.

“You mean…?”

“Honestly, I can’t give you a definite answer yet. However, my heart is indeed leaning positively. You said there was a possibility in me, but I’m not aware of it at all and…”

She seems to be quite smart, but she was a kid in an unexpected situation.

Even if she thought about it in a good way, she couldn’t organize her words well, and it would be difficult to organize her flustered thoughts in an instant.

Choi Yu Seong did not rush her.

‘She must be very flustered.’

In the meantime, he was grateful that she answered positively.

“It’s okay if you don’t give me a definite answer right now. I’ll give you my number, so please feel free to go home and tell me. If you let me know your email, I will send you the contract first. Please contact me after reviewing and considering it enough.”

“Ah, can I do that?”

Chae Ye Ryeong’s long bangs, whose head raised with a bright voice, moved to the side and the whole face was reflected for a moment.

Her eyes full of will shined like jewels.

Choi Yu Seong, who thought the scene was quite cute, nodded with a smile without selfishness this time.

“Of course.”

“Thank you. Please send me an e-mail and I’ll check and reply as soon as possible!”

Chae Ye Ryeong bowed her head several times to express her gratitude.

Choi Yu Seong could smile inwardly at the sight.

‘That’s enough.’

Why? Wasn’t there a time when you got the hunch even though things haven’t been done yet?

Perhaps she would agree to Choi Yu Seong’s contract.

And two days after sending the contract, he heard a positive answer from Chae Ye Ryeong, who came back to Choi Yu Seong’s house in person.

It was the moment when Choi Yu Seong hired the Witch of Flood, which could have been called the future rank EX and disaster.


A giant monster with a head that might be three times bigger than a typical adult man’s, made a ferocious roar then swung an iron bat and hit the ground.

A part of the ground was dug up with a loud sound.

It was a speed that didn’t match the big size, but the monster wielding the bat couldn’t achieve its goal.

This was because it tried its best to crush an annoying human who appeared in front of it, but his figure disappeared without a trace from where he had just stood.

If he had been crushed to death by a bat, there would have to be a cold corpse on the sunken floor that spills blood with a terrible skeleton.

It was weird.

“Where are you looking?”

A cold voice that reminded of the blade of a sword.

Recognizing the target, the giant monster frowned and raised his head.

On the ceiling inside the central place3The raw used the word for “pupil”, which probably means a boss room or the deepest corner of the dungeon where the boss existed. May change it later..

Kim Do Jin, a man standing upside down with two feet on a fairly high ceiling, was aiming his sword like an arrow.

“Orc War Chief, Krutak.”


The Orc War Chief, nothing comparable to a normal orc, screamed at the ceiling.

Kim Do Jin’s expression did not show any signs of shaking, even though he went on a solo hunt for the so-called Raid Monster, which could only be caught if more than 10 people at level 80 or higher formed an attack team based on D-rank.

There were two reasons.

First, Kim Do Jin’s confidence in his fundamental skills.

He thought he could do enough by himself to act the part of 10 hunters of the same rank and level.

Also, there was a second reason.

Kim Do Jin had already experienced a battle against the named monster Orc War Chief, Krutak, in another world.

It was even from a time when he was much weaker than now.

‘I don’t know how the dead from that world came to appear as dungeon monsters on Earth, but…’

It was not a big problem for Kim Do Jin, a returnee who had already fought and returned to Earth after he won against them.

Rather, the opponent was just a level-up victim of the system, a well-established new ability.

It was at that moment that Krutak threw the bat it was holding at Kim Do Jin.

Kim Do Jin took his foot off the ceiling and ran forward.


The bat barely missed Kim Do Jin, causing burning pain under his feet, and hit the sturdy ceiling.

It was natural that the ceiling collapsed with a thunderous sound and stones fell like hail.

Krutak frowned at the sudden hail of stones spread his palms wide and covered his face.

Small shocks continued to be inflicted, but that much could not scratch the hard  palm of Krutak.

In such a short time, the moment Krutak, who had been struck by a pile of stones falling like hail and rain, lowered his palm, a silver light flashed in front of its eyes.

With a cold touch and the hot pain followed, the world in front of Krutak’s eyes was quickly stained with darkness.


Kim Do Jin jumped to the floor to avoid Krutak’s attack, which had blood spilling from its wounded eyes, and licked his lips.

Blue will-o’-wisp rose in both of his eyes.

‘It’s over.’

For Kim Do Jin who could read the opponent’s movements through Insight, Krutak that loses sight and reason was just a strong and big target.

First of all, struck the Achilles tendon, which has a rather thin muscle under the ankle, and nibbled the cartilage of Krutak who fell on his knees.

If Krutak, who lost all support, fell to the floor in vain and took a fatal blow that runs to the brain on its thick nape, that’s the end.

It was the moment when Kim Do Jin, who lightly wiped the blue blood staining his face with the back of his left hand, breathed out and sat down on the head of the dead Krutak as a chair.

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God’s message poured endlessly over his head.

From the big gods who were too high to call their name recklessly to the small gods who were too low to make themselves known. Everyone was paying attention to Kim Do Jin.

‘Gods, huh.’

For a moment, Kim Do Jin snorted at the thought of the somewhat heterogeneous beings.

‘There were gods on the Aliod continent too.’

They were rather clumsy, incompetent, powerless, and idiots who could not solve things on their own.

That’s why Kim Do Jin was called into that world.

He had to fight against the Demon King who had invaded beyond the dimension, and he was able to win with scars.

Of course, those gods and those who sent messages just now were completely different.

However, this did not mean that Kim Do Jin had a significant change in his view of Gods.

Gods were not so omnipotent as people thought.

Also, they were extremely insensitive to human wishes and cherish their comfort more than anything else.

For example, the evidence was that they didn’t do much to help Kim Do Jin kill Choi Wu Jae, who he wanted to tear and kill right away.

‘I’d rather have Choi Yu Seong’s help.’

Kim Do Jin’s mouth was twisted when he recalled the face of Choi Yu Seong, who he had chased home and met personally a few days ago.

‘He made fun of me.’

It was ridiculous to think that he blew up because of a child who had lived for just a little over 20 years, but he could bear it.

If he could use him to achieve his family’s revenge, he would endure any disgrace.

That was the driving force that led Kim Do Jin to survive in the distant world and come back here.

One of the gods who helped bring Kim Do Jin back from another world said.

He said that revenge would be nothing but futility to heal another grudge, and hoped he would return to his original world and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t understand the meaning.

‘Because I can’t stand it”

Whenever he saw the face of Choi Wu Jae in the news that he suddenly encountered on the street or in newspaper articles, his heart ached.

His dead father’s face came to mind, and the voice he remembered all his life became the voice of a vengeful ghost in his ear.

‘Kill that bastard.’

Kim Do Jin wished.

He hoped that the future would come where he could imagine a comfortable life by looking at the red blood of Choi WuJae flowing in his firm hands.

He was eager.


A month has passed since Chae Ye Ryeong was hired.

Surprisingly, the job she got, which she went with considerable tension and expectation in mind that she would run away if he made her do something she didn’t like, was a helper like the housekeeper ladies.

She was flustered, but it couldn’t be helped.

In the original work, Chae Ye Ryeong gained the powerful ability enough to be called the Witch of the Flood.

And this re-awakening literally happened only on special occasions, which was a very lucky situation.

Of course, Choi Yu Seong had no reason to give up the re-awakening of Chae Ye Ryeong by relying on information from this “current time.”

No secret was revealed about the re-awakening right now, but the method would be known in the future.

Choi Yu Seong, a complete reader of the original novel, clearly remembered.

However, the problem was that forced re-awakening was a very dangerous procedure that was close to gambling, which was not even a secret in the first place.

The conditions of re-awakening itself were simple.

It must primarily shock the mind strongly, and also must be exposed to powerful mana that occurs when a dungeon break occurs.

There were too many factors that would cause problems if they’re not mentally or physically stable.

It was said that Chae Ye Ryeong was confirmed to have the talent to overcome all such hardships and become Witch of Flood, but Choi Yu Seong did not want to increase the risk of gambling.

If his greed destroys or kills a person, wouldn’t he be too faithful to his role as a good-for-nothing villain?

It was never what the current Choi Yu Seong wanted.

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong left Chae Ye Ryeong tasks that were easy and hoped that Chae Ye Ryeong would find stability as much as possible.

If there was a compulsory task, 15 days after she went to work, she was forced to consume a drink made from a gray-colored mana stone that costs 10 million won per piece every day?

Chae Ye Ryeong seemed to feel burdened because of the price, but Choi Yu Seong drank a mana stone drink first in front of her and threatened not to give her salary if she didn’t have it too.

In fact, Choi Yu Seong was slightly scared that Chae Ye Ryeong would quit her job, but fortunately it didn’t happen.

Not a small salary, stable living, and healthy Mana Stone drinks were investments from Choi Yu Seong’s point of view, and the quality of life was greatly improved from Chae Ye Ryeong’s point of view.

As such, the eyes of Chae Ye Ryeong, who was suspicious of Choi Yu Seong at first, began to show favor and gratitude little by little.

However, it was Choi Yu Seong’s life that changed more than anyone else during that one month.

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