Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-10

After Kim DoJin’s return, Choi YuSeong had a bleak smile.

During the morning before he came, Choi YuSeong saw the skills of about 60 people, and only duplicated those skills that were not overlapped and seemed quite useful among them.

The fusion proceeded more carefully.

He said he was in good condition, but as Jin YuRi said, he didn’t know when his mana will drop.

It would be nice if the mana values were visible like in the game, but that wasn’t the reality.

There were many cases where Awakeners lost consciousness or died in severe cases due to excessive exertion of power without knowing their limitations.

There was nothing bad about being careful.

So, there was only one skill gained in the morning.

「Normal Skill, Spark E

Fusion is possible.

Instantly inflicts strong static electricity on targets within 2m distance.

The closer the distance is, the greater the power.」

Spark, created by the fusion of F-grade skills Friction and Flash, wasn’t an inadequate ability because it completely occupied one of the only five skill slots of Choi YuSeong.

First of all, the skill itself was too efficient. Such as the fact that it had a big advantage of having a 2m visibility distance, and even if it was not giving an impact, it could have a short paralyzing effect due to the nature of static electricity.

But in the end, it was difficult to escape the limitation of the attack skill.

What Choi YuSeong needed were more useful kinds of abilities to survive.

For example, an instantaneous evasion or mental barrier.

These kinds of skills were highly evaluated just for having them even if they had a low grade.

Because of this, those who came did not want it to be seen by others even for just showing off.

It was a world where it was widely believed that any Awakeners should hide at least a few cards just in case.

However, it was this kind of skill that Kim DoJin showed insignificantly as if it were bothersome.

「Normal Skills, Insights E.

Fusion is possible.

When activated, you will not be swung over with illusions of a level below Insight skill.

When activated, tension is relieved.

When activated, concentration is increased.

When activated, you can focus your mind and see some information of Awakener with a lower grade than the caster. Depending on the grade, the range of content that can be viewed is widened. You can be defended against the opponent’s mental defense skills.

Penalties are applied for copy skills.

The available number of the ability uses is 8 times.

You can only resist illusions of grade F or lower.

The efficiency of tension relief and concentration degree decreases to 70%.

There are restrictions on viewing information. 」

What else could be said?

As the skill of the protagonist it was, the function itself was overwhelming among grade E.

Despite being weakened by the penalty of Duplicate Eye, it was so amazing that he didn’t want to fuse it with other skills.

‘He has this ability, so it makes no sense to hide the fact that I have become an Awakener.’

Insight was one of the skills which Kim DoJin frequently used in the original novel, The Master Who Return To Modern Times.

Through this, if the opponent had mental defense skills, it wasn’t possible to confirm the exact contents of the ability, but at least could confirm if that person had awakened.

That meant Kim DoJin could do it if he wanted to confirm Choi YuSeong’s awakening from the beginning.

However, in the case of Insight, a flame-like shape would bloom in the eyes when the skill was activated, so it was bound to be noticeable to some extent.

Kim DoJin noticed Choi YuSeong’s awakening without triggering this Insight.

Perhaps it was to avoid developing hostility through useless skill activation.

And when Choi YuSeong asked for skill, he showed Insight as if it was an opportunity.

‘Let’s see what kind of abilities I have.’

It meant that he didn’t just suffer until the end like a shrewd returnee he was.

In the end, Kim DoJin now knew some information about Choi YuSeong’s awakening abilities.

‘How far he had seen it? Though he hasn’t seen all of them as the ability grade is low…’

In any case, it was not particularly pleasant to learned that something was revealed to Kim DoJin, a dangerous character for Choi YuSeong.

‘But thanks to that, I was able to duplicate Insights. I guess I am drunk with what to give and what to take.’

It was somewhat regrettable that it was an active skill, not a passive or continuous skill1From my limited knowledge, usually continuous skill is included in passive. Active means it needs to be triggered. Passive will be triggered automatically if conditions are met. Continuous means it’s on all the time., but there were only these kinds of abilities that could be obtained with Duplicate Eye from the beginning.

Besides, Insight was a skill that could be very useful even under penalty.

‘From my point of view, if a skill similar to that of Insight comes out later, it can be fused.’

Rather than fusing it with lame skills and lowering the level, it was necessary to endure even if it’s regrettable for now.

‘If Fusion works properly and the performance of Insight improve…’

He couldn’t even imagine how good it would be.

Actually, it was a ridiculous expectation.

As Insight itself was a protagonist skill, it was already full of cheat abilities.

Still, shouldn’t he dream big if it’s like this?

Thanks to the sudden appearance of Kim DoJin, Choi YuSeong gained a versatile cheat-grade skill, including the mental defense he wanted, and he was able to decide the third skill candidate within an hour later.

As a result, there was no time for the smile to disappear from his mouth.

‘If it’s like this, I might be filling all 5 slots with only the things I really like.’

In just one day, Choi YuSeong acquired all 5 essential skills for leveling mapping that he drew in his head.

This was something he didn’t even expect.

However, as the progress speed increased during the afternoon, such a kind of greed arose.

As always, the problem was that the world was ready to laugh at the excessive greed.

5 pm.

With only 3 Awakeners left who visited Choi YuSeong’s house, he was showing a depressed expression unlike the beginning of the afternoon.

It’s because he had useless expectations, so his excitement cooled as the empty hopes fell.

‘In the first place, I was expecting too much.’

To put it into perspective, he thought that getting 3 skills a day would be more than his goal.

Among them, he gained Kim DoJin’s skill, Insight, which was an unconditionally profitable business.

Choi YuSeong decided to relax and called the last three applicants at the same time.

Soon, a man in his 50s who couldn’t believe to be an Awakener, a young woman whose face half-covered with glasses and long hair, and a young man wearing a shirt and tie as if he had a real job interview came into the room at the same time.

He had a weak hope until the end, but no skill stood out.

The skill that the man in his 50s showed was an F-grade Gluttony that somewhat eliminated the limit of his stomach, while a woman whose face couldn’t be remembered well had an F-grade Sweat Glands Contraction2Probably will change it later…, and a young man like an office worker had an E-grade Clean Maintenance skill.

‘If the grade of Gluttony is increased, it can become a legendary food fighter. Sweat Glands Contraction and Clean Maintenance seem similarly different… Anyway, those aren’t skills that I will use in my standards.’

Choi YuSeong, who sent them back after saying “It was a disappointing finish, but you had a hard time waiting with a smile until the end”, opened a notepad with the skills shown by the Awakeners and the names of the applicants today written down.

It was in case there might be some great skill combinations that he might miss now, but come to mind later.

It didn’t matter if he visited in person or paid more money at that time, so he had listed all of them in case.

“You’ve worked hard.”

” Thank you for your hard work. Young Master.”

Jin YuRi and Jin DoYun greeted in turn toward Choi YuSeong, who looked at the notepad once again.

“You both also struggled from the morning.”

As he looked away from the notepad to answer Jin siblings with a smile, something passed through the eyes of Choi YuSeong like a lie.

“Chae YeRyeong?”


Having left Jin DoYun’s question behind, Choi YuSeong’s gaze quickly moved back to the notepad.

The tip of the index finger, which moved in a hurry, touched the bottom line of the notepad.

‘F-grade Sweat Glands Contraction, Chae YeRyeong.’

He didn’t see it wrong.

A no big deal awakening skill, a hidden face as if she wasn’t confident, and behavior that didn’t stand out.

Because the concentration that lasted all day was blurred, he inadvertently threw it away.

“Oh my gosh.”

But it shouldn’t be.

‘Chae YeRyeong, the Witch of Flood!’3May change it in the future~

A unique name he had seen not only once in the original novel.

And episodes related to her were never small.

Originally a somewhat incompetent Awakener, Chae YeRyeong was reawakened due to some circumstances and a few years later became a powerful disaster that threatened the world.

The content after that was simple.

Kim DoJin and his colleagues fought and killed the Witch of Flood to protect the world.

As always, no matter how powerful a villain, they couldn’t face the protagonists.

Chae YeRyeong appeared only after the second half of the original novel, as she was described as one of the most powerful villains in the world.

Therefore, the original work had never mentioned where and what she was doing now.

But now, Chae YeRyeong appeared in front of Choi YuSeong.

Of course, the world was wide and there were many people, so she could be someone with the same name.

But what if it’s true?

‘I’m a fool if I miss her.’

Chae YeRyeong in the original novel was a so-called ‘fallen’ character.

A breadwinner good girl who raised her younger siblings alone even in a difficult environment.

The case of her depravity was only dealt with standard and light narratives in the original novel.

‘It’s something that can be prevented.’

If Choi YuSeong came forward, it might not happen in the first place.

Therefore, there was only one important fact to Choi YuSeong.

‘It means that Chae YeRyeong is still a good person.’4The ‘good person’ in here is a different term than the usual good person. This refers to her inclination.

Only a few skills and an incomparable treasure were in front of him until just now.

It was a dangerous future disaster, so let’s just wait and watch Kim DoJin take care of it?

That was ridiculous.

‘I can win her over.’

There was Choi YuSeong in this world that’s different from the original.

Countless things could be changed.

“How long have the three people from before gone?”

Choi YuSeong jumped up from his seat and asked, putting on his outerwear.

“About 5 minutes, what’s going on?”

“I have to find her.”

“Yes? Suddenly?”

“I understand.”

Unlike Jin YuRi who asked back, Jin DoYun threw his body out of the house first.

‘I don’t think she has gone far yet.’

As he left the room, Choi YuSeong shouted at the flustered Jin YuRi.

“If you find her, call me at once.”

Then, before she could say anything, Choi YuSeong ran out of the door, panting.

‘You can just simply call, though.’

Jin YuRi, who was left alone in the room, soon erased her flustered expression and picked up her cell phone.


Choi YuSeong ran out of the house while gasping.

His head was full of thoughts about Chae YeRyeong.

‘When I saw her name, I should have thought of it…’

He took the right road at the crossroads of the three-way intersection under the hillside of his house.

And whether if it’s luck, Choi YuSeong was soon able to encounter a young woman with a half-covered face who happened to be walking in his direction.

‘Chae YeRyeong!’

Choi YuSeong tried to suppress his feelings that he almost shouted and then approached her.


Rather, Chae YeRyeong opened her eyes wide and raised her voice when discovering him.

“I heard you looking for me. I was just on my way back over there.”

At her following words, Choi YuSeong’s face was full of questions.

He looking for her was correct.

But he had no memory of calling her.

Whether she had read the emotions on Choi YuSeong’s face, Chae YeRyeong explained the situation with a smile on her mouth.

“I got a phone call. It said YuSeong…-nim5 Similar to “sir” but the honorific is more respectful than “-ssi”. is looking for me. Her voice was like the older sister who was next to you.”

“… to make this kind of mistake.”

Choi YuSeong, who had been said to be thoroughly prepared and quite planned since before the time of transferring, very rarely made this mistake.

Should it be said he admits to being a sloppy6 허당. A person who looks perfect but is actually sloppy. It’s hard to hate this huh-dang(허당) character because this character doesn’t know how to hate people sincerely. person himself?

Came to think of it, it was a very simple story.

In the first place, Chae YeRyeong was an Awakener who visited Choi YuSeong’s house to show her ability today, and of course he received her contact number just in case.

If he thought it a little bit, Choi YuSeong would have made the same choice as Jin YuRi.

“But, what is the matter?”

Was she barely about 160cm?

Chae YeRyeong asked with a tilted head, while her height was much shorter than Choi YuSeong.

Her voice was clear.

He thought she wasn’t confident because she covered her face halfway, but it seemed he was been mistaken.

Chae YeRyeong’s question hardened Choi YuSeong’s head for a moment.

‘Should I say I came to win her over?’

The order was wrong.

Before that, he had to make sure the woman in front of him was the real Witch of Flood, Chae YeRyeong.

But how?

“Oh, that’s…”

The head of the flustered Choi YuSeong turned quickly.

And soon, one skill he gained today passed through his mind.


Insight, originally the skill of Kim DoJin, the protagonist of The Master Who Return To Modern Times, was activated.

Choi YuSeong’s eyes were flashing blue will-o’-the-wisp.

As if frightened by the sudden change, Chae YeRyeong flinched and stepped back.

But Choi YuSeong had no time to care about that.

「Name: ???

Age: ??

Inclination: ??

Status: ??

Skills possessed: ???

There is an unknown powerful latent skill.

Information is limited due to low Insight’s skill grade. 」

Unknown powerful latent skill.

With limited information, only one sentence was actually confirmed, but that was enough.

Since it could see through the truths of the world, it was very rare for Insight to describe a skill with the expression of ‘powerful’.

It went without saying if she was still only an F-rank Awakener.

‘I’m sure. This woman… the Witch of Flood.’

A great disaster that was confirmed in the original future worldview.

And what was her current state?

She was still a breadwinner good girl.

It was obvious what to do.

‘I can do it, let’s make her my own people.’

Choi YuSeong, who made up his mind, smiled as bright as possible at a small and slender girl who looked somewhat frightened.

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