Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-9

Why didn’t answer his calls?1The word for ‘call’ in here can be mean as ‘contact’ too. So, either calls or messages. But for simplicity…

Rather, it was Choi YuSeong who wanted to argue.

‘I know very well that you’re trying to lure me into killing Choi WuJae, but to crazily answer you?’

Of course, he didn’t just spit out his inner thoughts.

“I was busy.”

Rather, he replied with a smile. But even if he said it himself, he thought it was a lame excuse.

“You’re busy?”

Kim DoJin slightly twists his red lips and throws his gaze out the door.

He didn’t say anything.

But it was obvious what he would think.

‘He’d want to ask if a busy guy has time to gather people and meet them.’

That didn’t mean Kim DoJin could say that thought out of his mouth.

‘In any case, Kim DoJin finally followed me all the way here. That’s how much he needs me.’

Choi YuSeong thought calmly.

Choi YuSeong was a necessary figure for Kim DoJin to kill Choi WuJae, the target of revenge.

With this in mind, it was not difficult to go out rather brazenly.

In fact, Kim DoJin did not express any extreme emotions even though the ends of his eyebrows wriggled without him realizing it.

“It could be.”

His voice that followed was rather soft, on the contrary.

“But… I’ve said it over and over again, Choi YuSeong. I like you quite a bit. If you don’t answer my call for such a long time, it’s quite… disappointing.”

Choi YuSeong poured out a sigh of relief in the conversation that was flowing as expected.

‘As expected…, I can’t just push himself away.’

In a way, this was one of the scary parts of Kim DoJin, the main character of the original novel.

Kim DoJin had sharp eyes and an atmosphere that overwhelms the surroundings, and his pride was extremely strong. But he did not only have a repressive personality.

A personality that could casually cut off any feelings of pride or other emotions for purposes.

And at least so far, Kim DoJin currently had the first goal of getting closer to Choi YuSeong somehow.

‘No matter how he’s a returnee, it takes time to get back his strength… ‘

Even if he recovered all his strength, it was not easy to reach Choi WuJae, who lived in a Demon King’s Castle with high and stacked iron walls.

He didn’t know well, but the things that Choi WuJae had stacked weren’t just what was visible.

And it was clear that Kim DoJin felt such a fact somewhat instinctively.

The reason why he chose to use Choi YuSeong, who was rather stupid and had a strong pride, as his top priority was the instinctive intuition of the protagonist who led the easy path.

‘Of course, if that doesn’t work, he’s someone who’ll turn that upside down and make a new way… ‘

Another scary thing about Kim DoJin.

When the original plan was broken, he had both the determination and the ability to twist it and make a new version without hesitation.

Because of this, Choi YuSeong should still crouch himself.

He somehow drew a line in the urgently difficult situation, but the conversation cannot end with this.

The situation where Kim DoJin showed enough obsession to came to Choi YuSeong’s house.

It was obvious that he would not withdraw easily until he heard the answer he wanted.

‘I’m at loss. The answer shouldn’t be flowing naturally… ‘

Originally, tricky things were not that easily solved as intended.

Choi YuSeong glanced over the dark eyes of the returnee, who was quiet and no idea what he was thinking, and swallowed up a bitter smile.

‘Can’t you just let me step back quietly? It’s not possible, right?’

In a way, it would be an advantageous situation for sure. But strangely enough, Choi YuSeong felt like a rat who had been chased and cornered by a cat. Then, when he suffered in agony.

Jin DoYun blocked Kim DoJin’s gaze which seemed to search through Choi YuSeong.

Kim DoJin, whose gaze blocked, slightly frowned and then unfolded back.

“Kim DoJin, there would be no reason for you to come to a place like this?”

Jin YuRi, who did not miss the gap, uttered words full of caution.

It was something others won’t understand.

It was famously known that Kim DoJin had a different meaning to Choi YuSeong, although it hadn’t been long since he returned to Earth after serving as a warrior in another world.

Good-looking appearances, a gentleman with manners (only in public), obtained E rank as soon as awakening and had 10 initial skills.

Not long ago, he was even recognized by the world’s top ranker, Sword Star2In Korean it’s Geomseong and in Chinese it’s Jian Xing. It may change in the future..

There were already many press and media paying attention to him both domestically and abroad. The Korean government also expressed their positive support for Kim DoJin’s growth.

To put it in perspective, he was a super rookie and a top star.

The difference was that not only the general public but also Awakeners adored and liked him.

Because of this, Kim DoJin’s few words of praise and attention with indifferent eyes turned the idiot Choi YuSeong’s attention.

From the perspective of the attention seeker Choi YuSeong, he never thought he would have a brotherly relationship with such great Kim DoJin!

It was a moment when there was more to show off.

Of course, Jin siblings appealed for the need to be wary of Kim DoJin, who showed incomprehensible favors, but Choi YuSeong at the time only snorted.

Of course, the current Choi YuSeong was different.

Because of this, he was very grateful to Jin siblings who came forward.

‘Give me a little more time.’

From the various point of view, Kim DoJin was not an easy man.

A master of all kinds of hardship who had spent more than 30 years in another world.

‘It’s more dangerous if I consider the protagonist buff.’

While Choi YuSeong briefly regulated his breathing, Jin YuRi’s words continued toward Kim DoJin, who was closing his mouth as if he was agonizing over something.

“If you have nothing to do, please step back for now. There are a lot of people waiting.”

“It’s not like there must something to do just to meet.”3I hope you understand my wordings… (*-*;;)

“Why are you so stubborn, like a little kid. That is why I don’t understand you.”

“I want to talk with Choi YuSeong.”

“I have heard a lot of similar words lately.”

The frustrating confrontation seemed to continue quite a bit.

“…Choi YuSeong, did you just awakened?”

But Kim DoJin’s following question was quite sharp.

It should be a flustering situation, but Jin YuRi showed no change in her expression.

Rather, it was Jin DoYun who was not participating in the conversation that expressed his feelings even though for a moment.

And even while Kim DoJin was looking at Jin YuRi, he did not miss the change.

“I’m right.”


There was a short silence in the hall.

It was different from Choi MinSeok’s case.

No one had a reason to give Choi YuSeong’s information to Kim DoJin.

He was convinced of Choi YuSeong’s awakening only with clues and sense4Sense in here is similar to wit. of the flows.

‘A monster-like person.’

Jin YuRi had to calm her trembling heart.

“The other brothers not coming? For example… Right, Choi MinSeok.”

Kim DoJin’s next question was also surprisingly sharp.

It seemed as if he were watching Choi YuSeong with a secretly installed camera.

Jin YuRi thought it would be bad if the conversation was dragged in this state.

“… But why do you keep talking informally?”5It’s hard to explain in English. Anyway, since YuRi and DoJin are practically strangers, they should at least speak in informal polite to each other. The speech DoJin use is informal non-polite. FYI how DoYun talks to YuSeong is formal polite. Btw I can be wrong.

As the result, she frowned as if it was a little unpleasant and pointed out Kim DoJin’s tone.

“Because I wasn’t talking to ‘you’6Here he speaks more formally. The ‘you’ used is the formal form.. You heard everything, Choi YuSeong?”

“…I heard it.”

Choi YuSeong participated in the conversation.

“Both of you please step back. I’ll tell him something.”


Jin Do Yoon sent a worried look to Choi YuSeong briefly, but soon he slowly nodded his head and stepped back.

On the other hand, Jin YuRi looked at Choi YuSeong with a somewhat apologetic feeling, but she had a gaze full of trust.

‘Did she noticed that I wanted to drag the time?’

Choi YuSeong, who was admired by Jin YuRi’s gaze, smiled inwardly.

Instead, Jin DoYun looked at Choi YuSeong with an apologetic expression whether his mistake was bothering him, but it wasn’t a big problem.

“Anyway, the fact I became an Awakener will soon be known…”

Choi YuSeong, who deliberately said loudly to all three, Jin siblings and Kim DoJin, stroked his chin.

Kim DoJin began to searching through for Choi YuSeong again when the disturbing obstacles disappeared.

It wasn’t bad.

‘The fact that he’s looking through me this openly means that he’s still taking me easy.’

Kim DoJin’s appearance was really unexpected.

But, was he a scarier opponent than Choi WuJae?

A warrior who had returned from saving another world. A hero who not only killed Choi WuJae but also killed countless villains and monsters that threaten the earth.

Looking at the sentences listed, Kim DoJin was definitely a great figure.

‘Of course. He is the main character.’

And that was why Choi YuSeong thought that Kim DoJin might be easier than Choi WuJae.

‘I know Kim DoJin very well.’

Came to think about it, Choi YuSeong was a person who watched Kim DoJin for a long time more than anyone else in this world of The Master Who Return To Modern Times.

The initial surprise and nervous feeling eased a bit as he sought a break.

In the future, Kim DoJin would overcome tougher and harsher crises than his days as a warrior in another world, becoming stronger and colder to the point that he felt perfect.

However, the current Kim DoJin was not that perfect yet.

Rather, perhaps due to the aftereffects from experience in another world, he sometimes showed gaps on the Earth.

It was obvious that he was a difficult person to deal with, but it was not mean that it was impossible.

“I ask again. Why didn’t you answer my calls? And… It would’ve been nice if you let me know you become an Awakener.”

“I told you. I was busy.”

“But at least contact me once…”

“It’s the second day since I awakened.”

In fact, it was four days, but Kim DoJin didn’t actually look through his mind, and such a trivial lie couldn’t be caught.

“I had to check the abilities and planned what to do. Isn’t it normal to be busy?”

“You… made a plan?”

Kim DoJin asked again.

It was a slipup.

Choi YuSeong laughed inwardly, but he asked at the end of his words with a straight face outwardly.

“Hey, what that’s mean? I’m someone who can’t plan anything, something like that?”

Someone might swear at him for being childish, but what could he do?

The opponent was the returnee Kim DoJin, anyway.

And, as Choi YuSeong had already experienced, the only weapon he could wield against Kim DoJin was the mysterious relationship between the two.

“It’s because you’re looking at me like that too, right?”

He didn’t raise his voice, but it contained unpleasant feelings.

Kim DoJin’s expression had become harder than before.

In those cold eyes, there couldn’t be felt any emotion anymore.

It was dull.

That said, looking at Kim DoJin’s pitch-black eyes, Choi YuSeong hoped in his heart.

‘…Please, I ask. Don’t be angry.’

Choi YuSeong’s neck might fly away if Kim DoJin, whose eyes turned around here, run wild.

Of course, Kim DoJin himself would have to risk his life in return.

Because Kim DoJin was still in the process of recovering his lost power after returning from another world.

But, weren’t the protagonist guys like that originally?

‘He’ll get away with it somehow.’

Fortune and opportunity7I found 2 different hanja for this world. The first means opportunity, chance. The second means strange fate, curious coincidence, irony of fate. were always on the protagonist.

Of course, even if the clever Kim DoJin got angry, he would seek a chance when Choi YuSeong was alone, rather than aiming his life when Jin siblings were guarding his side.

In any case, it was a bad move8악수, the term is used in baduk and chess. for Kim DoJin to get angry and turned his back in this state.

Despite his reluctance, Choi YuSeong thought that he should maintain a proper relationship with Kim DoJin at this point.

‘I have no power yet’

That’s why he had to go out like this.

He had to say it.

His heart was scared, but his eyes couldn’t relax.

Like when he was dealing with Choi WuJae, he forcibly pressed his heart as if it would burst.

There was only one thing he believed.

As much as he intentionally approached Choi YuSeong, he would not turn his back that easily.


As mentioned, it wouldn’t even be strange if Kim DoJin overturned the plan and made a new one.

Choi YuSeong swallowed his saliva and let out his hidden trick.

“I heard a compliment from father a while ago. I told him it might be because of you…”

It was a downright lie.

However, it wasn’t a story that didn’t exist at all.

It was because Choi WuJae acknowledged Choi YuSeong to some extent, that he gave a gift.

Probably by now, Kim DoJin’s mind was running horribly.

Was Choi YuSeong’s sudden awakening a mere coincidence?

There was a high probability that Choi WuJae was involved.

It wouldn’t take long before he concluded that it was Awakening Stone.

At this point, the Awakening Stone was not something that could be obtained with just money.

As truths and lies intertwined, a quite plausible scenario would be drawn in Kim DoJin’s mind.

Arguably, the name of the scenario was ‘Hope’.

At this point, there was only one thing Choi YuSeong had to do.

He had to go all out like the good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong.

Rather than calculating rationally because he knew what he wanted, he should act like someone highest in the sky and spoke as if he were standing on the head of the returnee Kim DoJin.

“So it’s an illusion. You’re just a liar who looked at me as trash just like everyone else. Fuck off. You’re no different from other bums who are interested in my money and family.”

The voice trembled loudly.

It was actually because he was a little scared even though he uttered it out himself. But it sounded completely different to Kim DoJin and Jin siblings.

‘So Young Master is really angry.’

It was when Jin DoYun and Jin YuRi looked at Choi YuSeong with surprised eyes.

Kim DoJin, who calmly looked at Choi YuSeong without revealing his emotions, turned his back silently and moved to the outside.

Choi YuSeong’s mind became complicated at once.

‘What, just go? He accepted that?’

It couldn’t be.

If it was like this, it might be safer to stay away and not be separated from Jin siblings from now on.

By the time a great confusion shook his head.


With a sigh, Kim DoJin loosened his hand from the doorknob he was holding and turned his back again to look at Choi YuSeong.

His eyes were still indifferent.

“I apologize. I didn’t understand your situation too much.”

Then, the hardest words to hear from the returnee’s mouth came out.

At that moment, Choi YuSeong almost cheered.

Of course, he did not express that feeling outwardly.

‘With the most fearless feeling as possible. Right, just like Kim DoJin.’

He raised his head arrogantly and imitated the cold gaze.

He dug deep the gap between Kim DoJin’s eyes that were looking at him.

Choi YuSeong thought.

‘Yeah kiddo, I’m the good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong.’

Even though it wasn’t originally, the body remembered it.

It should be natural to be confident when going all out.

“I’ll contact again next time. I hope you answer it then. If you don’t…”

Kim DoJin didn’t talk back for a while.

Instead, he looked back at Choi YuSeong and drew a deep eye smile.

He said nothing, but Choi YuSeong hardened his body like prey in front of a snake at that moment.

‘That bastard, that’s really angry.’

In this world possessed by Choi YuSeong, The Master Who Return To Modern Times, the following phrase appeared like the writer’s habit.

[Eye smile came out from the enraged Kim DoJin.]

Kim DoJin, who was really angry, did not frown or showed his emotions.

He did not even give an indifferent glance.

“I think I’ll be very disappointed. Choi YuSeong.”

Choi YuSeong, who recalled the way Kim DoJin expressed his disappointment, swallowed his saliva without realizing it.

“I see what you’re doing.”

In the meantime, it was fortunate that the tongue rolled like a water stream.

Kim DoJin, who lightly snorted, turned his back.

‘Damn, I didn’t want to show I was scared.’

Did he saw it?

Such worries were brief.


Instead, he quickly held on to Kim DoJin, who wanted to go out.

“…What’s it?”

Kim DoJin turned his head, still frowned.

“Because I want to see you doing it?”

“I don’t understand what that means.”

“What is it. Like an amateur. At least you come knowing what kind of place is here, right?”


A question flew inside Kim DoJin’s eyes.

But soon, a big earthquake occurred in his pupils as he realized something.

Choi YuSeong smiled widely and shouted in his heart.

‘Give me the protagonist skill, dude.’

He was the good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong and a complete reader of the original novel.

Even if it came to petty tricks, he won’t lose anywhere.

That was how Choi YuSeong ate the spine9등골을 빼먹었다, lit ‘suck and eat someone’s backbone’. The idiom meaning is ‘to exploit or take another’s fortune in every possible way’. of the returnee who came back from saving another world.

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